13 Cheap Clothes Stores Like Lulus

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be talking about a few stores like Lulus. I get a lot of questions about where to find similar styles for a fraction of the price, so I wanted to put together a post highlighting some great shops like lulus that have affordable and stylish clothing.

stores like Lulus

Top 13 Online Clothing Stores Similar To Lulus

With so many stores available to us, it can be hard to know where to start shopping for clothing. But don’t worry. we have compiled a list of 13 stores similar to lulus that you might want to check out next.

1. Express

Express store

If you are looking for stores like lulus then Express is the place which will offer you the most recent and the most affordable products. They are offering sites similar to lulu and you will find the best quality and affordability. If you are searching for some socks then Express is the place to go.


• Offers Most Recent and Affordable Fashion Products


• Limited Availability of Products/Services in Certain Areas

2. H&M


If you are a fan of H&M then you will feel comfortable when you enter this store. They are offering you the latest design and trends. They have a wide variety of clothing and accessories, shoes, and accessories are also available in their store.


• Variety of clothing and accessories to choose from

• Affordable prices for quality items
• Limited sizes available in-store

3. & Other Stories

If you are interested in stores like lulus, then you be happy to explore & Other Stories. You will find some of the most latest products in the stores which are lulu and more. They offer you a variety of clothing, accessories, shoes, and many other products.

If you are searching for some affordable clothing then they might be the best option.

• High Street Shopping or Working Every Day
• Ethically Produced

• High Prices for Some Items/Sizes Not Available Everywhere


Asos is a well-known fashion store which has been serving to customers since 2004. They are committed to offer their customers the best of fashion and beauty. It is something which you can trust and feel comfortable to shop from. It is a store which has got some of the most famous and trending fashion brands in the market. They have something for everyone’s taste. They have got the styles for you and your friends.


• Combines Catwalk and Street Style
• Offers Clothes of All Kinds at Good Price
• Affordable Clothes Available
• Open to All Beauty Enthusiasts
• Variety of Shops and Services


• Sole Trader May Find Difficulty Opening Shop
• Risk of Exploitation with Cheap Clothes

5. Nina

Nina is the answer for users in need something little different from what everyone else has. They are one of the best options for you to buy the best and the most trendy clothes products on the market. They have got everything from fashion to beauty and even jewellery. They are also one of the leading fashion stores in the UK which you can trust.


• Unique and fashionable clothing
• Access to high-end fashion designs from top designers
• Wide range of clothing options for all tastes and styles


• Expensive prices for some items
• Potential issues with quality control on some items

6. Missguided

Missguided is a fashion website for everyone who loves fashion and wants to buy the latest trends from various online stores. The website has an extensive collection that is divided into sections such as clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty, and also home. There are also other sections that provide you with different information about clothing, beauty, and accessories.

• Variety of Brands Available
• Easy to Use Website
• International Shipping Available

• Returns and Exchanges Can Be Difficult

7. Forever 21

The reason behind the success of forever 21 is because of its quality, pricing, and its designs. You will find the most amazing designs by this brand. And the pricing is not so expensive but it is the quality that is the most surprising thing about this store. Either you just need some clothing which will suit you in the right way then you should definitely try out forever 21.


• Affordable Clothes
• Fast Fashion Favorites

• Long Lines in Stores During Busy Times

8. Reformation

Reformation is a store that is always up to date with the latest trends even more than other websites like lulus. They have a wide variety of products and clothing which you can find there. They are offering a wide variety of clothing and accessories which are in trend.


• Sustainable fashion

• It is more affordable than most other sustainable fashion brands.

• The company offers up-to-date designs that are both timeless and modern.


• Limited size

• Some items may become sold out quickly due to the high demand for Reformation’s products.

9. Tobi

Tobi is the best place to go if you want to find sites like Lulu that are a little bit different. They have a huge variety of items which you will find hard to find in other stores. You can find a wide range of products that include women’s clothing, shoes, jewellery, and more. They have a very easy to navigate website, where you can find almost everything you need.


• Unique, fashionable and trendy clothing

• Bright colours and handy flaps

• Visit the shop for great clothes

• Might not be available in all colour

10. GAP

If you are on the hunt for the best stores like lulus, then you should definitely visit gap. They are one of the oldest online stores that provide women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.


• Wide Range of Stylish Clothing
• Quality Footwear and Accessories

• Clothes in the Shop are Old-Fashioned

11. ModCloth

ModCloth is the most famous website that you will come across when you need to buy clothing. They have an amazing website which is easy to navigate and it also includes a blog which makes it even easier to shop from this website. Their online store is a hit among fashionistas who have become their loyal customers.

They offer a wide range of products which you can find in tops, dresses, jeans, and more. These products are available at reasonable prices as well as they offer free shipping on orders which is more than £300.

Their website contains a blog which includes different fashion trends. Their blog is designed in a way that it is easy to navigate and it also contains all the latest trends.

They offer free returns and refunds on any product which you don’t like. You can get in touch with their customer support team by calling them and they will get back to you.


• Unique Styles & Original Prints
• Vintage Outfits that Empower Fashion
• Variety of Clothing and Accessories to Choose From

• Long Delivery Times

12. Shopbop

A great websites like lulus is Shopbop. They are not only an online store, but they also have offline stores in the US, UK, and Australia, with their physical location in Los Angeles. Because of the availability of items in this store, you can buy almost anything your eyes want to see. Their wide range of products includes women’s dresses, tops, cardigans, etc.

13. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is an online fashion store founded in California which offers a wide range of products. The products range from casual, to sporty, to formal dresses. It has an excellent customer support team which is available to respond to all customer enquiries. It also has a blog which provides valuable information on fashion, beauty, and home.


By exploring the list above “website like Lulus” that offers free shipping on some orders? You should be able to discover the want that meets your requirements.

FAQs About Lulus Store

 What services do they offer?

Lulus offers a variety of products and services such as traditional hot foil stamping business cards and other metallic foil cards. They also provide training and information on money management.

Does Lulu’s store have a storefront?

No, Lulu’s store does not have a physical storefront. Instead, Lulu’s products are available for purchase online through their website.

Is Lulus a luxury brand?

No, Lulus is not considered a luxury brand. It is an online retailer that specializes in affordable, on-trend apparel and accessories for women.

What type of store is Lulus?

It is an online store that specializes in Dresses, tops, shoes, jewellery, and other clothes for women that are cute.

Is Lulu’s store cheap?

Yes, Lulu’s store is relatively inexpensive. It offers a student discount on online or in-store purchases, which allows students to save money on their purchases.

Is Lulus only an online store?

Yes, Lulus is an exclusively online retailer. They do not have any physical stores. Customers can shop on their website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have their items shipped directly to their door.

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