13 Online Brands & Stores Like Pac Sun For Shopping

There’s no doubt that America’s love affair with fashion is alive and well. The proof is in the popularity of stores like Pacsun, which offer stylish clothing at an affordable price point.

Stores Like PacSun

Stores like PacSun sell the latest trends in clothing and accessories. They are very popular in both the men’s and women’s clothing departments. You can find anything from fashion jewellery to jeans, to shirts, to accessories. They are also known for their accessories like watches, sunglasses, and belts.

Top 13 Online Stores Similar To Pacsun for Trendy Clothes




ASOS is an online fashion retailer specialising in trendy clothing. Their primary objective is to attract customers by offering the most visually appealing and interesting merchandise doable.

Fashion geeks from all over the world can shop at ASOS for trendy clothing from over 850 different brands. Shipping costs are extremely low.


• Wide selection of brands and products
• Variety of styles and sizes to choose from
• Easy to navigate website

• Shipping costs might be expensive for international customers

2. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a well-known clothing retailer known for its fashionable clothing for adolescents. Their products are typically purchased online or in stores. They sell fashionable yet reasonably priced clothing.

They sell clothing that is current, fashionable, and trendy. Leopard print, shaped pants, and also other bold designs are featured on their clothing. They sell household appliances and accessories.


• Latest streetwear collection and homeware trends

• Celebrated designers from around the world

• True vintage pieces, completely original one-of-a-kind garments


• Limited selection of clothing and some accessories

3. American Eagle

American Eagle is a clothing retailer specialising in casual wear. Their prices are extremely reasonable. They mainly aimed at high school and college students.

This store charges a high price for its clothing but uses high-quality materials. People who want to stand out should buy their clothes.

This brand is available through online retailers, and you can purchase it directly from the website for free shipping on orders over $100.


• Loyalty program offers additional savings
• Online shopping available with fast delivery options

• Expedited shipping can be costly

4. RoseGal


Rosegal is an excellent location to purchase outfit accessories and other items. You can purchase anything you desire here. Additionally, you can browse your favourite categories to view what’s fresh.

It’s is an online clothing store that offers a money-back guarantee on all purchases. You can select from a variety of sizes and colours. The sizing chart assists you in determining the correct size to purchase. Return policies are straightforward.


• Affordable prices

• Wide selection of clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children

• Variety of styles and trends

• Worldwide shipping with express options


• Delivery times can take longer than expected

5. Aeropostale

Aeropostale is a well-known name in the fashion industry and seems to be one of the famous stores like PacSun. Their creations are motivated by a strong sense of adventure. They provide an attentive selection of clothing items to their customers. Casual clothing and accessories are available in a variety of colours. Customers can shop for shirts, dresses, shorts, skirts, and tops of superior quality. Additionally, matching sets are available. Aeropostale also sells underwear.

Aeropostale is a retailer of clothing for children and adolescents. They sell trendy clothing items like jeans, T-shirts, tops, skirts, shorts, and dresses. Their primary demographic is youths. Additionally, they offer discounts to customers who become members of their website.


• Affordable prices for stylish clothes
• Variety of sizes and styles to fit all body types
• Trendy designs that appeal to teenagers and young adults


• Limited number of physical stores in certain areas

6. J Crew

J.Crew is an American retailer of clothing and accessories for men and women. James E. Wrightsman Jr. founded J.Crew in 1947, initially selling clothing door to door.

Occasionally, it offers discounts and a variety of promotions that may be beneficial to individuals, particularly individuals looking to save money while remaining stylish.


• Quality Clothing and Accessories – It offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories that are of high quality, making them great investments.
• Affordable Prices – It offers many items at reasonable prices, making it an attractive option for those looking for stylish pieces without breaking the bank.
• Fast Delivery Options – Customers have the option of next day delivery with J.Crew for fast and convenient shopping experience.

• Limited Store Locations – Although it has stores all over the US, they may not have one near you, meaning you may have to travel to purchase items in-store or shop online instead.

7. Revolve

Revolve is a retailer of trendy clothing for youths. The company has grown to become one of the world’s most sought-after designers. Their products are sold in retail locations throughout the United States.

They are one of those female-oriented fashion retailers. They sell fashionable yet affordable clothing, as well as shoes, handbags, and accessories. On their website, orders over $100 qualify for free international shipping.


• Wide selection of trendy clothing for youths

• Fast shipping options

• Offers discounts and promotions

• Some products are overpriced

8. Free People

Free People is a women’s clothing brand. Comfort and style are important to them when they make things. They ship to a variety of countries. They carry a range of styles, including activewear, denim, tops, and dresses. Visit their website to see what’s available.

• Bohemian fashion & one-of-a-kind clothing
• accessories, shoes & beauty
• affordable clothes for free spirits and hippies at heart
• shipping costs might be Expensive

9. Zumiez

Zumiez Is one of the stores like pac sun located in the united states that sells clothes for surfers, skateboarders, and skaters, as well as other sports.   There is a new idea being worked on by the company called “zumiez.”

Clothing and other things for people who like sports are sold by the company. Their main goal is to spread the word about sports and things that are related to them. It costs $39.95 to get free shipping on orders over $39.95.

• Variety of product lines to choose from
• Offering a loyalty program for frequent shoppers
• Offers free shipping on orders over $39.99
• Many stores also offer custom apparel options
• Brands and product lines are regularly updated
• Has an active blog with fashion advice and tips for customers


• Limited Stores in Some Areas

10. Tactics

Tactics is a skateboarding and snowboarding clothing, shoe, and accessory brand.

Tactics’ clothing line has a lot of great things in it. it has everything you need, such as clothes and accessories. Shoes and other footwear are also for sale here. When the company was started in 1999, people of all ages could buy high-quality goods from them. All across the united states, you can get free shipping as other stores similar to PacSun.


• Offers shoes, apparel, and accessories for both men and women
• Offers skateboards, snowboards, and other equipment
• Offers stylish designs to suit any aesthetic
• Affordable prices for most products

• Some items may be out of stock or unavailable in certain sizes or colors

11. Huf

If you go to places like pac sun, you can also find Huf‘s clothes and other things. This is where you can buy clothes for skateboarders and for streetwear, as well as some really cool shoes.

Among other things, their products are shipped for free in the united states and for $20 extra, if you live outside the country. For all orders of $75 or more, they will send them for free.

They have a great section on their website that shows what they’re going to be releasing soon and some really cool style ideas. To help you find a store near you, their store locator has an address.

• Quality materials and craftsmanship
• Affordable prices for the quality offered
• Wide range of sizes for different body types
• Durable construction

• Not as well-known as some other brands

12. dr. jays.

Dr. jays Is an online brands like pac sun that sells clothes that are easy to wear. People love shopping there because they can get great deals on things.

Its an Online store That sells more than 20,000 types of clothes from hundreds of well-known brands, like rocawear and adidas. Drjays is a company that sells clothes, shoes, jackets, and other things. They have all kinds of things for sale there. You can buy everything from clothing to shoes to backpacks. They have a separate section for people who are big or tall, so you can even shop there.

I really liked how they had kept everything organised and broken down into so many different groups. These people serve in more than 70 countries, and they offer a lot of different discounts and deals to keep up with the money they’re making.

13. billabong

Billabong Is a well-known brand of surfwear. For comfort and long-term use, surfers like to wear this brand of clothing.

Billabong is a great place to buy surfing clothes and other things. Their products are very cheap and easy to get. as a bonus, they offer free shipping and return shipping to their customers.


These are the top 13 Stores like Pac sun for fashionable clothing and trendy designs. They are brimming with Fashionable clothing And cutting-edge designs that are simply stunning.
The majority of these websites like pac sun offer free shipping to a variety of locations and offer discounts on orders exceeding certain thresholds. Thus, regardless of your location, if you’re interested in shopping, you can visit the website to determine whether they offer coverage in your area.
Moreover, many of the online fashion retailers listed here accept payments in multiple currencies. Consult this list to determine which platform is most appropriate for you.

FAQs On PacSun

What is PacSun?

PacSun is a retail clothing store that originated in Newport Beach, CA. It sells lifestyle apparel, swim, footwear and accessories for teens and young adults.

Where are PacSun clothes made?

PacSun clothing is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. All PacSun clothing is made with care and quality materials, ensuring each piece is long-lasting and of the highest standard.

Who founded PacSun?

PacSun was founded by Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore.

What type of clothing does PacSun sell?

PacSun primarily sells clothing brands such as shirts, shorts, and accessories designed for teens and young adults.

How many stores does PacSun have?

As of 2022, PacSun operates 325 stores.

What age group does PacSun primarily target?

PacSun primarily targets teens and young adults.

Where is the original PacSun store located?

The original PacSun store is located in Newport Beach, CA.

Does PacSun offer only men’s clothing?

No, PacSun provides both men’s and women’s clothing.

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