12 Clothing Stores Like Gap | Gap Competitors

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine which clothing store to visit because there are so many gap competitors to choose from.

GAP is renowned for its innovative approach for designing and manufacturing classic, American-made casual clothing for women, men, and children. In this article, we’re going to show you several more stores like GAP where you can get identical items at lower prices.

Stores Like Gap

12 Best Shops Similar To Gap


1. Uniqlo

Uniqlo 1

Founded as a small clothing store in Japan, Uniqlo has now grown to more than 500 stores in over 60 countries. They are known for their premium clothing which is produced in Japan, made out of high-quality materials, and is available at a reasonable price. If you are looking to replace your current wardrobe, you can definitely look forward to Uniqlo. They have a large catalogue of clothing, home furnishings and even cosmetics!

2. J. Crew


J. Crew is one of the largest and most recognisable names in the clothing industry and it was founded back in 1992.

They sell a variety of clothing collections such as their modern and classic lines, as well as their signature collection, ‘J.Crew’ and their brand-new ‘Collective’ collection. While they are known for their retro influences, their modern and classic collections are also popular with the younger generation. Their clothing is priced higher than most other brands, to cater to the higher income market segment.

3. Aeropostale


Aeropostale is a US-based company which sells affordable clothing, accessories, footwear, and more. If you’re looking for stores like gap to get cheap clothing brands with some trendy and aesthetically pleasing items, this store is the ideal place to be. It was founded in 1987.

The trio initially started the brand as a way to get campaign-wearable clothing, as their own clothing brand did not sell as well as their college students did.

4. Zara

Zara 1

Zara is one of the best and one of the most popular clothing brands in the industry. They are known to be one of the cheapest and the best clothing stores in the world as well. Since it began in 1975, it has grown to more than 200 stores. It is a Spanish company that operates in 13 different countries, with its headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

5. Carter’s

Carter’s is an American clothing brand that was founded in 1865. This company offers a wide range of clothing for newborn babies, toddlers, boys, girls, and women. But if you are looking for high-quality clothing for your baby, it is not the best gap competitors, if you need youth clothes accessories.

6. Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is one of the most popular women’s apparel brands in the clothing industry. It is a women’s clothing company that was founded in 1954. It offers a wide range of top quality clothiers, dresses and formalwear for women.

It is a popular, affordable name in women’s clothing, offering up trendy styles that fit well and flatter the figure. They have stores in many shopping centres and malls all over America.

7. Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is one of the most popular clothing brands in the globe. It is known to offer trendy clothing for young adults and it is a great opportunity for you to shop for casual clothing stores like Gap. They offer a wide range of denim, sportswear, and casual and classic styles. It also introduced a store for kids and babies.

8. Forever 21

Forever 21 isn’t a brand like Gap for mom jeans. But it’s definitely one of the great gap alternatives for young adults looking for fashionable & affordable jeans. It has been offering the widest range of jeans, shorts, shirts, skirts and t-shirts for men and women. For a limited time, it is offering a flat 40% discount on women’s dresses and swimwear.

It is an American fashion retailer that was founded in 1984 and operates more than 700 stores across the USA.

9. Levi’s

Levi’s is a clothing company that was established in the year 1853 and it’s one of the best stores like gap. And also one of the most famous brands of jeans on the planet. In addition to jeans, it also offers casual and sportswear for men and women. For a limited time, Levi’s is offering up to 55% discount on denim jeans for men and women.

10. H&M

H&M is the world’s largest retailer of affordable clothing. The fact that it is a Swedish clothing brand means it is known for its excellent quality and styles. You should know that H&M is a big player in the global fashion industry.

However, it does not offer unlimited discounts like other stores like gap. Hence, the choices that you can make are somewhat limited. It is known for its affordable prices, a wide range of products, and excellent customer service.

11. Loft

Loft is another very famous jeans and clothing brand which is in the business for decades. In each store, you will find a wide variety of denim clothing including jeans, casual shirts, blouses, coats, sweaters, pyjamas, underwear and much more.

12. American Eagle

American Eagle is another brand that is known to be an affordable gap competitors store. It is specializes in making diverse fashion-forward clothing to fit the needs of all its customers. Affordable, trendy, and comfortable clothes are only what AE sells. So, if you are looking for that perfect pair of jeans, sneakers, or a $25 top, you should definitely try AE out.

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