12 Shops & Stores Like Vici Collection

If you’re seeking for inexpensive stores like Vici that provide free-flowing gowns for the boho chick, these brands are great for you!

Vici is one of the top online stores when it comes to fashion. You can find everything from clothes to accessories. But, what makes Vici so special?

Stores Like Vici

12 Best Stores Similar to Vici Collection


1. Hello Molly

Hello Molly is an online store that always has something fun to show you. They have thousands of pieces of clothing that are unique and on-trend. Whether you’re looking for simple pieces or a complete look, it has something for you. Their prices are very affordable so you can shop without breaking the bank.

They also have a large variety of sizes to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that will fit your body type. From their collection of clothing, they also have a large selection of accessories. You can choose from a large variety of earrings, necklaces, scarves and more. They also have a large variety of shoes to choose from

2. Böhme

If you’re looking for the ultimate in high-end shopping, then Böhme is the place to go. The store is located on the most exclusive shopping street in Berlin. It features a number of locations in Germany, and the boutiques located in Berlin and Munich are the best of the bunch. The store carries the most unique brands in the world, such as Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, and Dior, just to name a few.

 3. Red Dress

There are a lot of websites that provide high-end clothing at a much lower price. However, you won’t find anything as exciting as the items at Red Dress Boutique. The prices are affordable, the selection is impressive, and the clothing is exceptional. This is a company that takes pride in its high-quality merchandise. Clothing for women and men are available at varying sizes and styles.

4. Hazel & Olive

If you’re looking for a boutique that specializes in women’s clothing, Hazel & Olive is the place to go. It is a brand that is dedicated to creating clothes that are comfortable, sleek, and stylish. Their collection of scrubs and dresses will make you feel comfortable and confident, regardless of the temperature.

Their clothing is so good that they have a variety of items for the workday and the night out. They also have a number of dating outfits, which makes them a great choice for your next wedding. It provides a large variety of clothing, so you’ll have no problem finding something. In addition, they feature an extensive selection of accessories, including jewellery, handbags, and shoes.

5. Lulus

Lulus is one of the incredible online boutiques like vici that offers a wide range of elegant dresses, shirts, purses, handbags, jackets, sweaters, cardigans, and more. It offers inexpensive prices for its items. Their assortment is appropriate for both formal and casual situations. The company provides superior customer service, and its website is constantly updated with its newest offerings. It is most recognised for its extensive selection of dresses, coats, and tops.

6. Princess Polly

Princess Polly is a retailer that sells all kinds of clothes, shoes, accessories, and gifts for girls of all ages. The company was founded in 2014. In addition to clothing, it also sells accessories, jewellery, shoes, and other fun goodies.

7. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is a retailer that sells all kinds of clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery, shoes, and other fun goodies. It sells its wares at reasonable pricing. Their assortment is appropriate for both formal and casual situations. The website is always updated with the company’s latest offerings, and the company provides excellent customer service. It is one of the great stores like vici that will meet your collection.

8. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of America’s top clothing retailers. It offers a wide variety of clothing and fashion accessories for young and mature women, men, and children. This store offers clothing and accessories at prices similar to those of boutiques like vici.

9. Venus

Venus is a boutique clothing store that specializes in the latest fashion and lifestyle clothing for women. As stores similar to vici, this store offers a wide range of affordable clothing for women. It provides a flat 50 percent discount on a variety of women’s apparel and accessories. There is a $150 minimum purchase requirement to qualify for the company’s free shipping offer.

10. Free People

Free People is an American-based chain of clothing and accessories retailers for women, kids, and men. It offers a large selection of clothing to suit all types of dress wear, from casual to formal. It is one of the good stores like vici collection, but the prices are slightly higher.

11. Express

Express is a large American clothing company that operates through a network of over 400 stores in the United States. It is one of the largest retail clothing companies in the industry. It is famous for its fashionista-friendly basic clothing that is available in many colours and styles.

12. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a major retailer of fashion, footwear, and beauty products that specializes in selling high-end products. Nordstrom also has a website where customers can shop for the trendiest and most affordable beauty products and fashion accessories. In general, Nordstrom’s budget range and product quality are equivalent to those of stores like vici collection.

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