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13 Shops & Stores Like Vici Collection For Cute Fashion

With its trendy and affordable women’s fashions, online boutique Vici Collection has become a favorite for fun and flirty style. But with so many similar cute boutiques popping up, Vici has lots of competition!

I scoured the web to uncover the top stores like Vici Collection where fashionistas can discover stylish steals. In this post, I’ll introduce you to 13 of my favorite online shops that offer chic, budget-friendly women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and more in the Vici Collection spirit. Whether you love boho vibes, feminine silhouettes, or statement occasion wear, these Vici alternatives deliver.

Let’s dive into the best women’s clothing boutiques for cute and affordable fashion!

Stores Like Vici

13 Best Women’s Online Boutique Stores Similar to Vici For Trendy & Cute Fashion


1. Hello Molly

HelloMolly store

Hello Molly is among the Australian online stores like Vici known for its playful, femininely flirty styles. The brand specializes in going-out looks – think mini dresses, jumpsuits, two-pieces and more featuring the latest details like ruffles, lace, florals and shirring.

The store tends to run discounts pretty frequently, so you can often score trendy pieces at budget-friendly prices. Standard shipping is reasonable at a flat rate of $9.95, and express shipping is available. The wide range of categories makes it easy to shop – browse staples like dresses, tops, bottoms, plus accessories, shoes, beauty and swimwear.

Some of their most popular products are midi dresses, rompers, and wrap tops that transition seamlessly from day to night.

Key Benefits:

  • Trendy, going-out styles
  • Lots of sales and discounts
  • $9.95 flat rate standard shipping
  • Huge range of categories like dresses, swim, accessories
  • Cute flirty aesthetic, influencer-loved

2. Bohme

Bohme store

For whimsical, feminine pieces with romantic charm, Böhme is a fantastic find. The Australian boutique creates clothing and accessories with pretty details like ruffles, lace, embroidery and florals. The overall aesthetic has a soft, vintage vibe while still feeling youthful and current.

It has afterpay and zip pay options available, which makes their moderately priced items even more budget-friendly when you can split up payments over time. Shipping is a flat $9.95 rate to anywhere in Australia.

Popular categories to browse include dresses, jumpsuits, tops and swimwear. Some customer faves include their embroidery maxis, lace rompers, puff sleeve blouses and floral prints. The target customers are feminine dressers and boho babes looking for delicate details and charm.

Key Perks:

  • Sweet, feminine styles with pretty details
  • Affordable prices, afterpay available
  • Tops, dresses, rompers, swimwear and more
  • Perfect for feminine boho aesthetics

3. Red Dress

Red Dress Boutique

As the name implies, Red Dress Boutique specializes in all the best red dresses for statement-making style. But they also offer a wide range of trendy yet affordable clothes, shoes and accessories beyond just bold red frocks.

As stores like Vici, they offer reliable flat-rate shipping within the United States. They frequently run sales and discounts, especially around major holidays, making their already budget-friendly prices even more enticing.

The site covers all the staple categories – dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories and more. Their best-selling items include versatile solid tees, faux leather leggings, casual denim and cute printed minis. The target customer base is primarily teens, college students and 20-somethings looking to stay on-trend.

Key Advantages:

  • Affordable pricing with regular sales
  • Trendy staples beyond just red dresses
  • Cute basics to statement dresses
  • Great option for younger shoppers

4. Sabo Skirt

Sabo Skirt store

Sabo Skirt is a popular Australian label known for its signature printed maxi dresses and skirts – perfect for the girl with a bohemian spirit. Flowy silhouettes, fun patterns and details like lace and embroidery give the collection a freewheeling, wanderlust vibe.

The brand offers Afterpay and Zippay installment plans to help make their pieces more affordable. Standard shipping within Australia. Beyond dresses, they also offer tops, playsuits, swimwear and more categories to explore.

It is extremely popular for its maxi dresses in vibrant prints, which are perfect for summer festivals and vacations in tropical locales. The relaxed aesthetic attracts free-spirited jetsetters and boho babes looking for a dash of global inspiration.

Key Perks:

  • Boho-inspired printed maxis and midi dresses
  • Afterpay and Zippay options available
  • Quick shipping in Australia
  • Tops, swimwear and accessories too
  • Perfect for bohemian, festival-loving dressers

5. Lulus

Lulus store

Lulus is an American boutique like Vici with a reputation for on-trend pieces at affordable prices. They offer quick shipping within the U.S. and internationally, with standard delivery starting at a reasonable $8 rate. Sale prices are seriously discounted, with many cute dresses, shoes and tops starting at $20 or less.

The selection covers all the staple categories, from dresses, rompers and jumpsuits to cute athleisure pieces like leggings and joggers. Professionals love their work-ready options like blouses and ankle pants. Trendy younger shoppers will love their going-out styles, like flirty floral frocks and faux leather shorts.

It has a wide appeal, though their primary target is stylish shoppers in their 20s and 30s looking for cute closet staples and wear-anywhere outfits, all at wallet-friendly price points.

Key Perks:

  • Affordable prices, huge sales
  • Quick U.S. and worldwide shipping
  • Massive range of categories to shop
  • Trendy pieces for work, weekends and nights out
  • Budget-savvy options for 20-30 somethings

6. Princess Polly

Princess Polly store

Princess Polly brings fashion-forward style to the online boutique space with of-the-moment pieces inspired by the latest trends. The Australia-based brand is focused on providing affordable luxury essentials for the youthful, fashion-focused shopper.

The company offers reliable standard shipping within Australia for a flat rate. Afterpay and Zippay installment plans are available to help make purchases more budget-friendly. Beyond dresses and going-out attire, their diverse category range includes athleisure, shoes, accessories, beauty, swim and more.

The target demographic is young, hip millennials and Gen Z shoppers who love making bold style statements. They also helps them stay on top of trends with curve-hugging denim, faux leather basics, corset tops and influencer-inspired looks perfect for the ‘gram.

Key Advantages:

  • On-trend, fashion-forward pieces
  • Flat rate for AU shipping
  • Range of categories beyond clothes
  • Curve-hugging, sexy aesthetic
  • Popular with influencer and Gen Z demographic

7. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe store

Charlotte Russe is an American brand known for trendy fashions catering to the teen and young adult demographic. They are especially beloved for their wide array of going-out dresses, shoes, and accessories available at wallet-friendly prices.

The clothing store similar to Vici offers affordable, quick shipping within the U.S. starting at just $5.95 for standard delivery. Frequent sitewide sales make their already low prices even more budget-friendly. Beyond dresses, shoppers can browse categories like jeans, tops, swimwear, coats and more.

Younger shoppers love them for their huge selection of cute date-night mini dresses, occasion wear like homecoming dresses, stylish heels, and trendy athleisure basics. The fun, youthful aesthetic attracts high school and college-aged shoppers on a budget.

Key Perks:

  • Budget-friendly pricing with frequent sales
  • Quick U.S. shipping
  • Massive dress and shoe selection
  • Trendy occasionwear and athleisure
  • Caters especially to teen and young adult demographic

8. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters store

For hip, festive pieces with eclectic influence, Urban Outfitters is a great brand to know. They specialize in clothes, accessories and home goods that put an alternative, quirky spin on current fashion.

Standard U.S. shipping costs a flat rate of $8, and expedited delivery is available for an added fee. As online shops like Vici frequently runs promotions like free shipping over a certain dollar amount. Their array of categories is vast – shop dresses, jeans, swimwear, shoes, beauty, furniture, gifts and much more.

They attracts hipsters, artsy dressers, music festival lovers and college students looking for ironic graphic tees, boho-chic woven accessories, and casual retro silhouettes. The brand has an edgy, carefree vibe that resonates with youthful free spirits.

Key Advantages:

  • Hip, boho-inspired styles
  • Flat rate $8 U.S. shipping
  • Huge, diverse range of products
  • Festival, concert-ready picks
  • Popular with hipster and artsy crowds

9. Venus

Venus store

Venus is a specialty retailer known for their wide array of trendy plus size clothing and retro-inspired swimwear. All of their items only come in sizes 10-26, making it a go-to destination for curvier fashionistas.

They offer reliable shipping within the U.S. and worldwide, with standard delivery. They run frequent discounts on their website across all categories like dresses, tops, bottoms, lingerie, shoes and bathing suits.

Shoppers love their vintage-inspired swimwear, which comes in a rainbow of colors and retro pinup silhouettes. They also have a great selection of special occasion dresses like prom gowns and cocktail frocks.

Key Perks:

  • Size 10-26 styles
  • Retro and pinup-inspired swimwear
  • Affordable U.S. and worldwide shipping
  • Massive dress selection
  • Great for curvy fashionistas

10. Free People

Free People store

Free People is a popular bohemian-chic brand offering feminine, flowing styles. Browse their huge selection of Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Intimates, Swimwear, Shoes, and Accessories.

While prices lean higher with most pieces between $50-200, frequent sales make trendy styles more affordable. They attracts free-spirited gals from their late teens to 40s.

This brand provides free standard shipping to the US and Canada on orders over $50. Faster shipping options are available for an extra fee.

It empowers women to embrace their femininity and individuality through fashion. Shoppers love the quality fabrics and flattering fits. It also has a wide range of categories like loungewear, jeans, shoes, and lingerie.

Key Perks:

  • Boho details like embroidery and crochet
  • Affordable flat rate U.S. shipping
  • Global, artisanal aesthetic
  • Huge sale section with major deals
  • Perfect for wanderlusters and hippies

11. Express

Express store

For work-ready style that still feels sexy, Express has you covered among the list of boutiques like vici. The brand offers of-the-moment pieces perfect for the office, going out, or anywhere you want to strut your stuff.

It provides flat rate shipping for standard delivery in the U.S. Sale prices can be seriously marked down, with trendy tops, pants and accessories often 50% off or more. Outside workwear, they offer dresses, jeans, loungewear and other staples too.

Their target demographic is young professionals and fashion-forward dressers who value versatility. Work-ready blazers, pencil skirts, portofino shirts and faux leather leggings are some bestsellers.

Key Perks:

  • Trendy yet office-appropriate styles
  • Affordable flat rate U.S. shipping
  • Major sales with pieces under $50
  • Blazers, trousers, blouses for work
  • Great versatile options for young professionals

12. Nordstrom

Nordstrom store

As a leading fashion retailer, Nordstrom offers luxury to budget-friendly styles for women, men, kids, and home. Despite its long history, this department store stays current with the latest trends.

It also supplies fast free shipping and free returns, along with loyalty member rewards. Shop top brands and Nordstrom exclusives in clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, jewelry, swimwear, and lingerie. The retailer appeals to a wide demographic looking for high-quality fashion.

For stunning style across categories, it is beloved for its designer dresses, heels, handbags, and intimates. As an iconic American brand, it has stores across the US and Canada, along with popular ecommerce sites.

Key Perks:

  • Discounted designer items
  • Free standard shipping for cardholders
  • aspirational and luxury styles
  • Major deals on dresses, handbags, more
  • Get the look for less

13. Show Me Your Mumu

Show Me Your Mumu store

Show Me Your Mumu offers boho-luxe apparel and swimwear made for chasing adventures. This California-based brand empowers women to feel beautiful, confident, and carefree in life and travel.

Free shipping and returns in the US is even available. Shop their collection of dresses, jumpsuits, loungewear, swimsuits, cover ups, and accessories in soft fabrics and prints. The brand attracts free-spirited jetsetters and urban bohemians.

Their signature maxi dresses, caftans, and swimwear are beloved for travel and tropical vacays. While mainly US-focused, the brand also ships to over 35 countries internationally.

Key Perks:

  • Boho peasant dresses and maxis
  • Quick $7.95 U.S. shipping
  • Dreamy prints and silhouettes
  • Loungewear like rompers too
  • Perfect for the free-spirited festival girl


I hope this roundup gives you plenty of stylish stores to explore as fun alternatives to your go-to Vici Collection! While each brand has their own signature vibe, they all provide cute, affordable fashions fit for a night out, vacation, or everyday wear.

Which of these shops like Vici most appeals to your personal style? Let me know in the comments your favorites! I’m always looking for new boutiques and designers to fall in love with. Happy fashion hunting!

FAQs About Vici Collection

What is Vici Collection known for?

Vici Collection is known for their trendy, going-out styles like mini dresses, jumpsuits and sets featuring the latest details like ruffles, lace and shirring. They offer cute statement pieces for nights out at wallet-friendly price points.

What shipping options does Vici Collection offer?

Vici Collection offers standard shipping within Australia for a flat rate of AU $9.95. For domestic express shipping, they offer next day delivery for AU $12.95 when you order before 2 PM Monday to Friday.

Does Vici Collection have sales often?

Yes, Vici runs sales and sitewide discounts fairly often! They frequently offer 15-30% off sitewide around major holidays and events, so it’s good to keep an eye out for deals.

Who is the Vici Collection target demographic?

Vici’s target demographic is young, fashionable women in their late teens, 20s and 30s who love dressing up for nights out. Their audience likes statement making pieces and trendy details like ruffles, prints, lace etc.

What are the most popular product categories at Vici Collection?

Some of Vici’s most popular categories are going-out dresses, rompers, matching sets, jumpsuits and tops in feminine silhouettes and materials like satin and chiffon. Their shoes and accessories are also bestsellers.

What is Vici Collection’s return policy?

Vici Collection accepts returns on unworn items with tags attached within 30 days of the delivery date. Return shipping costs are covered by the customer. Exchanges are also accepted within 30 days. Sale items are final sale.

Does Vici Collection offer Afterpay or installment payments?

Yes, Vici Collection has Afterpay and Zippay installment payment options available during checkout. This allows you to split up payments over 6 weeks to make buying easier.

What countries does Vici Collection ship to?

Vici Collection ships within Australia and New Zealand. They do not currently offer international shipping to other regions. But many resale sites resell Vici worldwide.

Is Vici Collection fast fashion?

While Vici releases new collections rapidly, they focus on elevated materials like satin and statement details which elevates them above typical fast fashion quality. But their affordable pricing and trendy appeal does align them partly with fast fashion.

What courier service does Vici Collection use?

Vici Collection primarily uses Australia Post eParcel for standard delivery. Express shipping is fulfilled through StarTrack Couriers. Australia Post also handles processing returns and exchanges.

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