13 Sites & Stores Like Ann Taylor But Cheaper

Consider our alternatives list if you are seeking for apparel brands like Ann Taylor but are less expensive with great quality.

As you know that Ann Taylor is a retail chain with more than 1,000 stores across the United States. The company sells apparel, accessories, and footwear for women.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at stores like ann Taylor for you to discover new outfits and even get trendy clothes shipped to your door while sitting at home.

Stores Like Ann Taylor

13 Best Ann Taylor Alternatives Websites


1. Anthropologie

Anthropologie 1

Anthropologie is a luxury retailer of women’s clothing, accessories, and housewares. Women can feel like a boss and even be a boss with this store’s clothes. The company prides itself on its superior quality products and customer service. It is a great place for women of all ages. Their clothing is designed to fit the body, and their accessories are functional, stylish, and trendy.


• Unique Collection of Women’s Clothing, Accessories, and Home Décor
• Free Shipping on Orders $150 or More
• Operates in Multiple Countries (U.S., Canada, UK, Germany)
• Sells Beauty Products
• High-End Fashion Brands


• Luxury Retailer (Can Be Expensive)
• Focuses on Women’s Products

2. Dressbarn


Every style for women, colour, and length is available at Dressbarn. They are one of the stores like ann taylor that have good-quality clothing to fits different sizes, and the types of furniture they have are durable. There have more than 50 stores operating in the United States and Canada.

They are among the affordable clothing stores that cater to all ages and sizes. Its clothing department offers a wide variety of top-quality women’s and men’s clothing. They can help you find the perfect formal wear, casual wear, and everyday wear for all occasions. No matter what type of clothing you are looking for, they are sure to fit the bill.

• Stylish and Fashionable
• Wide Selection of Clothing, Accessories and Workwear
• Affordable Prices
• Online Retailer for Convenience
• Discounts and Deals Available

• Limited to Women’s Clothing Only
• Not Available in All Countries

3. Maurices


Maurices is a luxury American retailer that offers a wide variety of apparel as well as home furnishings and accessories. The store began in New York City and has expanded to over 200 locations in the United States and Canada. It also offers full-service beauty salons, a fragrance boutique, and signature restaurants. Its products are designed with creativity in mind and each season, the company offers a variety of offerings.


• Wide variety of clothing options for different occasions and sizes
• Serves a wide range of customers between the ages of 18-40 and sizes 0-24
• Offers a combination of affordable and luxury options


• Limited global retail distribution and exclusivity of brand may make it hard to access for some customers

4. GAP


Gap is one of the global stores like ann Taylor that sells clothes for men and women, as well as accessories. Its clothes are made from high-quality natural and synthetic fabric and printed style, as well as sold at affordable prices.

Their products are known for their casual and modern style. It also offers a variety of clothing for kids as well as a wide selection of accessories and shoes. In addition to its stores, it operates online stores, offering a variety of styles and colours.

• One of the world’s largest specialty retailers

• High competition in the retail industry

5. ModCloth


For women’s boutique ladies apparel brand, ModCloth holds true to its name. With a thoughtful selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories, this shop will appeal to anyone in need of fashionable clothing. For the last 10 years, it has been an online apparel retailer with a large selection of dresses, t-shirts, jeans, and casual wear.

Although the company is based in Los Angeles, it also has brick-and-mortar stores in New York, San Francisco, and Santa Monica.

– Unique and original clothing styles
– Endless options for women’s clothing
– Vintage-inspired designs that appeal to a wide range of women
– Affordable prices compared to designer brands

– Limited brick and mortar stores
– Some customers may prefer more sustainable and eco-friendly clothing options, which may not be their priority.

6. Lulus


Lulus is a leading retailer of affordable formal and casual clothing for women. With an eye for fashion, it offers trendy and edgy designs for women of all ages. High-quality materials and superior tailoring make up the foundation of its product.

It has a large selection of clothing for women of all ages and body types, ranging from dresses and tops to pants and cardigans. The wide variety of styles and price points available at the store makes it an ideal store for women with a variety of budgets.

• Affordable prices for both formal and casual clothing
• Curated collections with exclusive styles added daily
• Free shipping
• Popular among young women

• Potentially longer shipping times for international customers

7. Talbots


Talbots has a similar idea to clothing stores like ann Taylor. The brand caters for professional women, offering pieces for the office, holiday parties, and more. It is more affordable than other brands similar to Ann Taylor, and we love their casual pieces. The brand has a great selection of clothing for home.


• Quality Knits and Figure-Flattering Dresses
• American Staple
• Wide Selection of Fashion Brands

• Clashes with More “Luxury” Brands in Fashion Market

8. Express

Express store

Express is a great option for anyone looking for unique and diverse clothing choices. The brand is known for its contemporary and youthful looks, making it perfect for those who want to make a fashion statement.

It offers a wide range of apparel options that cater to different styles and preferences. Their clothing is not only trendy but also of great quality, making it long-lasting and worth the investment.

Additionally, it is eco-friendly and promotes sustainable fashion practices, making it a great option for those who care about the environment.

The brand’s website is easy to navigate, providing a seamless shopping experience. They also offer free shipping on certain orders, which is a great perk for online shoppers.


• Offers unique and diverse clothing choices
• Helps individuals express themselves through fashion
• Provides inspiration and ideas for developing a personal style
• Covers a range of sizes


• Can be expensive

9. Chico’s


Chico’s, a fashion brand that has been operating since 1983, continues to be a strong presence in the fashion industry. The brand has a lot to offer, particularly when it comes to work clothes. Even though their style is more modern, they still cater to customers who prefer classic and timeless pieces.

For individuals seeking a classic and timeless look, Chico’s is an ideal store to consider. They offer a wide range of clothing options that are stylish, chic, and appropriate for work.

The quality of their clothes is impressive, and the designs are versatile, making them suitable for different occasions.

• Strong presence in the fashion industry
• Vast abundance of retail stores
• Innovative fashion retail experience
• Covers entire lifecycle of fashion
• Offers women’s clothing and accessories


• Decrease in location count
• May be expensive for some customers

10. Zara

Zara 1

Zara is an international brand that comes from Spain. It offers a wide variety of styles, so you’re bound to find something that works perfectly for you. The brand has become a top destination for those looking to stay trendy while staying on budget. If you’re looking for a place to shop on a budget, then it is a place to go.


• Fast fashion expertise
• Wide range of products
• International presence
• Strong retail marketing


• Ethical concerns regarding fast fashion
• Limited sustainability efforts

11. Land’s End

Land’s End

Out of all the brands like ann taylor we looked at, Land’s End has the most unique styles. They offer a classic, sleek, feminine style that is timeless. They offer a variety of options, including blazers, pants, and skirts. If you’re looking for a classic look, this is your brand.

• Quality, stylish clothing for women, men, and kids
• Easy online ordering or free 24/7 phone support
• Stylish and top-quality women’s clothing
• Wide range of categories available, including accessories, shoes, swimwear, and more
• New arrivals regularly updated for men, women, and children

• Potential for discontinued products to be unavailable for purchase

12. Madewell


Madewell is quickly becoming one of the top brands in the fashion industry. Offering a range of high-quality pieces at affordable prices, this retailer is a great choice for shoppers who want to achieve a professional look without breaking the bank.

Moreover, it takes pride in sourcing sustainable materials and practices to reduce the environmental impact of their clothes. The options are endless, from classic blouses and tailored trousers to sleek dresses and statement accessories.

This sustainable approach not only protects the planet, but also ensures that shoppers can feel good about their purchases.

• Great selection of denim clothing for women and men
• Pieces designed to mix and match
• Effortlessly cool and unexpected style
• Free shipping on most orders

• Prices may be higher than other clothing stores

13. Nordstrom

Nordstrom 1

Nordstrom is one of the best stores like ann taylor for those who tend to spend their money on high-quality being affordable. It is the ultimate place to go if you want to find high-quality apparel at a reasonable price. The brand’s pieces are timeless, and their pricing is always fair.

• Wide Range of Products
• Discounted Prices
• Well-established Reputation
• Luxury Fashion Retailer


• High Prices for Brand New Items
• Limited Availability of Discounted Items


In summary, there are many stores that are similar to Ann Taylor and offer high-quality clothing for professional women. Each store offers unique styles and features that make them stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking for affordability, sustainability, or classic styles, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at one of these stores.

FAQs On Ann Taylor

What is Ann Taylor?

Ann Taylor is a women’s clothing and accessories store that offers feminine and modern clothing options, including dresses, skirts, pants, and blouses.

Where can I find Ann Taylor stores?

Ann Taylor has multiple store locations across the United States, and you can check their website to find a store near you.

Can I shop at Ann Taylor online?

Yes, you can shop for Ann Taylor products online by visiting their website.

How can I track my Ann Taylor order?

Once you have placed your order with Ann Taylor, you can track it by logging into your account on their website.

Does Ann Taylor offer free shipping?

Ann Taylor offers free standard shipping for orders over $175, and they sometimes offer promotions for free shipping on smaller orders.

Does Ann Taylor offer international shipping?

At this time, Ann Taylor only ships to addresses within the United States.

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