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13 Sites & Stores Like Ann Taylor But Cheaper

If you love Ann Taylor’s timeless and feminine styles but want more budget-friendly competitors! Here are the top 13 best stores similar to Ann Taylor for cheaper prices.

Stores Like Ann Taylor

13 Best Ann Taylor Alternatives Websites

1. Anthropologie

Anthropologie store

Anthropologie is an upscale bohemian women’s clothing and accessories retailer. They are known for their unique, eclectic and artsy styles often inspired by global cultures and patterns.

The clothing comapny carries apparel, shoes, jewelry, home decor and beauty items. Their dresses, tops and bottoms mimic Ann Taylor’s tailored yet feminine aesthetic at lower price points during sales.

Shoppers can often find comparable Ann Taylor-esque blouses, skirts, pants and accessories for 30-50% less.

They frequently runs site-wide sales up to 30% off and extra 50% off clearance. This alternative store also offer free shipping over $50 and free returns.

Key Benefits:

  • Similar styles and aesthetics as Ann Taylor
  • Lower prices and frequent sales up to 50% off
  • Free shipping over $50 and free returns

2. Dressbarn

Dressbarn store

Dressbarn is another women’s clothing company like Ann Taylor with a focus on workwear, business casual and office-appropriate attire. Their collection includes a wide selection of dresses, tops, blouses, sweaters, blazers, pants and petite sizes.

Many of their styles emulate Ann Taylor’s tailored yet feminine classic look at cheaper price points. Their sales can offer comparable items for up to 60% off Ann Taylor’s regular prices.

Promotions like 40% off sitewide are common. Shoppers save even more with their clearance under $20 and frequent buy one, get one 50% off deals.

Why Using Them:

  • Budget-friendly prices for similar office and workwear
  • Frequent sitewide sales up to 60% off
  • BOGO deals and clearance under $20

3. Maurices

Maurices store

This is a women’s fashion brand focusing on trendy yet affordable styles targeting younger demographics. However, they carry a wide range of clothing for various ages and occasions.

Their collection includes dressier pieces like blouses, sheath dresses, trousers, blazers and suiting that reflect Ann Taylor’s classically feminine workwear aesthetic at lower prices.

They often discounts new arrivals 40% off and clearance up to 80% off. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50 with easy returns in store.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable pricing for younger shoppers
  • Frequent discounts up to 80% off
  • Free shipping over $50 and in-store returns

4. GAP

GAP store

GAP is a popular mid-range clothing retailer carrying casual essentials to workwear staples for men, women, kids and babies.

Their women’s collection includes a lot of versatile, minimalist and modern wardrobe basics like dresses, blouses, cardigans, pants, shorts and more at affordable pricing. Their aesthetic and simplicity mirrors Ann Taylor’s timeless style.

It also runs frequent promotions like 40% off your purchase or 50% off sale styles. Shoppers can score major deals on office-ready looks during seasonal sales. especially for business casual staples like blouses, sheath dresses, trousers, blazers and cardigans.

Why Using Them:

  • Affordable prices for essential workwear
  • Modern, versatile basics in classic styles
  • Frequent sales up to 50% off

5. ModCloth

ModCloth store

ModCloth is an indie online women’s clothing and accessories boutique that focused on vintage, retro and quirky fashions. However, they also carry a nice selection of classic, modest styles similar to Ann Taylor.

Shoppers can find comparable button-down blouses, sheath dresses, pencil skirts, slacks, blazers and accessories.

Their feminine retro styles offer the same polished, ladylike look as for less, especially during site-wide sales up to 60% off.

The similar store also run frequent flash sales and offer free returns within 60 days.

Why Using Them:

  • Vintage and retro-inspired styles
  • Sales up to 60% off site-wide
  • Free 60-day returns

6. Lulus

Lulus store

Lulus is a trendy online store selling chic women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. They carry an assortment of formal occasion wear like cocktail dresses, gowns and dressy separates.

For office and workwear, it offers a nice selection of smart blouses, pencil skirts, trousers, blazers and pumps similar to Ann Taylor’s styles but at lower price points. Items start at just $10.

They offer weekly deals like 20% off dresses or bottoms along with sitewide sales up to 60% off several times a year. Shoppers save even more with their steep discounts in clearance.

Why Using Them:

  • Affordable pricing starting at $10
  • Regular weekly promotions
  • Clearance discounts up to 60% off

7. Talbots

Talbots store

This is a specialty women’s clothing brand focused on classic, elegant styles targeting older demographics. However, they offer sophisticated workwear staples similar to Ann Taylor with petite and plus size options.

Their collection includes tailored dresses, tops, blouses, pants, skirts and jackets made from natural fibers like cotton, wool and silk. it frequently offers 40-50% off sitewide discounts along with extras like free shipping.

Key Benefits:

  • Sophisticated, elegant styles for work
  • Petite and plus size options
  • Frequent 40-50% off promotions

8. Express

Express store

Express is a popular mall brand known for stylish closet staples and workwear tailoring for men and women. Shoppers can find a variety of chic tops, button-downs, trousers, pencil skirts and dresses mimicking Ann Taylor’s feminine sophistication at lower prices.

Their clothes offer a body-conscious silhouette in stretchy, fitted fabrics. The clothing store runs weekly promotions like BOGO 50% off everything or 40% off your purchase. Clearance racks can offer the steepest discounts up to 70% off original prices.

Key Benefits:

  • Fitted, body-conscious tailoring
  • Weekly BOGO specials and 40% off deals
  • Clearance discounts up 70% off

9. Chico’s

Chico’s store

Chico’s primarily sells sophisticated casualwear and work staples targeted towards older women. Their collection includes dressy tops, blouses, sweaters, skirts, pants and petite options sized 000-3XL.

The aesthetic here is polished, flattering and feminine with a mature sensibility similar to Ann Taylor. Their tailored pieces like blazers, sheath dresses and button-downs reflect a comparable refined look often marked down 30-40% off original prices.

Why Using Them:

  • Sophisticated workwear for older demographics
  • Frequent markdowns up to 40% off
  • Extended petite and plus sizes

10. Zara

Zara store

Zara is a popular fast fashion retailer selling trendy, medium-quality clothing for men, women and kids. However, their women’s collection includes a lot of sharp, tailored pieces for the office and weekend wear with an edgy sensibility.

Their crisp shirts, blouses, blazers, trousers and sheath dresses exude a polished, sophisticated aesthetic reminiscent of Ann Taylor. Their prices are also more affordable, especially for stylish statement pieces.

They run limited weekly specials like 20% off dresses or bottoms that offer good discounts on workwear essentials.

Key Benefits:

  • Trendy fast-fashion tailoring
  • Chic office and weekend wear
  • Limited weekly specials

11. Land’s End

Land’s End store

Land’s End is known for casual, preppy clothing with a country club aesthetic. But they also sell a variety of refined essentials like button-downs, trousers, cardigans, sheath dresses and golf skirts perfect for the office or business casual settings.

The straightforward, classically feminine styles at Land’s End mirror Ann Taylor’s understated aesthetic while the natural fibers and quality tailoring provide great value for the prices. Shoppers can find office-ready dresses, pants, tops and more similar to Ann Taylor for 30-50% less.

Their frequent 40% off promotions and discounted bundle deals make them an affordable alternative for timeless office wear. Customers can also earn discounts through their loyalty program.

Key Benefits:

  • Refined essentials in classic preppy styles
  • Natural fibers and quality construction
  • Frequent 40% off deals and loyalty program

12. Madewell

Madewell store

This is a popular casual women’s clothing brand focusing on minimalist, relaxed wardrobe staples with a modern, laidback vibe. But they also offer a nice variety of elevated yet comfortable workwear with high quality construction.

Shoppers can find sleek button-downs, wrap dresses, trousers, cardigans and more in gauzy natural fibers like linen, cotton and silk. The polished yet effortless styles at Madewell deliver a comparable aesthetic to Ann Taylor for lower prices.

It also runs frequent sitewide discounts up to 40% off and extra savings on sale items. Customers earn rewards points and free shipping through their loyalty program.

Why Using Them:

  • Elevated essentials in relaxed, minimalist styles
  • Natural fibers and quality construction
  • Regular sitewide sales and loyalty program

13. Nordstrom

Nordstrom store

Nordstrom is a high-end department store carrying designer brands to contemporary labels for men, women, kids and home. Shoppers can browse multiple luxury and affordable clothing lines to find perfect Ann Taylor alternatives.

Brands like Tahari, Vince Camuto, Topshop, Sam Edelman, BP. and Halogen offer a range of stylish yet budget-friendly workwear essentials. Nordstrom’s clearance section can offer steep discounts up to 60% off original prices on similar office-ready pieces.

They also run half-yearly sales with brand-wide markdowns. Signing up for their credit card provides shoppers with exclusive VIP access to extra savings events.

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple clothing lines to find stylish workwear
  • Clearance discounts up to 60% off
  • Cardmember exclusive access to special sales

Conclusion On Brands Like Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor has mastered polished, feminine workwear for decades but the costs can limit staying loyal for the budget-conscious. Luckily, savvy shoppers can easily recreate those curated, tailored looks by mixing affordable pieces from trendy fashion retailers.

Next time you need versatile essentials for the office or a weekend get-together, check out these affordable Ann Taylor competitors first.

You will look just as chic and sophisticated without the premium price tag. Shop strategically by balancing classics with trends so your wardrobe always appears curated.

With so many retailers emulating their styles and aesthetic now, staying polished on a budget has never been easier. Use this list as a guide to build your dream Ann Taylor-inspired wardrobe at a fraction of the cost.


Where can I find office-ready dresses affordably?

Good places to browse affordable work-ready dresses include T.J. Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Marshall’s, Forever 21, H&M and Target. Most options are priced under $50.

What is Ann Taylor’s price range?

Ann Taylor’s regular prices tend to range from $50-$150. But with sales and specials, customers can often get pieces for $30-$100. The outlet also offers discounts up to 50% off or more.

Is Ann Taylor worth the price?

While Ann Taylor sells beautiful, high quality tailored pieces, their original prices are on the expensive side compared to value retailers. Only during significant sales of 40-60% off or shopping gently used items on resale sites like Poshmark and ThredUp can make Ann Taylor worth the splurge. Otherwise, more affordable similar styles can be found elsewhere.

Where can I find Ann Taylor stores?

It has multiple store locations across the United States, and you can check their website to find a store near you.

Can I shop at Ann Taylor online?

Yes, you can shop for their products online by visiting their website.

How can I track my Ann Taylor order?

Once you have placed your order with Ann Taylor, you can track it by logging into your account on their website.

Does Ann Taylor offer international shipping?

At this time, it only ships to addresses within the United States.

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