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14 Competitors & Stores Like Duluth Trading for Workwear

Duluth Trading Company is a popular brand known for its high-quality, comfortable workwear. But what other Duluth Trading Co similar stores that offer similar styles and value?

Here are 14 great Duluth Trading competitors for durable and affordable work clothes.

Stores Like Duluth Trading

14 Best Stores Similar to Duluth Trading Company for Workwear

1. Helly Hansen Workwear

Helly Hansen

Founded in 1877, Helly Hansen Workwear creates rugged gear for tough jobs. This Norwegian brand is a top choice for tradespeople needing waterproof, breathable outerwear and base layers.

It designs its work clothes to allow a full range of motion. The jackets, pants, and bibs utilize HELLY TECH fabric technology for weather protection. Yet the material still lets sweat escape to keep you dry.

Key Perks

  • Highly water resistant and breathable fabric
  • Generous fit allows moving freely
  • Made for heavy-duty use

2. Dickies

Dickies store

Trusted for nearly 100 years, Dickies makes work pants, shirts, and outerwear that can handle rough conditions. The Fort Worth, Texas company sells its apparel worldwide.

Their clothes use sturdy fabrics engineered to resist tears, stains, and fading. The relaxed-fit designs allow squatting, bending, and all-day comfort. Signature features include stain-release finishes and double-front pant knees.

Key Perks

  • Affordable prices
  • Tough, durable construction
  • Wide range of styles and colors

3. Caterpillar

Caterpillar boot

Caterpillar’s clothing line matches the brand’s reputation for rugged machinery. The Peoria, Illinois company makes streetwear and workwear to survive life’s toughest days.

The jackets, boots, pants, and shirts stand up to harsh weather, outdoor work, and dirty jobs. For example, their Steel Toe boots meet ASTM safety standards for foot protection. The brand’s hoodies and t-shirts also make great casualwear.

Key Advantages

  • Built for harsh conditions
  • Safety features like steel toes
  • Rugged casual styles too

4. Mango

Mango store

This Spain-based fashion brand carries smart-looking work clothes for men and women. Their affordable designs blend classic style with modern European trends.

Their workwear line includes wrinkle-free button-downs, comfy chinos, and polished blazers. Many pieces use eco-friendly and recycled materials. Shoppers will also find shoes, accessories and business casual options.

Key Advantages

  • Trendy European styling
  • Lots of business casual choices
  • Eco-conscious fabrics

5. Carhartt

Carhartt store

If you’re seeking serious workwear brands related to Duluth Trading that feels broken-in from day one, Carhartt has you covered. They’ve been creating sturdy, durable gear since 1889. Their pants, shirts, jackets and overalls are built to survive years of work and washing.

Top picks are their duck Active Jac shirt jacket, Rain Defender Paxton heavyweight hooded sweatshirt, and their Rugged Flex Rigby work pants with stretch fabric that allows a full range of motion.

Key Perks

  • Nearly indestructible construction
  • Loose fit for ease of motion
  • Sizes for all builds

6. Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear store

Known for quality outdoor gear, Columbia Sportswear also produces rugged work clothing designed for comfort and performance on the job. Their apparel incorporates innovative fabrics like their Omni-Shield water and stain repellent technology.

Standout pieces include their Steens Mountain full zip fleece jacket, their PFG Terminal Tackle long sleeve shirt featuring built-in sun protection and their Southern Blend cargo pants with zippered security pockets. Their workwear brings innovation to functionality.

Key Perks

  • Advanced sweat control technology
  • Sun protection clothing
  • Rugged outdoor footwear

7. Round House

Round House

For over 110 years, this all-American brand has made workwear tough enough for miners, oil drillers, and ranchers. The Oklahoma company still manufactures its clothing in the United States.

Their jeans, overalls, and jackets endure the most punishing conditions. Triple-stitched seams and bar tacking at stress points prevent rips and tears. The durable fabrics also resist stains, wrinkles, and shrinkage.

Compared to Duluth Trading, their workwear costs around 20% less for equivalent sturdiness and mobility. Their staunch made in USA production and social responsibility endear them to many buyers.

Key Perks

  • Made in the USA craftsmanship
  • Built for extreme wear and tear
  • Won’t shrink, stain, or wrinkle

8. Filson


Filson makes rugged apparel for harsh conditions. Their jackets, shirts, pants and outerwear utilize durable oil and water repellent fabrics.

This clothing company leverages proprietary technology like Strongtwill cotton canvas weave preventing rips or tears. The relaxed and roomy fits layer comfortably over existing clothes.

Roughly twice the price of Duluth Trading, their workwear focuses on resilient legacy construction with outstanding craftsmanship. The vintage outdoor aesthetic works well for lifestyle appeal too.

Key Perks

  • Legendary durability
  • Classic rugged styles
  • Ethical manufacturing

9. Walls

Walls store

Walls produces durable workwear crafted to high standards yet economical for everyday jobs. Their clothes leverage innovative fabrics and smart designs facilitating movement.

Their line includes shirts, pants, coveralls, outerwear, and accessories for industrial and outdoor vocations. Signature features involve stretch gussets, double-front pants, and lined jacket hoods.

Compared to Duluth Trading, this workwear brand offers similar durability and functionality at savings of 30-50%. Their products accommodate expanded sizes and athletic builds.

Key Advantages

  • Made for extreme environments
  • Allows moving freely
  • Durable stitching at wear points

10. Berne Apparel

Berne store

Family owned Berne Apparel makes comfortable, and affordable workwear. Their jackets, overalls, pants, shirts and clothing shield against the elements while allowing freedom of movement.

Distinctive features include double front pants, lined jacket hoods, and stretchable waistbands. Their sandstone duck canvas rivals Duluth Trading’s Fire Hose material for durability.

Costing about half as much, the work clothes offer excellent functionality, weather resistance, and comfort for general labor, farming or ranching. Signature bib overalls work great too.

Key Advantages

  • Made for wet, cold conditions
  • Tough briar-proof materials
  • Spacious fit doesn’t bind

11. Wolverine

Wolverine store

Wolverine is known for making well-made work boots, but they also make new work clothes that are made to last. Their pants, shirts, suits, and outerwear are made with special technologies that make them resistant to wear, tear, water, and stains.

It uses tough materials like Cordura nylon weave and adds extra stitching to areas that will get a lot of use. With knee pads, the sporty and relaxed fits let you move around.

Their work clothes are about 30% cheaper than Duluth Trading clothes of the same quality and durability. They also make stylish casual wear if you want to look good off the job.

Key Perks

  • Waterproof, well-cushioned boots
  • Safety rated foot protection
  • Matching work clothing

12. Stan Ray

Based in Tennessee, Stan Ray creates military-grade workwear at affordable prices. Their clothing is optimized for mobility and designed to handle dirt, rain, heat and more.

Customer favorites include their Ripstop Utility pant with double-layered fabric, their long sleeve Coolmax t-shirt that wicks away sweat and their Steel-Flex cargo work short made from a poly-cotton blend. Their gear empowers you to take on any challenge.

Key Perks

  • Made in USA craftsmanship
  • Allows dynamic motion
  • Resists wear and tear

13. Wrangler

Wrangler store

Known for dependable jeans, Wrangler also makes heavy-duty work clothes under its Riggs brand. This line provides protection and mobility on the job site.

Their pants, shirts and outerwear use sturdy materials with deliberately oversized cuts. Features like multiple utility pockets simplify organizing tools. The brand also makes steel toe, electrical hazard, and fire resistant boots.

Key Advantages

  • Tough, roomy fit
  • Built-in tool storage
  • Safety rated footwear

14. Red Ants Pants

This upstart brand crafts stylish workwear for women who build, ranch, farm and create. Based in Montana, all Red Ants Pants are locally manufactured in the United States.

Durable fabrics and gusseted crotches allow high mobility. The jeans, overalls, and shirts hold up through long days of physical work. Unique touches include hammer loops, kneepad pockets, and angled back pockets.

What Makes Them Popular

  • Built for women’s bodies
  • Stylish work clothes
  • Designed by tradeswomen

In Summary

The retailers above all share a commitment to quality that makes them great stores like Duluth Trading for high-performance workwear.

They offer innovative fabrics engineered for durability, breathability and weather protection – from ripstop pants to sweat-wicking shirts to insulated outerwear.

Their pants, overalls and jackets also incorporate details like multiple pockets, flex panels and gusseted crotches optimized for demanding activities and dirty jobs where freedom of movement is key.

So if you’re seeking work clothing that feels broken-in and ready for adventure right out of the box, check out options from these Duluth Trading competitors. Their products are built to empower you to take on the tough tasks ahead.

FAQs About Brands Like Duluth Trading

What types of clothes does Duluth Trading Company sell?

Duluth Trading Company specializes in durable workwear and casual clothes for men and women. Some of their popular products include rugged pants, shirts, outerwear, and boots.

Duluth Trading Company clothes are designed for demanding jobs and everyday comfort. They use durable fabrics and loose, flexible fits allowing free movement. Many pieces also have useful features like reinforced knees, extra pockets, and stain resistance.

Does Duluth Trading have sales or discounts?

Yes, Duluth Trading runs special offers and discounts throughout the year. Sign up for their email list to receive notice about sales and promo codes.

Does Duluth Trading Company offer safety rated work boots?

Yes, Duluth Trading Company sells steel toe work boots that meet ASTM safety standards. Their footwear provides traction, support, and protection from hazards.

What are some key features of Duluth Trading Company’s workwear?

Duluth Trading Company work clothes have features like double-fronted pants for extra durability, gusseted crotches to prevent ripping, and relaxed fits allowing you to squat and stretch. Their Fire Hose canvas resists abrasion and stains too.

Where are Duluth Trading Company clothes made?

While Duluth Trading Company is based in Wisconsin, their clothes may be manufactured in various countries. Some products are made in the United States, while others are imported from nations like Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Are Duluth Trading Company clothes good for outdoor work?

Yes, the durable and flexible fabrics used in Duluth Trading Company’s clothes perform well for outdoor jobs. Their Fire Hose canvas is abrasion resistant and sheds rain too. Columbia also offers cooling tech and sun protection.

What should I look for when buying work clothes?

When choosing workwear, prioritize tough, flexible fabrics that hold up to hazards in your trade. Seek loose, comfortable fits allowing full motion. Check for useful features like reinforced knees, extra pockets and reflectivity too.

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