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10 Fashion Brands Like Valfre for Women

Valfre has become one of the hottest fashion brands for millennial and Gen Z women who love loud prints, pops of colour, and statement pieces. But the steep prices and limited stock can make scoring their vibrant dresses and accessories challenging.

Luckily, there are plenty of other fun, fierce fashion companies creating that same playful, tropical-chic vibe as Valfre. Whether you’re looking for swimsuits, accessories, graphic tees or going-out dresses, these affordable stores like Valfre have you covered.

Brands Like Valfre

About Valfre

Founded in 2016, Valfre is a women’s fashion and accessories brand started by designer Valerie Freeman as a creative outlet during her cancer treatment. The brand quickly took off among hip millennials and Gen Zers who loved the colorful, playful and retro vibe of Valfre’s unique designs.

With exclusive prints, lots of pinks and pops of neon, a sprinkle of kitschy phrases and plenty of novelty going on, Valfre’s aesthetic can be described as cutesy goth, retro girly or modern pinup. The type of girl who shops Valfre seeks out fun statement pieces to show off her weird and wild style.


10 Trendy Fashion Brands Similar to Valfre for Bold Women

If you love rocking the vibrant, cheeky look of Valfre but want to branch out to some different brands, here are 10 clothing companies like Valfre to discover that have a similar extra, artsy and quirky vibe.

1. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters 1

Founded in 1970 in Pennsylvania, Urban Outfitters is now a household name. But they still maintain that hip, indie vibe with eclectic pieces perfect for gals who don’t want to blend in.

This clothing store is ideal for:

  • Festival wear and boho inspired dresses
  • Vintage-looking tops, graphic tees and hoodies
  • Whimsy accessories like sunglasses and jewellery
  • Loungewear like bralettes, joggers and robes

With 500+ locations worldwide and fast shipping, this popular clothing store similar to Valfre makes scoring that cool girl style simple.

2. Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill

Based in San Francisco and launched in 2011, Dolls Kill screams fun with their motto “Death to Boring Clothes.” Their site is full of bright colours and bold prints perfect for the rebel girl. You’ll find crop tops, mini skirts, fishnets, pastel wigs along with creepy cute accessories. The models with rainbow hair rocking thigh high boots give off major girl power energy.

Dolls Kill is big on:

  • Standout shoes like platforms and boots
  • Unique tops in velvet, mesh and graphic prints
  • Short dresses and rompers for clubbing
  • Vintage-retro and 90s inspired fashion

Express worldwide shipping and a huge selection makes this one of the top Valfre alternatives.

3. Boohoo

Boohoo 1

Boohoo brought UK fast fashion to the US when it launched stateside in 2017. Perfect for trendy young women on a budget, their site is constantly refreshed with hundreds of new affordable styles.

It’s aesthetic can be described as trendy clubwear with an extra dose of sass and playfulness. Lots of animal prints, metallic fabrics, jumpsuits, dresses with ruffles or puffy sleeves – just what a bold babe needs for a big night out.

Some bestsellers from Boohoo include:

  • Cute sundresses and minis for under $20
  • Swimwear like bikinis, one-pieces and coverups
  • Going out clothes like bodysuits, skirts and heels
  • Chic tops and sweaters starting at $5

With inclusive sizing and express shipping on all US orders, you can build an entire closet from Boohoo without breaking the bank.

4. Shein

Shein 1

This Chinese fast fashion juggernaut exploded in popularity over the last few years for their insanely cheap and trendy women’s clothing. The site adds 500+ new dresses, tops, bottoms and more daily. It provides an overwhelming amount of super affordable women’s clothing and accessories perfect for the girl on a budget who still wants to look stylish.

Shein’s bright, bold and revealing clubwear comes with all the current popular elements like puff sleeves, corset tops, cutouts and asymmetric styles. Young fashionistas flock to this e-retailer for thousands of cute cheap outfits.

Shein is beloved for:

  • Everyday tees and tanks under $10
  • Swimwear barely over $10
  • Sundresses, bodysuits and going out looks under $20
  • Accessories like bags, hats, sunglasses under $10

With affordable pricing and quick shipping times, Shein makes staying on trend a breeze even on a tight budget.

5. Forever 21

Forever 21

A staple for teenage girls since its launch in LA in 1984, Forever 21 still delivers fast fashion at unbeatable prices. Forever 21 specializes in shimmery club outfits, graphic tees, basics embellished with rhinestones or embroidery, and fun accessories like temporary hair colour sprays or flavoured lip glosses.

You can pull off any trendy look on a dime thanks to their inexpensive prices. And this makes them one of the top clothing companies like Valfre in terms of price.

Key categories include:

  • Graphic tees with pop culture references
  • Cropped tops and hoodies for juniors
  • Short bodycon dresses and rompers
  • Trendy handbags and sunglasses under $20

While prices remain low, they’ve upped sustainability efforts by using recycled packaging and launching misleading clothing collections.

6. Lirika Matoshi

For showstopping special occasion dresses, check out Lirika Matoshi as your Valfre alternative store. The New York based designer went viral after Beyonce wore her stunning diaphanous floral gown.

Lirika Matoshi creates:

  • Fairytale-esque tulle gowns
  • Ethereal dresses with sheer layers and romantic prints
  • Party tops with bold colours, feathers and sequins

Her designs evoke garden fairies with a modern twist. And her limited quantities make these statement pieces extra special for weddings, events or any reason to glam up.

7. Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf

UK fashion brand Lazy Oaf channels Valfre’s playful prints through a 90s punk rock lens. Founded in London in 2001, their edgy meets cute vibe keeps youthful women coming back.

Expect ironic graphic tees, fruit and emoji prints, alien and unicorn motifs and plenty of color splashed about. This London-based brand similar to Valfre creates youthful gear for those who don’t take fashion too seriously.

Bestsellers include:

  • Oversized graphic sweaters and outerwear
  • Retro dresses in mini and babydoll silhouettes
  • Striped and spotted tops with kitten and emoji prints
  • Platform boots and Mary Janes shoes

With worldwide shipping and a flirty punk aesthetic, Lazy Oaf offers an alternative look to the standard Valfre style.

8. Rue21

Rue 21

This Pittsburgh based fast fashion staple opened its first store in the early 2000s and has spread to over 600 US locations. The trendy pieces appeal most to the tween and teen crowd. This brand like Valfre is the spot to snag all the latest styles on a dime, from stretchy ripped jeans to slinky camis to bomber jackets. Lots of tops and accessories feature popular characters, phrases, emojis or quirky sayings for fun casual ensembles.

Rue21 kills it on:

  • Everyday basics like tees, tanks, hoodies and joggers
  • Denim in cute washes and silhouettes
  • Graphic sweaters, pullovers and outerwear
  • Stylish handbags, jewelry and accessories

With on-trend clothing and accessories starting under $10, Rue21 makes exploring new styles affordable and accessible among other Valfre competitors.

9. Missguided


UK based, Missguided brings fierce and fearless fast fashion to the US that refuses to be ignored. Bold prints, fun cuts and affordable pricing make this a go-to for babes on a budget.

Lots of cutouts, mesh overlays, and unique asymmetrical silhouettes make up this brand’s selection of clubwear and festival fashion. This similar store like Valfre helps ladies get cheeky with fun party looks for cheap.

Missguided shoppers love:

  • Standout party dresses for under $50
  • Bikinis and one-pieces less than $20
  • On-trend jeans and loungewear under $30
  • Heels, purses and jewelry under $25

With inclusive sizing and constantly updated styles, Misguided empowers their customers to freely experiment with new looks.

10. Princess Highway

This Australian brand like Valfre creates adorable, artsy women’s clothing and accessories with a nostalgic, romantic feel. Flowy midi dresses and blouses feature exclusive hand-drawn prints of flowers, animals and landscapes. The vibe is sweet and dreamy. Perfect for artsy girls with a flair for vintage glam and a love of bold prints and colours. The focus is on wearable silhouettes crafted from unique custom prints.

Princess Highway is known for:

  • Flowy maxi dresses and wrap styles
  • Intricate prints with florals and paisleys
  • Lacy, embroidered and textured details
  • Tops, skirts, pants featuring their signature prints

While the prices run higher than fast fashion, the quality and original prints are worth the splurge for special occasions.

How These Trendy Retailers Compare to Valfre

Similar Aesthetics

All these brands create pieces with fun details, pops of colour, mixed prints and feminine silhouettes. The vibrant, fearless fashion provides an instant confidence boost.

Budget-Friendly Costs

Except for Lirika Matoshi and Princess Highway, the brands mentioned offer low costs making it easy to refresh your closet often.

Trend-Focused Style

Like Valfre, these companies stay on top of trends and quickly deliver the latest looks at affordable prices. Great for fashionistas on a budget!

Inclusive Sizing

Most provide extended or plus size ranges so women of all shapes can rock their edgy style.

Limited Inventory

New arrivals and bestsellers often sell out quick. Sign up for email lists and shop new drops ASAP.

FAQs about Valfre and Similar Retailers

What sizes does Valfre carry?

Most Valfre pieces are sized XS-XL. Some collections offer extended sizing up to 2XL or 3XL. Swimwear ranges from XS-L. Shoes are sized 5-11.

What is Valfre’s shipping policy?

Valfre offers free standard shipping within the US. Expedited and international shipping rates apply. Shipping times average 5-7 days.

What payment options does Valfre accept?

Valfre accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, AfterPay and ShopPay.

Does Valfre accept returns and exchanges?

Yes, unused items can be returned within 30 days for a refund or exchange. Swimsuits, jewellery and sale items are final sale.

Where are these fashion brands most popular?

These fun, fierce fashion brands resonate most with millennial and Gen Z women in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

How often is new inventory added?

Most of these fast fashion brands add 100+ new arrivals daily to keep their selection fresh and trendy.

Are there sales or discount codes available?

Yes, most offer sitewide discounts, category sales and promo codes frequently. Signing up for email lists will provide access to the best deals.

Wrap Up

For bold babes craving Valfre’s vibrant aesthetic but wanting more size, style and budget options – these 10 brands similar to Valfre deliver. Their playful prints, standout silhouettes and self-expression empower fashionistas to confidently showcase their unique personal style.

Next time the Valfre piece you want is out of stock, check out these fierce fast fashion brands like Valfre for the trendiest, most affordable way to unleash your inner jungle queen!

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