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14 Competitors & Brands Like Tommy Hilfiger To Try

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most recognizable names in fashion. Known for its classic American cool style, the brand has become a staple in many closets.

But what if you want to branch out and find some new brands? Don’t worry – there are plenty of great Tommy Hilfiger similar brands that offer preppy, and sporty styles.

In this post, we’ll highlight 14 of the best clothing competitors and stores similar to Tommy Hilfiger so you can find stylish new options for your wardrobe!

Brands Like Tommy Hilfiger

14 Best Clothing Sites & Stores Similar To Tommy Hilfiger


1. Macy’s

Macy's store

Macy’s is one of the largest department store chains in the United States. The store carries clothing, accessories, beauty products, home goods and more.

It is a great place to shop if you like Tommy Hilfiger brand. They regularly carry merchandise, so you can often find those familiar designs. But they also offer clothes from similar preppy brands like Ralph Lauren, and much more.

You’ll discover dress shirts, polos, sweaters, jeans, jackets and more in that classic American style. They frequently has sales and deals available too.

Key Benefits:

  • Wide selection of designer brands
  • Frequent sales and deals
  • Can find familiar styles
  • Convenient department store model

2. Lacoste


Lacoste is a French apparel company best known for its iconic polo shirts with the crocodile logo. The brand has a sporty, preppy aesthetic similar to Tommy Hilfiger brand.

You’ll find polos, button-downs, sweaters, shorts, swimwear and more for men, women and children.

The clothing integrates the signature crocodile logo for a distinguished look. This similar brand offers classic colors and styles that will fit right in a wardrobe.

Key Perks:

  • Iconic polo shirts and logo
  • Refined sporty style
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Classic, versatile pieces

3. GAP

GAP store

Gap is a leading American clothing retailer with over 3,000 store locations. They offer casual clothing for men, women, children and babies.

The brand is known for denim, khakis, t-shirts, button-downs and sweaters in timeless styles. You’ll find plenty of pieces in bright colors, preppy plaids and sporty stripes. The clothes have an easy, relaxed vibe similar to Tommy Hilfiger.

They also regularly collaborates with other cool brands like Kanye West’s Yeezy line. Their affordable prices make them among the great for stocking your closet.

Why Shop Here:

  • Affordable prices on stylish basics
  • Lots of bright colors and preppy prints
  • Relaxed American style
  • Frequent collaborations with hot brands

4. Levi’s


When you think of classic American denim, Levi’s immediately comes to mind. Shoppers will appreciate their emphasis on quality craftsmanship and cool, sporty style.

The store offers jeans, jackets, t-shirts, accessories and more for men and women. Their jeans come in various fits like slim, relaxed, skinny and bootcut. And they have denim jackets in all sorts of washes from light to dark.

The heavy cotton materials and signature leather patches give Levi’s a rugged, durable construction. Pair them with some Tommy Hilfiger tops for an all-American look.

Key Advantages:

  • Iconic denim brand since 1853
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Classic jeans and jackets in cool washes
  • Rugged, sporty American style

5. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers store

Brooks Brothers is among the oldest clothing brands in continuous operation in America. Known as the originator of preppy style, it offers refined, high-quality menswear.

You can browse their suite, sport coats, dress shirts, polos, sweaters, accessories and more. The aesthetic has an elegant old-school vibe. They use rich fabrics like wool, silk, linen and cotton in muted colors like navy, grey and forest green.

While the fits lean more tailored than Tommy Hilfiger, the store captures that Ivy League aesthetic. It’s perfect for guys who prefer traditional style.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Quintessential American preppy style
  • Timeless, high-quality fabrics and construction
  • Understated, refined designs
  • Extensive selection of formalwear


ASOS store

ASOS is a popular online fashion and beauty store based in the UK. They offer women’s, men’s, children’s and beauty products.

It is a great alternative to Tommy Hilfiger for trendy, youthful style. You’ll find the latest fashion pieces like printed shirts, distressed jeans, bomber jackets and more. They offer casual clothes along with stylish dresses, jumpsuits, shoes and accessories.

The site makes shopping easy with free shipping and returns. Frequent sales mean you can stock up on affordable fashion. Their own in-house brands have a minimalist, modern vibe perfect for younger Tommy Hilfiger fans.

Key Perks:

  • On-trend affordable fashion
  • Huge range of clothing and accessories
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Great styles for younger shoppers

7. American Eagle

American Eagle store

With a focus on denim, apparel and accessories, American Eagle Outfitters caters to a youthful preppy aesthetic. Their clothes range from everyday casual to dressy styles for men and women.

Relaxed all-American pieces like jeans, joggers, tops and outerwear are affordable and on-trend. Neutral colors with pops of pastels and brights are standouts. AE, Tailgate and other brands create a fun casual vibe akin to Tommy Hilfiger.

Clothing comes in earth tones, pastels, bold colors and edgy black and white. They also offer intimates, swimwear and accessories to complete your look.

Key Benefits:

  • Trendy teen and young adult styling
  • Affordable prices on jeans, tees, hoodies etc.
  • Lots of edgy graphics, colors and prints
  • Laidback comfy joggers and flannels

8. Banana Republic

Banana Republic

Banana Republic is a mid-range clothing retailer owned by Gap Inc. While more upscale than Gap, they still carries that casual American style.

Shop dress shirts, chinos, blazers, dresses, shoes and accessories in classic neutrals and bold, vibrant colors. Pieces incorporate sleek details like collars and cuffs in lustrous satin. The tailored fits create a polished, put-together aesthetic.

They designs transition seamlessly from work to weekend. Mix and match their modern chinos, button-downs and blouses for a professional take on Tommy Hilfiger style.

Why People Choose Them:

  • Sophisticated everyday wear
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Versatile pieces for work and play
  • Classic with modern details

9. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren store

No list of stores like Tommy Hilfiger would be complete without the king of prep himself – Ralph Lauren. Both brands epitomize classic American cool style.

They offers high-end tailored suiting along with relaxed polos, oxfords, sweaters and more. Their pieces feature heritage motifs like equestrian and nautical icons. Rich materials like leather, wool and cashmere provide durability and comfort.

While the price points run higher than Tommy Hilfiger brand, you get exceptional quality and construction. And the clean, refined aesthetic works for preppy fans of all ages.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Quintessential preppy style originator
  • Luxurious materials and quality craftsmanship
  • Iconic polo player logo
  • Timeless heritage American designs

10. Hollister

Hollister store

Hollister is a youthful, beachy brand from Abercrombie & Fitch Co. It embodies a laidback SoCal vibe with casual tops, jeans, dresses and swimwear.

Their clothes come splashed in bright colors, bold prints and distressed details. You’ll find trendy pieced like mom jeans, oversized graphic tees, tank tops and hoodies. The styles work for teens, college students and young professionals seeking effortless California cool.

Affordable prices make it easy to stock up on closet staples. Tommy Hilfiger fans will love remixing their playful pieced with their favorite preppy looks.

Key Advantages:

  • Bright, beachy casual wear
  • Trendy affordable styles for youth
  • Relaxed t-shirts, jeans, hoodies and dresses
  • Mix of edgy and boho vibes

11. Zara


Zara is a popular Spanish fast fashion brand with locations across the globe. They churn out the latest trendy styles at affordable prices.

The clothes have a minimalist, modern aesthetic with sleek silhouettes and details. You’ll discover dresses, blouses, jeans, outerwear and more in earth tones, bold prints and edgy black and white. Accessories like bags, shoes and jewelry complement the chic urban look.

Their swiftly changing inventory keeps their selection fresh and exciting. Fans looking for brands similar to Tommy Hilfiger can discover new on-trend pieces every time they shop at this store.

Why Shop Here:

  • On-trend fast fashion at low prices
  • New styles constantly coming in
  • Sleek, minimalist aesthetic
  • Dresses, tops, jeans, shoes and more

12. J.Crew

J.Crew store

J.Crew brings a preppy Ivy League aesthetic blended with creative colorful twists. Their clothes work for weekends on the coast, days in the office and nights on the town.

Men will find oxfords, polos, chinos, blazers, jeans, tees and accessories in classic styles. Women can shop dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, shorts and more. Fun patterns like gingham, stripes and florals liven up the look.

The quality stands up well for the moderate price points. It versatility makes their pieces easy to integrate into any wardrobe.

Key Perks:

  • Preppy style with colorful creative twists
  • Quality fabrics at moderate prices
  • Versatile pieces for work, weekends and events
  • Fun patterns and prints

13. Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch fills the college-prep niche for young men and women. Their clothes fit right in on campus with distressed jeans, joggers, graphic tees, flannels and fleeces.

The rugged Americana vibe comes through in the washed denim, plaids, camo and logo tees. Outerwear like parkas, bombers and oversized sweaters completes the look. Prices stay budget-friendly for students stocking their closets.

Their casual comfort and ogled pieces can make easy additions to your aesthetic. Layer them over polos and under blazers for a trendy collegiate style.


  • Relaxed American college-prep look
  • Affordable jeans, tees, hoodies and more
  • Lots of cozy fleece and flannel
  • Rugged styles suitable for campus

14. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

For any fans with more refined tastes, Hugo Boss delivers sleek sophisticated style. The luxury German brand offers sharp suiting, polished sportswear and premium accessories.

The tailored fits and muted palette create an elegant polished look. But small modern details like textured fabrics and asymmetric zippers add edge. Premium materials like wool, silk, leather and cashmere ensure longevity.

While the price points are higher, the exquisite craftsmanship makes it worth the investment. Hugo Boss gives classic preppy style a sleek luxury upgrade.

Why Choose Them:

  • Luxury craftsmanship and materials
  • Sleek elegant suits, sportswear and accessories
  • Muted color palette with modern accents
  • Premium quality and construction


Tommy Hilfiger’s sporty preppy style has become a wardrobe staple across the globe. But sometimes you want to mix up your fashion with some new brands like Tommy Hilfiger.

With this list of 14 top Tommy Hilfiger competitors, you can find amazing new clothes to refresh your fashion. Discover brands that match your personal style and aesthetics. Build a versatile wardrobe that transitions effortlessly from casual days to dressy nights out.

So next time you shop, branch out beyond your familiar Tommy Hilfiger favorites. Finding great new brands similar to Tommy Hilfiger keeps your look exciting, tailored to you, and always in fashion.

FAQs about Tommy Hilfiger

What year was Tommy Hilfiger founded?

It was founded in 1985 by designer Tommy Hilfiger in New York City. The first collection was a line of men’s sportswear.

What is Tommy Hilfiger best known for designing?

It is best known for classic American cool style clothing with a preppy, nautical or collegiate vibe. Iconic pieces include their logo polos, button-down shirts, chinos, jeans, sweaters and sports coats.

Where are Tommy Hilfiger clothes manufactured?

Their clothes are manufactured in various locations depending on the product. According to the brand, common production countries include China, Hong Kong, India, Jordan, Lesotho, Cambodia and Vietnam. Certain designs may be crafted in the US, UK or other European countries.

What is Tommy Hilfiger’s target demographic?

It targets men, women and children, generally in the mid to upper-income bracket. However, their designs appeal to a wide age range from young adults to seniors seeking classically cool style.

How can you tell if Tommy Hilfiger clothing is authentic versus fake?

Authentic Tommy Hilfiger clothes will have quality materials, stitching and design details. Look for the embroidered “Tommy Hilfiger” or flag/nautical logo on pieces. Check that buttons, zippers and labels use the official branded markings.

Does Tommy Hilfiger only make preppy style clothing?

While preppy Americana is their design heritage, it has expanded into trendier streetwear and collaborations in recent years. But classic polos, button-downs and chinos remain staples of their collections.

Where are Tommy Hilfiger retail stores located?

It operates over 2000 retail stores globally. Flagship locations include New York, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Moscow and Amsterdam. Stores are located across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

What high-end designers has Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with in the past?

Notable, it collaborations include collections with Gigi Hadid, Lewis Hamilton, Zendaya, Timberland, Kith and more. These capsules put unique spins on their signature preppy styles.

Does Tommy Hilfiger only make clothes or do they have other products?

In addition to clothing for men, women and children, it offers accessories like watches, wallets, handbags, luggage, eyeglasses and fragrances. They also sell bedding and home goods featuring their fashionable prints and logos.

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