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13 Lacoste Similar Brands To Try | Top Competitors

Preppy polos and crisp tailoring—that’s the iconic Lacoste style many fashion lovers adore. However, finding similar stores and brands like Lacoste can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking for luxury labels with comparable aesthetics or more budget-friendly options.

We’ve rounded up the top Lacoste competitors and alternatives that will have you looking like you just stepped off the tennis court.

From Burberry’s signature plaid to Steve Madden’s latest trends, these labels capture the classically cool vibe Lacoste is known for. So if you love the crocodile logo but want to explore comparable brands, read on to shop polos, apparel, shoes and accessories with that effortless sporty-chic look.

Brands Like Lacoste

13 Best Luxury Stores & Brands Similar To Lacoste

1. Burberry

Burberry store

Burberry is a prestigious British luxury fashion brand founded in 1856. They are best known for its iconic trench coats and plaid print, which features their classic camel, red and black check pattern.

This brand similar to Lacoste offers high-end clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. Their collection includes formal wear like suits and evening gowns, as well as more casual polo shirts, t-shirts, jeans and outerwear. Products feature sleek, tailored silhouettes with refined British styling.

The store is popular with business professionals and the upper class. The brand has global appeal, with popularity in the UK, US and Asian markets. Burberry is sold online through their website and in flagship stores worldwide.

Key Benefits:

  • Luxury craftsmanship and quality
  • Timeless British heritage
  • Recognizable plaid print

2. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren store

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion brand that was founded in 1967. They embodies classic American style with a preppy aesthetic. They are best known for their polo shirts featuring the iconic polo player logo.

Ralph Lauren offers apparel, accessories and home goods for men, women and children. Categories include clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, fragrances and more. The brand has a sporty all-American vibe mixed with East Coast refinement.

They provide a step up in quality from department store brands at a more affordable price point than high fashion labels. The extensive brand also includes diffusion lines like Polo Ralph Lauren for a lower cost.

Key Benefits:

  • Classic American preppy style
  • Wide range of products for all lifestyles
  • Globally recognized polo logo

3. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand known for preppy classics with a cool, youthful twist. They are recognized by the Tommy Hilfiger flag logo and signature color blocks of red, white and blue.

As other Lacoste competitors on the list, the store has clothing, accessories and home goods for men, women and children. The collection features updated takes on traditional pieces like button-downs, polos, shorts and sweaters. The style balances preppy with casual American sportswear.

The brand is popular with teenagers, college students and young professionals. The store has strong recognition and distribution in the US, Europe and Asia. The brand is sold online, in flagship stores and in major retailers.

Key Benefits:

  • Youthful preppy style
  • Trendy American classics
  • Affordable designer pricing

4. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana store

Dolce & Gabbana is a prestigious Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1985. This brand similar to Lacoste is known for sleek Italian tailoring mixed with sensual, eclectic styling.

Dolce & Gabbana offers high-fashion clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry and fragrances for men and women. Categories include tailored suits, elegant dresses, lingerie, swimwear, outerwear and more. Products feature bold colors, patterns, lace, and leopard prints.

The brand is popular with wealthy fashionistas and celebrities. The brand has global fame but is most prominent in its home country of Italy. The label is sold online, in flagship boutiques worldwide and in high-end department stores.

Key Benefits:

  • Luxurious Italian craftsmanship
  • Bold, glamorous aesthetic
  • Prestigious designer quality

5. Converse


Converse is an American footwear company best known for their iconic Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers. The classic canvas sneakers have been popular since their debut in 1917.

In addition to sneakers, they also sells apparel and accessories featuring their laidback sporty style. The collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats and bags. Pieces feature the Converse star logo and brand prints.

Converse is popular with teenagers, college students and young adults who want comfortable, casual basics. The brand has worldwide recognition, especially in the US. Converse products are sold online, in Converse stores and major retailers.

Key Benefits:

  • Iconic Chuck Taylor sneakers
  • Casual sporty style
  • Affordable prices

6. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss brings a refined, tailored sensibility to everyday casual wear as other clothing brands like Lacoste. The German brand offers polos, sweaters, shorts and sneakers marked by minimalist, contemporary styling.

The pared-back casual aesthetic has strong similarities to Lacoste. However, expect thinner, sleeker silhouettes and modern details like color-blocking. Prices are also higher, reflecting the premium quality.

They appeals to young professionals and business executives who want refined, contemporary attire. The brand has a strong global presence, especially throughout Europe. Hugo Boss operates stores worldwide and is stocked at luxury retailers.

Key Benefits:

  • Expertly tailored suits and business wear
  • High-end quality and construction
  • Sleek, contemporary designs

7. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers store

Brooks Brothers is a classic American brand specializing in preppy staples and professional attire. Founded in 1818, it is the oldest apparel brand in continuous operation in the US.

The clothing store offers timeless clothes for men, women and children. Categories include suits, business casual, formalwear, shirts, shoes and accessories. The style balances traditional with modern fits and fabrics.

The brand has an upper class, old money aesthetic. Brooks Brothers is popular with politicians, business executives and Ivy League crowds. The label has even outfitted 40 out of 45 US presidents. Products are sold online, in Brooks Brothers stores and at select department stores.

Key Benefits:

  • Quintessential American prep
  • High-quality tailored suits and business wear
  • Rich heritage dating back to 1818

8. Tory Burch

Tory Burch store

Tory Burch is an American designer brand founded in 2004, known for boho-chic style with signature logo details. The brand is recognized by the iconic double “T” logo medallion.

This clothing brand similar to Lacoste offers ready-to-wear clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories for women. The collection features feminine silhouettes in natural fabrics with hints of eclectic details like tassels and embroidery.

The brand is popular with upper middle-class women and fashion bloggers. The clothing brand has a strong US presence with growing international recognition. Products are sold online, in Tory Burch boutiques and major department stores.

Key Benefits:

  • Boho-inspired luxury pieces
  • High-end quality with accessible pricing
  • Recognizable double T logo

9. Gucci


Gucci is an elite Italian fashion house known for luxury designs with glamorous logos and detailing. Founded in 1921, Gucci exemplifies prestige and Italian craftsmanship.

Gucci offers exclusive ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes, small leather goods, fine jewelry and home décor. Products feature the iconic interlocking GG logo and striped webbing detail. The aesthetic balances classic glamour with vintage vibes.

The brand caters to high-end clientele like celebrities, socialites and the extremely wealthy. This clothing company is globally renowned as a status symbol of luxury. Items are sold online and in flagship boutiques around the world.

Key Benefits:

  • Pinnacle of Italian luxury
  • Timeless designs with iconic detailing
  • Unrivaled craftsmanship and quality

10. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Founded as a luxury luggage brand, Louis Vuitton has expanded into upscale casual clothing for men and women. Polos, tees, sneakers and other pieces feature the iconic LV monogram or Damier prints.

The quality and detailing on materials like fine leathers and fabrics is exceptional. The clothing company offers a subtle flex and instant prestige other brands can’t match. But you’ll pay a premium for access to that status.

They provides unmatched clout and quality for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury casual style. Expect elite pricing and craftsmanship.

Key Benefits:

  • Pinnacle of French luxury
  • Timeless monogram prints
  • Superior craftsmanship

11. My Theresa

MyTheresa store

This luxury e-commerce retailer curates the best high-end casualwear brands for women and men. Shop brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and more.

The highly selective inventory focuses on luxe materials, quality craftsmanship and iconic luxury design. Discover rare, exclusive pieces providing the ultimate in refined casual style.

New arrivals are added daily. The selection provides a mix of classic luxury with emerging designers. The retailer appeals to fashionistas seeking coveted designer goods.

Key Benefits:

  • Curation of luxury designers in one shop
  • Hard-to-find and exclusive merchandise
  • International shipping

12. Steve Madden

Steve Madden store

For more affordable prices, Steve Madden is a go-to for quality casual footwear. The brand carries slip-on and lace up sneakers, espadrilles, loafers and more marked by luxe design accents.

With on-trend styling and synthetic leather fabrication, Steve Madden brings designer shoe looks to mass market price points. The quality also holds up well for regular wear.

They delivers the Lacoste sneaker aesthetic at fraction of the cost. Expect designer details and durable construction for the prices.

Key Benefits:

  • On-trend footwear and accessories
  • Budget-friendly designer look
  • Massive selection of shoes

13. Guess

Guess store

Guess is known for bringing designer denim, dresses and more to the masses. But the brand also offers quality casualwear comparable to Lacoste.

Expect polos, tees, sweatshirts and joggers bearing the iconic Guess script branding and triangle logo. Pieces feature luxe touches like satin finishes and gold hardware. And prices are friendly for virtually every budget.

For the Lacoste look at affordable prices, Guess checks all the boxes. The iconic styling and quality match the reasonable costs across extensive selections.

Key Benefits:

  • Iconic denim and logo apparel
  • Alluring, bold styles
  • Mass-market availability


Lacoste’s sporty-chic polos and casual preppy style have inspired many similar brands over the years across various price points. While nothing is quite the same as the original crocodile logo, these 13 Lacoste alternatives provide comparable offerings and aesthetics.

From upscale labels like Burberry to more accessible options like Tommy Hilfiger, you can find polos, tailored apparel, preppy basics and sleek sportswear with comparable styling. M

While staying true to its roots, Lacoste has also evolved over the decades to offer trendy streetwear collaborations and revamped classics appealing to new generations. But for fans who want that authentic Lacoste experience, nothing beats the timeless style of Rene Lacoste’s iconic polos. So next time you’re browsing similar stores, keep in mind these key differences that make the original Lacoste polos a staple for any wardrobe.

FAQs About Lacoste

What is Lacoste famous for?

Lacoste is most famous for its iconic polo shirts with the embroidered crocodile logo. Lacoste polos are classics known for their crisp, tailored fit and high-quality pique cotton fabric.

When was Lacoste founded?

Lacoste was founded in 1933 by French tennis player Rene Lacoste and businessman Andre Gillier. Lacoste was originally known as La Chemise Lacoste.

What is the story behind the Lacoste crocodile logo?

The crocodile logo references Rene Lacoste’s nickname as “Le Crocodile” when he was a top-ranked tennis player in the 1920s. He embroidered crocodile badges onto his blazers that evolved into the Lacoste logo.

Where are Lacoste products made?

While Lacoste started in France, today Lacoste apparel and accessories are manufactured in various countries to meet global demand. Top production locations include France, China, Peru, Romania and Turkey.

Is Lacoste worth the money?

For many shoppers, Lacoste is worth the premium price thanks to the brand’s quality materials, perfect tailoring and attention to detail. The iconic crocodile logo also carries prestige as a status symbol.

Is Lacoste a luxury brand?

While seen as a premium brand, Lacoste is generally classified as an accessible or mass luxury brand rather than high-end luxury. But their products still offer excellent craftsmanship and design compared to basic sportswear.

What is Lacoste’s target audience?

Lacoste targets upper middle class men and women aged 25 to 50 who appreciate classic preppy style with subtle status branding. Their products have multigenerational appeal.

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