15 Stores & Brands like Brooks Brothers

Looking for brands like brooks brothers with a strong heritage and timeless appeal? Look no further, you are on the right page.

Whether you’re looking for a new suit, shirt, or tie, our list of brooks brothers competitors is sure to have something that meets your needs. And with a huge range of products available, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love no matter what your style may be.

Brands like Brooks Brothers

About Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers is an American clothing company founded in 1818 in NY. The company sells menswear, womenswear, kid’s wear, accessories, and home furnishings.

The company has a long history and has been worn by many presidents, including Abraham Lincoln. Brooks Brothers is known for its quality, classic style, and also for being expensive.

15 Best Brands Similar to Brooks Brothers

1. LL Bean

LL Bean 2

LL Bean has been in business for over a century and that is one of the reasons it features number 1 on our list of stores like brooks brothers. It is well known for its high-quality apparel, footwear, and accessories. They are also credited with creating the first bean boots, a type of footwear that is both stylish and quite practical.

Their collection stands out because of the classic and cutting-edge designs they use in it, and their outdoor equipment has been tried and true. There is a sale on LL Bean’s website right now, and the company offers free shipping.

2. Macy’s


A department store is known for its high-end fashion, luxury products, and customer service. Macy’s sells men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing, shoes, bags, backpacks, watches, jewellery, accessories, and cosmetics. The company operates over 260 stores in the US and also has a global wholesale division.

3. Banana Republic

Banana Republic

Banana Republic is also one of the most successful clothing retailers in the market and its subsidiaries of the Gap Inc. Their timeless designs can bring a fresh look to your closet. They offer eco-friendly clothing that is sold on their website and at their retail locations.

You may also be interested in taking a look at some of GAP’s other subsidiaries, such as Intermix, Old Navy, and Athleta.

4. JoS. A. Bank

JoS. A. Bank

JoS. A. Bank became a well-known brand due to the high quality of their products at affordable pricing making it stand among the list of brands like brooks brothers. They also provided customers with outfits that made them feel good about themselves while wearing them. These items are wonderfully made in traditional styles, and the attention to detail reveals the quality of the expertise in what they do.

You don’t need to worry about sizes at all since Jos. A. Bank will provide you with outfits that have normal length and width for you, regardless of whether you are obese or extremely tall. If you purchase at their e-commerce site or in any of their traditional stores, you will be eligible for a significant discount on all of their products.

5. J Crew

J.Crew Factory

When it comes to classic American styles, J. Crew is one of the top stores in the United States that can be considered as brooks brothers competitors. They have found a way to make their customers happy by mixing classic and new products in a smart way.

When comparing prices, J. Crew is a far better deal than Brooks Brothers. Also, the brand is known for its creatively made, sustainable, and signature clothing.

You can rest assured that the low prices they offer do not reflect a lack of quality.

6. Sid Mashburn

Sid Mashburn

When it comes to clothing, Sid Mashburn is undoubtedly a top-tier name on our list of stores like brooks brothers. The classic designs are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.

They skillfully modify both vintage and contemporary garments to perfection. If you haven’t yet been to Sid Mashburn, you should go because we know you’ll fall in love with their clothes and accessories.

7. Billy Reid

Billy Reid

For many years, the name Billy Reid has been widely known for high-quality apparel and footwear. They are also credited with creating the first modern clothes.

Their outdoor gear is tried-and-true and features both cutting-edge and timeless designs. Billy Reid’s website currently features a promotion, and the company offers free shipping on some orders, just as other brooks brothers alternatives.

8. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren produces numerous items other than just the classic polo shirt for both men and women. The brand is comparable to those sold at Brooks Brothers.

For males, there are classic pyjama sets and striped Oxford button-down shirts, while ladies may choose from sleeveless minidresses with strong stripes, cable crewneck sweaters, and vivid print wrap blouses. Its logo appears on nearly everything he sells, so be prepared to check out the store one day.

9. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is a 100-year-old company that works both online and in physical stores. Aside from being fashionable and functional, the clothes in their line are a source of inspiration.

You can also find stores selling lightweight, multipurpose clothing, perfect for your exploratory travels. If you check out Eddie Bauer’s website even once, you won’t be able to leave without making a purchase.

10. Charles Tyrwhitt

When it comes to finely designed men’s apparel, few names are as well-known as that of Charles Tyrwhitt. In the present setting, they have expanded their offerings to include apparel for women.

They have excellent taste and never skimp on quality, resulting in classic looks that never go out of style. Charles Tyrwhitt has you covered with service that is available 24/7, deals on shipping that are tracked, and a wide range of elegant designs for all seasons that are on sale.

11. Vineyard Vines

The brothers who started Vineyard Vines today provide the apparel you can count on to make any occasion special. It is one of the great companies like brooks brothers to purchase the clothes you need to go for your aspirations in America.

You can now shop from their website as a whopping 85% off sale is currently running, so you can snap up your favourites before they sell out.

12. Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers is a leading American clothing brand that focuses on classic, American-made styles. They have found a way to please their customers by mixing classic and modern elements in a smart way.

Eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind garments are manufactured ingeniously, and if we discuss the costs, we can confidently claim Rowing Blazers. When comparing Rowing Blazers with other stores similar to brooks brothers, Rowing Blazers are clearly more affordable. Don’t be alarmed by the low prices; they do not reflect a lack of quality.

13. Kohl’s


A mid-price retailer of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Kohl’s is a major retailer operating in the United States. It is part of the brands like brooks brothers that is known for its convenient shopping experience, competitive prices, and extensive collection. It offers a wide selection of basic clothing, jeans, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. In addition to apparel, the company sells other products such as housewares, bedding, and home decor.

14. Mango

mango stores

Mango is part of those chain of menswear stores like brooks brothers in the United States. Mango is a provider of high-end men’s clothing and accessories. It is known for its wide-ranging collection, competitive pricing, and fast delivery. It is also known for its affordable prices, quality products, and convenient shopping experience.

15. Woodies

Woodies, established by Jacob Wood in 2014 with support from Kickstarter, is an ideal alternative to Brooks Brothers for men’s tailored business and casual attire.

You have the choice to choose the kind of outfit you prefer by choosing personalized elements such as collars, cuffs, and pockets.

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