13 Classic Clothes Stores Like Talbots

There are a lot of great stores like Talbots out there. They offer high-quality, stylish clothing that women love but choosing the right one seems difficult. We are here to help.

Stores Like Talbots

Talbots is a well-known American fashion boutique with a wide range of stylish clothes. If you enjoy fashion, the store would be a good fit for you. We’ve compiled a list of possible brands similar to talbots that you may find useful.

13 Best Stores Similar To Talbots


1. Loft

Loft 1

Loft is a leading American fashion retailer that has been in business for more than 30 years. As a fashion retailer, it offers classic menswear and women’s clothing that is affordable. It has a wide variety of clothing to choose from, including jackets, jeans, shirts, formal wear, and casual wear. The brand is known for its casual wear, workwear, and basic clothing.


• Focus on comfort and style
• A range of clothes for millennials
• A well-established brand with over 30 years in business
• Affordable prices

• Focus on a specific age group (millennials)
• Limited international presence

2. Versona


Versona, the popular fashion retailer, has certainly earned its reputation for outstanding clothing and accessories catering to women. This longstanding brand prides itself on its unique and stylish designs, utilizing high-quality materials that are sure to impress even the most discerning shopper.

Versona’s extensive collection of women’s clothing covers all types of apparel, from dresses and tops to jackets and pants. Each piece is carefully crafted to achieve the perfect blend of style and comfort.

The innovative designs are showcased in various sizes to accommodate all body types, and Versona offers a range of colours to match any personal taste.

• Boutique styles catered to women
• On-trend clothing and accessories
• Offers jewellery, shoes and other accessories
• Wide range of clothing options

• Limited store locations (may not be accessible in some areas)

3. Nordstrom

Nordstrom 1

Nordstrom brand is a fashion retailer that offers quality, service, & priceless value to customers. It is one of the most popular fashion retailers in the world. Their online store has become one of the popular shopping stores like Talbots. It is known for its wide assortment of merchandise, quality products, and excellent customer service.

Their brand features a variety of products such as clothing, shoes, jewellery, home décor, and accessories. They offer great service to its customers, especially for those who hang out on the website or live in the store.

• Wide Array of Luxury and High-Quality Fashion Products
• Attention to Detail
• Valuable Customer Experience Design

• Higher Price Points for Luxury and High-Quality Products
• Limited Accessibility to Certain Customers due to Store Locations

4. Lands’ End

Lands’ End

Lands’ End is a leading U.S. clothing and accessories retailer. Its marketing strategy is focused on the needs of the customer, and its products are developed with this strategy in mind. The company’s merchandise is made with a focus on the North American market and is sold through its own stores, but is also sold through other retailers such as Sears and Kmart. The company is famous for its simple, classic styles. Its clothing is designed to fit the customer’s needs and lifestyle.


• Specializes in casual clothing, luggage, accessories, footwear and home products
• Multi-channel retailer for greater accessibility
• Has a strong reputation and is well-known in the U.S. and globally

• Specializes in casual clothing, may not have formal or business attire options
• Outfitters stores may not be accessible to all customers

5. Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is a big name in the fashion industry. They are known for their affordable prices and quality of clothing. They have been around for over 100 years and are the oldest clothing company in America and that’s why we add it to our list of stores like Talbots.

They are still one of the most popular clothing stores in the world. They offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colours. You can get your clothing from them for a reasonable price.


• Established name in the fashion industry
• Targeted towards fashion-forward career women
• Has stores in major downtown cities
• Reputable for quality women’s apparel


• Not as affordable as fast fashion brands
• Stiffer and less trendy than some competitors

6. Princess Polly

Princess Polly

Princess Polly is a very popular retail site that offers designer and branded clothing, accessories, shoes, and jewellery for both adults and children. The website features the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and home decor. It is a great place to find the most up-to-date fashion looks in the world.

The website offers an array of unique clothing for women, men, and children. Whether you are looking for brands like talbots to get basic apparel, accessories, or shoes, the store has it all. All of their products are available at great prices.


• Offers designer and branded clothing, accessories, shoes
• Express worldwide shipping
• Similar in style and price to other popular retailers
• Offers promo codes for discounts up to 80%
• Fast fashion process ensures new styles are frequently added

• Limited availability of high-end designer clothing
• Potential for sizing and fit issues when shopping online

7. Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill

It’s time to update your wardrobe! Garnet Hill offers trendy, affordable, and classic clothing for men and women. They have a variety of modern, causal and dressy styles for everyday wear, from jeans to cocktail dresses. The store has hundreds of styles and colours for every style. They offer a wide array of sizes for both men and women, which is why they are a good fit for stores like talbots.

• Trendy and Affordable Clothing
• Variety of Sizes Including Plus, Petite, and Maternity
• Chic and Modern Cuts for Blazers
• Variety of Clothing Items and Accessories
• Offers Discounts and Coupons

• Limited Selection for Men’s Clothing
• Limited Home Decor Collection

8. Levi’s


Levi’s is a popular clothing brand that is known for its quality, durability, and affordability. They have a vast selection of casual and business attire for men and women. The clothes are designed to be fashionable, comfortable, and durable.

They offer a wide variety of styles from casual to business formal wear. They go beyond fashion trends and designs, they are timeless and suitable for all ages.

• Affordability
• Trusted and Iconic Brand
• Comfortable Denim Jeans
• Global Presence
• Stylish Fashion Piece
• Heavy-duty Workwear

• Limited Product Range Mentioned

9. J Jill


J Jill is a company that offers you a great variety of products. They are a company that offers clothes for women, men and kids. They offer clothes that are comfortable and affordable. They also offer a great variety of shoes and ranges of clothes for Spring and Summer. If you are looking for clothing for your kids and women, the store would be the best choice for you.

They have an excellent return policy for their customers. If you are unhappy with their products, you may return them for a refund.

• Unique and fashionable women’s apparel, accessories, and footwear
• Clothing available in misses, petite, tall, and plus sizes
• Easy, relaxed, and inspired style

• Limited to women’s clothing

10. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is a leading American clothing company that is offering a collection of quality products for a decade. They have a wide range of products that are worth spending your money on.

We suggest you browse their site and get the best products to complete your wardrobe. They have a wide range of sizes and accessories that are super comfortable to wear.

– Offering a curated selection of quality outdoor and lifestyle products for over a decade
– Revamping its clothing line and introducing a marketing campaign to restore its image as a retailer
– A brand that symbolizes quality outdoor products
– Offers performance outerwear, apparel, and accessories

– Shipping fee might be cost in some location

11. LL Bean

LL Bean 2

Among all the brands like talbots we looked at, LL Bean has a huge fan base, which increases with each of their innovative collection. They have a wide variety of clothing to satisfy your fashion sense. Their products are amazingly crafted and made with the best materials.

If you shop for your kids or children, They have a range of products to make them look more presentable and adorable. Visit their site and enjoy the best in their collection.

• Free Shipping with Minimum Purchase
• Clothing Made for Outdoors
• Wide Variety of Products
• Vintage Clothing Collection

• Limited International Shipping Options
• Higher Prices Compared to Some Competitors

12. Torrid


When it comes to fashionable clothing, Torrid has truly mastered the art of providing a super trendy collection that many will find absolutely perfect. The mix of classic and modern styles with the trendy pieces seamlessly intermingled make their collection a more charming option to shop from.

It’s no secret that they have been making waves in the fashion industry for some time now, and their latest collection only reinforces why they’re one of the most sought-after brands among fashion enthusiasts.

Their site is filled with an incredible range of stylish apparel – from chic tops to gorgeous dresses, each designed to cater to women of all sizes.

• Provides a trendy collection
• Cater to plus-size customers
• Offers a variety of clothing and accessories

• Limited demographic (catering to plus-size customers only)
• Limited availability in certain areas.

13. Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is a well-known American chain of upscale department stores that sells its high-quality merchandise at the best prices among the list of stores like Talbots.  Presently, it operates more than 400 stores across the United States, United Kingdom, and more.


• High-end and luxury merchandise
• Iconic luxury specialty store
• Renowned as the ultimate luxury department store
• Internationally recognized high-end brands

• Limited market appeal due to high prices and luxury focus


There are many great stores like Talbots from our list that offer high-quality and stylish clothing for women. It’s important to choose a store that aligns with your personal taste and values, and these 13 options provide a great starting point for any fashion lover.

FAQs On Talbots

What is Talbots?

Talbots is a leading retailer of classic apparel and accessories in a full range of Misses and Petite sizes, featuring wardrobe essentials like blouses, dresses, jackets, pants, and skirts.

Where can I find a Talbots store?

Talbots has over 500 stores across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. You can find your nearest store by using the store locator on their website.

What sizes does Talbots carry?

Talbots carries a full range of Misses and Petite sizes, as well as Woman sizes, which range from Plus Petite to Plus Size.

Do Talbots offer free shipping?

Talbots regularly offers free standard shipping on orders of $150 or more. They also offer free shipping to store locations.

Does Talbots have a sale section?

Yes, Talbots has a sale section both online and in-store. Customers can find discounted items like dresses, tops, pants, jackets, and more.

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