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13 Children’s Clothing Stores Like Janie And Jack

As a parent, finding stylish and high-quality clothing for your kids can be a challenge. If you’re looking for upscale children’s clothing brands similar to Janie and Jack, there are several great options to consider.

In this article, I’ll highlight 13 of the top stores like Janie and Jack that offer cute and unique kids clothes. Whether you’re looking for baby, toddler, boys or girls clothing, these Janie and Jack competitors have you covered. I’ll overview what each brand is known for along with the key benefits of shopping there.

stores like Janie and jack

13 Best Stores Similar To Janie and Jack For Children’s Clothes


1. Carter’s

Carter's store

Carter’s is one of the leading baby and kids clothing brands like Janie and Jack in the US. They offer clothes for newborns up to size 12. Carter’s is known for their high quality and affordable prices.

They have a wide selection of clothing essentials including bodysuits, pajamas, dresses and more. Many of their clothes are made with soft, 100% cotton. The store also has licensed character collections like Sesame Street that are popular for toddlers.

Key Benefits:

  • Wide range of essentials at affordable prices
  • Soft 100% cotton material
  • Cute licensed character clothes
  • Free shipping on orders over $40

2. Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson store

Hanna Andersson is a mid- to high-end kids clothing brand that offers quality Scandinavian-inspired designs. Their clothes are made from soft, durable fabrics like organic cotton and linen.

The brand is mostly known for their comfortable kids pajamas and underwear. But they also offer tops, bottoms, dresses, sweaters and more for babies, boys and girls.

Their clothes are designed for comfort with stretch fabrics and flexible waistbands. They even ships worldwide and often has sales around 30% off.

Key Benefits:

  • Soft, high quality materials
  • Comfortable Scandinavian-inspired designs
  • Popular for kids pajamas and underwear
  • Good for babies through older kids
  • Worldwide shipping

3. Jazzy Organics

Jazzy Organics store

Jazzy Organics specializes in organic baby and kids clothing made from natural materials like 100% organic cotton. They focus on environmentally friendly fabrics and non-toxic dyes.

The company clothes have cute, whimsical prints that are stylish but also practical for play. They offer baby bodysuits, tops, bottoms, and accessories for boys and girls up to 6 years old.

Based in Australia, Jazzy Organics is a smaller ethical kids brand but they ship worldwide. Their clothes are reasonably priced for their quality.

Key Benefits:

  • Organic fabrics and non-toxic dyes
  • Cute prints perfect for play
  • Affordable pricing for organic
  • Ethical and environmentally-friendly
  • Worldwide shipping

4. Koko Momo

Koko Momo store

Koko Momo is an indie kids boutique that offers unique clothing and accessories for babies through elementary school ages.

They have clothes with fun prints and embroidery that you won’t find from mainstream brands. This kid clothing company sells tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, hats, and more for boys and girls.

Their clothes are mid-range priced and good quality. This store similar to Janie and Jack has new arrivals throughout the seasons so there’s always something fresh. They also offer free shipping in the US on orders over $60.

Key Benefits:

  • Unique prints and embroidery
  • Fun indie style at affordable prices
  • New arrivals throughout seasons
  • Free US shipping over $60
  • Good quality and style

5. Cat & Jack (Target)

Cat & Jack is Target’s trendy kid’s clothing store like Janie and Jack that has clothes for newborns through elementary school ages. It offers a wide selection of high-quality kids’ basics and fashion pieces at affordable prices.

Their line includes graphic tees, jeans, pajamas, dresses, swimsuits and more. The style is on-trend but the clothes are designed for kids to play and move comfortably.

You can easily shop Cat & Jack clothes online or in Target stores. And Target frequently has sales on their kids clothing brands.

Key Benefits:

  • Trendy style at affordable prices
  • Available at Target stores and online
  • Frequent sales and deals
  • Designed for play and comfort
  • Wide selection for all ages

6. Kate Quinnn Organics

Kate Quinn Organics specializes in stylish organic kids clothing made sustainably in the USA. They are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Their clothes are made from soft, eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, linen and bamboo. The clothing company offers hip prints and colors for babies through elementary kids. They have bodysuits, footed pajamas, tops, bottoms and more.

Their fabrics and dyes are non-toxic so they are safe for delicate skin. The store has an affordable price point given the organic materials.

Key Benefits:

  • Made from 100% organic fabrics
  • Stylish hip prints and colors
  • Non-toxic dyes safe for kids
  • Affordable price point for organic
  • Sustainably made in the USA

7. Pehr

Pehr store

Pehr is a mid-high end Scandinavian-inspired kids clothing brand. They offer timeless designs for babies, boys and girls made from soft natural fabrics.

Their clothes feature minimalist prints, stripes and solids perfect for everyday wear. Pehr uses high end fabrics like organic cotton, linen and merino wool. Popular items include their kids knitwear and embroidered clothes.

Their clothes are investment pieces that transition seamlessly from play to occasions. The aesthetic is modern and gender neutral. They offer worldwide shipping and occasional sales.

Key Benefits:

  • Timeless Scandinavian-inspired style
  • Soft natural fabrics like merino wool
  • Gender neutral minimalist designs
  • Occasion and everyday wear
  • Ships worldwide
  • Higher end investment pieces

8. Catimini

Catimini is a French kids clothing brand like Janie and Jack that offers trendy fashion-forward styles for boys and girls. The brand is carried at luxury retailers like Neiman Marcus and Saks.

They make clothes for kids aged 3 months to 10 years old. They are known for using high-quality fabrics like silk, linen and cotton in their designs.

The brand has trendy kids clothes perfect for dressier occasions like parties, weddings or photoshoots. But their prices are also quite high-end. The brand has frequent sales on their site and other retailers.

Key Benefits:

  • Trendy high fashion kids clothes
  • Luxury fabrics like silk & linen
  • Perfect for dressy occasions
  • Carried at high end retailers
  • Good sales and deals

9. Tea Collection

Tea Collection store

Tea Collection offers globally-inspired kids clothes celebrating cultures worldwide. Their boho-chic styles are influenced by places like Morocco, India, Mexico and Peru.

They make quality clothes for babies, boys and girls from knits, cottons and linens. They are known for their fun prints, embroidery and details representing different cultures.

Their mission is to inspire kids to learn more about the world through fashion. The store often has sales on their kids clothing and free shipping over $150.

Key Benefits:

  • Globally-inspired boho styles
  • Quality fabrics like linen & cotton
  • Celebrates cultures from around the world
  • Inspires kids to learn through fashion
  • Good discounts and free shipping

10. Mori

Mori store

Mori designs eco-friendly kids clothing made from natural fibers like organic cotton, bamboo and wool. They focus on soft durable fabrics free from harsh chemicals.

Mori has cute nature-inspired prints and designs for babies through boys and girls size 10. Their clothes are styled for play but also work for occasions.

They are a UK-based ethical kids brand that ships worldwide. The clothing company uses low-impact dyes and recycled materials when possible. Their prices are mid-range for the high quality and sustainability.

Key Benefits:

  • Organic, natural fiber fabrics
  • Cute prints perfect for play
  • Stylish enough for occasions
  • Ethical and eco-friendly brand
  • Ships worldwide from the UK
  • Affordable sustainable clothing

11. Teen Gap Or GapKids

GapKids has trendy and affordable kids clothes for all ages up to preteen sizes. Their styles range from wardrobe basics to fashion pieces reflecting current trends.

GapKids has a wide range of clothes including denim, khakis, shirts, dresses, sweaters, swimwear and more. Their pieces are affordable but focus on quality and comfort for play.

They frequently have sales and deals making their kids clothes budget-friendly options. You can shop online or locally at Gap and GapKids stores throughout malls.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable prices and frequent sales
  • Available at local Gap/GapKids stores
  • Trendy styles and wardrobe basics
  • Quality fabrics and comfortable fits
  • Easy to shop online and in-store

12. Burt’s Bees

Burt's Bees Baby store

Burt’s Bees Baby is an eco-friendly kids brand using organic materials like cotton, hemp and linen. Their clothes focus on natural soft fabrics in classic solid colors and stripes.

They offer cute essentials like bodysuits, rompers, sleepwear, tops and bottoms for babies and toddlers. Burt’s Bees clothes are affordably priced given the organic fabrics.

Based on the US natural brand Burt’s Bees, their kids clothes fit with an earthy natural style. They also sell non-toxic bath and skincare products.

Key Benefits:

  • Organic fabrics like cotton, hemp & linen
  • Classic earthy style prints & solids
  • Affordable price for organic
  • Non-toxic skincare products too
  • Trusted natural brand

13. Justice/ Shop Justice

Justice is a popular brand known for trendy tween girls clothing and accessories. Their styles cater to preteen girls ages 7-14.

At Justice stores and online, you can shop girls clothes like graphic tees, jeans, activewear, dresses, pajamas and more. They also have themed collections such as sports fan attire.

Justice frequently has awesome sales and deals making their trendy clothes very affordable. They also offer Justice Reward points on purchases.

Key Benefits:

  • Very trendy tween girls clothes
  • Caters to ages 7-14
  • Graphic tees, jeans, activewear, dresses, pajamas etc
  • Good sales and Justice Reward points
  • Affordable prices for the fashion


Janie and Jack offers upscale and unique kids clothing that’s stylish but can be quite pricey. Luckily there are several great stores like Janie and Jack that provide similar stylish and high-quality kids clothes at lower price points.

Many of these children’s clothing brands also focus on using comfortable natural fabrics and environmentally friendly materials in their designs. From indie boutiques like Koko Momo to major retailers like Carter’s, you have lots of options to find cute kids clothes similar to Janie and Jack.

Whether you need play clothes, special occasion outfits or wardrobe basics, these Janie and Jack competitors all provide great style while being easier on the wallet. For deals, be sure to shop sales online and sign up for newsletters. With some smart and flexible shopping, you can keep your kids looking stylish without breaking the bank.

FAQs About Janie and Jack

What are Janie and Jack best known for?

Janie and Jack are best known for their high-quality and unique kids clothing. They offer stylish designs for newborns through size 6 with attention to detail. Janie and Jack clothes are on the upscale side both in terms of fashion and price point.

Does Janie and Jack offer sales or deals?

Yes, Janie and Jack does offer sales and seasonal deals on their kids clothing and accessories. They usually hold an annual Friends & Family event with 25% off and have additional sales throughout the year.

What is the typical price range of Janie and Jack clothes?

Janie and Jack prices are considered mid-high end, with most clothes ranging from $15 for basic tops to $80 for coats and special occasion outfits. Their average price is around $30-60 per piece.

Does Janie and Jack sell clothes for boys and girls?

Yes, Janie and Jack has cute styles for both baby boys and girls. Their clothing works for a variety of ages from newborns through kids size 6.

Some of Janie and Jack’s most popular clothes include their soft cotton pajamas, monogrammed outfits, special occasion dresses, button-down tops and jean jackets.

Does Janie and Jack have brick and mortar stores?

No, Janie and Jack is primarily an ecommerce kids brand. They used to have some stores nationwide but now only sell online through their website.

Does Janie and Jack offer free shipping or returns?

Janie and Jack offers free standard shipping on US orders over $100. Returns are free for store credit or exchanged items, but you pay for return shipping.

What age range are Janie and Jack clothes suited for?

Janie and Jack designs clothes for kids from newborn through size 6 which covers babies through approximately ages 6-7 years old.

Where is Janie and Jack clothing manufactured?

Janie and Jack clothes are designed in the US. Their products are manufactured in various locations globally including Peru, Turkey, India, Vietnam and others based on the textile.

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