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13 Stores Like Z Gallerie | Top Z Gallerie Competitors

Z Gallerie is a popular home furnishings and decor retailer known for its stylish, on-trend products. If you love Z Gallerie’s mix of modern, glamorous, and vintage-inspired designs. But you want to explore similar stores like Z Gallerie, you have plenty of options.

Several retailers sell comparable furniture, accessories and home decor with some key differences. This article reviews the top furniture companies like Z Gallerie, including their product focus, strengths, and what makes each one unique. Read on to discover amazing Z Gallerie competitors where you can shop fashionable home goods like those at Z Gallerie.

Stores Like Z Gallerie

13 Shops & Stores Similar To Z Gallerie For Affordable Modern Furniture

1. Wayfair

Wayfair store

Wayfair is one of the largest online-only home goods retailers. They carry over 18 million products across home furnishings, decor, kitchenware, appliances and more.

Their furniture selection rivals Z Gallerie’s stylish sofas, dining sets, beds and accent chairs. You’ll also find thousands of home decor items, from wall art and mirrors to rugs, curtains, pillows and lamps. Wayfair’s prices are typically more budget-friendly than Z Gallerie store.

A major perk of Wayfair is their massive product selection. They carry every style from modern and contemporary to traditional, farmhouse, coastal and more. Fast shipping is another benefit.

Key Benefits:

  • Huge range of home goods covering all styles
  • Furniture, decor, appliances, storage and more
  • Lower average prices than Z Gallerie
  • One of the largest online furniture and home retailers
  • Quick shipping times

2. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn store

Pottery Barn is likely Z Gallerie’s biggest direct competitor. They overlap strongly in modern and contemporary furniture and home decor. They also offers lighting, rugs, bedding, kitchen items and outdoor furniture.

Like Z Gallerie, Pottery Barn’s products skew towards a refined, upscale look but at more accessible prices than high-end designer furniture. Their furniture and decor items feel substantial and well-made. Expect a similar modern-meets-classic style.

Their furniture selection includes sofas, sectionals, dining tables, chairs, beds, dressers, desks and entertainment centers in contemporary silhouettes. You’ll also find elegant decor like mirrors, pillows, throws, wall art and ceramics.

Key Benefits:

  • Overlaps with Z Gallerie in modern/contemporary style
  • Substantial, well-made furniture and decor
  • Upholstered furniture available in many fabrics
  • Furniture can be customized with fabric choices
  • granite look
  • Rugs, bedding, tabletop items and outdoor furniture

3. West Elm

West Elm store

West Elm is a mid-priced brand selling contemporary furniture and home decor. As other stores similar to Z Gallerie, they offer stylish, urban designs for modern spaces. Their overall aesthetic leans towards casual, livable luxury.

West Elm’s furniture line ranges from sofas and sectionals to dining sets, coffee tables, beds, dressers and more in relaxed contemporary shapes. Their home decor includes mirrors, throws and pillows, rugs, tabletop items, wall art and accessories.

New collections frequently launch, so you’ll always find of-the-moment statement pieces alongside simpler, everyday items for chic spaces. They even partners with artists and designers to offer limited edition collaborations too.

Key Benefits:

  • Contemporary, urban style similar to Z Gallerie
  • Constantly launching new collections and collaborations
  • Modern furniture, lighting, rugs and home decor items
  • More casual, approachable take on contemporary style
  • Trend-forward statement pieces

4. CB2

CB2 store

Owned by Crate & Barrel, CB2 specializes in modern, urban home furnishings at affordable price points. The retailer launched in 2000 and quickly built a following among younger urbanites.

CB2’s furniture shows an industrial edge with metal frames and clean silhouettes. You’ll find contemporary sofas, beds, dining sets, desks and media storage. Their decor emphasizes sleek, modern designs with geometric patterns and simple shapes.

Beyond furniture and decor, this similar store offers a large selection of home office supplies and accessories. Kitchen and dining items like barware, serveware and small appliances round out their assortment. CB2 often partners with up-and-coming designers on collaborations too.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable prices for urban modern style
  • Sleek metal and wood furniture
  • Geometric patterns on decor items
  • Home office and kitchen/dining supplies
  • Designer collaborations

5. Anthropologie Home

Anthropologie Home

Anthropologie’s home section offers boho-chic decor with colorful, globally-inspired patterns and textures. Their selection includes furniture, rugs, lighting, wall decor, textiles, tabletop items and more.

While Anthropologie Home doesn’t specialize in sleek modern furniture, you’ll find playful, artisanal takes on contemporary silhouettes. Handcrafted wooden furniture features colorful, artful finishes. Sophisticated metals and marbles mix with found objects for decor.

Anthropologie Home embraces color, whimsy and handmade imperfections. It’s a lively complement to Z Gallerie’s more polished modern aesthetic. You’ll discover adventurous statement pieces here along with airy bedroom furniture and livable upholstered seating.

Key Benefits:

  • Boho-inspired spin on modern decor
  • Global artisanal craftsmanship
  • Handmade wooden furniture
  • Vibrant, eclectic color palettes
  • Worldly, adventurous finds

6. Kirkland’s

Kirkland’s store

For more accessible take on stylish home furnishings brands like Z Gallerie, check out Kirkland’s. The retailer specializes in trendy home decor at budget-friendly price points.

Kirkland’s carries furniture like sofas, sectionals, dining sets, desks and more – but their sweet spot is decorative accessories. They offer a wide selection of wall decor, mirrors, lamps, pillows, throws, rugs, candles and tabletop items to refresh a room’s look.

The overall style spans rustic farmhouse, modern glam, coastal and traditional. The store introduces new collections frequently to stay on trend. This makes it easy to give your rooms a quick seasonal update on a smaller budget.

Key Benefits:

  • Inexpensive, trendy home decor
  • Trend-driven style that’s frequently updated
  • Furniture along with wall art, mirrors, pillows etc.
  • Constant sales – up to 40% off happens often

7. H&M Home

H&M Home

For ultra-affordable home goods with Scandinavian-inspired modern style, check out H&M Home. The brand is an extension of the popular European clothing retailer H&M.

H&M Home’s furniture line includes sleek sofas, platforms beds, consoles, shelves and dining furniture. The designs are minimalist-modern with clean lines. Their decor items like textiles, accessoires, and tabletop run high-low, mixing sleek vases and trays with handmade objects.

Beyond the spare Scandinavian aesthetic, you’ll find decorative items and textiles in boho prints, organic textures, and global motifs. The quality meets the low price points but leans trendy over heirloom.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultra-low prices on modern, minimalist furniture
  • Scandinavian and global-inspired decor
  • Trendy patterns and motifs on accessories
  • Constantly updated offerings and collabs
  • Can easily refresh rooms on a budget

8. Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go is an affordable furniture stores like Z Gallerie with a wide selection of contemporary styles. Their furniture is mass-produced to keep prices low. But you can find sleek sofas, sectionals, beds, dining sets and more to furnish modern spaces on a budget.

Decor-wise, this store carries artwork, mirrors, lamps, area rugs and accessories in both classic and trendy looks. Their bedding and bath departments round out their home furnishings assortment.

Rooms To Go offers whole room packages that make coordinating easy. Frequent sales help you save even more. With affordable shipping and quick delivery times, it’s easy to outfit your home here.

Key Benefits:

  • Inexpensive furniture and decor
  • Contemporary, transitional and classic styles
  • Whole room packages for easy coordination
  • Quick delivery times
  • Frequent sales and deals

9. Target

Target 1

While not a dedicated furniture and home store, Target offers plenty of stylish, contemporary home goods – especially through collabs with brands like Threshold and Opalhouse.

Their furniture selection focuses on accent pieces like side tables, chairs, stools, desk furniture and small sectionals. You’ll also find plenty of trendy decor like wall art, mirrors, throw pillows, lamps, rugs and more.

Target frequently rolls out new collections and limited-edition partnerships to keep their home decor topical. And everyday prices are very wallet-friendly. It’s easy to refresh any room’s look here without breaking the bank.

Key Benefits:

  • Contemporary and trendy accent furniture
  • Chic, inexpensive decor like wall art and textiles
  • New collections and collabs launch frequently
  • Very affordable everyday prices
  • Can easily implement trendy looks

10. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel store

Crate & Barrel is a modern home store similar to Z Gallerie offering furniture, decor and housewares. Clean lines, simple forms and mid-century inspired silhouettes define their aesthetic.

For furniture, Crate & Barrel focuses on sleek sofas, dining sets and bedroom collections alongside smart storage pieces. Decor includes lamps, pillows, throws, wall art, mirrors, rugs and objects. Tabletop, kitchenware and outdoor furniture fill out their contemporary assortment.

While pricier than mass retailers, Crate & Barrel often runs sales. Sign up for their emails to snag 15-20% discounts on a regular basis. Or shop their outlet for major savings on overstock items and floor models.

Key Benefits:

  • Mid-century modern inspired furniture and decor
  • Sleek, minimalist aesthetic with some color pops
  • Kitchenware, tabletop items and outdoor furniture
  • Routine sales and an outlet site for deals

11. AllModern

AllModern store

Owned by Wayfair, AllModern specializes in contemporary, urban home furnishings at affordable price points. Their curated assortment focuses on modern silhouettes and minimalist designs across furniture, decor, rugs and lighting.

AllModern’s furniture line includes contemporary sofas, sectionals, dining sets and bedroom furniture along with home office and entryway pieces. Their decor embraces geometric shapes, soft textures, and sophisticated metallics for sleek spaces.

Frequent sales can drop prices up to 75% off. AllModern also offers discounted outlet deals on overstock items. For budget-friendly contemporary furnishings, it’s a solid pick.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable pricing on contemporary furniture
  • Modern, urban aesthetic for everyday living
  • Sales can offer up to 75% off
  • Outlet site for overstock deals

12. Perigold

Perigold store

Owned by Wayfair, Perigold sells high-end contemporary furnishings and decor. The curated collection leans towards sleek, luxurious statement pieces to elevate eclectic spaces.

The selection spans edgy sofas and chairs with luxe fabrics, sculptural lighting fixtures, abstract rugs and objets d’art. Perigold partners with an international mix of new designers and established names. Many pieces feel like artworks.

With its refined contemporary edge, this brand makes a smart contrast to mainstream retailers. Discover investment-worthy designs here from around the world. Occasional flash sales offer rare savings too.

Key Benefits:

  • Upscale, design-driven contemporary furnishings
  • A global mix of new and established designers
  • Select pieces feel like objets d’art
  • More avant-garde edge than mainstream retailers
  • Flash sales offer occasional deals


Finding stylish home furnishings similar to Z Gallerie is easier than ever thanks to so many great contemporary and modern furniture and decor retailers. Whether you’re looking for sleek sectionals, cool accent chairs, chic coffee tables or glamorous wall art, you have tons of options that fit different budgets.

Big online marketplaces like Wayfair make choosing easy with thousands of on-trend contemporary pieces for every room.

With some savvy shopping, you can find stylish furnishings and decor as fabulous as Z Gallerie’s across many stores matching different tastes and wallets. Give your home a modern makeover affordably!

FAQs About Z Gallerie

What furniture styles does Z Gallerie sell?

Z Gallerie focuses on contemporary, modern and mid-century inspired silhouettes. Their furniture mixes sleek forms with luxe upholstery like leather and velvet. Distressed woods and antique-style finishes add vintage flair.

Does Z Gallerie sell outdoor furniture?

Z Gallerie has a small outdoor furniture collection of weather-resistant sofas, chairs, tables, and decor in chic contemporary styles. Their outdoor line focuses more on decor vs full furniture sets.

What is Z Gallerie’s price range?

Z Gallerie pricing falls into the medium-high to high end compared to dedicated furniture stores. Their products cost more than big box retailers. Entry-level accent chairs start around $300. Leather sofas run $2,000+.

Does Z Gallerie offer sales or promos?

Yes, Z Gallerie runs sales throughout the year like 15-20% off purchases during major holidays. They also offer discounts on floor models and discounted items in their clearance section online or in clearance stores.

Can you return Z Gallerie purchases?

Z Gallerie offers free returns within 30 days.Unused items in original condition with tags can be returned by mail or in stores for a refund. Final sale items cannot be returned.

Does Z Gallerie have brick and mortar stores?

Yes, Z Gallerie operates over 80 retail stores across the U.S. centered in California, Texas and the Northeast. Many are located within malls. Their website has a store locator.

Where is Z Gallerie furniture manufactured?

Z Gallerie partners with manufacturers globally to produce their furniture and decor lines. Most production takes place in Asia and Southeast Asia. Some upholstery is handmade in North America.

Does Z Gallerie sell online exclusive products?

Yes, Z Gallerie offers online-only products not sold in their retail stores. These are often special collaborations or limited collections. Their website also has more size, color and fabric options.

What payment options does Z Gallerie accept?

Z Gallerie accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, Affirm financing, and Z Gallerie gift cards. Retail stores may also accept contactless payments like Apple Pay.

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