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12 Stores Like Rove Concepts for Your Modern Furniture

Rove Concepts is a popular online retailer known for its selection of stylish, high-quality modern and mid-century inspired furniture. If you love the Rove Concepts aesthetic but want to explore similar stores, you are on the right track. I’ve rounded up the top 12 Rove Concepts alternatives for modern furniture shopping.

As someone who loves decorate with contemporary designs, I often browse sites like Rove Concepts to find unique furniture from both well-known and up-and-coming brands. While Rove Concepts has an excellent assortment, it can be worthwhile to check out other stores for more variety and potential deals.

In this article, I’ll share my favorite stores like Rove Concepts that offer modern, mid-century, Scandinavian, and contemporary furniture across a range of price points. Whether you’re looking for a new sofa, dining set, accessories, or just want some design inspiration, these 12 similar stores won’t disappoint!

Stores Like Rove Concepts

Top 12 Brands Similar To Rove Concepts for Modern & Mid-Century Furniture

If you love the Rove Concepts aesthetic but want to explore some alternatives, here are the top Rove Concepts competitors that worth checking out:

1. Joybird

Joybird store

Joybird is one of the top brands like Rove Concepts, focusing on modern and mid-century style furniture. They are known for their high-quality items made from durable materials. Joybird offers customization on many pieces, with different fabrics, stains, and hardware options available.

They also have an impressive shipping policy, with free shipping and returns in the contiguous US. The target audience is style-focused shoppers who want customization. Joybird has furniture for every room, but they are especially popular for their sofas and sectionals. You can also consider it as your alternative store because of its custom designs and quality materials.

Some key benefits of Joybird include:

  • Extensive customization options
  • Focus on mid-century modern styles
  • More affordable Rivet line

2. Article

Article store

Article is similar to Rove Concepts because of the contemporary, minimalist style. Their furniture has clean lines and neutral colors perfect for modern spaces. Article is known for frequently releasing new collections and limited-edition collaborations with popular designers.

They offer free shipping on orders over $199 and have fast 5-7 day delivery. The target audience is urban millennials and anyone looking for affordable, trendy furniture. Article has offerings for every room in various styles like mid-century, Scandinavian, and industrial. Their sofas, chairs, and tables are especially popular. People choose Article for the on-trend, contemporary designs at reasonable prices.

Key Benefits

  • Contemporary, modern aesthetic
  • New collections & limited collabs
  • Fast shipping & delivery

3. West Elm

West Elm store

West Elm is one of the most popular stores similar to Rove Concepts because of their selection of mid-century modern furniture. The brand is known for taking classic mid-century styles and making them feel fresh and contemporary. Their pieces are relatively affordable but still high-quality.

They frequently have sales which makes the furniture even more budget-friendly. Their target audience is anyone looking for stylish, contemporary mid-century furniture on a budget. West Elm has offerings for every room in the home. Their most popular products are living room furniture like sofas, coffee tables, and shelving units. Most people love West Elm for its affordable prices on trendy mid-century designs.

Some top reasons to choose them:

  • Iconic mid-century and modern pieces
  • Stylish decor and accents
  • Durable construction for longevity

4. AllModern

AllModern store

AllModern is a furniture and home decor site that mixes modern, boho, mid-century, and Scandinavian influences. They carry major brands along with their in-house offerings. AllModern is ideal if you want both vintage and contemporary-styled pieces to blend together across your home. Frequent sales make it easy to find deals.

Some advantages of AllModern include:

  • Blend of modern styles in one place
  • Products from well-known brands
  • Affordable pricing and regular sales

5. CB2

CB2 store

CB2 is one of the most similar stores like Rove Concepts because of its urban, contemporary style. The brand focuses on sleek, modern pieces for urban spaces and apartments. CB2 is known for using high-quality materials like solid wood, metal, and stone. They keep prices relatively affordable by focusing on multi-functional furniture with simple silhouettes. Fast, free shipping makes the brand popular among city-dwellers.

They mainly focus on young professionals and urbanites who want well-designed, modern furniture. CB2 has offerings for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and more. Their sofas, coffee tables, and media units are top-sellers. Customers choose CB2 for the urban-cool aesthetic at accessible price points.

Key Benefits

  • Urban contemporary style
  • Quality materials like wood, metal, stone
  • Free shipping & returns

6. Design Within Reach (DWR)

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach, or DWR, is a high-end alternative for people who love the Rove Concepts aesthetic. DWR is known for carrying iconic mid-century and contemporary furniture from well-known designers. Their pieces are high-quality and made to last using materials like solid wood, leather, and steel. As a luxury brand, DWR has premium pricing, so the audience is consumers with generous home decor budgets.

DWR has offerings for living rooms, dining rooms, and offices. Their most popular pieces include Eames lounge chairs, Noguchi coffee tables, and Saarinen womb chairs. The appeal of DWR is the ability to own recognizable designs from famous architects and designers.

Key Benefits

  • Iconic mid-century & modern designs
  • Pieces by famous designers
  • Premium materials & quality

7. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn store

Pottery Barn is a broadly popular furniture store with some similarities to Rove Concepts. While not exclusively mid-century style, Pottery Barn does offer many modern and minimalist furnishings. They are known for their extensive catalog of furniture and home items, quality materials, and accessible pricing.

Pottery Barn frequently runs sales, making their furniture budget-friendly for more buyers. The wide selection makes the brand popular with all styles and budgets. They offer living room furniture, dining sets, office furniture, and more. Their sofas, tables, and storage pieces are top-sellers. Customers choose Pottery Barn for the quality and selection at reasonable prices.

Key Benefits

  • Quality materials at lower prices
  • Extensive selection of furniture
  • Frequent sales & deals


Ikea store

IKEA is a budget-friendly alternative to stores like Rove Concepts. The brand is known for its modern, minimalist furniture at extremely affordable prices. IKEA pieces have simple silhouettes and multi-functional designs that maximize space efficiency. The inexpensive prices target shoppers with smaller budgets.

IKEA has a massive selection of furniture and home goods for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and more. Their dressers, bookshelves, desks, and accent chairs are especially top-selling. The appeal of IKEA is definitely the wallet-friendly prices on modern, utilitarian designs.

Key Benefits

  • Extremely affordable prices
  • Modern, minimalist designs
  • Massive selection of furniture

9. Room & Board

Room & Board store

Room & Board has a similar modern aesthetic to Rove Concepts with sleek, contemporary designs. They are known for using quality materials like solid wood, metal, leather, and stone in their furniture. Room & Board products are made to last and have a more understated style than many retailers.

The elevated but livable style appeals to a range of consumers. Room & Board offers living room, bedroom, dining, and office furniture. Their sofas, tables, chairs, and storage pieces are most popular. Customers choose Room & Board for the subtle modern style and durable quality.

Key Benefits

  • Understated modern aesthetic
  • Durable quality materials
  • Lasting furniture built to endure

10. Wayfair

Wayfair store

Wayfair is a leading online furniture and home goods store with some similarities to Rove Concepts. They offer an extensive selection of contemporary and mid-century inspired furniture across a range of budgets. Wayfair is known for carrying major brands along with their in-house labels. Their frequent sales and special offers keep prices low and affordable.

Wayfair’s huge inventory appeals to all styles and budgets. They have living room, bedroom and office furniture in various modern aesthetics. Their most popular products include sofas, coffee tables, rugs and wall art. Customers love Wayfair for the vast selection and constant deals.

Key Benefits

  • Massive selection of modern furniture
  • Major brands and own labels
  • Constant sales & special offers

11. Urban Outfitters home

Urban Outfitters home store

While not primarily a furniture store, Urban Outfitters has an eclectic selection of mid-century, boho and modern furniture and decor. They offer unique, eye-catching designs perfect for stylish spaces. Urban Outfitters pieces tend to be affordably priced for the target young, trendy shopper.

They also run frequent sales and offer free shipping on orders over $50. The product assortment includes furniture, rugs, bedding, decor and more with top-selling lounge chairs, sofas, tables and rugs. You will love this Rove Concepts competitor for their affordable prices on trendy mid-century designs.

Key Benefits

  • Unique modern, boho & mid-century finds
  • Affordable pricing for young shoppers
  • Frequent sales & free shipping offers

12. Overstock


Overstock is an online company similar to Rove Concepts because of their wide range of modern and contemporary furniture. They offer affordable to mid-range prices from major brands and small shops. Overstock is known for their frequent special offers, coupons, and clearance sales to keep prices low.

Their wide assortment appeals to shoppers who want good deals on trendy furniture. Overstock has living room, bedroom, dining and more. Their coffee tables, rugs, sofas and wall decor tend to be customer favorites. The affordable pricing and constant deals make Overstock a leading furniture alternative.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable prices on modern furniture
  • Major brands and small shops
  • Frequent sales, coupons & clearance deals


Rove Concepts offers beautiful, contemporary furniture to elevate your home. But if you want to explore alternatives for modern style at different budgets. Any of the 12 Rove Concepts competitors profiled here will also help you curate this look. Share your favorites in the comments!

Keep this list handy for finding chic contemporary furniture and decor at prices to suit your budget. Let your unique style shine through by mixing Rove Concepts with these retailers for a custom modern look.


What furniture styles does Rove Concepts sell?

Rove Concepts focuses on contemporary, mid-century modern and minimalist furniture and home decor. Their offerings range from sofas and chairs to tables, storage and accessories.

Where does Rove Concepts manufacture their furniture?

Rove Concepts manufactures their furniture both domestically within the USA and abroad. They work with artisans and factories around the world.

Does Rove Concepts offer customization?

Yes, Rove Concepts has semi-custom options for many of their furniture pieces. Customers can select fabric, finish, size and other details.

What is Rove Concepts best known for selling?

Rove Concepts is best known for their selection of stylish sofas, sectionals and living room furniture in contemporary and mid-century designs.

Does Rove Concepts have physical showrooms?

No, Rove Concepts operates as an online-only furniture and home decor retailer. They do not currently have brick-and-mortar showrooms.

Is Rove Concepts furniture good quality?

Yes, Rove Concepts uses high-quality durable materials like solid wood and premium leather and fabrics. Their furniture is built to last.

Does Rove Concepts offer financing or payment plans?

Yes, Rove Concepts offers third-party financing plans from partners like Affirm to pay for purchases over time.

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