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14 Competitors & Stores Like Kirklands For Home Decor & More

As a lover of stylish home decor and unique gifts, I’m always on the hunt for stores similar to Kirklands. Kirkland’s is known for its eclectic mix of home decor, wall art, furniture and gifts at affordable prices. However, with so many options for home decor shopping these days, Kirkland’s certainly isn’t the only game in town.

Throughout my home decor adventures, I’ve discovered lots of Kirklands competitors and alternatives that offer their own take on stylish home goods and gifts. From major big box stores to small specialty boutiques, many retailers provide that fun Kirklands-esque vibe.

Stores Like Kirklands

If you’re looking to expand your home decor shopping horizons, read on for my top picks for stores like Kirklands for all your decor and gifting needs. I’ll break down what each retailer offers in terms of products, prices, and shopping experience so you can find your new go-to home decor haven!

Top 14 Stores Similar To Kirklands For Home Decor, Furniture, & More

1. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn store

Pottery Barn is probably the most direct brand similar to Kirklands when it comes to home decor essentials and furnishings. This major retailer offers furniture, bedding, bath products, decor, and more with a casual contemporary style. It is ideal for all your decorating needs, from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom.

While their price points are higher than Kirklands, the quality is excellent and styles are on-trend but with a timeless appeal. They frequently runs sales, so you can often score decor items for much less. Free shipping is available on orders $49+.

Key Perks:

  • Wide range of stylish contemporary furniture and decor
  • Higher quality and durability than Kirklands
  • Regular sales and promos

2. Michaels

Michael’s store

Michaels is a leading arts and crafts retail chain. Beyond craft supplies, it also carries stylish home decor items like wall art prints, mirrors, candles, frames, vases, faux plants and more. Their trendy decor collections are affordably priced like Kirklands, and they frequently offer custom framing services.

Their stores nationwide host kids camps and adult DIY workshops. They appeal to crafty homeowners looking for cute decor to DIY and customize. Shoppers can browse over 40 categories online, with free shipping on orders over $59.

Popular products include wall art, faux florals and greenery, seasonal decor, framed prints and their exclusive Ashland home decor line.

Key Benefits:

  • Great prices on trendy, colorful home decor
  • Ideal for crafty DIY home projects
  • Routine 40-50% off sales for major deals

3. Apt2B

Apt2b store

Apt2B is an online-only furniture and home decor store that offers a more modern and contemporary style compared to Kirklands. With its direct-to-consumer business model, it is able to offer sleek, stylish furniture at relatively affordable prices.

The selection includes living room seating, bedroom sets, dining tables, sofas, coffee tables and unique decor like abstract wall art and modern sculptures.

If you like Kirklands but find the style a bit too kitschy and grand millennial at times, this is an excellent modern alternative. Their unique, urban-inspired designs appeal to young professionals and first-time homeowners furnishing modern spaces on a budget.

Why Shop Here:

  • Less expensive than other furniture stores
  • Direct shipping for convenience
  • Modern, contemporary styles at lower prices

4. Target

‎Target store

Target is the beloved one-stop shop for affordable home goods, apparel, groceries and more. Outside everyday essentials, it has an impressive selection of stylish, contemporary home decor to brighten up your space without breaking the bank.

Browse furniture, rugs, lighting, wall art, mirrors, vases, candles and decor items for indoor and outdoor spaces. Their in-house brands like Threshold and Opalhouse offer chic decor with a modern farmhouse vibe. You can easily recreate a Kirklands-inspired look at low Target prices.

RedCard holders get 5% discounts and free shipping. Order online and pick up in-store for convenience. This store similar to Kirklands appeals to value-driven shoppers looking for cute home accents at low costs.

Key Perks:

  • Affordable, stylish home decor goods
  • Convenient for all your shopping needs in one place
  • Sales and deals available frequently

5. Big Lots

Big Lots store

For serious savings on home furnishings and decor, Big Lots is a discount retailer worth checking out. It carries a frequently rotating selection of brand name furniture, mattresses, kitchenware, rugs and home accents at up to 50-70% off other stores’ prices. It’s a bit like a thrift store, without the hunt – you can find amazing deals if you shop carefully.

The inventory is always changing week to week. Selections include outdoor furniture during summer, Christmas decor around the holidays, and everyday basics like lamps and small furniture year-round.

The quality can be hit or miss, so inspect items carefully before purchasing. But for dramatic discounts, you can’t beat them for home goods.

Key Advantages:

  • Very low prices for home furnishings and decor
  • New arrivals and inventory weekly
  • Huge savings on brand name items

5. Burrow

Burrow store

If you’re furnishing an entire home or apartment, Burrow is a millennial-friendly Kirklands competitor for sleek but livable furniture. This DTC brand offers modular sofas, tables, chairs and shelving units designed for easy assembly in small spaces.

The aesthetic is contemporary and trendy, like IKEA but with a chic, livable vibe. This brand focuses on customization and convenience – you can select your own fabric, color, configuration and delivery timeline. With free shipping and returns plus occasional 10% off sales, it is an affordable option for stylish furniture.

Why Shop Here:

  • Trendy, contemporary furniture designed for small spaces
  • Full customization available
  • Free delivery and returns; occasional 10% off sales

6. Ikea

Ikea store

If you love hunting for inexpensive home decor and furnishings, IKEA is a must-shop store similar to Kirklands. This iconic Swedish retailer is king when it comes to affordable, simple and functional home goods and furniture. Their signature style ranges from minimalist Scandinavian designs to playful colors and patterns.

You’ll find decor accents starting at just a few dollars, plus furniture, organizational items, textiles, kitchenware and more.

Put your treasure-hunting skills to work, then enjoy loading up on great finds for low prices. An afternoon wandering their inspirational showrooms is a must for decor lovers hunting for a deal.

Key Benefits:

  • Very inexpensive home decor and furniture
  • Massive selection across all categories
  • Playful, minimalist Scandi style options

7. Wayfair

Wayfair store

For a truly expansive selection of home goods spanning all styles and budgets, Wayfair is among the top stores like Kirklands. This digital furniture and decor superstore carries over 18 million products (!) from a huge range of brands and sellers. On their website, you can find everything from luxury furnishings to dollar store-esque knickknacks.

The website search functions, reviews and guides make it easy to navigate the enormous inventory. Frequent sales mean deals as low as Kirklands’s prices. And convenient shipping directly to your door beats schlepping through a big box store any day. For unlimited choice, this is a must-browse site.

Key Perks:

  • Largest assortment of any online home store
  • All styles, budgets, and categories covered
  • Convenient shipping right to your door

8. TJ Maxx

TJMaxx store

For home goods and gifts on a discount, TJ Maxx offers a similar treasure hunt shopping experience to Kirklands. The assortment changes weekly, and you never know what you might find in stock. There’s always a wide variety of ever-changing home decor, including wall art, mirrors, pillows, lamps, floral arrangements, serveware and more.

Prices are 20-60% less than department and specialty stores, so you can grab great deals on both brand name and unique items. Decor is stylish but not too trendy or only seasonal. Check their website often for a little home decor pick-me-up on the cheap.

Why Shop Here:

  • New arrivals of discounted home decor weekly
  • Designer brands at low prices
  • Fun treasure hunt shopping experience

9. Joybird

Joybird store

Joybird provides a more modern and luxurious furniture alternative for Kirklands lovers. This digital brand works directly with artisan workshops to produce sleek contemporary sofas, sectionals, chairs, tables and decor. Customization is a major draw, with numerous options for fabrics, legs, and configurations.

The streamlined silhouettes and neutral tones create a relaxing, contemporary vibe compared to Kirkland’s maximalist and colorful look. Prices are in line with quality furniture stores for the custom-built pieces. This store is perfect if you appreciate Kirklands’ uniqueness but want a simplified, upscale aesthetic.

Key Advantages:

  • Fully customizable, artisan-made furniture
  • High quality materials and construction
  • Streamlined, contemporary styles

10. H&M Home

H&M Home

The home decor collection from this fast fashion giant provides a more modern, minimalist alternative to Kirklands. H&M Home offers a tight collection of well-designed basics for the bed, bath, tabletop and living spaces. The muted color palette and clean Scandinavian silhouettes feel fresh and sophisticated.

As a division of fast fashion brand H&M, the home offerings are very affordable but well-made for the low prices. The limited selection changes frequently with micro seasons and trends. If you love hunting for stylish home goods on a budget, H&M Home is worth a frequent browse.

Key Perks:

  • Inexpensive basics in minimalist Scandi style
  • New collections released frequently
  • Part of fast fashion giant H&M

11. Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation store

Rejuvenation is a direct-to-consumer home goods brand inspired by history with modern twists in lighting, hardware and home decor. Their unique, high quality products range from period-style cabinet hardware and door knobs to artisan lighting and antique-inspired accents.

Their distinct vintage-inspired wares stand out like Kirklands, yet with durable designs built to last. Enjoy free shipping on large orders over $600. If you love the uniqueness of Kirkland’s, their historic remixes will intrigue you.

Why Shop Here:

  • Unique home decor based on classic designs
  • Small furnishings and decor accents
  • Artful, well-made pieces with character

12. Frontgate

Frontgate store

For higher-end furnishings and decor, Frontgate provides an elegant alternative to Kirklands’ affordable fare. It creates luxury indoor and outdoor living designs focused on comfort, craftsmanship and durability. The selection includes upscale patio sets, plush bedding and bath textiles, stately rugs and refined decor.

Their products don’t come cheap, but the quality is evident. With free shipping and returns plus occasional sales, you may be able to snag luxury home goods more affordably. If you love Kirklands’ uniqueness but crave better quality, check out this similar store.

Key Perks:

  • Luxury home furnishings and decor
  • Quality craftsmanship and durable materials
  • Free shipping and returns

13. HomeGoods

HomeGoods store

Fellow treasure hunters will love HomeGoods for discounted and unique home products similar to Kirklands store. This home decor chain, owned by TJX, offers a constantly changing selection of brand name and undiscovered home furnishings, decor and kitchenware. New shipments arrive daily so you never know what you might find.

Your local store likely has an eclectic mix of stylish finds from bedding to patio furniture to artwork. With most items 20-60% less than full retail, you can give your home a makeover on a small budget. For exciting finds at bargain prices, this is a top Kirklands alternative.

Key Benefits:

  • Daily arrivals of discounted home goods
  • Unique, stylish items not found elsewhere
  • Significantly lower prices than full retail

14. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel store

Crate & Barrel provides an upscale, contemporary alternative to Kirklands, with a clean aesthetic and attention to quality. This national chain features furniture, decor, bedding, kitchenwares and more in classic and modern styles crafted from natural materials.

While more expensive than Kirklands, it runs frequent sales, allows price matching, and provides free shipping to help you save. The minimalist, natural vibe provides a soothing contrast to Kirklands’ maximalism. Visit them for chic contemporary home inspiration.

Why Shop Here:

  • High quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Classic contemporary furniture and decor
  • Frequent sales, price matching and free shipping


Kirkland’s offers an addicting mix of eclectic home goods and decor at affordable prices that shoppers love. But if you’re seeking out some fresh decor inspiration from retailers with a similar quirky-chic vibe, be sure to check out my picks for the top stores & brands like Kirklands.

Whether you crave savings at discounters or lean toward refined designs, there are so many options beyond Kirklands for unique home furnishings and gifts. Each retailer on this list puts its own spin on fun, affordable and stylish decor.

Visit a few new-to-you stores, and you’re sure to discover some new favorite decor and gift spots that channel the best of the Kirklands shopping experience. Happy treasure hunting!

FAQs About Kirkland’s

What is Kirklands known for?

Kirklands is known for its eclectic, affordably priced home decor and unique gifts. It specializes in items like wall decor, art, mirrors, lamps, pillows, rugs, candles, frames, furniture, and holiday decor. The store has a quirky, vintage-inspired aesthetic.

Does Kirklands offer online shipping?

Yes, Kirklands offers standard shipping within the contiguous US for a flat fee based on order total. Two-day and next-day delivery are also available for an added fee. In-store pickup for online orders is offered as well.

When does Kirklands have sales?

Kirklands runs sales throughout the year, especially around major holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday, Memorial Day, etc. The store offers sitewide discounts during these seasonal sales, so it’s a great time to shop.

What is the typical Kirklands customer?

The typical Kirklands customer is female, aged between 25-54. She likely enjoys hunting for unique items and appreciates vintage, boho, traditional and farmhouse styles. Kirklands customers often furnish an entire home or redo a room on a budget.

The most popular categories at Kirklands are wall decor like signs, mirrors and art; home decor accents like candles, pillows and figurines; lamp shades, bases and lighting; rugs and throws; and seasonal/holiday decorations.

Why do people like shopping at Kirklands?

People like Kirklands for the treasure hunt shopping experience, unique and affordable finds, and festive seasonal selections. Shoppers enjoy scoring stylish home goods and gifts without spending too much. The frequently changing inventory and sales keep the experience exciting.

What makes Kirklands unique?

Kirklands specializes in items you don’t see at typical big box stores. Much of their decor has a vintage, romantic or traditional vibe. The breadth and affordability of the festive holiday offerings is especially unique. Overall, Kirkland’s quirky personality stands out.

Some of Kirklands’ most popular products include: wall signs, lamps, pillows, mirrors, wall art/canvas prints, candles, floral arrangements, coffee table books, Christmas ornaments and nautical/beach-themed decor.

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