13 Cheaper Stores & Brands Like Vineyard Vines For Preppy

In this piece of content, I’m going to introduce you to the best vineyard vines competitors for your preppy dress.

Brands Like Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines is a clothing company founded in 1998 on Martha’s Vineyard and is one of the most well-known American labels that specialise in Preppy apparel for women, men, and adults. The company specializes in men’s and women’s sportswear, accessories, and swimwear. In the spring of 2007, Vineyard Vines opened their first retail store on Main Street in Edgartown, Massachusetts.

Still interested in trying cheaper brands like vineyard vines without breaking the wallet, you can explore our list of companies like vineyard vines.

13 Best Brands Similar To Vineyard Vines


1. J. Crew

J.Crew Factory

J. Crew started off as a men’s clothing brand, but it is now a women’s one too. The brand’s preppy collection is the epitome of sophisticated and quirky it has to be one of the most versatile preppy clothing brands like vineyard vines, and one of the most underrated. The fit is always spot-on; the quality is high and the price is unbeatable. The brand does not take itself too seriously, which is why its preppy collection brings a bit of fun to the table.

2. Banana Republic

Banana Republic

Banana Republic offers classic American preppy clothes for men and women, including classic polo shirts, boat shoes, suits, and more. The brand is American, and they make their clothing in the US, but they’re not very American-preppy. They tend to be a bit more casual than other vineyard vines competitors and a bit more comfortable. They have a classic preppy aesthetic with a bit of a British influence, which I love. They can be on the more affordable side compared to other brands like Vineyard Vines, but they’re perfect for guys with a classic, moderate, preppy style look.

3. Draper James

Draper James was founded in 2013 and is a luxury clothier offering women’s and men’s clothing. I love how my friends’ shop here for shirts and pants (his favourite thing to wear overall). The quality and prices are great, and it’s great for a special occasion outfit or a new piece to wear to work.  It’s basically one of the stores like vineyard vines where you can buy khakis, polos, jeans, and button-downs, and it also has a store in New York City that’s open seven days a week.

4. Boden

A Swedish line of clothing, Boden is known for its simple, understated clothing, most notably its blazers and button-downs. It’s a contemporary Scandinavian brand, with clean lines and muted colours. You’ll find their men’s clothing in a wide range of styles, including button-downs, casual shirts, and sports coats. The ladies’ collection is just as classic, with classic dresses, sweaters, and button-downs.

5. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is another retailer I love that I have become a loyal customer of over the years. It originated in 1985 in New York City, but the brand has since expanded internationally. It’s most famous for its casual American-inspired clothing. It has made a name for itself in the U.S. with a mix of pop culture-inspired sportswear, it is now most known for its luxe, fur-lined leather jackets and bomber jackets.

6. L.L. Bean

As a brand with roots in the lumber industry, L.L. Bean brought a fresh, rugged approach to men’s clothing in the early 1900s. Today, the company is known for its classic styles and timeless designs. Their most notable product is their famous checkerboard patterned polo shirts, which they introduced in the 1920s. These shirts are still popular today, but you can also find a wide array of polo shirts, sweaters, and accessories in their editable collection.

7. Lacoste

Lacoste clothing brand began back in 1933 with a single concern: making the finest cotton tennis shirts. It’s been nearly 80 years since it introduced the world to its iconic crocodile logo, but the company’s shirts and sweaters still maintain their classic look. If you want a piece of the old school preppy style, your best bet is to find a shirt that doesn’t have the crocodile on it.

8. Barbour

Barbour is a British company that makes a wide range of men’s clothing. They’ve been making coats, boots, and accessories since 1894. Despite its roots in the United Kingdom, it has a global following due to its excellent product. Though these clothes are a little more casual than the classic preppy style, they’re still part of the preppy wardrobe.

9. Faherty

For a company that takes great pride in standing out from the crowd, Faherty doesn’t have many notable things to boast about. That’s because the company was founded far back in 2013. Fortunately, Faherty’s basics are some of the most stylish you’ll find in men’s apparel today. Their hand-made shirts are constructed of the finest materials and their classic silhouettes are timeless. The company now offers everything from denim to button-downs, shirts to sweaters, shorts to shoes, and the brand is leading the way in creating a cohesive look for guys.

10. Lilly Pulitzer

A southern staple, Lilly Pulitzer has created some of the hottest clothing items. From flip flops and sundresses to blazers and sweaters, this clothing brand will have you covered. The amazing prints and designs are what really make the brand so appealing. Their clothing is so adorable, you’ll want to take photos of them everywhere you go! This brand is perfect for anyone looking for that classic, preppy feel.

11. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers is the oldest retailer of American clothing, founded in the year 1818. The company operates more than 1,000 retail stores in the United States and is headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts. It has been providing classic clothing since and it sells suits, sportcoats, shirts, trousers, sweaters and sportswear.

12. Lululemon

Lululemon is one of the most popular stores like vineyard vines to buy athletic clothing for men and women. The company was founded in the year 1998. It offers a wide range of apparel from yoga pants to running pants, leggings, activewear, swimwear and outerwear as well as accessories like shoes and clothing for women. It was ranked the number one selling workout wear in the United States in 2014, & 2016.

13. GAP

GAP is one of the most trusted American companies like vineyard vines that offer high-quality clothing, footwear, luggage and so on. It was founded in the year 1969 and its headquarter is located in the United States. It price range of clothing is similar to other Vineyard Vines competitors. But I assure you, the quality of stuff at the store will never disappoint you.

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