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13 Cheaper Stores & Brands Like Vineyard Vines For Preppy

Vineyard Vines is a popular preppy clothing brand known for its fun, colorful designs and laidback coastal vibe. But their products often come with premium price tags that aren’t accessible or affordable for everyone. Thankfully, there are many great brands similar to Vineyard Vines that offer similar styles at cheaper prices.

Whether you love Vineyard Vines for their polos, button-downs, dresses, shorts, or accessories, you can find comparable options for way less. I’ve rounded up the top 13 best brands like Vineyard Vines across both men’s and women’s categories so you can still get that quintessential preppy style on a budget.

Brands Like Vineyard Vines

13 Best Brands Similar To Vineyard Vines For Casual & Classic Men’s & Women’s Clothing

1. J. Crew

J.Crew store

J. Crew is one of the OG preppy brands that laid the foundation for the Vineyard Vines aesthetic. They specialize in classic staples like Oxford shirts, chinos, blazers, shorts, and tees with a timeless, polished look.

Although not as outright whimsical in patterns and prints as Vineyard Vines, J. Crew offers plenty of bright colors in solids, stripes, checks, and more subdued prints to choose from. Their women’s collection in particular has lots of dresses, skirts, and accessories that echo the Vineyard Vines vibe.

The store frequently runs sales and promos both online and in stores to help you save. Sign up for their email list for early access to discounts. Clearance racks in store are another great way to snag pieces at 50-75% off.

Key Benefits:

  • Classic staple pieces at lower regular prices
  • Frequent sales & promos
  • Stores nationwide for easy returns & browsing clearance

2. Banana Republic

Banana Republic

Owned by Gap Inc., Banana Republic mixes contemporary and vintage inspiration to deliver refined, office-to-weekend essentials. While still retaining a preppy foundation, their collections feel a bit more mature and polished versus Vineyard Vines’ casual coastal style.

BR’s men’s button-downs, polos, chinos, blazers and women’s sheath dresses and blouses offer comparable basics to VV at lower regular retail costs. They also carry shorts, skirts, pants, suits, shoes, and accessories to complement the Vineyard Vines look.

Sign up for BR’s email list and watch for 40-50% off sales that happen frequently, especially around major holidays. Pieces under $50 during sale events let you score major deals.

Key Perks:

  • Sophisticated preppy essentials
  • Deep discounts during frequent sales
  • Business casual and professional options

3. Draper James

Draper James store

Reese Witherspoon’s Southern-inspired brand Draper James channels a similar cheerful, feminine preppy style as Vineyard Vines for women. Draper James balances classic Americana looks with flirty details like ruffles, bright gingham prints, embroidery and unique buttons.

The dress collection in particular mirrors the casual but put-together Vineyard Vines aesthetic with options like shirtdresses, maxi sundresses, fit and flare styles, wrap dresses and more.

Although not cheap, Draper James runs 20-30% off sales potentially every 4-6 weeks, allowing you to snag new arrivals for 30%+ off if you time it right. Sign up for emails and watch for events like Friends & Family for the best promos.

Key Advantages:

  • Feminine Southern prep aesthetic
  • Similar dress selection
  • Occasional tiered % off sales

4. Boden


This UK-based brand captures bright, cheerful British prep in its collection of women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing. Boden takes classic silhouettes like button-downs, polos, shorts, dresses and tops then dials up the fun with unique prints, bold colors, feminine details like ruffles and whimsy.

The combination of classic preppy shapes with energetic patterns and colors makes Boden a great brand similar to Vineyard Vines. The seasonal collections offer lots of variety so you can stock up on staples as well as statement pieces.

They runs discounts around 30% off or more during frequent seasonal sales events. Make sure to get on their email list for early notice of promotions to maximize savings on full-price items.

Why Shop Here:

  • Vibrant colors & prints
  • Classic British prep style
  • Deep discounts during seasonal sales

5. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger sets itself apart from Vineyard Vines with its iconic red, white and blue color palette and emphasis on preppy Americana style. But the brand still captures that carefree, fun loving East Coast vibe.

The men’s and women’s selections offer comparable shorts, tops, polos, button-downs, pants, dresses, swimwear and other staples to form a relaxed preppy wardrobe. Tommy’s hoodies, sweats and denim also provide a more casual twist.

The clothing company runs 40-60% off sales frequently, both online and in outlet stores. Sign up for email and watch for stacked coupons around holidays for the deepest discounts. Clearance racks in the outlets can uncover hidden gems at 70%+ off.


  • Iconic American preppy style
  • Frequent 40-60% off sales
  • Wide range of apparel & accessories

6. L.L.Bean

LL Bean store

This Maine based outdoor brand encapsulates easygoing New England prep with a focus on quality and performance. L.L. Bean signatures like the Boat and Tote bag, Camp Mocs, and Bean Boots complement the Vineyard Vines aesthetic beautifully.

Their men’s and women’s apparel collections offer comparable essentials like flannels, fleeces, button-downs, polos, tees, shorts, pants and accessories made with outdoor-inspired practicality.

As one of the brands like Vineyard Vines, this brand has a stellar satisfaction guarantee to stand behind their products.

Key Perks:

  • Quintessential New England style
  • Famous long-lasting products
  • Solid satisfaction guarantee

7. Lacoste


This iconic French tennis brand delivers classic preppy style with a sporty, laidback vibe. The signature embroidered crocodile logo polos, button-downs, sweaters, shorts, shoes and accessories parallel Vineyard Vines favorites.

Lacoste offers a younger, trend-driven spin on prep through modern silhouettes, streetwear influence and bold colors and prints. But the foundations of preppy tennis classics remain throughout the collection.

Their polos often retail around $50-90, delivering that Vineyard Vines polo look for less. Lacoste also makes shoes, hats, bags, and other accessories so you can pull off preppy polish head-to-toe. The brand even has a higher-end “Lacoste L!VE” line capturing contemporary prep style.

Why Shop Here:

  • Iconic French prep with sporty style
  • Modern youthful vibe
  • Good seasonal sales 30-50% off

8. Barbour

Barbour store

This British outerwear brand specializes in waxed cotton jackets that exude preppy countryside style. They might not be direct brands like Vineyard Vines. But their quilted jackets, fleece, shirts, sweaters, shorts, pants and accessories offer refined rural appeal.

The heritage collections focus on equestrian, hunting and country life with designs that pair perfectly with the Vineyard Vines coastal aesthetic. Timeless durability, functionality and tailoring define the products.

Barbour honors their European roots with higher price points, but invest in key outerwear pieces that will last years. Watch for end of season sales up to 50% off online and in stores for best value.

Key Advantages:

  • Rugged English countryside style
  • Investment quality outerwear
  • Good end of season sales

9. Faherty

Faherty store

This sustainable store like Vineyard Vines focuses on timeless surf and beach-inspired staples for men and women. Their mission to protect the world’s oceans and beaches aligns seamlessly with the Vineyard Vines coastal lifestyle.

Faherty’s shirts, polos, button-downs, hoodies, shorts, dresses, swimsuits, and other apparel feature natural fabrics, relaxed fits, and colors inspired by the sea. Quality craftsmanship ensures each piece lasts for years.

While pricing sits on the higher end, sign up for emails and watch for limited-time savings events around the holidays where you can score new arrivals for 30% off or more.


  • Sustainable mission protects oceans
  • Premium beach-inspired basics
  • Occasional holiday sales 30% off

10. Lilly Pulitzer

Preppy style doesn’t get more vibrant than Lilly Pulitzer’s palm-filled prints. This classic resortwear brand turns up the prep with sundresses, rompers, button-downs, and accessories in splashy tropical patterns.

At $118 for a dress, Lilly is pricier than Vineyard Vines. But you can score discounts on sale items, especially during their semi-annual sales. As brands similar to Vineyard Vines, they also offer monogramming for a personalized prep touch. Sign up for emails to get early notice of promotions and sales.

Key Perks:

  • Iconic preppy resortwear prints & colors
  • Great seasonal sales at 30-60% off
  • Fun, girly vibe

11. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers store

A true heritage American brand, Brooks Brothers sets the standard for timeless, high-quality preppy style. Their extensive collections for men, women and kids offer polished staples to build an entire classic wardrobe.

This clothing brand carries a more formal, sophisticated vibe than Vineyard Vines, there are still plenty of comparable pieces. Focus on their more casual men’s and women’s selections like polos, knits, button-downs, tees, shorts, dresses, blouses and skirts.

Watch for Brooks’ major seasonal sales offering 40-60% off clearance items so you can stock up on quality basics at discounted prices. Sign up for emails for early notice.

Key Benefits:

  • Quintessential American prep
  • Major seasonal sales 40-60% off
  • Timeless classics & quality

12. Lululemon

Lululemon store

Although known for its technical yoga wear, Lululemon offers extensive casual collections for men and women with a relaxed West Coast vibe. Their athleisure pieces like hoodies, joggers, tanks, leggings and t-shirts complement Vineyard Vines’ carefree style beautifully.

Alongside the workout gear, they carries shorts, pants, polos, button-downs, dresses, swimwear and accessories in antimicrobial fabrics with stretch and mobility. The combo of function and versatile prep makes a great crossover.

Lulu’s Like New resale program allows you to score quality secondhand pieces at deep discounts. Sign up for emails and watch for We Made Too Much limited inventory sales for the best savings on new arrivals.

Key Advantages:

  • Versatile West Coast athleisure
  • Technical stretch fabrics
  • Good discounts on Like New & WMTM sales

13. GAP

GAP store

GAP offers classic wardrobe basics for men, women, kids, baby, and home at affordable prices. While not overly preppy by nature, their collections hold plenty of staple pieces that mirror the Vineyard Vines aesthetic.

Focus on GAP’s selection of polos, button-downs, tees, hoodies, shorts, jeans, dresses, accessories and home goods in colors and prints that work back to a preppy look. The variety and low prices make it easy to build out an entire casual wardrobe.

GAP runs 40-50% off sales every 2-3 months, with price cuts focused on out-of-season items. Sign up for emails and watch for stacking coupons during sales to maximize value on classics you’ll wear for years.

Why Shop Here:

  • Affordable prices for basics
  • Frequent sales 40-50% off
  • Massive selection of apparel & home


Vineyard Vines offers a fun, preppy coastal style but often accompanied by premium prices. Thankfully, there are plenty of great brands similar to Vineyard Vines that provide similar aesthetics and classic staples at cheaper price points.

Whether you need casual polos, button-downs, tees, dresses, shorts or accessories, the brands above will allow you to recreate the Vineyard Vines look on a budget.

Pay attention to sales schedules, email lists and clearance sections to get the most savings on these preppy styles. With some strategic shopping, you can build an entire VV-inspired wardrobe filled with quality pieces that reflect your personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of Vineyard Vines’ most popular items include polos, button-down shirts, t-shirts, shorts, dresses, swimsuits, pullovers, quarter zips, ties, tote bags, hats, and other accessories. Their bright colors and coastal inspired patterns are signature.

Does Vineyard Vines ever have sales?

Vineyard Vines rarely offers sales or discounts on their products. They may occasionally run small promotions around Black Friday and Christmas, but discounts over 10-15% are uncommon. Their premium prices stay mostly firm year-round.

What colors and patterns does Vineyard Vines use?

Vineyard Vines is known for their use of bright, cheerful colors like pink, lime green, coral, turquoise, navy blue and more. Signature patterns include embroidered whales, lobsters, crabs, sailboats, flags, palm trees and other coastal themes.

What is the Vineyard Vines target customer?

Vineyard Vines targets affluent customers with a preppy, coastal inspired east coast lifestyle. Their target demographic skews towards young professionals, country club members, boaters, seaside vacationers, and recreational fishermen & women.

Does Vineyard Vines offer clothing for women?

Yes, Vineyard Vines has an extensive women’s collection including dresses, skirts, blouses, tees, polos, sweaters, pullovers, quarter zips, shorts, pants, swimwear, outerwear, and accessories. The aesthetic mirrors the cheerful preppy style of the men’s line.

Are there Vineyard Vines stores near me?

Vineyard Vines now has over 100 retail locations across the United States. Use the store locator on their website to find the nearest physical store. They also have a robust online store that ships to all 50 states.

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