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How to Put on Lulus Wrap Dress: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lulus wrap dresses are the ultimate warm-weather staple. With a universally flattering silhouette and endless styling potential, it’s no wonder these versatile dresses have become a closet essential. This beginner’s guide shares step-by-step instructions for putting on a Lulus wrap dress to achieve that iconic cinched waist look.

You’ll discover pro styling tips, creative ways to tie wraps, dress care secrets and answers to frequently asked questions. Learn how to flawlessly wrap a Lulus dress for a sensational, curves-enhancing fit with this must-read tutorial. It’s time to master the art of wrapping!

How to Put on Lulus Wrap Dress

Step-by-Step Guide on Putting On Lulus Wrap Dress

Putting on a wrap dress properly is key to getting that perfect cinched fit. Follow these simple steps when putting on your Lulus wrap dress:

1. Put on Undergarments

Choose slimming shapewear if desired. Make sure undergarments provide sufficient support without adding bulk under the dress.

2. Step Into Dress

Unfasten the side ties of the dress fully. Step into the dress and pull it up to your natural waistline. The waist seam should hit just above your belly button.

3. Wrap One Side Across

Take the end of one side of the dress and wrap it across your torso. Wrap it a bit snugly to ensure the dress fits close to your body.

4. Overlap the Sides

Overlap the side seam of the wrapped layer over the unwrapped layer. The seam should overlap by several inches to allow room for adjusting.

5. Tie the Waist in Place

Tie the waist ties into a square knot at your natural waist, centered in the front. Tie tightly enough to cinch the waist but not so tight that it bunches fabric.

6. Wrap Other Side Across

Take the other unwrapped side and stretch it taut across your body. Wrap it snugly to continue smoothing.

7. Tie in Back

Tie the second set of ties together behind you in a square knot, bow or off-centered knot. Tuck in any excess fabric.

And that’s it! Your wrap dress is now perfectly wrapped and ready to wear. The waist should nip in, creating a flattering hourglass shape.

Tips for Styling Lulus Wrap Dress

  • Cinch the ties tighter to define your waist more for a curve-enhancing effect. But don’t pull so tight that it looks bunched.
  • Leave the ties a bit looser for a more casual, relaxed vibe.
  • Add a belt over the ties to change up the look. A skinny belt defines the waist, while a wide belt masks it.
  • Layer a jacket or kimono over your dress for a more modest ensemble. Choose lightweight layers that won’t add bulk.
  • Pair with ankle strap heels for dressier occasions like weddings, dates or parties.
  • Go casual with wedges or sandals. Espadrilles complement the breezy wrap dress style.
  • Add delicate jewelry like layered necklaces or dangling earrings to accent the V-neckline.
  • Carry a small handbag that won’t distract from the flirty skirt. A crossbody or clutch keeps hands free.
  • For colder temps, finish the look with tights, booties and a moto jacket.

Other Ways to Tie Lulus Wrap Dress

Tired of the usual square knot? Get creative with different ways to tie your Lulus wrap dress!

1. The Classic Wrap

Crisscross the dress left over right (or vice versa) at your waist and tie a knot or bow in front. This quintessential wrap look defines your waist. For asymmetry, make one side slightly longer.

2. The Side Knot

Instead of the front, tie your Lulus wrap dress in a knotted bow along your left or right hip for a cascade effect. Let the waist ties hang loose.

3. The Bow Tie

Loop the waist ties into a double knot bowtie shape (like tying shoelaces). Position at center, side or even your upper back.

4. The Halter Neck

Crisscross the dress ties over your shoulders, tying them at the back of your neck to create a chic halter neckline.

Experiment with different knots and placements to find your favorite way to tie up your Lulus wrap dress. Just be sure to keep it snug around the waist for a flattering silhouette.

Care and Maintenance of Lulus Wrap Dress

Follow these tips and your beloved Lulus dress will stay looking fab:

  • Hand wash or dry clean wrap dresses to maintain the flattering drape of the fabric. Machine washing can cause stretching.
  • Use a gentle detergent and lay flat or hang to dry to prevent damage to the wrap shape.
  • Steam wrap dresses rather than ironing to preserve the delicate fabric. Never iron ties.
  • Spot clean stains immediately with a damp cloth. Don’t scrub harshly.
  • Store folded or on a wide hanger to avoid creases around the waist seams.
  • Check ties periodically for loosening or fraying. Re-tie as needed to maintain fit.

With proper care, your Lulus wrap dress will remain in flawless wrapping condition. Handle delicately and your dress will last season after season.


And that wraps up our complete guide to flawlessly styling Lulus wrap dresses! Follow our tips to ensure your dress flatters your figure by showcasing your curves and disguising any problem areas. Experiment with different wrap tying techniques and styles to find your favorite look. Treat your dress with care and it will remain in impeccable wrapping condition. Lulus wrap dresses are a chic, versatile staple you’ll reach for again and again. Happy wrapping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bra should I wear?

Opt for a smooth, seamless bra without bulky straps or edges. Bras with racerback, strapless or wireless styles prevent lines under wrap dresses.

How tight should I tie the wraps?

Tie wraps snugly enough to nip in your waist but not so tight it bunches fabric. Wraps should lie flat and allow a comfortable breathing room.

What shoes work best with wrap dresses?

Wrap dresses pair well with flats, sandals and heels ranging from wedges to stilettos. Shoe choice depends on desired formality.

Can I wear a wrap dress if I have a tummy?

Yes! Wrap dresses are designed to flatter all figures by cinching in the waist to create curves. Proper wrapping smoothes over problem areas.

What jewelry goes best with a wrap dress?

Pretty much any jewelry complements a wrap dress! Statement necklaces, layered pendants, dangling earrings all beautifully accent the neckline.

How do I stop my wrap dress from gaping open?

Wrap the sides tightly across your torso to ensure sufficient fabric overlap. Tie wraps snugly in place to prevent gaping, especially around the bust area.

What if my wraps come untied throughout the day?

Retie wraps, tightening as needed for a secure hold. You can also sew ties in place discreetly or add fashion tape to keep wraps from loosening.

Can I have a tailor adjust the fit of my wrap dress?

Yes, a skilled tailor can easily alter the waist ties as well as side seams and hem length to achieve your perfect fit.

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