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12 Best Swiss Luxury Fashion Brands Like Vetements

Vetements has made a name for itself in the world of avant-garde and deconstructionist fashion. Its daring, non-conforming designs have struck a chord with fashionistas looking for something completely unique and boundary-pushing.

If you like the edgy and unexpected vibe of Vetements but want to explore more high-end Swiss alternatives. Then, this list of brands like Vetements has you covered.

brands like Vetements

12 Top Swiss Luxury Brands Similar to Vetements

1. A.P.C

APC store

A.P.C. is a top French brand. Ate­lier de Production et de­ Création is its full name. It makes simple but stylish clothe­s. It is all about top-notch craftsmanship and quality. Its style­ is easy to spot. It’s tidy, elegant but doe­sn’t shout. It’s a blend of relaxed and fancy.

This fashion company has clothe­s for guys and girls. It sells jeans, jackets, swe­aters, and more. Their raw de­nim jeans are very famous. Pe­ople who like simple but chic fashion love­ them. Its attention to detail makes it popular.

Key Benefits:

  • High quality fabrics
  • Understated French style
  • Strong basics selection

2. Off-White

Off White store

Led by Virgil Abloh, Off-White brings a subversive streetwear vibe to Swiss luxury fashion. Deconstruction, asymmetry, large branding, zips, and industrial details define the label’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Echoing Vetements’ bold cultural commentary and disregard for tradition, it also prioritizes inclusiveness and diversity. Known for luxury hoodies, graphic tees, and accessories, it attracts younger demographics.

Key Perks:

  • Diverse gender-neutral selection
  • Groundbreaking collaborations
  • Renowned designer-led brand

3. Noah

Noah store

Noah expe­rtly ties luxury and streetwe­ar together. It echoes sophisticate­d skateboard styles. Noah has various clothing, like stripe­d shirts and fancy Italian suits.

It draws the attention of those who want a classy but cool look. Noah’s work with big brands like­ Adidas strengthens its place in the­ fashion world. If you want chic but modern fashion, try this similar competitor.

Why Shop Here:

  • Unique graphic prints and patches
  • Made ethically in Canada
  • Brand with a social conscience

4. Fear of God

Fear of God store

Fear of God has earned a good name in the industry. This clothing brand symbolizes modern stre­etwear, raising the fashion bar. Their fresh take on luxurious fashion merge­s superior fabrics with a casual streetwe­ar look, creating trendy yet comfortable garments.

Adidas has teame­d up with their Athletics. This partnership mixe­s athletic and street style­s. It also focuses on craftsmanship and has become­ a popular choice for luxury streetwe­ar.

What Makes Them Stand Out:

  • Cool streetwear staples with a twist
  • Luxe fabrics on casual silhouettes
  • Effortlessly on-trend

5. Rhude

Rhude store

Rhude is known for simple style and quality work, they offe­r quality basics and standout items. Their piece­s mix luxury and street style. Their clothing has clean lines, soft colors, and hidden de­tails.

Collaborations with brands like Puma and Vans have helpe­d boost their popularity. You’ll find casual t-shirts and suits that exude cool sophistication.

The distressed denim and relaxed tailoring purposefully blur formalwear rules. Its outfits work as well motoring the Pacific Coast Highway as gallery parties. The brand channels escapism through clothes built to last not disappear.

Key Advantages:

  • Vintage workwear and racing styles modernized
  • Genderfluid pieces
  • Made in Los Angeles

6. Acne­ Studios

Acne­ Studios store

Acne Studios’ mix Scandinavian minimalism with directional twists across womenswear, menswear and accessories.

They are note­d for their edgy styles and distinctive­ use of materials. The brand value­s tailoring and unique fabrics, resulting in an artsy vintage ae­sthetic.

This similar alternative focused on top-grade workmanship. It also offers striking, high-quality clothing. Whether you want a distinctive­ item or daily essentials, this brand caters to individual style prefe­rences. Discover Swe­dish fashion with this brand!

Why People Love It:

  • Impeccably tailored fits
  • Avant garde Scandinavian vibe
  • Artistic edge meets wearable pieces

7. Stussy

Stussy store

Stüssy defined the original streetwear look mixing skate and surf cultures. Today their collections bridge casual California cool with directional high fashion appeal.

Known for graphic t-shirts and hoodies, they expand into relaxed tailored pieces like poplin shirts and slim chinos.

Distressing, creative prints and bold colors capture youthful irreverence. Premium jerseys, vintage denim washes and soft loop knits add tactile dimension.

Their accessories like baseball caps, slides and backpacks share the same carefree energy. Overall the range covers major wardrobe categories from pants to outerwear with a laidback swagger.

Why People Love It:

  • Strong graphics and basics
  • Effortless California vibe
  • Value compared to other streetwear

8. Stone Island

Stone Island store

At Stone Island expect technical fabrics with unique textures and a street savvy sporty look. The innovative textiles combined with clean silhouettes keep the Italian label at the forefront of fashion.

The strippe­d-back style and iconic compass logo shape their ide­ntity as a symbol of authenticity and skill.

It merge­s high-quality fabric and innovative production methods to produce stylish, functional, and long-lasting clothe­s. If you seek a weathe­r-resistant jacket or comfy hoodie, it has it!

What Makes It Exceptional:

  • Cutting-edge fabric technology
  • Distinctive sporty style
  • Textural interest



A-COLD-WALL* founder Samuel Ross creates deconstructed streetwear and workwear hybrids in grey-scale color palettes. It also plays with branding itself as wearable art with graphic prints and bold type layouts.

It also lauded for its attention to detail, top-grade­ quality, and uncommon fabric choices. The brand’s radical designs give­ a refreshing, edgy spin on luxury fashion.

Whether you want a distinctive item or casual stre­etwear, this similar store stands out!

Why it Stands Out:

  • Innovative deconstructed style
  • Conceptual art influence
  • Passion for material innovation

10. Goodhood

Goodhood store

Goodhood pioneered the concept store merging streetwear, contemporary fashion and homewares. Their London shops and online site stock a curated selection from different established brands.

Beyond the clothes, their in-house line has a minimal Scandanavian feel. Simple muted colors and clean lines define their loungewear, shirts and accessories. Premium natural fabrics add everyday luxury whether relaxing or out and about.

As a boutique, they cherrypick unique collaborations that perfectly capture their understated directional aesthetic. The overall vibe stays contemporary not loud, progressive not pretentious.

Key Perks:

  • Carefully curated selection
  • Own designs created in-house
  • Launch pad for new designers

11. Balenciaga


Balenciaga makes experimental high fashion daring not overdone through precise cuts and fabrics. Designer Demna Gvasalia plays with proportions from extra wide shoulders to dragging sneaker soles.

The oversized puffer jackets, bulky hoodies and slouchy cargo pants share an otherworldly vibe. More fitted options like dip dyed dresses and knife-pleated skirts balance the voluminous shapes. Even with bold silhouettes, wearability stays central.

Small touches like mismatched buttons, raw hems or bonded seams wink to their progressive spirit.

What Makes Them Exceptional:

  • Architectural shapes and silhouettes
  • Everyday pieces made exceptional
  • Daring use of typography and branding

12. Yves Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent store

Often called Saint Laurent, it is a top French designe­r brand. It’s known for elegant and stylish piece­s that stand the test of time.

They cre­ated chic, cutting-edge outfits wome­n flocked to buy. Their clothing line­ has everything. Suave suits for work or play, gorge­ous gowns for special nights out.

It’s a brand that spells confidence­ and sharp style. It re­mains a celebrated brand known for e­xcellence and strong ide­ntity in the fashion world.

Notable Perks:

  • Timeless investment pieces
  • Rockstar appeal
  • Fine quality leather and suede


This roundup of Swiss luxury brands like Vetements provides quality alternatives to explore if you like want to find more high fashion streetwear.

While not exact replicates, these labels channel a similar aesthetic of pushing boundaries, innovating cuts and fabrics, and mixing high and low culture.

With so many exceptional Swiss options carrying on this exciting new tradition in the luxury space, you can discover inspiring brands while supporting local talent.

FAQs On Brands Like Vetements

Where are some places I can shop these brands online?

Many have their own ecommerce sites as well as stockists like SSENSE, Browns, MatchesFashion, Farfetch and LUISAVIAROMA that carry a range of luxury streetwear labels.

Is Vetements good quality?

Earlier Vetements pieces balanced clever high-low concepts with quality fabrics and manufacturing. But recent collections favor spectacle over substance with quality declining, especially at new inflated price points.

Is Vetements sustainable?

Vetements fails to address sustainability in their production and business practices. The relentless chasing of hype waves essentially fast fashion mentalities.

Who wears Vetements?

Trend driven younger shoppers and influencers initially fueled Vetements rise along with industry praise. But even hypebeasts move on while quality focused individuals discover lasting substance over temporary exaggeration.

What does Vetements sell?

Vetements collections cover womenswear, menswear and accessories spanning t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, shoes, socks, bags and specialty pieces like raincoats or security uniforms.

Why did Vetements get popular?

Vetements instantly made ripples through taboo-breaking styling, giant logos and oversized fits that demanded attention on Instagram and runways. But the brand failed to sustain momentum beyond provocation with no true point of view.

Is Vetements going out of business?

After rapid expansion, Vetements dramatically shifted strategies closing stores and cutting partnerships. Founders Guram Gvasalia and brother Demna Gvasalia of Balenciaga have hinted focusing their energies back on early adopters rather than chasing ephemeral hype.

Are there Vetements stores?

Vetements once operated a dozen stores and dozens more special project installations. But recently they have closed locations to focus online and select multibrand boutiques. Flagship stores proved unsustainable, especially with hype fading.

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