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12 Stores & Brands Like Filson For Outdoor Wears

Looking for stores like Filson that offer comparable outdoor gear? Finding rugged apparel that can withstand years of adventure takes quality craftsmanship. Filson has earned diehard fans thanks to their durable, weatherproof clothing designed for the rugged outdoors. But their premium prices aren’t for everyone.

That’s why I put together this guide on 12 excellent brands similar to Filson that offer outdoor clothing and bags that can take on the elements. If you love Filson’s signature waxed jackets, sturdy twill pants and indestructible briefcases, but want more options, you’ll find plenty of alternatives here.

stores like filson

From heritage names like Orvis and Barbour to technical, I’ll cover companies that share Filson’s focus on resilience, craftsmanship and versatility for life outdoors. You’ll discover brands like Filson with premium quality, plus budget-friendly picks that still deliver.

Whether you need a trusty jacket to withstand years of adventure or everyday outdoorsy staples, these stores like Filson have you covered. Let’s explore the top 12 Filson alternatives for outdoor gear built to endure.

12 Best Brands Similar To Filson For Outdoor Gear

If you love Filson but want to explore some alternatives. Here are 12 great clothing companies like Filson to consider for outdoor clothing, bags and accessories:

1. Orvis


Orvis is a Vermont-based outdoor outfitter that’s been around since 1856, making it even older than Filson. They offer a wide range of clothing, gear and accessories for fishing, hunting, travel and more.

Orvis is best known for its fly fishing equipment, but also makes some of the best mens shirts, jackets, vests and accessories out there. They are also great Filson alternatives for those looking for classic heritage style with modern performance features. Their clothes have a rugged yet refined aesthetic perfect for weekends in the country. They use high-end natural fabrics like wool, cashmere, and leather.

They also focus on quality craftsmanship and durability to withstand years of outdoor use. The waxed cotton jackets and field coats are quite similar in design and functionality.

Some key benefits include:

  • High quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Classic versatile styles for outdoor activities
  • Extensive selection of menswear, womenswear and gear
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

2. Belstaff

Belstaff store

Originating in Stoke-on-Trent, England, Belstaff has been producing outerwear since 1924. They are renowned for their waxed cotton jackets inspired by early aviation garments.

In terms of style and quality, Belstaff jackets are quite comparable to the Filson brand. They have the same wax finish, four utility pockets and protective underarm vents. The Trialmaster jacket is Belstaff’s most famous design.

Some reasons to them check out:

  • Specialize in weatherproof waxed jackets
  • Rich heritage dating back to early 1900s
  • High performance materials and construction
  • Sophisticated English country styling

3. Carhartt

Carhartt store

Carhartt is a go-to American workwear brand trusted by generations of construction workers, mechanics, farmers and ranchers. Just like Filson, they make rugged, durable clothing designed for the outdoors.

While Filson gears more towards hunting and fishing, Carhartt focuses on job site toughness. Their jackets, overalls, pants and shirts are built to handle dirt, rain and hard labor. Signature items include the chore coat, active jacket, Sherpa lining and watch cap.

Why choosing them?

  • Affordable pricing compared to Filson brand
  • Tough, durable construction
  • Excellent for workwear and casualwear
  • Union-made in America

4. LL Bean

LL Bean store

L.L.Bean has been a staple of New England outdoor gear since 1912. The Maine-based company offers a vast range of apparel, footwear and equipment for hunting, fishing, camping and hiking.

Similar to Filson, this store focuses on rugged versatility for the outdoors. Their boots, flannel shirts, down jackets and backpacks are made for wilderness adventures in all seasons. Popular items include the Bean Boot, Maine Hunting Shoe and Norwegian Sweater.

Benefits of L.L. Bean:

  • Huge selection of outdoor apparel and gear
  • Reliable quality and performance
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping with no minimum

5. Lands’ End

Land’s End store

Lands’ End is a classic American clothing brand with roots in sailing and maritime gear. Their clothing draws inspiration from maritime New England, much like the Pacific Northwest outdoor style.

For a more affordable store similar to Filson, Lands’ End offers similar waxed jackets, quilted coats, flannel shirts and rugged duffels. Key items to check out are the Squall jacket, Long Haul duffel and flannel.

Why choose Lands’ End?

  • Well-made essentials for casual and outdoor wear
  • More affordable pricing than Filson
  • Extensive selection for the whole family
  • Free returns and alterations

6. Barbour

Barbour store

Barbour is an English brand that’s been making wax jackets since 1894. Used by everyone from British motorcyclists to royalty, Barbour jackets are a stylish, sophisticated take on Filson’s workwear.

The Sylkoil waxed cotton and signature tartan lining give Barbour jackets a refined look suited for country pursuits like hunting, riding and fishing. Yet they are just as functional as brands like Filson for outdoor protection from wind and rain. The Bedale and Beaufort are two of Barbour’s most popular jackets.

Benefits of Using Them:

  • High quality waxed jackets made in England
  • Classic English country style
  • Good everyday wear in addition to outdoor use
  • Celeb-favorite with a luxury image

7. Woolrich


Woolrich has been keeping Americans warm since 1830 with its woolen fabrics and outdoor apparel. Based in Pennsylvania, Woolrich makes a wide range of outdoor clothing items at affordable prices.

Woolrich is best-known for its wool-rich fabrics used in soft flannel shirts, warm blankets and winter coats. Key items are the Arctic parka, wool shirts and buffalo check patterns. The quality and feel of their wool pieces is top-notch.

Reasons to choose Woolrich:

  • Specialty in high quality wool fabrics
  • Warm, durable outerwear and flannels
  • Made in USA manufacturing
  • Pennsylvania outdoor heritage

8. Haglofs

Originally from Sweden, Haglofs makes premium performance outdoor gear for skiing, climbing, hiking and more. While lesser known than Filson, they are just as innovative and functional.

Haglofs specializes in waterproof shells, down insulation and backpack designs. Their approach combines Scandinavian minimalism with technical features. Clean designs and recycled materials give Haglofs an eco-friendly edge.

Why choose Haglofs?

  • Cutting-edge fabrics and technology
  • Sleek Scandinavian aesthetic
  • Sustainable manufacturing processes
  • High performance for active pursuits

9. Patagonia

Patagonia store

Patagonia is a California-based outdoor brand like Filson that focused on environmental activism and sustainability. Their gear is designed for rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding and trail running.

While their technical focus differs from Filson, Patagonia shares the same care for quality and social responsibility. They make all products to last and use recycled, organic materials whenever possible. Some popular items are the Better Sweater, Nano Puff jacket and Stand Up shorts.

Reasons to choose Patagonia:

  • High quality standards and minimalist design
  • Environmental sustainability is core mission
  • Activewear focus for outdoor sports
  • Corporate activism and donations

10. Moncler


Moncler brings together outdoor performance and high fashion. Originating in the French Alps, Moncler is renowned for its iconic puffer jackets. Their hip outerwear features luxe materials, bold colors and sleek silhouettes.

Compared to Filson’s rugged workwear style, Moncler has a distinctly modern, cosmopolitan feel. Yet both brands share an outdoor heritage they still draw upon today. Moncler brings high-tech fabrics and an urban aesthetic to outdoor apparel.

Why choose Moncler?

  • High-end materials and innovative designs
  • Fashion-forward take on outdoor wear
  • Excellent warmth and weather protection
  • Globally popular luxury brand

11. Westerlind

Westerlind offers quality outdoor apparel and packs designed and tested in the mountains of Colorado. Their technical clothing blends rugged performance with a minimalist, retro look reminiscent of 1950s/60s gear. All products are proudly made in the USA.

Westerlind coats, down vests, hoodies, flannels, and accessories are ready for skiing, camping, hiking, fishing and everyday outdoor adventures. The Outergarment Down Workshirt, 72 Hour Pack, Weather Balm Tin, and Wool Hunting Shirt give a taste of Westerlind’s versatility and vintage outdoor style. This small company focuses on making gear that lasts and inspires adventures.

Reasons to try Westerlind:

  • Sustainability commitment with recycled materials
  • Handmade quality and durability
  • Specialty in outdoor packs and technical waders
  • Direct-to-consumer pricing

12. Duluth Trading Co.

Based in Wisconsin, Duluth Trading Co. provides innovative workwear and outdoor gear for men and women. Signature items include their Longtail shirts, Buck Naked underwear and Fire Hose pants.

Duluth Trading offers a more affordable range of durable clothing with premium pricing. Their unique combinations of work toughness and comfort make Duluth Trading a great everyday outdoor brand. Also, their gear is made for folks who value durability over everything – and aren’t afraid to get it dirty. Their purpose-built outdoor clothing options withstand seasons of adventures ahead.

Why choose Duluth Trading Co.?

  • Innovative workwear features and designs
  • Quality materials at a lower price point
  • Versatile clothing for work, play and travel
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


Finding rugged, durable outdoor gear designed to last doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on Filson’s premium prices. Their signature waxed jackets, quilted vests and weatherproof pants are built to last a lifetime thanks to quality craftsmanship and materials.

But as we’ve seen, brands similar to Filson like Orvis and Duluth Trading Co. that offer comparable performance and value for your money. The 12 Filson competitors in this guide provide long-lasting outdoor apparel and versatile everyday basics for all your adventures, whether on the trail or tackling daily life.

While no two brands are exactly the same, each brings its own unique twist on Filson’s blend of heritage style and functional designs optimized for the outdoors. I hope this list of stores like Filson gives you plenty of options to consider next time you need a trusty jacket, shirt, pack or boots that can withstand years of use. Thanks for reading and happy trails!


What materials are Filson clothes made from?

Filson uses very durable materials like 22oz oil-finished tin cloth, 12oz cotton twill and rugged bridle leather for their signature items. These heavyweight, oil-treated fabrics repel water and hold up for years.

Are Filson clothes worth the price?

Yes, Filson clothes are an investment due to the bulletproof durability and quality construction. They are built to handle decades of outdoor use. Filson items get better with age.

What makes Filson stand out from other outdoor brands?

Filson combines functional outdoor gear with a classic heritage style inspired by the American frontier. Every detail is meticulously crafted for resilience and timeless appeal.

What is Filson best known for making?

Filson’s main staples include the Mackinaw Wool Cruiser jackets, Tin Cloth Cover Cloth jackets, Rugged Twill pants and Original Briefcase. Their jackets and coats are most iconic.

Is Filson clothing true to size?

Yes, Filson clothing tends to run true to size. However, some styles run large due to the roomy cuts. Refer to specific product sizing info.

Does Filson have sales or discounts?

Filson rarely discounts prices online due to the premium quality. You can find discounts occasionally at third-party retailers like Backcountry or Huckberry. Sign up for Filson emails for sale announcements.

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