13 Online Stores Like Dollar Tree For Great Deal

Dollar Tree is a discount retailer that offers a variety of products, most of which are priced at $1 or less. The company has more than 14,000 stores in 48 states and five Canadian provinces. The company offers a variety of items, including consumable goods, beauty products, and household items.

Stores Like Dollar Tree

When discussing stores like dollar tree, you should know that there are lots of similar to pick from. But to choose the right one might seem difficult for some people. We are here to help with list of dollar tree similar companies.

13 Best Stores Like Dollar Tree Online


1. Dollar Fanatic

Dollar Fanatic

Dollar Fanatic started as a brand that sells exclusively soft, plush toys for children. The company has now expanded into a variety of other products, such as stress balls, key chains, socks, lunch boxes, and more. They specialize in toys for children, the company does sell some items for adults ranging from neckties, socks, and books to candles, glasses, and even a few shower mats. Most items on here are $2, although a few are $1.49. For items that are $1, there are no shipping charges for some gadgets.

2. Miss A

Miss A

Are you looking for bargains on recent and popular items? Miss A is for you. The site sells items from $1.99 with the majority of the items being under $50. Mail-in rebates are available on select items. Shipping is free for all orders to the US and Canada.

3. Dollar General

Dollar General

Dollar General is another well-known store with locations across the United States. Some of the most popular items you can find include food, household goods, seasonal decor and party supplies.

4. Dollar Days

Dollar Days is a small local store that has been around for many years. It started out as a small toy store, but over time has expanded and now offers a wide variety of products. Most items on Dollar Days are sold for less than $10. The store is very friendly and helpful and the staff will be happy to assist you with your purchasing needs.

5. Five Below (Hollar Store)

One of the dollar tree similar companies is Five Below (Known as Hollar store), which is a great place to find a great deal on liquidation items. The website sells a lot of products that are no longer in their prime. The website sells a lot of items for less than $5.00, so it is no surprise that the website has a lot of items that are sold for more than $1.00.  It has an app that you can use to shop on your phone if you prefer shopping on mobile.

6. Wish

Listing dollar tree similar companies without Wish is not complete. It is another website where you can buy items for less than $5. The items on the Wish are all items that people have shared on social media. Unlike other stores like dollar tree online, which solicit items from people, Wish gathers items from social media. It is a very popular website, so a lot of items are listed here.

7. Dollar King

Dollar King has many items sold for less than $2. As the name suggests, almost all of the items on Dollar King are sold for $1 or less. You can get all sorts of items sold on Dollar King, including baby care products, hardware, reading glass, non-food snacks, and more. This website is one of the better places to buy your kids’ presents. It has a program called the “Dollar of the Month Club.” Customers can select a monthly spending amount and it will charge them this amount each month. If you select the $10 amount, they will charge you $10 every month. Each month you pay the full amount and every month you get to choose what you want to get your money’s worth.

8. Dollar Item

Dollar Item is a website that sells everything from backpacks and shoes to clothing and more. There are many categories to choose from such as clothing, shoes, and accessories. While some items are sold at a higher price at other stores like dollar tree, most items at Dollar Item are sold for $1 or less. If you are looking for an item that is not sold at other dollar tree similar companies, Dollar Item is a great website to check out. Additionally, this website has an app called the Dollar Item app that you can use to shop on your phone.

9. H&J Closeouts

H&J Closeouts is a store that sells items that are marked down to as low as $1. Because H&J Closeouts sells a large variety of items, you will most likely find something that you want to buy here. H&J Closeouts gained a good reputation online. If you are shopping at H&J Closeouts, you can be sure that you will get a good deal. However, make sure that you read the reviews to avoid a bad experience.

10. Family Dollar

One of the dollar general similar companies on our list is Family Dollar. Family Dollar has become synonymous with low-price products, but what sets them apart from Dollar Tree is that they also offer wide selection of food items and housewares. However, they also have a relatively large section of health and beauty items, so even though they are not the cheapest dollar stores, they have a lot more than Dollar Tree. In addition, Family Dollar offers two shipping options: UPS Ground & UPS Expedited. Expedited costs may be twice as high.

11. Cherrie

Cherrie is an online dollar store free shipping for some items and it focuses on health, fitness, beauty, and lifestyle products. Some of their bestsellers include the Skin Deep line of skincare, Essentia water, and a large selection of vitamins and supplements. This is a great store for someone looking to try new things that they wouldn’t find in mainstream stores.

12. JC Sales

JC Sales is a slightly off-beat online dollar store free shipping that’s best for unique items and bulk purchases. The categories include homes, like bathroom items and cleaning supplies, toys, and arts and crafts. A nice aspect of JC Sales is that you can get free shipping within the US, which is a great deal considering the lower prices and wide selection.

13. UBC

The small-scale, Canadian-owned UBC sells synthetic and natural clothing, shoes, and accessories. It’s one of the better online dollar tree similar companies that sell clothing, and its emphasis on quality and low prices can be felt in the selection. Items for men, women, and children are available. Free shipping is applied for orders of $40 or more. Otherwise, standard shipping is $5.95.

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