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12 Wholesale Stores Like Costco | Top Costco Competitors

Are you looking for wholesale stores similar to Costco where you can buy items in bulk? Costco is a popular membership warehouse club offering great deals on everything from groceries to appliances. But a Costco membership isn’t for everyone.

Luckily, there are many wholesale stores like Costco that provide similar bulk buying experiences without the membership fees. These Costco alternatives allow you to shop for bulk items at discounted prices.

Whether you want to stock up on household essentials or grab some holiday deals, these wholesale stores like Costco have you covered. In this post, we’ll explore 12 of the top places to buy in bulk that can serve as great Costco competitors.

stores like costco

12 Best Warehouse Costco Alternatives to Buy in Bulk

1. Kroger


Kroger is one of the largest supermarket chains in the US. While not a warehouse store, many of their locations have bulk sections. You can often find bulk dried foods, spices, candy, nuts, grains, and more sold by the ounce or pound.

It also runs frequent sales on popular bulk buys like paper towels, bottled beverages, and cleaning supplies. Many stores have their own bakeries, delis, pharmacies, and more. It does not require a membership fee to shop.

With over 2,700 stores across 35 states, it offers an accessible bulk buying experience. The grocer targets everyday shoppers seeking fresh foods and household essentials. Check your local Kroger for the best bulk selection.

Key Perks:

  • No membership fees
  • Bulk dry goods section
  • Frequent sales on popular bulk items
  • Large supermarket with expanded selections
  • Thousands of locations across the US

2. Target

‎Target store

From groceries and home goods to clothing, electronics, and more, Target is a one-stop shop with competitive pricing. They carries major national brands along with its popular private label brands like Good & Gather food items and Threshold for home essentials.

Many their stores have grocery sections with fresh produce, meat and dairy, frozen foods, packaged items, and household essentials. It also offers special daily discounts and promotions through its Cartwheel savings program.

In addition to groceries, it is known for apparel, home furnishings, toys, seasonal and holiday items, electronics, books, beauty products, and more. Most stores have pharmacy, optical, portrait studio, and cafe departments as well.

Redcard credit card holders get an extra 5% discount on all Target purchases. But no membership fee is required to shop at Target.

Key Perks:

  • Broad range of products from groceries to apparel/home goods
  • Competitive pricing and discounts through Cartwheel
  • In-store pharmacies, cafes, optical, photo studios
  • Redcard 5% discount with free store credit card
  • No membership fee

3. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s offers a unique assortment of grocery items at bargain prices. This popular specialty grocer is known for its creative private label foods, fun vibe, and small-format stores.

About 80% of their products are private label items exclusive to the chain. This includes organic and gourmet foods, snacks, frozen entrees, bakery and staples, wine and beer, health and beauty products, and seasonal specialties. Their buying power means great deals on unique food finds.

While the store has limited selections in each category, the constantly rotating inventory encourages regular shopping trips to discover new products. Items often have quirky packaging and humorous names adding to the lively, non-traditional Trader Joe’s shopping experience.

Key Advantages:

  • Unique, bargain-priced private label foods
  • Constantly changing selection of gourmet, organic, and fun finds
  • Smaller, lively neighborhood grocery store vibe
  • No membership fees or coupons required

4. Aldi

Aldi store

Aldi is a no-frills German discount supermarket chain known for its incredibly low prices on groceries and household essentials. Here, shoppers bag their own groceries and pay a quarter deposit to use a shopping cart. This cost-saving business model allows them to offer steep discounts more than some stores like Costco on the list.

Their items includes canned goods, freezer foods, snacks, dairy, bread, produce, and pantry staples. While selection is limited, you’ll find all the grocery basics you need for less.

Their stores are small, efficient, and sparsely decorated to keep costs low. Weekly ads and “Aldi Finds” special buy offers provide extra savings on foods, household items, home goods, and seasonal products. Like Trader Joe’s, it is owned by the same German parent company but operates independently.

Key Perks:

  • Discount prices on private label bulk items
  • Saves money by carrying limited product selection
  • Easy to shop smaller store layouts
  • No membership fees required

5. Tesco

Tesco store

Tesco is a leading grocer in the UK. But they operate a number of stores in Europe and Asia as well. Large Superstore and Extra locations offer robust bulk buying sections similar to Costco. Shop large pack sizes of groceries, household items, appliances, clothing, and more.

You can purchase bulk fresh foods like produce, meat, and bakery items. This Costco competitor also allows you to shop many non-food items in larger quantities. Take advantage of Multibuys promotions offering discounted prices when buying select products in bulk.

While limited in the US, it manages over 6,800 stores globally. It targets a wide range of shoppers looking for one-stop shopping convenience.

What Makes Them Popular

  • Huge selection of groceries and household items
  • International retailer with thousands of locations
  • Offers one-stop shopping convenience

6. Walmart

Walmart store

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer known for its Every Day Low Prices on a vast array of products. Supercenters carry everything from fresh groceries to home furnishings, electronics, clothing, toys, auto services, and more all under one roof.

The grocery sections at Walmart Supercenters rival most supermarkets in selection and value. Savings come from store brands like Great Value food along withRollback specials on name brands. An Online Grocery Pickup service allows shoppers to buy groceries online and pick up at the store for added convenience.

Beyond groceries, it is a top destination for apparel, home items, seasonal goods, outdoor equipment, electronics, books, toys, beauty products, pet supplies, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Key Perks:

  • Huge selection of brand name products
  • Unexpected deals on bulk packs
  • Grocery sections carry many family-sized options
  • Bonus Buy promotions on bulk quantities
  • One-stop shopping convenience

7. BJ’s


BJ’s is the closest competitor to Costco on this list. It operates as a membership warehouse club requiring paid annual fees to gain access to special deals. Shop a range of bulk groceries, general merchandise, appliances, electronics, and more.

Warehouse sizes are smaller than Costco allowing an easier shopping experience. You can still find 25-100 lb. units of foods along with jumbo packs of household items. It partners with popular brands to offer low member prices on bulk quantities.

With around 200 locations, it doesn’t have Costco’s reach. But it provides similar bulk buying experiences in a more manageable store design. Look into their membership if you want regular access to serious bulk deals.

What Makes Them Popular

  • Membership warehouse savings on bulk items
  • More manageable club sizes than Costco
  • Selection of grocery and general merchandise
  • Partners with big brands for bulk value
  • Carries many 25-100 lb. food units

8. Best Buy

Best Buy store

Best Buy is the top electronics retailer operating over 1,000 stores. While not a grocery or warehouse store, it allows bulk buying on entertainment and technology. Save buying multiple TVs, laptops, printers, appliances, and more for business offices or as gifts.

You can shop jumbo packs of electronics accessories like headphones, chargers, cables, and blank media. It offers delivery and installation services on large purchases. Their extensive tech support also assists bulk buyers before and after the sale.

It reaches tech-focused shoppers in need of audio, video, computing and smart home gear. Leverage its buying power when purchasing electronics in bulk quantities.

Key Advantages

  • Bulk discounts on TVs, laptops, appliances
  • Jumbo accessory packs
  • Free delivery and tech support
  • Caters to tech enthusiasts and gadget geeks
  • A top destination for electronics

9. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is Walmart’s version of a membership warehouse club. It offers many of the same bulk buying benefits like Costco. Shop bulk groceries, packaged snacks, household supplies, furniture, electronics, tires, and more.

You gain access to special members-only deals and discounted gas stations. It carries popular national brands along with Member’s Mark private label. Weekly promo codes offer extra savings on bulk quantities.

Nearly 600 Sam’s Club locations exist, mostly found in the southern and midwestern US. It attracts budget-minded families and small business owners seeking bulk items. It provides a solid Costco alternative if located conveniently near you.

Why Shop Here

  • Member prices on bulk quantities
  • National brands and private label items
  • Groceries, home goods, electronics, etc.
  • Discounted gas stations
  • Weekly promo codes for extra bulk savings

10. Sears

Sears store

Sears is an iconic department store synonymous with quality appliances and valued customer service. Many stores continue offering robust selections of merchandise that can be purchased in bulk.

Shop multiple fridges, washers, furniture sets, fitness gear, electronics and more for your home or business. Take advantage of flexible Sears financing and delivery options when buying big. You can also find jumbo packs of clothing basics and home essentials like socks, towels and bedding.

With around 40 full-line locations remaining, the company focuses on its strengths in appliances and apparel. The retailer retains loyalty among older generations. Leverage Sears’ stellar service when making large bulk purchases for your needs.

Key Perks:

  • Long-standing heritage retailer
  • Bulk discounts on appliances
  • Packaged deals on electronics and fitness gear
  • Jumbo packs of apparel and home basics
  • Flexible financing and delivery options

11. Home Depot

Home Depot

For home improvement projects, The Home Depot has the tools, materials, and expertise to rival any big box retailer. Savings come from direct commercial buying, incentive programs, and volume discounts.

This store has over 30,000 products across categories like appliances, lumber, flooring, paint, bath, kitchen, outdoor living, lighting, and more. You’ll have access to every major national brand along with Hampton Bay and Home Decorators Collection proprietary brands.

While this store like Costco doesn’t sell food or clothing, it’s the top destination for home remodeling, construction, decor, and repairs. Additional member benefits are available by joining a free Pro Xtra Loyalty program.

Whether you’re a DIYer, pro contractor, or anywhere in between, this competitor can supply your next household project or remodel. Shop online or in-store without any membership fees required.

Key Benefits

  • Building materials, power tools & lighting sold bulk
  • Contractor packs of hardware and supplies
  • Home services for large projects and renovations
  • Rental trucks for hauling bulky items
  • Appealing to home DIYers and building pros

12. PriceSmart


PriceSmart operates 40+ warehouse clubs across Latin America and the Caribbean. It provides membership bulk buying experiences similar to Costco. Shop large quantities of foods, home/garden supplies, electronics, tires, and more.

You can purchase bulk fresh produce, baked goods and other locally sourced foods. The store carries international brands along with private labels. Perks like Optical Centers and Gas Stations cater to members.

Though limited to select countries, It offers an affordable bulk buying option. Take advantage of discounted prices when traveling to Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Key Perks:

  • International version of warehouse clubs
  • Local foods and global brands in bulk
  • Huge deals on electronics and appliances
  • Member savings on gas, vision, and tires
  • Discount vacation shopping option


The bottom line is there are lots of excellent stores like Costco for bulk shopping savings. If a paid membership doesn’t make sense for your household, don’t sweat it. You can still find remarkable deals on groceries, clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics, home goods, and more at retailers like Walmart, and others without the yearly fees.

Smart shoppers have different Costco competitors to choose from. Compare selection, pricing, and special services across stores to find your own perfect fit. Mixing up your shopping trips across different retailers based on promotions and seasonal sales is a savvy way to maximize savings too. Don’t get stuck in a warehouse rut.

With an open mind and clever shopping strategy, you can thriftily stock up on everything your home needs each week without limiting yourself to one wholesale club.

FAQs About Costco

What types of items does Costco sell in bulk?

Costco sells a huge range of products in bulk including groceries, household goods, clothing, tires, appliances, electronics, office supplies, health and beauty items, jewelry, toys, furniture, and more. Almost anything you need for your home or business can be purchased in large quantities at Costco.

Does shopping at Costco really save money?

Yes, buying in the bulk quantities at Costco can translate to big savings compared to traditional retailers. The warehouse membership model allows discounted wholesale pricing. You also may reduce trips by buying more in one visit. Just be strategic in purchases and storage to avoid food spoilage.

What is Costco’s return policy for bulk buys?

One advantage of Costco is their generous return policy. Most items can be returned with receipt for a full refund anytime – even bulk buys. Some limitations exist for electronics, jewelry, etc. so review individual return policies for large purchases.

How does Costco delivery work for bulk items?

Costco offers delivery options for many furniture, appliance, and electronics purchases. Most food items must be transported yourself. For large orders, you can rent a truck or van from Costco for a flat daily rate which is convenient for transporting bulk purchases.

Should I choose Business or Gold Star Costco membership?

The Business membership costs $60 per year and gives access to discounts on business-specific bulk orders over $500. It can offer more significant savings for companies or individuals with large purchases. The Gold Star at $60 is sufficient for most personal households buying bulk groceries and home goods.

Can non-members or guests shop at Costco?

You must have an active paid membership to shop at Costco. However, members can bring up to two guests to accompany them on each visit. Guests cannot purchase items under the member’s account. If making regular bulk purchases, it works best to purchase an individual/household or business membership.

What food items does Costco sell in large quantities?

Some popular bulk food buys at Costco include condiments, baking ingredients, snacks, canned goods, coffee, tea, nuts, dried fruit, cereal, and candy. You can find jumbo packs or multi-unit bundles that offer big savings versus grocery stores when you stock up.

How do Costco’s bulk prices compare to other wholesale retailers?

As a membership warehouse club, Costco is tough to beat on bulk pricing much of the time. Competitors like Walmart and Kroger come close on certain staple items in terms of bulk value. But for the large pack sizes and quality brands that Costco carries, the prices create huge savings.

Are there limitations buying certain items in bulk quantities at Costco?

Yes, Costco implements some limits when members purchase extremely high volumes of products in short time periods. These safeguards ensure availability for other members. Limits most often apply to toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, milk, and other high demand items.

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