11 Wholesale Stores Like Costco

Costco is an excellent store for purchasing items in bulk. However, a large number of individuals are constantly searching for non-wholesale retailers to purchase surplus merchandise. Also, you can’t always get certain things at wholesale stores like Costco. For those things, you have to go to a store that sells them.

So, I’ve put together a list of some of the best stores similar to Costco where you can get everything you need. These stores have numerous locations around the United States, so you won’t have problems locating them and most of them operate online. And they also provide decent discounts.

11 Best Warehouse Costco Alternatives

1. Kroger

Kroger store offers a massive collection of products, which include household items, appliances and electronics. Besides, the products are of premium quality and come at attractive prices.

When it comes to shopping in warehouse stores like costco, the biggest worry is that you will have to pay a hefty membership fee. On the other hand, it is a store that offers membership free of charge. The only downside to this is that you have to wait for 30 days to get your first bag.

Apart from this, the store also offers the opportunity to be part of its Loyalty Rewards Program. This program rewards members with discounts and promos on a regular basis. You may have to pay a nominal fee to avail this benefit.


2. Target

In recent times, Target has become one of the best warehouse stores like Costco. They excel in the customer service and convenience factor.

Besides, it is one of the stores that offers same-day delivery of selected products.

Unlike in Costco where membership is often increased, but this store offers a flat fee for an entire year of membership. Besides, the membership offers a number of benefits.

You can buy everything including toys, clothes, food and even electronics.

3. PriceSmart

In Jamaica, PriceSmart is a discount retailer that offers a range of grocery, household, and pet care items.

It is a retailer that is exclusive to foodservice business owners. However, there are no member benefits specifically targeted toward foodservice business owners.

It offers a variety of benefits that are available to their customers

4. Aldi

Aldi German grocery store chain has been around since 1961 with its first store in Germany. It has more than 250 stores in over 15 countries. With a wide range of products, it is one of the best warehouse alternatives to Costco.

It offers products at lower prices, but also offers discounts on several items. The store offers a variety of products, from fresh-cut produce to frozen foods. It is a popular store for those who like to shop for groceries on a budget.

5. Jet

Jet (Jet Foods ) is a web-based retailing platform that is loved by customers for offering an easy way to shop for products online. You can explore the site and make purchases of any products you like. The store provides a wide range of products, including kitchen essentials, apparel and accessories, electronics, health and beauty products, toys, sporting goods and more.

It is not available in all states, and its selection is limited to some products. However, the service is a good one for people who are looking for the best deals on products. The company provides a wide range of coupons and promo codes for those who are planning to shop on the site.

6. Walmart

Walmart has a great range of products for pretty much any kind of need and they also offer great discounts on their products. Plus, you can buy stuff in bulk, from toys to laptops and appliances.

In fact, you can even have a huge range of products delivered to your home via their program Walmart To Go. This is a great way to save money and get stuff delivered to your home in bulk.

Walmart is one of the pretty popular stores like costco and you can find it in most states across the US.

7. Macy’s

Macy’s is one of the best places like Costco to buy some apparel. They have a whole lot of clothing and have a wide range of products available. One of the best things about Macy’s is that they have over 300 stores, so you can pretty much be sure to find one close to you.

8. Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the best Stores like Costco for electronics. They have some pretty good discounts on their product lineup and you can be sure to find the best quality electronics at the lowest prices.

Best Buy has over 2000 stores in the U.S., so you will not find any trouble finding them and also buying from them. These stores have all the best prices and the best selection of products.

9. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is Walmart’s discount store division. It is located in Bentonville, Arkansas near the small town Wal-Mart once called home too. It is a place where people can buy groceries, electronics, furniture, tools and sporting goods at a wholesale rate.

10. Sears

Sears is an American company that runs over 500 retail stores across the United States, Canada, Mexico & Puerto Rico. Headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. It offers a wide range of products under several categories including Automobiles, Computers, Clothing, Home & Furniture, groceries, Health & Beauty products, Home Appliances, Sporting Goods and a lot more.

11. BJ’s

BJ’s (also known as BJ’s Wholesale Club) is a renowned warehouse club in the United States. It was founded in 1984 and is based in Westborough, Massachusetts. Members can make use of an extensive selection of technological devices, jewellery, furniture, office supplies, sports and fitness equipment, and apparel to help them get organised, save money, and stay in shape.

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