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13 Brands & Stores Like Coldwater Creek for Women’s Wears

If you love Coldwater Creek’s classic, preppy styles but want to explore some other options for women’s apparel and accessories, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’ll be sharing my top picks for the best stores like Coldwater Creek.

As a fan, I’ve compiled a list of 13 brands and retailers that offer similar aesthetics, quality, and products. Whether you’re looking for essential versatile layering pieces, cute printed tunics, or chic jewelry, these stores have you covered. They cater to a variety of styles and budgets too.

So if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe beyond Coldwater Creek’s offerings, check out these great Coldwater Creek competitors for women’s clothing and accessories. Happy shopping!

Stores Like Coldwater Creek

13 Best Stores Similar To Coldwater Creek For Women’s Clothing & Accessories

1. Chico’s

Chico’s store

Chico’s is probably one of the most well-known alternatives to Coldwater Creek. This women’s clothing retailer caters to women over 40 with its comfortable, relaxed fashions in natural fabrics.

This similar store emphasizes easy, put-together outfits along with many versatile layering pieces. They’re especially known for their printed tunics, dresses, cardigans and pants.

The store also has a great selection of knit tops, tees, jeans, sweaters, jackets and more. Their unique jewelry and handbags are other popular purchases.

Key Benefits:

  • Caters to 40+ women
  • Relaxed, comfortable styles
  • Tons of versatile layering pieces
  • Great prints and patterns
  • Quality natural fabrics

2. Talbots

Talbots store

Another classic preppy brand is Talbots focuses on timeless, polished apparel for women. They carry a wide range of clothing from business casual workwear like blazers, pants and dresses to relaxed weekend attire like jeans, tees and sweaters.

It is big on neutrals like black, navy, tan and white but you can also find some nice jewel tones and pastels.

They also sell a variety of feminie accessories, shoes, handbags and jewelry. The quality and tailoring is superb. The company also has an e-commerce site at talbots.com with frequent promotions.

Key Benefits:

  • Timeless, classic styles
  • Lots of workplace appropriate attire
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Large selection of accessories

3. J Jill

J.jill store

J. Jill sells casual, comfortable clothing with a modern, minimalist aesthetic geared toward older women. They are among clothing stores that offers relaxed apparel in soft, high-quality fabrics designed to flatter women of all body types.

Their collection includes versatile separates like tees, cardigans, pants, skirts and dresses as well as loungewear, sweaters, outerwear and accessories. There is a focus on easy, relaxed fits meant for layering. The color palette sticks to versatile neutrals.

Key Benefits:

  • Caters to 40+ women
  • Soft, flowy styles
  • Artsy yet polished aesthetic
  • Frequent sales & reasonable prices

4. Wet Seal

Wet Seal store

Wet Seal is a trendy teen clothing brand that also offers stylish pieces for older women on a budget. The stores and website offer the latest fashion-forward apparel and accessories at affordable prices.

This clothing company collection includes trendy tops, graphic tees, jeans, leggings, dresses, sweaters, jackets and more. There is also a plus size range.

The accessories selection includes jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, sunglasses and other trendy pieces. New styles come in quickly to stay on top of current fashion.

While the quality might not be as good as premium brands, it’s decent for the low cost. They also has fun jewelry, handbags, shoes and accessories. Their huge selection of going-out clothes is especially popular.

Key Benefits:

  • Inexpensive, fast fashion
  • Massive selection of trendy styles
  • Great for going-out outfits
  • Cute accessories & shoes

5. Lulus

Lulus store

Lulus is an online boutique selling chic women’s clothing, shoes and accessories just like Coldwater Creek brand. They focus on pretty, feminine styles ranging from casual daywear to dressy going-out looks.

The apparel at Lulus emphasizes flattering silhouettes including fit-and-flare dresses, wrap styles, off-the-shoulder tops and wide-leg pants.

There is also a selection of bridal apparel and clothing for special occasions. Accessories include shoes, jewelry, handbags and beauty items.

The quality and details on their in-house designs really impress. And the prices are quite affordable, especially if you catch a sale. They also offer free returns in the U.S. and Canada.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable prices
  • Super feminine styles
  • Large dress selection
  • Free returns in US & Canada

6. Loft

Loft 1

Loft sells stylish yet comfortable clothing for women, offering versatile pieces fit for the office, weekends and everything in between. The aesthetic emphasizes soft fabrics and relaxed feminine styles.

The company collection includes pants, dresses, tops, cardigans, sweaters, outerwear and other wardrobe staples.

They have categories like loungewear, sleepwear, swimwear, maternity clothing and petite sizes provide options for women of all ages and needs. And also accessories like jewelry, scarves and handbags complete the looks.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable mid-range pricing
  • Lots of work and business casual attire
  • Versatile, polished styles
  • Petite and maternity ranges

7. Shopbop

Shopbop store

As one of the online stores, Shopbop stocks clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories from hundreds of designers for women. They offer elevated contemporary styles along with more edgy, fashion-forward pieces.

Their huge selection includes everything from sweaters, jeans and jumpsuits to dresses, swimwear and loungewear. While prices are on the expensive side, they frequently have sales. This alternative store is ideal for splurging on investment pieces and discovering new designers.

Key Benefits:

  • Massive designer selection
  • Elevated contemporary styles
  • Edgy options available
  • Frequent sales & deals

8. Shein

Shein store

Fast fashion company Shein is an online boutique selling a vast selection of super affordable women’s clothing reflecting the latest trends. New styles are constantly arriving to keep the inventory fresh and shoppers coming back.

Their selection includes everything from casual everyday wear like tees, jeans, sweaters and dresses to fancier clubwear and party dresses. Trendy accessories, shoes, jewelry and beauty items are also sold. Clothing sizes run from XS to 4X.

This online site ships from its warehouses in China to customers worldwide for free. The brand has grown a Gen Z fanbase thanks to its influencer marketing but also appeals to older women seeking fashionable pieces without breaking the bank.

Key Benefits:

  • Insanely cheap prices
  • New arrivals daily
  • All the latest trends
  • Huge range of products

9. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant store

Specializing in plus-size fashion, Lane Bryant sells stylish, well-made clothing in sizes 14-28. They offer lots of clothes for work, weekends and nights out including dresses, tops, pants, denim and swimwear.

The styles flatter fuller figures using elements like stretch fabrics and waist-cinching shapes. The aesthetic balances trendy and timeless pieces. Swimwear, accessories, shoes and perfume are also sold. Petite and tall plus sizes are available.

Their lingerie is also a customer favorite. While prices are a bit higher, they frequently have good sales and coupons available.

Key Benefits:

  • Caters to plus-size women
  • Wide range of clothing & lingerie
  • Consistent sizing with petite & tall options
  • Complimentary in-store styling

10. Nasty Gal

NastyGal store

Nasty Gal is an edgy e-commerce fashion brand selling clothes, shoes, accessories and vintage items with a cool, rebellious attitude. The styles mix feminine and masculine elements for a laidback, rocker chic look.

Their clothes have a vintage, boho vibe with a seriously sexy edge. You’ll find cool dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories.

They are among the stores similar to Coldwater Creek that is beloved for their unique dresses and killer going-out looks. Prices are cheap for the fun fashion you get. Just beware inconsistent sizing and quality since it’s fast fashion.

Key Benefits:

  • Cheap trendy fashion
  • Vintage, boho inspired styles
  • Amazing dresses & going-out looks
  • Cool edgy vibe

11. Coach Outlet

Coach Outlet store

At the Coach Outlet site and stores, you can shop previous season’s Coach bags and accessories at up to 70% off retail prices. They have a vast selection of Coach purses, wallets, sunglasses, jewelry, shoes and more.

The outlet also offers some apparel and gifts. While the deals are amazing, stock is limited so new merchandise comes in sporadically. But if you love the Coach brand, it’s absolutely worth a look. Sign up for emails to get notified of sales too.

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 70% off retail Coach prices
  • Huge selection of bags & accessories
  • Limited stock with frequent new arrivals
  • Email alerts for sales & coupons

12. Pretty Little Thing

PrettyLittle Thing store

Pretty Little Thing is a UK-based fast fashion e-tailer beloved for its seriously affordable going-out looks. They offer the latest trends along with clubwear and basics in sizes US 0-20.

It has tons of hot dresses, bodysuits, separates and swimwear. Just be mindful of inconsistent sizing and quality. But overall their fun, sexy styles can’t be beat for the incredibly cheap pricing. They also carry shoes, accessories and beauty products.

Key Benefits:

  • Super cheap party clothes
  • Trendy going-out styles
  • Bodysuits, dresses & swimwear galore
  • Sizes up to US 20

13. Missguided

Missguided store

Missguided is a UK-based online retailer marketing fast fashion apparel, footwear and accessories to young, trend-focused shoppers. The styles are daring, sexy and skin-baring, made for nights out on the town.

Their selection covers all needs from dresses, jumpsuits, jeans, basics and loungewear to shoes, bags and beauty.

Collections feature pieces with appliques, mesh details, vivid prints, and vibrant colors. Sizes range from XS-XL. Standard delivery is free.

They offer frequent sales bringing costs down even lower. Sizing does run small and quality can be hit or miss. But their massive selection is always up on the latest trends.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable fast fashion
  • Edgy party dresses & bodysuits
  • Massive range of trendy styles
  • Plus size options available


I hope this list helps you discover some great stores and brands that offer similar styles and products to Coldwater Creek. Each retailer has their own unique offerings so explore to find your perfect matches based on prices, quality, sizing and aesthetic preferences.

No matter your personal style and budget, there are now plenty of excellent stores similar to Coldwater Creek to suit your fashion needs as a sophisticated, discerning woman. The selection has never been better.


What is Coldwater Creek known for?

It is known for its classic, preppy women’s clothing and accessories with a focus on versatile layering pieces, prints, and natural fabrics. Their relaxed yet put-together styles appeal mainly to women over 40.

What is the typical Coldwater Creek customer like?

The typical Coldwater Creek customer is a woman over 40 with a classic, polished style who prefers comfortable, laidback clothing. She has more disposable income and appreciates quality and versatility when shopping.

What categories of products does Coldwater Creek sell?

It sells a wide range of products including dresses, tops, pants, skirts, sweaters, jackets, swimwear, shoes, jewelry, handbags, scarves and other accessories.

Does Coldwater Creek have sales or discounts?

Yes, it runs frequent sales, promos and special offers on their website and in stores. Sign up for emails and check the sales section to find deals.

Some of their most popular products include their printed tunics, cardigans, pants, dresses, tees, sweaters and versatile layering pieces like dusters and kimonos. Their jewelry is also a customer favorite.

Where are Coldwater Creek stores located?

It has stores throughout the United States concentrated mostly in midwestern and east coast states. They also operate some stores in Canada. Check their website for a store locator.

Is Coldwater Creek still available online?

Yes, the brand name and e-commerce website was acquired by new owners in 2015. Coldwater Creek currently operates as an online-only store at www.coldwatercreek.com.

What age range did Coldwater Creek target?

It marketed its clothing, accessories and home goods primarily to affluent women ages 35 and older.

What was Coldwater Creek’s product selection?

It was best known for its catalog of women’s apparel, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and home décor. Categories included clothing, swimwear, outerwear, loungewear, gifts and more.

What price range did Coldwater Creek merchandise fall under?

Coldwater Creek occupied the moderate to higher end of the pricing spectrum, with most items ranging from $50-$150 per piece.

Were Coldwater Creek clothes designed for older women?

Yes, Coldwater Creek specifically designed and marketed its clothing line for women 35 and over. The fits, styles and fabrics were chosen to flatter and appeal to this demographic.

Did Coldwater Creek have brick-and-mortar stores?

At its peak, Coldwater Creek had over 300 retail locations across the United States. The company closed all remaining stores in 2014 when they initially filed for bankruptcy.

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