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12 Brands Like Cartier For Jewelry | Top Competitors

Cartier’s storied legacy of fine jewelry and watches makes it the gold standard in luxury. But what if you desire Cartier’s sophisticated styles at more affordable prices? Or want to discover new high-end jewelry brands like Cartier with a similar aesthetic?

Fortunately, excellent alternatives to Cartier exist. In this post, we reveal 12 of the top jewelry brands similar to Cartier to add to your radar. From vintage-inspired to modern designers, these Cartier competitors offer comparable glamour across a range of budgets.

Brands Like Cartier

12 Best Brands Similar To Cartier for Jeweler & Watchmaker

1. Zales

Zales store

Founded in 1924 and headquartered in Texas, Zales is one of the largest jewelry retailers in the United States. With over 700 stores, it focuses on diamond jewelry, engagement rings, and wedding bands.

They offers a similar luxury shopping experience to Cartier. You can expect excellent customer service in an upscale boutique environment. Designs range from modern to classic.

While not haute couture, the brand provides quality gold and diamond jewelry at more affordable prices than Cartier. It’s ideal for those desiring the high-end shopping experience on a moderate budget.

Key Advantages

  • Wide selection of fine diamond jewelry
  • Engagement rings and wedding bands
  • Affordable luxury
  • Excellent customer service

2. Swarovski

Swarovski store

Known for its brilliant cut crystal, Austrian brand Swarovski delivers luxury accessories priced lower than the Cartier brand. Founded in 1895, Swarovski offers jewelry, figurines, home décor, and chandeliers.

Swarovski’s jewelry selection includes earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Designs range from classic to modern with many colorful, whimsical styles. Popular motifs include hearts, flowers, animals, and crystals.

While they lacks the precious metals and gemstones of Cartier, its crystal jewelry sparkles with quality and style. As a similar brands, this store delivers an affordable alternative for crystal jewelry lovers.

Key Advantages

  • Colorful, whimsical crystal designs
  • Affordable luxury jewelry
  • Wide selection of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets

3. Pandora


Pandora is loved for its customizable charm bracelets, but the Danish brand also has lovely finished jewelry. Their collections include hand-finished rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets made from sterling silver, 14K gold, and stones.

The designs have a youthful, feminine aesthetic with delicate detailing. Their affordable luxury jewelry has the polished, upscale look of Cartier pieces. Their selection offers similar styles from dainty to statement at lower prices.

The brand provides customizable, high-quality jewelry at reasonable prices. It appeals to younger shoppers wanting a personalized jewelry experience to brands similar to Cartier.

Key Advantages

  • Customizable charm bracelets
  • Hundreds of charms for all interests
  • Affordable sterling silver jewelry
  • Thoughtful gift giving

4. Catbird

Catbird store

For unique jewelry with an artistic vibe, check out Catbird. This Brooklyn-based brand offers feminine, minimalist designs inspired by fretwork and cast jewels.

The brand selection includes engagement rings, stackable rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in yellow, white, and rose gold. Many pieces incorporate unusual shapes like stars, lightning bolts, and cat’s eyes. Delicate chains and tiny diamonds add sophistication.

Shoppers wanting something different from Cartier’s classic elegance will appreciate Catbird’s modern, youthful aesthetic. They also offer handcrafted pieces with an urban sensibility.

Key Advantages

  • Unique, artistic jewelry
  • Handcrafted in Brooklyn
  • Stackable rings
  • Minimalist feminine designs
  • Yellow, white, and rose gold

5. Mejuri

Mejuri store

For affordable everyday luxury jewelry brands, check out Mejuri. This Toronto-based brand offers feminine, delicate pieces for all occasions.

They specializes in gold and diamond jewelry including necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and anklets. Designs range from bold hoops to dainty layering necklaces. Most items cost $100-$500, significantly lower than Cartier.

Mejuri’s direct-to-consumer business model eliminates middlemen costs. This allows the company to offer fine jewelry at entry-level luxury prices. Pieces come elegantly packaged making them ideal gifts.

Key Advantages

  • Fine everyday jewelry
  • Gold and diamonds
  • Affordable pricing
  • Layering necklaces and stackable rings
  • Excellent for gifts

6. Blue Nile

Blue Nile store

Online jewelry giant Blue Nile offers customization with prices competiting with fine retailers like Cartier. Shoppers can build their own ring, choosing the setting, diamond, and metal.

Beyond engagement rings and wedding bands, Blue Nile offers a full selection of fine jewelry. Options include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants in white, yellow, and rose gold. Gemstone and diamond pieces provide sparkle and sophistication.

For high quality custom jewelry delivered directly to your door, it is a great option. The online experience and lower prices provide an affordable Cartier alternative.

Key Advantages

  • Build your own engagement ring
  • Full selection of fine jewelry
  • Customization options
  • Online ordering with free returns
  • Lower prices than Cartier

7. Studs

Studs store

Studs offers fun, affordable everyday earrings reminiscent of Cartier’s iconic designs. Based in New York City, Studs curates cool, eclectic earrings starting at $30 a pair.

The brand is specializes in unique stud earrings in a range of styles. Choose from diamonds, pearls, crystals, enamel, rainbow, funky shapes, and varied metals. Collections are constantly changing for a trendy look.

For those wanting to emulate Cartier’s chic earring aesthetic at budget prices, Studs is perfect. The earrings make great gifts too.

Key Advantages

  • Low cost trendy earrings
  • Constantly changing collections
  • Range of metals, diamonds, pearls, crystals
  • Variety of stud shapes and sizes
  • Ideal gifts

8. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth store

San Francisco-based Brilliant Earth specializes in ethical, conflict-free fine jewelry. It offers extensive online customization for engagement rings and other jewelry.

Available in 18k gold, platinum, and sterling silver, many pieces incorporate GIA certified diamonds. Designs range from classic solitaires to unique modern shapes. Gemstone pieces with sapphires, emeralds, and moissanites are also available.

This similar brand adheres to responsible and sustainable practices in creating stunning pieces. For quality jewelry with a conscience, it’s an excellent Cartier alternative.

Key Advantages

  • Custom engagement rings and jewelry
  • Ethical, conflict-free
  • 18k gold, platinum, sterling silver
  • Diamonds, gemstones
  • Classic to modern styles

9. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co

Iconic American jeweler Tiffany offers a similar prestige and name recognition to Cartier. Founded in 1837, Tiffany pioneered six-prong diamond solitaire engagement rings.

Tiffany carries extensive collections of fine jewelry featuring diamonds, gold, sterling silver, and gemstones. Signature blue boxes make Tiffany jewelry a coveted gift. This alternative brand symbolizes refined, timeless luxury.

From elaborate diamond necklaces to dainty gold bracelets, Tiffany provides Cartier-quality jewelry in classic and contemporary styles. Expect exceptional craftsmanship and customer service.

Key Advantages

  • Historic luxury jeweler
  • Diamond solitaires and fine jewelry
  • Precious metals, gemstones
  • Signature Tiffany blue boxes
  • Excellent customer service

10. Chopard


These two powerhouse brands have a lot in common – Swiss heritage, prestige, and exquisite craftsmanship. Chopard designs stunning jewelry and Swiss watches worn by celebrities worldwide.

While influenced by founder Louis-Ulysse Chopard’s lifelong appreciation of art and beauty, it maintains a dedication to sustainability and ethics. Their classic jewelry pieces with diamonds, rubies and emeralds rival Cartier in quality and prestige.

For luxury timepieces and jewelry of Cartier’s caliber, it is a superb choice. Both brands excel at transforming precious metals into enduring elegance.

Key Advantages

  • Swiss-made luxury watches
  • Men’s and women’s styles
  • Leather and metal watch straps
  • L.U.C premium mechanical watches
  • High-end jewelry
  • 18k gold, diamonds, pearls

11. Missoma

Missoma store

London-based Missoma offers fashion-forward jewelry and hair accessories at lower price points than Cartier. Collections feature gold vermeil, gold plate, and sterling silver.

Their trendy designs include earcuffs, chokers, bangles, hoops, demi-fine rings, and hair clips. Stones include pearl, rhodonite, and turquoise. The vibe is a youthful, playful luxury.

For of-the-moment jewelry styles, Missoma provides quality craftsmanship without the Cartier price tag. Pieces effortlessly transition from day to night.

Key Advantages

  • On-trend gold and silver jewelry
  • Ear cuffs, chokers, bangles, rings
  • Pearls, rhodonite, turquoise, crystals
  • Playful, youthful designs

12. Ben Bridge

Ben Bridge store

Seattle based Ben Bridge specializes in luxury watches, bridal jewelry, and gifts. Founded in 1912, the company focuses on delivering quality jewelry along with excellent customer service.

Ben Bridge’s varied selection includes modern and vintage watches, diamond bracelets, pearl necklaces, and precious gem jewelry. Engagement rings and wedding bands are also available.

For those wanting Cartier quality combined with Pacific Northwest hospitality, Ben Bridge is a great local choice. Their non-commissioned sales staff provides a relaxed luxury shopping experience.

Key Advantages

  • Fine jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands
  • Modern and vintage watches
  • Diamonds, pearls, precious gemstones
  • Pacific Northwest local business
  • Outstanding customer service


While no brand can truly match the pedigree and prestige of Cartier, many excellent jewelers offer comparable quality and craftsmanship. From timeless classics to contemporary designers, Cartier’s competitors provide appealing options across a range of styles and budgets.

For those desiring Cartier’s sophisticated elegance at friendlier price points, brands like Zales, and more offer affordable alternatives.

So next time the Cartier craving strikes, remember you have fabulous options. With so many jewelry stores & brands like Cartier, you can discover beautiful new pieces while appreciating the best of Cartier’s legacy.


What is Cartier most famous for?

Cartier is most famous for its luxury watches and elegant jewelry, including its iconic Tank and Santos watches. It also created famous jewelry pieces like the Cartier LOVE bracelet.

Is Cartier better than Tiffany?

Cartier and Tiffany offer comparable prestige and quality when it comes to jewelry and watches. Cartier has a longer history as a luxury brand, while Tiffany tends to be more affordable. Ultimately personal preference will determine if Cartier or Tiffany is better for an individual shopper.

Where are Cartier diamonds sourced from?

Cartier sources its diamonds ethically and responsibly. Its diamonds come from suppliers who are part of the Kimberley Process to eliminate blood diamonds. Sources include Botswana, Canada, Namibia, Russia, and South Africa.

Why is Cartier so expensive?

Cartier’s high prices reflect its use of premium materials like platinum, gold, and diamonds crafted into intricate designs. As a luxury brand, exclusivity enables Cartier to command higher prices. Its rich heritage and skilled artisans also contribute to its expensive, prestigious reputation.

What is Cartier’s most expensive watch?

Cartier’s most expensive watch ever sold was the Rotonde de Cartier Grande Complication Skeleton Watch, which has a price tag of $2.8 million. Made of platinum, it contains a high complexity mechanical movement. Only five were produced.

Who owns Cartier?

Cartier is owned by Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, a Swiss luxury goods holding company. Richemont purchased Cartier in 1964. While Cartier operates independently, Richemont provides financial oversight.

Does Cartier use real diamonds?

Yes, Cartier utilizes high-quality real diamonds sourced through ethical practices. It employs master diamond setters to transform raw diamonds into stunning jewelry pieces. Cartier does not use synthetic or simulated diamonds.

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