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Before we dive through some of the top stores like Hot Topic, let’s take a glance at the history! What was once a hot topic and how far it has progressed! Let’s get started!

Online Stores Like Hot Topic


What is Hot Topic

Hot Topic first opened its doors in 1988. Even though it was then a small store, it soon expanded across the country. Over time, Hot Topic has become a very well-known store.

No matter what your interests are, you’re likely to find something at Hot Topic that appeals to you. The store has something for everyone, and it’s constantly expanding its inventory to keep up with current trendy clothes.

Top 14 Online Clothing Shops Like Hot Topic

So, here is the list of our stores similar to hot topic to give a try. Most of these shops offer free shipping on some orders and the shipping might also be global.

1. Zaful


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Zaful is a store that is pretty much similar to Hot Topic. Both the stores are based out of the US. However, Zaful is a bit more trendy and has a bit more of a higher-end selection. The tagline “The best in fashion at your fingertips” is what Zaful says. This is a store that caters to fashionistas.

2. Zara

Zara is a big Spanish fashion store that’s very popular in the UK and not available in all countries. I would suggest coming here if you want to pick up some trendy yet affordable clothing. Even if you’re not looking to shop for clothes, the shopping system is just as cool as the clothes.

3. Zulily


Zulily is a different kind of store. Instead of being a place to go for trendy items, but is a place to go for practical ones. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to wear and won’t make you look like a total slob, this is the place to be. They offer a great variety of items that are inexpensive and well-made. If you’re looking for items that will help you feel more confident and comfortable.

4. Yandy


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Yandy is another company that offers a great selection of fashion for nonconformist. It is a store that caters to women of all ages, from the mommy blogger to the college student. It has everything from the chic to the casual. The only problem that you’re likely to run into is that the store is fairly new. That means the selection might be limited but still need to be explored as other stores like hot topic. They also provide free shipping on orders above $80.

5. Too Fast

Too Fast has a quirky vibe that’s so unique that it’s hard to pinpoint where it comes from. It’s like a combination of a brand that’s rooted in alternative fashion and a brand that’s a part of mainstream fashion. It has a pretty solid collection of streetwear. This includes a variety of graphic T-shirts, hoodies, and snapbacks. What are you still waiting for, you the above link to explore more about this shop like hot topic.

6. Free People

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You can’t talk about stores like hot topic alternatives fashion without mentioning Free People. The brand is all about freedom and individuality. You know the saying ‘You’re only as free as your next purchase,’ well, Free People is the place to shop that’s synonymous with freedom. The brand is a go-to for those who want to feel good about how they dress. You can find the hippest, most unique pieces on the store.

7. Boohoo


Boohoo is funky. The store is so popular because it makes good products that help you feel comfortable with your body and clothes. When you want to look trendy, consider shopping on this store. These online shops like hot topic sell funky, cool designs that appeal to both men and women.

Therefore, next time you’re out shopping for a unique, pop culture-inspired outfit, you may want to stop by, as the prices at Boohoo are usually cheap.

8. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

If you’re looking for stores similar to hot topic, with one that offers more of a boutique feel, Urban Outfitters will be the brand you want to shop at. And we’re not just talking about the urban look. They offer a variety of clothing choices, from casual to formal, depending on your taste. If you want an outlet to express your style, Urban Outfitters is your top choice.

9. Killstar

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Killstar is all about bringing the unconventional to the mainstream. The brand is all about the fashion of the past and the future. Yes, you read that right. It’s a brand that’s all about the fashion of the future.

The brand knows it specializes in clothes that are cute, provocative, or downright spooky. You’ll probably love the brand if you like cute, provocative, or downright spooky. If you know what I mean.

10. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is actually a Japanese brand, but they’re no stranger to American consumers, thanks to their affordable and stylish clothing. They have a wide selection of streetwear, alternative fashion and even a few pop culture tees, all at decent prices. They sell anything from suits and business casual wear to pop culture-inspired t-shirts.

11. Grindstore

Grindstore is a great alternative to shops like hot topic and good for those people looking for music-related clothing and accessories. They carry a wide variety of items, including everything from graphic tees and band merch from a variety of genres to a full range of alternative fashion.

There’s everything from band merch to superhero paraphernalia, video games and anime, along with a huge array of gifts and other merchandise.

12. Chic Me

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Chic Me is a reputable online store that is among the best alternative stores like Hot Topic. If you’re looking for apparel and accessories, Chic Me is a good choice. They offer a wide range of items for women. You’ll find comfortable clothing and accessories for all occasions. Chic Me offers a large selection of quality products. Their prices vary on all items. You can obtain the apparel and accessories you need at low prices. If you’re looking for alternative stores similar to hot topic, this is another great store to check out.

13. 80sTees

80sTees is another store that offers a huge variety of clothing and other accessories. It has been around for a long time and has a good collection of vintage, retro, and classic clothing collections. There is a decent selection of items and they sell a good range of clothing for women and men. There are regular special offers, discounts, and sales in the store making it a good place to shop.

14. The RealReal

RealReal is a clothing store that is also a fashion brand. You can get high quality, trendy and classic clothing at attractive prices. They have a huge assortment of clothing for men and women. You can find a wide variety of different styles and colours. They have regular sales and promotions that keep the prices low.


Now that you know about the different types of stores like hot topic, it’s time to shop on those websites.

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