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13 Brands Like Tory Burch | Top Tory Burch Competitors

As a fashionista, you likely already know Tory Burch for its iconic designer bags, shoes, and accessories. But what other brands like Tory Burch offer that same upscale bohemian style at a similar price point?

I scoured the web to uncover the top 13 stores like Tory Burch, focusing on brands that exude the same luxurious yet laidback vibe. Whether you’re looking for cute flats, designer sunglasses, monogrammed tote bags, or boho-chic dresses, these Tory Burch alternatives have you covered.

Keep reading to discover my picks for the best Tory Burch competitors!

Brands Like Tory Burch

13 Clothing Sites & Stores Like Tory Burch for Fashion Lovers

Join me as we dive into the 13 best stores and sites like Tory Burch. Get inspiration to update your wardrobe while still channeling that polished, put-together vibe. Let’s explore fabulous options beyond this iconic American brand!

1. Kate Spade

Kate Spade store

Kate Spade is one of the top brands like Tory Burch, with a similar preppy-chic style and bold, colorful designs. Known for its handbags, they also makes clothing, shoes, jewelry and home decor. It has a fun, playful vibe with signature spade logos and prints.

Kate Spade is an American brand launched in 1993. It ships worldwide and does free shipping and returns in the US. Kate Spade has an online sale section with items discounted up to 75% off. Its target audience is women in their 20s-40s.

Popular products include the Sam bag, loafers, and statement earrings. The brand is popular for its crossbody bags, accessories and phone cases. People love the store for its whimsical style that’s still refined and ladylike. It’s a more affordable alternative to Tory Burch.

Key Benefits:

  • More playful, quirky aesthetic
  • Lower prices than Tory Burch
  • Cute bags, shoes and accessories
  • Great options for gifts
  • Affordable luxury

2. Fossil


Fossil is globally known for its watches and leather goods. But it also has a robust clothing and accessories collection for women and men. The brand has a casual preppy style similar to Tory Burch.

Fossil started in 1984 and ships worldwide. It offers fast free shipping and easy returns. The brand frequently has sales up to 50% off. Its target audience includes adults of all ages.

Some of their top selling products include watches, handbags, wallets, shoes, jewelry and small accessories. Fossil is especially popular for its variety of watch styles for both men and women. People love them for the quality craftsmanship and versatility of its products.

Key Perks:

  • High quality materials
  • Trendy watch designs
  • Affordable prices
  • Products for men and women
  • Sleek, modern style

3. Michael Kors

Michael Kors store

Known for luxury handbags and accessories, Michael Kors has a similar aesthetic to Tory Burch but with more glamour. Its clothing, shoes, jewelry and home goods have a luxe, jet-set vibe.

Michael Kors is an American fashion brand founded in 1981. It offers fast shipping and returns, and frequent sales throughout the year. The target audience is women ages 25-50.

Popular products include the Hamilton handbag, aviator sunglasses and trench coats. Michael Kors is especially beloved for its handbags in signature MK prints. Fans love the stylish, high-quality designs with runway flair.

Why Shop Here:

  • Luxe, high-fashion aesthetic
  • Trendy handbags and accessories
  • Sleek styles with pops of glam
  • Versatile pieces for everyday
  • Jet set, globetrotter vibe

4. Coach

Coach bag

Coach is known for its high-quality leather bags as well as shoes, ready-to-wear fashion, accessories and fragrance for women and men. Like Tory Burch, it has a signature logo print and offers classic American luxury styling on everything from tote bags to loafers. The brand is best known for its leather crossbody bags, backpacks, wallets, and luggage featuring its iconic monogram print.

They offers free shipping and returns in the US. It runs frequent sales and promotions especially around the holidays. The target market is men and women aged 25-45. Some of the most popular products are its canvas and leather crossbody bags, logo shoes like sneakers and loafers, and the Rexy dinosaur motif.

Key Advantages:

  • Timeless, classic styles
  • Durable leather goods
  • Signature logo details
  • Accessible luxury price points
  • Items for both men and women

5. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion house known for leather goods, ready-to-wear and accessories. It has a polished, Parisian aesthetic similar to Tory Burch.

Established in 1854, Louis Vuitton ships select items worldwide for free. It has an invite-only VIP program for exclusive offers and early access to sales. The target audience is older millennials and Gen X with higher incomes.

Louis Vuitton is most famous for its iconic monogram handbags and luggage. Other popular products include scarves, sunglasses and shoes. LV has an elite status and timeless sophistication that fans adore.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Legendary history and craftsmanship
  • Luxurious, high quality materials
  • Classic monogram and Damier prints
  • Investment pieces that retain value
  • Travel-inspired, Parisian chic style

6. Moncler


Moncler is a French-Italian luxury fashion label known for its outerwear and ski apparel. This store like Tory Burch has a polished, preppy aesthetic. But Moncler adds more edge and innovation to its designs.

The store was founded in 1952 near the French Alps. It offers standard shipping and returns in the US and UK. The brand has seasonal sales up to 50% off and targets a fashion-forward clientele.

The iconic Moncler puffer jackets are a huge hit worldwide. Other popular products include sweaters, ski pants and boots. Fans love the brand for bringing high fashion to functional winter wear.

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative outerwear technology
  • Luxe details and fabrics
  • Preppy vibe with rebellious edge
  • Trendsetting ski-inspired apparel
  • Investment pieces that last for years

7. Burberry

Burberry store

Burberry is a luxury British fashion brand best known for its iconic trench coats and plaid print. It has a similar sophisticated style to Tory Burch but with more vintage English influences.

This brand similar to Tory Burch ships worldwide and offers standard returns. Discounts are usually 10-20% off. The target audience is older millennials and Gen X.

The trench coat and nova check print remain Burberry’s most popular items. Other top products include cashmere scarves, handbags and shoes. Fans love the heritage, quality craftsmanship and timeless elegance of Burberry.

Why People Choose Them:

  • Historic British legacy
  • Signature trench coats and plaid
  • Expert craftsmanship and fabrics
  • Classic, tailored aesthetic
  • Vintage sophistication and glamour

8. D&G

D&G store

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house offering sleek tailoring with Sicilian inspiration. Like Tory Burch, it provides polished versatile pieces for day or night. D&G is renowned for its flattering silhouettes, feminine floral prints, tailored menswear, and luxe embellishments like gold buttons and lace.

They offers free shipping and returns in the US. It rarely has sales outside of seasonal clearance. The target market is luxury shoppers ages 30-60 seeking glamorous Italian-made clothing and accessories.

Some popular products include its baroque floral dresses, sleek sunglasses, and statement jackets for men.

Key Perks:

  • High-fashion Italian designs
  • Daring styles with edgy flair
  • Opulent fabrics and embellishments
  • Feminine silhouettes and luxe details
  • Sexy, bold aesthetic

9. Chanel

Chanel store

Chanel is among the iconic high-fashion luxury brands like Tory Burch known for its quilted handbags, little black dresses, and No. 5 perfume. It has a similar feminine and polished aesthetic to Tory Burch.

The brand is best known for its signature quilted leather bags, luxury watches, and fine jewelry featuring pearls and its interlocking C logo.

This company offers free shipping and returns though rarely holds sales or discounts. Its audience is ultra-luxury shoppers wanting to invest in timeless pieces.

The most coveted products include the 2.55 quilted flap bag, Classic Flap bag, Boy bag, and Chance perfume. Customers choose Chanel for the sophistication, Parisian elegance, and instantly recognizable brand cachet.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Unrivaled Parisian elegance and history
  • Iconic designs like the Chanel suit
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Highest quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Timeless investment pieces

10. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a major American fashion store similar to Tory Burch known for its modern, minimalist aesthetic. While sportier than Tory Burch, Calvin Klein also has polished apparel and accessories.

Launched in 1968, Calvin Klein ships worldwide and offers free returns in the US and UK. Sale items are discounted up to 50% off. The target audience ranges from young adults to professionals.

They are hugely popular for its underwear and denim lines. Other bestselling products include fragrances, t-shirts and accessories. Fans love the sleek, contemporary style at accessible price points.

Key Advantages:

  • Iconic, globally recognized name
  • Minimalist, modern aesthetic
  • Premium denim and underwear
  • More affordable price points
  • Sleek, sporty American style


CUYANA brand

Cuyana is an emerging sustainable fashion brand offering modern, minimalist designs for women. Its structured, feminine styles are similar to Tory Burch but with more neutrals.

Founded in 2013 in San Francisco, Cuyana focuses on quality over quantity and ships worldwide. It offers standard shipping and returns in the US. The clothing company’s target audience is professional women ages 28-45.

Their products include leather totes, cashmere sweaters, and silk shirts. Lovers love the versatility and effortless feel of the pieces. Cuyana is a great option for elegant, ethical fashion.

Key Benefits:

  • Sustainable materials and transparent production
  • Versatile, minimalist silhouettes
  • Neutral color palette
  • High quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Elegant, timeless pieces

12. Gucci


Gucci is an iconic Italian luxury fashion brand known for bold, glamorous styles. While Gucci has an edgier look than Tory Burch, the two share polished, upscale aesthetics.

Founded in 1921 in Florence, Gucci ships globally and has seasonal sales up to 50% off. The target audience is fashion-forward women and men.

Gucci’s clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories are hugely popular worldwide. The ‘GG’ monogram and red and green stripe are signature Gucci details. .

Why People Choose Them:

  • Historic Italian luxury house
  • Standout designs with bold details
  • Innovative fashion pioneer since the 1920s
  • Luxe materials like fine leathers, silks and cashmere
  • Elite, cutting-edge style status

13. Ganni

Ganni store

Ganni is a contemporary Danish fashion label popular for its quirky Scandinavian style. While less preppy than Tory Burch, Ganni also offers feminine statement pieces.

Established in 2000 in Copenhagen, Ganni ships select items worldwide and has sales up to 50% off. Its target demographic is younger millennials and Gen Z.

Ganni’s dresses, tops and accessories are Instagram favorites. The brand is especially known for fun prints and bold colors.

Key Advantages:

  • Playful, trendy Scandinavian styles
  • Prints, patterns and color
  • Sustainably focused business model
  • Unique silhouettes and details
  • Relatable, influencer-loved brand


There you have it – 13 amazing stores & brands like Tory Burch that offer their own unique take on chic, refined style. Whether you love the preppy polos and loafers, edgy embellished gowns, or Parisian sophistication, these brands give you quality alternatives.

Finding your new favorite fashion label comes down to your personal taste.

The next time you need an elegant new outfit or accessory, explore these Tory Burch competitors. Discover everything from classic leather handbags to daring statement designs from legendary couture houses and contemporary brands.

Thanks for joining me on this fashion journey beyond Tory Burch. Which brand’s aesthetic and ethos most grabbed your attention? Let me know if you have any other chic labels I should check out next!

Happy shopping for your refined new wardrobe essentials.

FAQs About Tory Burch

What is Tory Burch known for?

Tory Burch is known for its preppy, polished aesthetic on clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories for women. Signature design details include the double-T logo, color blocking, grosgrain trim and decorative buttons.

When was Tory Burch founded?

Tory Burch was founded in 2004 by American fashion designer Tory Burch in New York City. It rapidly grew into a global luxury lifestyle brand.

Where are Tory Burch products made?

Tory Burch works with manufacturers around the world. It produces items in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia. All factories must meet the company’s social responsibility standards.

The Tory Burch Miller sandal is the brand’s #1 bestselling product. These simple leather sandals with the iconic logo have remained popular since 2004. Other customer favorites include the Fleming bag and Gemini link tote.

Does Tory Burch offer sales?

Yes, Tory Burch has seasonal sales offering discounts up to 50-60% off original prices. The sales include popular handbags, shoes, clothing items and accessories in limited quantities. Sign up for emails to get early access to sales.

What is Tory Burch’s target demographic?

Tory Burch targets women ages 25-49 who appreciate accessible luxury fashion. The typical customer has a college education and upper middle class household income between $100k-$250k. She seeks effortlessly chic clothing and accessories.

Does Tory Burch offer free shipping?

Yes, Tory Burch provides free standard shipping within the continental US on all orders. For expedited and international shipping, additional fees apply.

What is Tory Burch’s return policy?

Tory Burch accepts returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase. Refunds are issued in the original payment form. Sale items can only be exchanged for another sale item. Simply begin the online return process to get your free return label.

Where are Tory Burch stores located?

Tory Burch operates over 250 retail stores across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Flagship locations include New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai. Store locators on the website help find a nearby boutique.

Does Tory Burch have an outlet?

Yes, Tory Burch has dedicated outlet locations in the US and Canada offering past season merchandise at discounted prices. The outlets frequently run additional promotions. Products sold at the outlet are specifically made for that channel and differ from retail boutiques.

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