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12 Best Suit Brands Like Brioni for Luxury Tailoring

Brioni sits at the apex of luxury suiting, bringing heritage Italian craftsmanship to modern power dressing. The precision fits, opulent fabrics and sharp silhouettes justify four-figure price tags.

While few brands rival Brioni quality, excellent alternatives exist for more reasonable budgets. I researched top suit suppliers curating exquisite fabrics, masterful construction and contemporary polish.

Below are 12 leading suit brands like Brioni if considered it lies beyond reach. Discover Italian tailoring across varying price points showcasing what finely made suiting can offer.

Brands Like Brioni

12 Best Suit Brands Similar To Brioni for Luxury Tailoring

1. Burberry

Burberry store

Burberry, a British fashion powerhouse, has etched its name in the realm of timeless sophistication. Renowned for its iconic trench coats, it extends its excellence to suits that encapsulate the essence of classic British tailoring.

Impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail define every stitch, making them a choice for those who seek enduring elegance.

From refined silhouettes to luxurious fabrics, each of their suit tells a story of heritage and refinement.

Key Perks

  • Resilient wool-silk fabric
  • Custom contrast details
  • Precision slim fits
  • Free shipping and returns

2. Kiton

Kiton store

Family-owned Neapolitan icon Kiton exemplifies Italian suiting prestige through luxurious fabrics, hand-sewn details and canvased construction. The process requires thousands of stitches executed with meticulous accuracy.

Their suits promise to uphold for decades or more with timeless versatility. Unwavering attention gets devoted to even hidden elements like inner lapels and pocketing. Expect luxury perfection.

Why Invest

  • Pinnacle Italian craftsmanship
  • Thousands of hand-sewn stitches
  • Heirloom-quality resilience
  • Fanatical attention to detail

3. Tom Ford

Tom Ford store

Tom Ford needs no introduction when it comes to quintessentially sharp power suiting. His precisely tailored jackets balance strong shoulders with a nipped waist for commanding polish.

From boardroom to soirée, this brand designs exude sophistication, allowing wearers to navigate the realms of style with confidence and flair.

The exquisite fabrics impress most, like the 14-ply cashmere. Real horn buttons add unique luxury along with satin linings. The overall perfection lacks rivals, justifying four-figure price tags.

Key Benefits

  • Strong sculpted shoulders
  • 14-ply cashmere and fine wool
  • Signature peaked lapels
  • Luxury horn buttons

4. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

When considering affordable luxury suiting, Hugo Boss suits check every box. The precise tailoring and fine wool fabrics rival the quality of brands triple the prices.

Modern slim and athletic cuts flatter most builds while allowing comfortable movement. Sustainability also remains a priority through eco-conscious fabrics.

What Makes It Great

  • Surprising construction for the cost
  • Flattering athletic cuts
  • High-quality wool blends
  • Sustainability initiatives

5. Hermès

Hermes store

Iconic French luxury house Hermès brings artisanal heritage to contemporary suiting made to move with the wearer. Unmistakable equestrian accents feature saddle-stitched lapels and stirrup lining.

The suits shine most through fabric innovation like naturally stretchy cashmere-silk.

For millionaires with manners. This brand caters to this jetsetter attracted by beauty and quality craftsmanship. Precious materials dignify their products while lively colors indicate playfulness.

Key Perks

  • Innovative stretch fabrics
  • Artisanal equestrian details
  • Complimentary customization
  • Matching accessories

6. Givenchy

Givenchy store

Edgy elegance. Givenchy fused these seeming opposites within their suits. Sharply structured shoulders complemented by soft Neapolitan details embody this dynamic. A penchant for black adds mystery.

Meant for the uptown rebel. It is designed for the gentleman drawn towards darker, daring aesthetics without abandoning refinement. Dramatic styling choices satiate men seeking to stand out subtly.

Why People Love It

  • Contemporary utilizing edge
  • Relaxed urban tailoring
  • Inventive alternative suit style
  • Generous sales promotions

7. Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent store

Saint Laurent, the epitome of Parisian chic, presents suits that embody elegant minimalism. With sleek and timeless designs, their suits are crafted for those who appreciate a refined and understated style.

Each suit is a nod to the brand’s commitment to sophistication, allowing wearers to effortlessly exude the charm of Parisian fashion in every stride.

Key Perks

  • Slim rock star tailoring
  • Resilient wool blazers
  • Edgy printed shirts
  • Just enough polish

8. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana store

When we speak of luxury and unapologetic extravagance in suiting, Dolce & Gabbana sits at the zenith of Italian fashion.

The brand embodies an ethos of Mediterranean elegance blended with modern sensuality. Wearing their suit is not just about adorning oneself in fabric; it’s an experience that channels the wearer’s inner confidence and flamboyance.

The brand’s tailoring, known for its meticulous attention to detail and use of luxurious materials, ensures that every suit is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Why So Popular

  • Ornately textured fabrics
  • Complementary collections
  • Tailoring steeped in tradition
  • Contemporary Italian swagger


ASOS store

While obviously more affordable than runway labels, ASOS Design suits overdeliver quality starting around just $120 with surprising wool fabric resilience. Contemporary cuts cater to slim and athletic guys.

The range includes fresh alternatives like patterned dinner jackets, floral suits and pastel hues.

Key Perks

  • Well-made wool suits under $150
  • Trend-driven colors and prints
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Extensive fit range

10. Valentino


Valentino optimizes Italian luxury through suits cut close for a sleek silhouette made to move with the wearer. Wool and cashmere mixes maintain softness while retaining structure. Beautiful hand-finished buttonholes exemplify quality craftsmanship.

The standout pieces feature their signature studded heels and vibrant red hue. Expect perfect versatility from office to opera. Shop sales for best value.

Why People Invest

  • Soft wool and cashmere
  • Hand-finished buttonholes
  • Precision layering pieces
  • Sales up to 40% off


UK-based Reiss offers accessible luxury for the modern guy encompassing polished suit separates and smart-casual essentials. Signatures like the slim-fit blazer balance resilient fabric with contemporary versatility.

The banister slim-fit suit features performance stretch in a resilient wool blend. Lots of fresh colors add versatility along with patterned dinner jackets for events. Standard shipping is free.

Key Advantages

  • Resilient wool with stretch
  • Matching separates
  • Contemporary edits and colors
  • Free shipping

12. Prada


Iconic Italian fashion house Prada infuses heritage craftsmanship with futuristic edge through technical wool suits and experimental layered separates. The contrast feels entirely fresh.

Hand-stitched lapels, resilient wool fabric and leather accents maintain luxury excellence. Their suits promise versatile heirloom investment worth every penny. Shop end-of-season sales for best value.

Why People Invest

  • Hand-finished Italian craft
  • Technical wool innovation
  • Modern merging with tradition
  • Sales up to 50% off


Brioni remains the gold-standard for exquisite suiting. But alternative brands like Brioni exist to satisfy sartorial appetites.

Seeking superior fits or updated styling need not mean abandoning heritage brands altogether. Mixing established elegance with contemporary flair often proves most stylish.

So consider broadening your aesthetic horizons beyond familiar names. Your refined palette will surely discover fresh delight.

FAQs About Brioni

What makes Brioni suits so expensive?

Brioni justifies higher prices through quality wool fabrics, hand-stitched Italian craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail most brands skip to cut costs. The precision fits also flatter exceptionally well.

The Brioni tuxedo stands out as an icon in menswear. The Nicolò model exemplifies their tailoring ethos through resilient wool, a precision slim fit and timelessly versatile aesthetic.

Does Brioni ever offer discounts?

Yes. Brioni rarely advertises sales but the online outlet offers past season stock discounted up to 50% off. Their clearance section is also worth browsing for deals.

What collections does Brioni make besides suits?

Beyond Italian suiting, Brioni crafts luxury business casual separates, formal shoes, leather bags, silk ties, cufflinks, belts and other accessories to complement their tailoring.

How can you tell a Brioni suit?

Authentic Brioni suits feature excellent fabric quality, hand-stitched buttonholes, a signature lapel pin on the underside and quality control tags with serial numbers. Subtle hand-sewn accents also help identify real Brioni.

Why are Brioni suits worth the price?

For fans of heritage Italian craftsmanship, Brioni suits deliver unmatched precision, fabric innovation, versatility and resilience that upholds quality for decades or more. Every detail gets obsessively perfected.

What is Brunello Cucinelli similar to?

Brunello Cucinelli matches Brioni quality with Italian luxury craftsmanship and fabric innovation. The brand focuses more on casual suit separates and knitwear over formal wear though.

Does Brioni offer custom tailoring?

Yes. Brioni offers made-to-measure and full bespoke programs in select locations allowing personalized suits hand-tailored specifically for your body measurements with available custom fabrics and details.

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