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12 Brands Like Hermes | Top Hermes Competitors

Looking for upscale fashion brands similar to Hermes? This post explores top Hermes competitors and alternatives for shoppers wanting luxury quality at friendlier price points.

Whether your style is classic French elegance or edgy Italian flair, you can treat yourself to signature pieces without the stratospheric Hermes price tags.

Brands Like Hermes

Read on for 12 of the best high-end stores like Hermes that offer comparable craftsmanship and style for thousands less. From Prada’s polished accessories to Ralph Lauren’s refined Americana, discover new favorite luxury labels and iconic designer goods to take your wardrobe to the next level of sophistication.

12 Best Fashion Brands Similar To Hermes

Here are 12 of the top luxury fashion brands that are similar to Hermes:

1. Dior


Like Hermes brand, Christian Dior is one of France’s top luxury maisons. Dior is celebrated for its elegant haute couture, fine fragrances, and luxurious accessories.

The Lady Dior handbag has become a modern classic, with its quilted cannage pattern and elegant top handles. Dior’s clothing emphasizes femininity, refinement, and Parisian style.

While not inexpensive, Dior provides high quality and prestige at prices somewhat lower than Hermes. It’s a great competitor when you want to treat yourself to a taste of French luxury.

Key Benefits:

  • Fine Parisian craftsmanship
  • Iconic, elegant accessories
  • More accessible pricing than Hermes

2. Valentino


Valentino delivers Italian glamour with a dash of sensuality. Their dresses and gowns are perfect for making a dramatic entrance.

This Hermes competitor is known for their signature red hue, intricate lace details, and exquisite embroidery. Their Rockstud line of leather goods adds a hint of edge to their refined aesthetic.

For shoppers who want bold, head-turning luxury fashion, Valentino is a excellent choice to get the sophisticated Hermes vibe at lower prices.

Key Benefits:

  • Stunning Italian style
  • Signature Rockstud accessories
  • More affordable than Hermes

3. Prada


Known for innovative styles and impeccable quality, Prada is a leader in Italian fashion. Their handbags, shoes, and clothing have a polished minimalism to them.

Prada’s Saffiano leather is buttery-soft yet durable. Clean silhouettes and unexpected detailing give their designs a modern, luxurious appeal. Their prices are also lower than Hermes.

If you want to understated luxury with contemporary flair, Prada makes an excellent substitution for Hermes.

Key Benefits:

  • High-quality Italian craftsmanship
  • Sleek, modern aesthetic
  • Lower prices than Hermes

4. Balmain

Balmain store

This French fashion house was founded in 1945 and delivers bold, opulent styles favored by icons like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. Balmain is all about glitz, glamour and making a statement with heavily embellished dresses, strong shoulders, and skin-tight silhouettes.

Ideal for fashionistas who want to turn heads, Balmain offers ready-to-wear clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories. Their handbags feature edgy hardware and luxe materials like crocodile-embossed leather.

Key Benefits:

  • Bold Parisian style
  • Intricate embellishments
  • Lower prices than Hermes

5. Gucci


Gucci balances Italian craftsmanship with a jet-set luxury lifestyle. Their designs encompass everything from leather loafers to silk gowns.

Known for their interlocking G monogram and striped webbing, Gucci embodies casual glamour. Creative director Alessandro Michele has reinvigorated the brand with eclectic, vintage-inspired pieces.

Gucci offers shoppers quality construction and contemporary Italian chic. You can get the luxury experience at more wallet-friendly prices compared to other Hermes competitors on this list.

Key Benefits:

  • Italian craftsmanship
  • Distinctive monogram designs
  • More affordable than Hermes

6. Kenzo

Kenzo store

Founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, Kenzo celebrates free-spirited style with vivid prints, colors and textures. With a focus on ready-to-wear, this Hermes alternative offers easy-to-wear staples along with dramatic runway pieces.

Kenzo is perfect for those who love eye-catching fashion with a playful vibe. Signature items include printed sweatshirts, logo bags and the Tiger embroidered collection.

Kenzo incorporates bohemian influences and bold prints into its ready-to-wear collections. Both clothing and accessories celebrate creativity, world cultures, and youthful energy.

Key Benefits:

  • Vibrant, playful aesthetic
  • Bohemian inspiration
  • Lower price tags than Hermes

7. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

When you think luxury brands like Hermes for leather goods, Louis Vuitton likely comes to mind. Their monogrammed handbags and luggage are globally iconic.

While synonymous with French elegance, they offers prices that are less stratospheric than Hermes. Both brands use high-grade leather and quality textiles.

Louis Vuitton also has an association with travel and adventure that Hermes does not. Their designs encapsulate the thrill of exploration.

Key Benefits:

  • Legendary quality craftsmanship
  • Monogrammed accessories
  • Lower prices than Hermes

8. Brioni

Brioni store

Brioni is an Italian menswear house known for impeccable suiting. Founded in 1945, they brought Italian flair to custom tailoring.

To this day, Brioni is revered for garments made with exceptional fabrics and precise techniques. Customers also praise their polished, courteous service.

While still an investment, Brioni suits and sundries generally cost less than Hermes equivalents. They deliver fine Italian craftsmanship and personalized service for thousands less.

Key Benefits:

  • Expert Italian tailoring
  • Fine fabrics and construction
  • Lower prices than Hermes

9. Celine

Minimalism meets French elegance with Celine. Clean lines, muted color palettes, and effortless silhouettes define the brand’s aesthetic.

Under creative direction of Hedi Slimane, Celine has retained its core DNA while attracting a younger, edgier clientele. Their handbags and accessories have an understated allure.

If you want excellent Parisian craftsmanship coupled with contemporary styling, Celine makes an excellent substitute for pricier Hermes.

Key Benefits:

  • Sophisticated minimalism
  • Superb French quality
  • More affordable than Hermes

10. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren store

Ralph Lauren evokes American prep with an aspirational lifestyle vision. Their designs range from formalwear to casual denim.

With a keen attention to detail, Ralph Lauren offers excellent construction and fabrics. Their accessories like watches and leather goods echo refined sophistication.

For luxury that celebrates East Coast elegance, this stores like Hermes provides comparable quality at more reasonable price points.

Key Benefits:

  • Quintessential American style
  • Superb quality and construction
  • Lower price tags than Hermes

11. DSquared2

Canadian design duo Dean and Dan Caten put the spotlight on sensual masculine style with DSquared2. Skin-tight denim, leather jackets, and provocative graphics define their aesthetic.

Underneath the rebelliousness lies expert Italian tailoring. DSquared2 perfectly balances edginess and sophistication.

For shoppers wanting luxury fashion with a bad boy edge, DSquared2 delivers sexy style for much lower prices than Hermes.

Key Benefits:

  • Expert Italian construction
  • Edgy, sensual style
  • More affordable than Hermes

12. Burberry

Burberry store

Burberry is the premiere British luxury brand. Most famous for their trench coats and nova check plaid, Burberry has exceptional men’s and women’s ready-to-wear.

Under creative director Riccardo Tisci, Burberry has revamped their image for a younger generation while retaining their heritage. The quality craftsmanship remains stellar.

For consumers wanting refined, tailored luxury fashions, Burberry is an excellent alternative buy compared to pricier Hermes.

Key Benefits:

  • Timeless British elegance
  • Tailoring expertise
  • Lower prices than Hermes


While few other brands can match their stratospheric prices, many excellent alternatives provide comparable quality and style for thousands less.

By opting for high-end stores similar to Hermes, you get to experience French refinement or Italian glamour at friendlier budgets. Mix and match investment designer items with more affordable fashion basics for timeless sophistication.

No matter your personal aesthetic, there are so many top luxury brands beyond just Hermes that offer master craftsmanship and premium materials to treasure for years to come. With smart shopping at outlets and sales, you can build a wardrobe full of elevated statement pieces that embody your signature style – minus the five-figure price tags.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hermes

Why is Hermes so expensive?

Hermes prices are high because all their products are made by hand in their French ateliers using meticulous techniques and ultra-premium materials. Everything is carefully inspected to ensure the highest standards. Their exclusivity and prestige also allows them to command luxury prices.

How long is the waitlist for a Birkin bag?

Waitlists for a new Hermes Birkin bag can average 1-3 years. Demand greatly exceeds supply for Birkins, which encourages people to join waitlists and hope for the call. Hermes craftspeople make Birkins and Kelly bags by hand, limiting production.

What is Hermes famous for?

Hermes is renowned worldwide for items like their Birkin handbags, silk scarves and ties, ready-to-wear clothing, and fragrances like Terre D’Hermès. Equestrian gear is another area where Hermes excels due to their heritage. Overall, Hermes represents the pinnacle of French craftsmanship and refinement.

How do you pronounce Hermes?

Hermes is pronounced in French as “AIR-MEZ”, without pronouncing the H or S. Most English speakers will say “HER-MEZ”. Both are generally accepted pronunciations. Hermes is named after the Greek god Hermes.

Is Hermes cheaper in Paris?

Unfortunately Hermes does not offer discounts or lower prices in their Paris stores. Pricing is standardized across the world. Some occasional sales may happen, but prices are firm due to the exclusivity of Hermes merchandise. Paris is still a wonderful place to shop for a well-curated Hermes selection.

Who is the CEO of Hermes?

As of 2022, the CEO of Hermes is Axel Dumas. The Dumas family has controlled Hermes since the 19th century. Current CEO Axel Dumas is the 6th generation of Dumas family leadership, highlighting how Hermes remains deeply tied to its lineage.

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