12 Best Brands Shoes Like Keen Sandals

Keen is an industry-leading footwear company. It includes water-resistant sandals & hiking boots. To protect the environment, Keen sneakers are crafted from leather. Additionally, their insoles are pesticide-free. As a result of its comfort, safety, and support, Keen shoes are favoured by many nature lovers.

The open style of the keen sandals makes them water-friendly and lets them to dry rapidly. The bumper toes safeguard your toes on rocky terrains, and the extra space allows it to dry faster. The sturdy outsoles and cushioned footbeds of Keen shoes provide optimal foot protection. With all the features, there are still shoes like keen out there, if you want to try something new.

Here is our list of brands like keen for you to explore something new without breaking the wallet and most of this products are available on Amazon and some local stores.

Shoes Like Keen Sandals

12 Best Shoes Similar To Keen Sandals


1. Teva

Teva are part of shoes similar to keen to try if you want a more casual shoe. These shoes are comfortable and affordable. T-Shoes are a great option for people who want to be able to take off their shoes when they go to the beach or on a day in the park. It is a well-known brand of shoes that is known for its variety of products, including athletic shoes, casual shoes, flip-flops, sandals, and more.

Additionally, the company manufactures footwear for those with foot conditions such as bunions and calluses. They offer quality products at a lower price than other brands, which makes them a good Keen shoe alternative. Semi-dressy, street-ready, and athletic shoes are just a few of the many options available from the store.

2. Merrell

Merrell are a popular shoe brand that is known for its comfortable, breathable, and durable shoe. Its footwear are water-resistant, making it an excellent option for summertime activities that may include getting wet. It is also a prominent shoe brand adored by both men and women. They have a wide variety of styles, from slippers to walking shoes, that are perfect for any occasion and it’s available on amazon

3. Chaco

Chaco has a great selection of shoes that are well-made and ideal for a variety of different activities. They are comfortable and durable, so you can wear them without worrying about them tearing or splitting. They are also great for people with foot problems or injuries. It is part of the perfect shoes like keens to consider. They have a wide variety of styles from casual to more formal wear.

They also make great hiking shoes for the outdoors. When it comes to Chaco shoes, you can find everything from casual sneakers to hiking boots. The company makes both men’s and women’s shoes, which is why you can find so many different styles to choose from. They are comfortable, durable, and affordable. They are also great for people with foot problems or injuries. You can also get them in a variety of styles, which means you can find a style that suits your needs.

4. OluKai

If you’re looking for shoes like keens, OluKai is a great choice. The company was founded in 2006 and today, it’s one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of footwear for the active lifestyle. Its shoes are crafted from leather and suede, allowing them to survive tough weather conditions without sacrificing style.

If you enjoy hiking and other outdoor sports, you have probably heard about OluKai footwear. This brand supplies an assortment of comfy sandals and shoes. You may be searching for footwear that provides the highest level of walking comfort.

5. Sorel

Sorel is a Canadian company shoes similar to keen that specializes in making very high-quality hiking boots for men and women. Its boots are very durable and can easily handle a variety of terrains, from rocky trails to muddy trails or even snowy trails. They are also very comfortable and provide excellent support so that you can enjoy your day without removing your feet from your boots. It also offers a wide range of other products, including shoes, sandals, and more.

6. Asolo

Asolo is hiking shoes like keen sandals that are known for their quality and comfort. They offer a wide variety of options to choose from, including waterproof hiking boots, waterproof boots for running, and waterproof sandals. Asolo’s hiking boots and running shoes are made from leather or nylon, and the brand’s sandals are made from leather or canvas. It also offers footwear for every season, so if you are looking for something versatile, this brand can be a great option.

7. Vasque

Vasque is an outdoor apparel and footwear brand like keen. They specialize in high-quality, durable footwear for men and women, with a focus on style as well as functionality. Their styles include boots, sandals, sneakers, and hiking boots, and they offer a variety of different colours and designs. Vazque is a popular brand among hikers and outdoor enthusiasts because of their quality, and because they offer a wide range of styles, fits, and prices. You can also purchase their shoes online directly from the brand, or you can choose to purchase them through a local store like Amazon or BestBuy.

8. Columbia

Columbia is an American footwear company that specializes in producing shoes, boots, sandals, and casual shoes for men, women, and kids. In the past, they used to be famous for their tennis shoes. Now, they offer a wide selection of comfortable casual shoes. Their sandals are environmentally friendly with a plant-based rubber outsole.

9. Crocs

Crocs are ideal for fashion-conscious individuals and those who like a quirky look. They are also ideal for those who want to travel in comfort. Sandals are available in a variety of colours, designs and sizes. They are more affordable than other shoes like Keen sandals. They are used by many people for casual wear and casual footwear.

10. LL Bean

LL Bean are a perfect choice if you’re looking for shoes like Keen that are eco-friendly. They offer durable and comfortable hiking boots, waterproof sandals, and other outdoor products. They use recycled plastic for its production. Their shoes are exceptionally durable.

11. Birkenstock

Birkenstock is a respected brand of shoes that was established in Germany in 1774. They manufacture shoes for all types of outdoor activities, like hiking, running, and walking. Their shoes are durable and offer ample foot support. They are lightweight and have a waterproof feature that makes them suitable for rainy adventures. Birkenstock offers sandals, flip flops, slippers, and even more. Their sandals are ideal for any outdoor activity and offer ample foot support. Their flip flops are ideal for poolside parties, especially when you want to keep your feet dry.

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