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13 Affordable Footwear Brands Like Keen

With their comfortable toe bumpers and secure fit, Keen makes some of my favorite sandals for hiking and outdoor adventures. But Keen isn’t the only brand producing durable, activity-ready summer footwear. There are actually many top brands like Keen that also make quality hiking sandals, boots, and casual shoes.

In this article, I’ll highlight the best Keen competitors including brands like Teva and more. Whether you need waterproof hiking boots, effortlessly comfy sandals, or casual kicks for everyday wear. There are plenty of excellent Keen alternatives worth checking out. I’ll overview what each brand is known for along with their key strengths.

Shoes Like Keen Sandals

So if you love Keen’s sporty sandals but want to explore other options, read on for the top footwear brands that offer styles, performance, and quality on par with Keen! I focused on brands that excel at making secure-fitting, rugged sandals and shoes ready for summer adventures. Let’s dive in!

13 Best Shoes Similar To Keen For Footwear

Here the the list shoe brands like Keen I’ve compiled, including alternatives for sandals, boots, and casual shoes.

1. L.L.Bean

LL Bean store

This Maine-based retailer offers a huge selection of casual and outdoor footwear. Their boots, shoes, and sandals are made with leather and durable synthetics ideal for hiking or everyday wear.

L.L.Bean hiking sandals have a similar sporty style to Keen with secure fit and traction outsoles. Their casual sandals and boat shoes work well for summer adventures or everyday activities.

And their Original Duck Boots remain iconic for trudging through wet, chilly conditions. Overall their products offer dependability and comfort across the board.

Key Benefits:

  • Huge selection of footwear
  • Casual and hiking sandal styles
  • Known for their reliable Original Duck Boots

2. Merrell


Merrell makes high-performance hiking boots and outdoor shoes like Keen. They are known for using advanced technologies like Vibram soles and M Select DRY waterproofing. Their shoes provide excellent traction, durability, and comfort for hiking or daily wear.

Their hiking sandals come in low, mid, and tall heights for different levels of protection. Many Merrell sandals have a closed-toe design with thick lug soles ideal for trail hiking. Casual styles like the Around Town and Freewheel Chukka provide the Merrell comfort you can wear every day.

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative comfort technologies
  • Ideal for hiking and outdoor activities
  • Stylish casual shoes

3. Arc’teryx

Arcteryx store

While pricier than Keen company, Arc’teryx is considered one of the top outdoor gear brands for quality and performance. They manufacture hiking shoes, trail runners and boots designed for the most demanding climates and terrains. Materials like Gore-Tex and Vibram keep feet dry and gripped.

The Arc’teryx Norvan and Bora hiking boots are great for medium to high mileage trails and thru-hiking. For a lightweight shoe, the Norvan SL is perfect for fast hiking and running. The company is based in Canada and popular for outdoor gear used in cool and wet climates.

Key Benefits:

  • Cutting-edge designs perfect for outdoor sports
  • Lightweight and weatherproof materials
  • Ideal for extreme hiking and climbing

4. Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research store

Outdoor Research primarily focuses on gloves, outerwear and sun protection, but they also manufacture hiking shoes. The Brushback and Blast hiking shoes are recommended for their secure lacing systems, supportive soles and excellent traction in muddy terrain.

Their footwear comes in fun color combos that appeal to women. They run frequent sales events on their website offering up to 50% off various products. Their shoes are perfect for day hikes, outdoor chores and festivals.

Key Benefits:

  • Made for rugged hiking and outdoor adventures
  • Protective and stable sandal designs
  • Waterproof hiking boots available

5. Sorel


Sorel is renowned for their warm, waterproof winter boots like Keen. But they also make durable sandals and shoes for summer weather. Their outdoor sandals have a sporty look with secure straps, toe bumpers, and traction outsoles.

Popular styles like the Ella and Slingback can handle wet or uneven terrain. Their cold weather boots feature wool lining and waterproof leather to keep your feet dry and comfortable in snowy conditions. Their footwear is ideal for year-round outdoor use.

Key Benefits:

  • Rugged sandals made for outdoor activities
  • Waterproof boots designed for winter weather
  • Sandals, shoes, and boots for year-round use

6. Salomon

Salomon store

Salomon is a French company designing high-performance trail running and hiking shoes. Their footwear promotes stabilty, protection, and grip over technical terrain. Models like the X Ultra 3 hiking shoe have a secure lace pocket, protective toe cap, and precise foothold.

They uses proprietary technologies like Sensifit and Contragrip for a precise and almost custom fit. As brands like Keen, they are popular with trail runners and hikers going long distances or tackle challenging alpine routes. Their shoes are designed to be lightweight but very durable.

Key Benefits:

  • Athletic hiking sandals with quick-lace systems
  • Grippy trail runners perfect for fast hiking
  • Durable and protective construction

7. Vasque

Vasque makes premium hiking boots and shoes known for their ankle support and stability. Although pricier, Vasque footwear is crafted for rugged terrain with features like Vibram soles and waterproof leather.

Their hiking sandals include closed-toe and open-toe styles with sturdy construction to handle miles on the trail. Popular models like the Juxt and Talus Ultradry provide traction and security when loaded down with gear. Vasque footwear is built to last season after season.

Key Benefits:

  • Supportive and stable designs
  • Rugged materials made for hardcore hiking
  • Built to last many seasons of wear

8. Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear store

Columbia Sportswear is among brands similar to Keen offering affordable, dependable outdoor shoes, sandals, and boots. Their footwear is designed with key features for hiking and exploring like waterproof leather, featherweight cushioning, and Omni-Grip soles.

Casual sandal styles like the Crestwood and North Plains Chukka are made with durable leather and have a similar look to styles from Keen. Columbia hiking sandals provide security and dry feet when navigating wet or rocky terrain. Overall their products offer value for outdoor enthusiasts.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable outdoor footwear
  • Casual sandals with protective designs
  • Waterproof hiking boots and sandals

9. Crocs


Crocs have expanded from their iconic clog into more forms of casual and outdoor footwear. Their Reviva Flip sandals have massage pods, stretchy straps and lighter foam bottoms made for all-day wear. The Modi Nolezi sandals are great for getting wet at the beach or pool.

Crocs are affordable, lightweight shoes that work well for water activities, camping or festivals. While not meant for hardcore hiking, models like the AllCast Luxe boots provide decent traction and water resistance for light adventuring. They have a unisex appeal and whimsical styling.

Key Benefits:

  • Inexpensive comfort sandals
  • Lightweight with odor/water resistance
  • Versatile for water, hiking, or casual use

10. Teva

Founded in 1984, Teva is one of the original sport sandal brands like Keen. They are known for their comfortable and durable outdoor sandals with Velcro straps and thick rubber soles. Teva sandals have a similar secure fit and toe protection as Keen. Popular styles like the Hurricane and Original Universal can handle wet or rugged terrain.

Teva also offers water shoes, boots, and casual shoes. They use innovative materials like waterproof leather and quick-drying webbing. I’d recommend Teva for people who like active sandals to hike or travel in. Their products tend to be more affordable than Keen.

Key Benefits:

  • Similar sport sandal styles as Keen
  • Rugged and waterproof sandals for outdoor use
  • More budget-friendly price points

11. Birkenstock

Birkenstock is famous for their contoured footbeds that provide exceptional arch support. Their sandals have a signature comfort-first design. Birkenstock sandals use premium materials like suede and leather along with molded cork footbeds that mold to your feet.

Styles like the Mayari, Yao, and Arizona are designed for all-day wear with minimal chafing. Their soles provide shock absorption as well. While they may not work for hardcore hiking, Birkenstock sandals offer unparalleled comfort for travel, urban exploring, or wearing around town.

Key Benefits:

  • Legendary comfort and arch support
  • Contoured cork footbeds
  • Ideal for all-day wear

12. Chaco

Chaco makes performance sandals built for hiking, water activities, and summer adventures. Their sandals feature durable polyester jacquard webbing and custom adjustable straps to get the perfect fit. The signature Chaco sole provides excellent arch support and grip on slick river rocks or uneven trails.

Popular styles like the Z/Cloud, Loyal River, and Dorra Wide all channel the Chaco DNA of sturdy and supportive outdoor sandals. They also make closed-toe hiking shoes and boots. It good for outdoor enthusiasts who is hunting for stores like Keen to get durable and comfortable adventure sandals.

Key Benefits:

  • Supportive straps that can be customized
  • Made for wet conditions and uneven terrain
  • Polyester jacquard webbing is quick-drying

13. OluKai

Based in Hawaii, OluKai makes premium sandals and shoes designed for island living and ocean activities. Their products feature waterproof leather, corrosion-resistant hardware, and molded traction outsoles. OluKai’s signature Drop-In Heel design allows for easy on/off wear.

Casual styles like the Kailua and Moloa provide underfoot cushioning and security for beach adventures or evening cocktails. Sport sandals such as the Ho‘opio offer wet/dry traction inspired by ocean sports. OluKai is ideal for people seeking upscale, stylish sandals with island comfort.

Key Benefits:

  • Ideal for wet conditions and ocean activities
  • Molded outsoles provide traction and support
  • Stylish, premium leather sandals


I hope this overview of top brands like Keen gave you some great alternatives to consider for your next pair of outdoor sandals or casual shoes.

There are so many high-quality footwear brands that meet or exceed what Keen offers. So don’t limit yourself to just one label when shopping for secure-fitting, rugged and comfortable sandals and shoes this season.

With brands similar to Keen, you can find just the right fit, style, and performance features you need for everything from hiking trips to strolling city streets. Have fun exploring new brands and finding your perfect pair! Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite Keen alternative I missed.

FAQs About Keen

What materials are Keen shoes made from?

Keen shoes are made from leather, mesh, polyester webbing, and rubber outsoles. Their sandals feature waterproof nubuck leather straps.

Are Keen sandals good for hiking?

Yes, many Keen sandals like the Newport and Arroyo are designed for hiking with multi-directional lug patterns on the outsoles. The secure fit and toe protection also make them hike-worthy.

Do Keens run big or small?

Keens tend to run a little big so sizing down half a size can help achieve the ideal secure fit. Their toe bumpers also give Keens a boxy profile.

Can you put Keen sandals in the washing machine?

Yes, you can toss most Keen sandals in the washing machine to clean them. Just remove the footbed and laces first. Air dry thoroughly after washing.

How do you soften stiff Keen sandals?

To break in stiff new Keen sandals, wear them with socks around the house to soften and mold the footbed. You can also apply leather conditioner to soften the straps.

Do Keen sandals have arch support?

Many of their models like the Newport and Yogui feature contoured EVA midsoles to provide arch support and shock absorption. Their footbeds are removable too.

Are Keen shoes worth the money?

Keen shoes tend to be pricier but customers find them worth it for their durability, traction, and comfort during outdoor activities like hiking. They are designed to last years of heavy use.

Are Keens good for flat feet?

Yes, the arch support and conforming footbeds in sandals like the Arroyo and Whisper help provide stability, comfort, and shock absorption for flat feet.

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