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14 Brands Like Gymshark | Top Competitors

Gymshark has become one of the most popular athletic apparel brands, especially among people who love hitting the gym. Founded in 2012 in the UK, Gymshark has grown tremendously over the past decade. They are well-known for their stylish and functional workout clothes.

But Gymshark can be quite expensive for some people. That’s where Gymshark similar stores come in. There are lots of great fitness brands like that offer quality workout apparel at various price points.

Brands Like Gymshark

In this blog post, I will list the top 14 websites similar to Gymshark for gym clothes and workout wear. Whether you need yoga pants, sports bras, workout tops or full gym outfits, these Gymshark competitors have you covered.

Top 14 Stores & Brands Like Gymshark for Gym Clothes & Workout Wear

1. Fabletics

Fabletics store

Fabletics was founded in 2013 by actress Kate Hudson along with JustFab Inc. This LA-based brand has grown rapidly and ships to over 8 countries currently.

This Gymshark competitor is best known for their monthly subscription model. For a monthly fee, members get credits to use on workout apparel and accessories curated for them based on a style quiz. This makes building an athletic wardrobe effortless.

The clothes focus on comfort, function and style with lots of fun prints and colors. The fabrics are high quality with four-way stretch. You’ll find staples like leggings, shorts, tanks, bras, hoodies and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable price points
  • Monthly subscription model
  • High quality fabrics & construction
  • Large selection of apparel & accessories
  • VIP perks & discounts for members

2. Athleta

Athleta store

Athleta is a certified B Corp founded in 1998 and based in San Francisco. It’s owned by Gap Inc. so it has an established reputation.

The company ethos focuses on inclusivity, sustainability and empowering women. It has a wide range of sizes from XXS to 3X. Most clothes are made from eco-friendly or recycled materials.

This clothing company sells stylish workout gear for yoga, gym, hiking and more. Their patented Powervita fabric with Lycra fiber is ideal for sweaty workouts. The Salutation Stash Pocket leggings are extremely popular.

Prices are moderate, typically $50-$120 per piece. It has frequent sales and discounts on their site for cardmembers. Items ship free for orders $50+ in the US. International shipping is available.

Key Perks:

  • Sustainable & ethical manufacturing
  • Extended sizes up to 3X
  • Patented performance fabrics
  • Sweat-wicking & stretchy workout clothes
  • Versatile styles for studio & outdoors

3. Rhone

Rhone store

Rhone is a premium activewear brand founded in 2014 in New York. It’s a leading maker of men’s athletic and leisure apparel.

They uses high-tech fabrics like GoldFusion, which has real gold woven into the threads. This creates odor-fighting clothes that are soft and breathable. The Swift Joggers are a customer favorite.

The selection includes t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, pants, underwear and accessories like hats, bags and water bottles. Prices range from $58 for a tee to $128 for joggers.

Why Shop Here:

  • Specializes in innovative men’s workout wear
  • Uses advanced fabrics with cooling technology
  • Flattering, functional styles perfect for the gym
  • Generous return policy and free shipping

4. Under Armour

Under Armour

You’ve likely heard of Under Armour, which was founded in 1996 by a college football player. It’s now an award-winning global brand.

It is known for “t-shirts by athletes for athletes”. Their clothes are engineered with patented fabrics that wick sweat, dry fast, and provide compression. The HeatGear line is ultra-lightweight.

The large product selection includes t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, leggings, outerwear, shoes and accessories. This similar brand also makes sports equipment.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Truly high-performance athletic fabrics
  • Breathable & sweat-wicking clothes
  • Reliable comfort & mobility for workouts
  • Huge range of apparel, footwear & gear
  • Worldwide shipping & great return policy

5. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga store

Founded in 2007, Alo Yoga makes premium athletic wear for yoga, pilates, and other studio styles. The fabrics stretch and move with your body during challenging poses. Their leggings are especially popular.

Beyond yoga clothes, it sells casual pieces like hoodies, sweaters, and bodysuits. They also have a large selection of sports bras, tops, jackets, and shorts. The clothes are stylish, comfortable, and made to last.

It frequently has sales on their website so you can find leggings, bras, and other apparel at nice discounts. Prices are on par with the Gymshark brand for excellent quality.

Key Advantages:

  • Specializes in stylish yoga & athletic apparel
  • Uses patented stretchy & buttery-soft fabrics
  • Flattering cuts perfect for yoga and working out
  • Beautiful colors and patterns for a fashionable look
  • Free shipping & returns in the US

6. Lululemon

Lululemon store

Lululemon was founded in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada. They helped pioneer the athleisure movement with their yoga pants and workout apparel.

They are part of similar stores that is known for making premium gym clothes from innovative technical fabrics. Items like their Align Pant with Lycra fiber feel weightless yet sculpt and lift.

The selection includes leggings, bras, tanks, hoodies, shorts, socks, bags and yoga equipment like mats. Most items are $100-$150. It has an app with expedited shipping and order tracking.

While the prices are steep, fans love the fit, function and mix of fashion and performance these clothes offer. It has stores worldwide and you can shop online to ship almost anywhere.

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative fabrics like Nulu & Luon with stretch
  • Flattering and functional activewear
  • Attractive, fashion-forward workout styles
  • Versatile from studio to streetwear
  • International shipping and great mobile app

7. Reebok

Reebok store

Reebok is an iconic global athletic brand that was founded back in 1895 in England. It’s now headquartered in Boston.

The company is known for footwear but also makes quality workout clothes for men and women. This fitness brand similar focuses on a balance of performance, utility and style.

The selection includes basics like t-shirts, shorts, leggings and tank tops as well as cross-training shoes and running sneakers. Most apparel costs $40-$85 making it very affordable competitor.

Their frequently has sales on their website and offers discounted shipping for members. Returns are easy within 30 days.

Key Perks:

  • Iconic and established athletic brand
  • Focus on affordable fundamentals
  • Quality fabrics and construction
  • Great for basic gym & training apparel
  • Worldwide shipping and discounts

8. Vuori

Vuori store

Vuori was founded in 2015 in Encinitas, California. They make premium activewear and loungewear for men and women out of eco-friendly materials.

The clothing brannd is known for their super soft fabrics and flattering, minimalist designs. The Performance Jogger and Ponto Pant are beloved by men while women adore the lucid DreamKnit items.

Prices range from $52 for tees to $132 for outerwear. Their items are sold through their own website as well as retailers like Nordstrom and REI. Free shipping on orders $75+ in the US.

While on the pricier side, their clothes are trusted to be comfortable, durable, and sustainably made. They offer a 90 day return policy as well.

Why Shop Here:

  • Sustainable & ethical manufacturing
  • Known for ultra-soft fabrics
  • Stylish, versatile activewear
  • Great quality and attention to detail
  • Generous 90 day return policy

9. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices store

Outdoor Voices is an athletic apparel company that launched in 2013 in Austin, Texas. They have a motto of “Doing Things” versus “Working Out”.

As the name suggests, they specialize in clothes for being active outdoors in activities like hiking, cycling, golf and more. But the versatile items work for studio exercise too.

You’ll find minimalist gym basics like leggings, shorts, tees, tanks, hoodies and joggers. Their cloudknit fabric and FreeForm leggings are popular. Prices average $45-$75.

Outdoor Voices has a helpful website, mobile app and free returns. The clothes ship worldwide but cost less in the US. Overall the brand focuses on effortless activewear compared to other brands like Gymshark on the list.

Key Advantages:

  • Specializes in clothes for outdoor/hiking fitness
  • Versatile & stylish basics for any activity
  • Uses lightweight, breathable fabrics
  • Affordable prices compared to competitors
  • App with fast shopping & free returns

10. Old Navy

Old Navy store

Old Navy launched their budget-friendly Active line in 2004 featuring workout clothes for women, men and kids. It offers the same value Old Navy is known for but with performance fabrics.

You can find all the activewear basics like leggings, shorts, tees, tanks, hoodies, sweats, and sports bras. Most pieces cost just $15-$40 making Old Navy Active very affordable.

While the clothes may not be as durable or use advanced fabrics like some premium brands, the Active line is perfect if you want cute gym clothes on a budget. It often has great sales too.

The clothes come in a variety of extended sizes and in Tall or Petite options. Order online or in-store with free shipping on $50+ orders. Returns are allowed up to 90 days.

Key Perks:

  • Extremely affordable activewear
  • All the basic workout staples
  • Lots of on-trend colors, prints & mixes
  • Extended sizes including Tall and Petite
  • Easy online shopping & returns

11. Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga store

Beyond Yoga is known for making luxe activewear designed for both studio practice and streetwear.

The fabrics used feel almost sinfully soft yet deliver on performance. Items like the Spacedye Caught in the Midi legging and Warm Up Hoodie are customer favorites.

The clothes are made in the USA and Canada under ethical conditions. It has an impressive size range up to 3XL in most items but prices are premium ($55-$120).

Why Shop Here:

  • Uses extremely soft, stretchy performance fabrics
  • Stylish designs perfect for yoga or working out
  • Extended size range up to 3XL
  • Ethical manufacturing standards
  • Free shipping and returns

12. Wolven

Wolven store

Wolven is a women’s athletic brand based in NYC that focuses on ethical, sustainable clothing.

Their workout clothes use high-tech Italian fabrics that feel weightless yet durable. The Aberration leggings and Convertible bra are both big sellers.

It also designs are feminine, and flattering and come in an array of pretty prints and colors. Prices range from $55 – $135 so the brand sits in the premium category.

US shipping and returns are free. International delivery is available to 40+ regions. The company has a helpful site and excellent customer service reputation.

Key Benefits:

  • Sustainably made & ethical fabrics
  • Uses advanced Italian performance fabrics
  • Stylish, feminine activewear designs
  • Flattering cuts perfect for yoga and gym
  • Fast free US shipping and returns

13. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty

Founded in the UK in 1998, Sweaty Betty aims to inspire women to find empowerment through sports and fitness.

They are known for making stylish designs for yoga, running, cycling and gym that transition seamlessly from studio to streetwear. The Stretch Leggings and Power Workout Leggings are both bestsellers.

The fabrics they uses are soft yet compressive to provide lightweight support. Their clothes come in sizes XS to XL. The prices are premium, averaging $80-$130 per piece.

They ships free worldwide from their UK site. Returns are free within 60 days. The clothes are designed in London and sustainably made.

Key Perks:

  • Specializes in activewear for women
  • Beautiful designs perfect for yoga or gym
  • Uses soft, supportive performance fabrics
  • Ships worldwide for free from the UK
  • Sustainably made and ethical factories

14. Buff Bunny

Buff Bunny store

Buff Bunny was founded by fitness influencer Heidi Somers along with her husband. It’s a women’s athletic wear brand based in Omaha.

The company ethos focuses on body positivity, inclusivity, and empowering women. The clothes come in sizes XS-5XL and are designed for strength training, HIIT, yoga, and more.

It uses proprietary fabrics like LuxeForm that offer compression and stretch. The Laser Cut Leggings and Sports Bras are popular items. Prices range from $45 – $80 on average.

The company website offers fast and affordable shipping worldwide with free US shipping on orders $125+. Returns are allowed within 30 days.

Key Perks:

  • Size inclusive range up to 5XL
  • Affordable compared to competitors
  • Stylish, functional activewear designs
  • Proprietary stretch fabrics
  • Worldwide shipping & easy returns


Gymshark makes quality workout wear but they’re far from your only option. I hope this list of the top stores and brands like Gymshark gives you plenty of excellent alternatives for high performance, stylish activewear.

All these brands allow you to look and feel great whether you’re sweating at the gym, practicing yoga, meeting friends for coffee, or just chilling at home.

With options across various price points and styles, you can find affordable workout clothes that suit your individual taste and body perfectly.

Next time you need new leggings, sports bras, tops or other activewear – or want to try something beyond Gymshark for a change – be sure to check out these fitness Gymshark competitors for your functional and fashionable fitness wardrobe. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gymshark

What is Gymshark known for?

It is known for making innovative, functional and stylish workout apparel and accessories. They focus on sleek athletic designs perfect for the gym, yoga, cross-training and more. Gymshark uses proprietary fabric technologies to create sweat-wicking clothes that stretch and allow ease of movement.

Does Gymshark ship worldwide?

Yes, it offers worldwide shipping to over 180 countries from their UK and US warehouses. Shipping rates vary by location. They have fast domestic shipping with 1-day and 2-day options.

What is Gymshark’s return policy?

Gymshark accepts returns of unworn items within 30 days of delivery. You can initiate free returns via their website. Refunds are generally issued within 2-5 days once received and inspected.

What sizes does Gymshark carry?

Their clothes come in standard women’s sizes from XS to XL. A limited selection of items like leggings are offered in plus sizes up to XXL as well. Most of their women’s tops, bras, pants and shorts run from XXS to XL. Men’s items are available from XS to XXL.

How often does Gymshark have sales?

It runs various sales and deals throughout the year. They offer sitewide sales during major holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday with discounts of 25-50% off. It’s also common to find sales on specific collections or seasonal items. Signing up for their email list will provide sale announcements.

Is Gymshark good quality?

Yes, it is known for making workout clothes with excellent quality in terms of materials, construction and durability. Their clothes utilize patented fabric technologies and innovations that enhance performance and function. The prices reflect the premium quality.

What fabrics does Gymshark use?

Gymshark uses fabric technologies like Flex, Seamless, Adapt and Vital Seamless for their apparel. These fabrics incorporate elastane and spandex for stretch, sweat-wicking properties, 4-way movement, and compression. The material blends vary with some including nylon and polyester.

Where are Gymshark clothes made?

While Gymshark is a British brand, their clothes are ethically manufactured in facilities located around the world including Morocco, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey, and more. This allows them to efficiently produce technical athletic apparel.

Is Gymshark worth the money?

For shoppers who prioritize quality over cost, Gymshark is generally worth the higher price tag. The innovative fabrics, stylish fits tailored for activity, and performance features make them a favorite for serious athletes and workout enthusiasts. But the prices do put them out of reach for some budgets.

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