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15 Stores Like Cabelas For Outdoor Gear

Cabela’s is a popular store among outdoor enthusiasts. They offer a wide variety of hunting, fishing, camping, and other gear. Cabela’s is a known leader in outdoor gear, but there are other places to buy quality equipment too.

Many companies compete with Cabela’s and offer similar products for outdoor activities. Each of these Cabela’s competitors has its own strengths as well.

Looking for outdoor gear? Whether it’s hiking, climbing, or hunting, stores like Cabela’s have what you need for your next adventure. This article will showcase 15 great companies like Cabela’s. It will help you find new brands and retailers to upgrade your outdoor gear collection.


Stores Like Cabelas

15 Best Cabela’s Similar Companies

We will discuss the background, products, and advantages of each company. This will help you compare alternative options to Cabela’s based on your needs.

1. Orvis


  • Founded: 1856
  • Target Audience: Fly fishing enthusiasts
  • Categories: Fly fishing, upland hunting gear, outdoor apparel
  • Popular Products: Fly rods, reels, flies, fishing vests, hunting dogs equipment

With a legacy spanning over 165 years, Orvis is a prestigious retail brand amongst fly fishing enthusiasts. While not a hunting outfitter on par with Cabela’s, Orvis excels in fly fishing gear alongside hunting dogs equipment and upscale outdoor apparel.

Some of its  key highlights include:

  • Extensive selection of fly fishing gear from rods to waders.
  • Top-quality hunting dog products for training and care.
  • Outdoor lifestyle clothing and accessories.
  • Excellent customer service and satisfaction guarantees.

Orvis is a great alternative to Cabela’s specifically for upgrading your fly fishing and upland bird hunting gear. The brand offers sophisticated equipment ideal for the discerning outdoorsman.

2. REI


  • Founded: 1938
  • Target Audience: Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Categories: Outdoor gear, camping, snow sports, apparel
  • Popular Products: Tents, camping gear, hiking boots, outdoor clothing

With roots tracing back over 80 years, REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) is one of the most reputable outdoor gear retailers. It carries a wide range of products for camping, hiking, climbing, snow sports, cycling, fitness, and more.

Some of the key benefits of shopping REI include:

  • Massive selection of outdoor gear across all categories.
  • Top brand name products like The North Face, Patagonia, and Salomon.
  • Generous 1-year satisfaction guarantee on purchases.
  • Co-op business structure in which members receive annual dividends.

REI competes closely with Cabela’s as a one-stop shop for outdoor gear, though with a bit more emphasis on outdoor apparel and camping/hiking equipment versus hunting. With over 170 retail locations across the U.S. It’s one of the most accessible brands similar to Cabelas to locate deals on quality gear.

3. Filson


  • Founded: 1897
  • Target Audience: Hunting and fishing enthusiasts
  • Categories: Outdoor apparel and luggage
  • Popular Products: Jackets, vests, luggage, hunting coats

Earning its reputation as a premier maker of outdoor apparel, Filson has been crafting rugged and reliable gear since the late 1800s Klondike Gold Rush era. Filson is an excellent tores similar to Cabelas specifically for purchasing top-notch outdoor clothing and luggage.

Key attributes that make it a leading Cabela’s competitor include:

  • Durable and weatherproof outdoor apparel built to last a lifetime.
  • Classic style outdoor clothing made in the USA.
  • Rugged luggage, duffel bags, and accessories.
  • Hunting coats, vests, and jackets designed for rugged use.

It offers a narrower product range compared to Cabela’s massive inventory. However, its focus on resilient outdoor apparel and luggage is unparalleled. If you’re seeking handsome, long-lasting outdoor clothing, Filson is tough to beat.

4. Gander Outdoors

Gander Outdoors

  • Founded: 1960 (acquired by Camping World 2017)
  • Target Audience: Outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, campers
  • Categories: Camping, fishing, hunting gear and apparel
  • Popular Products: Tents, kayaks, guns, outdoor clothing

Originally founded as Gander Mountain, Gander Outdoors carries on the company’s tradition of supplying outdoor gear and apparel after its acquisition by Camping World. With over 120 retail stores across the country, it remains a convenient outdoor outfitter similar to Cabela’s.

Why choose them as a Cabela’s alternative?

  • Huge inventory of camping, fishing, and hunting gear.
  • Carries major brands like The North Face, Columbia, and Under Armour.
  • Competitive prices and bargain deals on outdoor apparel.
  • Outfitter-focused customer service.
  • Loyalty program for earning rewards on purchases.

Gander Outdoors is essentially a continuation of the former Gander Mountain, so expect a very Cabela’s-like shopping experience in terms of large stores stocked with a little bit of everything for outdoor adventures. It’s a solid choice for convenient one-stop shopping.

5. Backcountry


  • Founded: 1996
  • Target Audience: Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Categories: Hiking, climbing, skiing, camping gear and apparel
  • Popular Products: Tents, backpacks, hiking boots, outdoor clothing

Founded in the late 90s, Backcountry has bloomed into one of the largest online-only outdoor gear retailers. The website offers an enormous selection of hiking, camping, climbing, skiing, and other outdoor equipment and apparel.

Why choose Backcountry over Cabela’s?

  • Massive online selection with over 1,000 top outdoor brands.
  • Frequent sales and deals on gear.
  • User-friendly website and mobile app.
  • Gearhead customer service experts.
  • Free 2-day shipping on most orders.

Backcountry wins on providing a vast online inventory that can be conveniently browsed from home. For sheer depth of outdoor gear spanning clothing to equipment, it’s hard to top Backcountry’s online selections. However, Cabela’s does have the upper hand for trying or testing products in person.

6. Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops

  • Founded: 1972
  • Target Audience: Fishermen, hunters, outdoor families
  • Categories: Fishing, marine, hunting, camping, apparel
  • Popular Products: Fishing boats, rods & reels, guns, camo clothing

It’s impossible to discuss Cabelas competitors without mentioning its main rival, Bass Pro Shops. Also founded in the early 70s, Bass Pro Shops pioneered the “outdoor superstore” concept which Cabela’s later emulated and expanded upon.

Bass Pro Shops remains very similar to Cabela’s in terms of catering to fishing and hunting enthusiasts with massive retail store inventories.

Some benefits include:

  • Enormous fishing and hunting gear selection.
  • Family-friendly outdoor theme with aquariums and exhibits.
  • Strong expertise in boats and marine equipment.
  • Signature outdoor-themed restaurants.
  • Free outdoor skills and educational events.

Choose them over Cabela’s for possibly greater bargains on fishing and boating gear in particular. However, the two brands offer comparable shopping experiences overall as outdoor outfitter department stores.

7. Timberland


  • Founded: 1952
  • Target Audience: Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Categories: Outdoor footwear and apparel
  • Popular Products: Boots, outerwear, outdoor clothing

Famous for its iconic waterproof leather boots, Timberland has expanded into full collections of outdoor-inspired footwear and apparel. While not a sporting goods store on par with Cabela’s, Timberland is an excellent alternative for outdoor clothing and footwear basics.

Some top reasons to choose it over Cabela’s:

  • Rugged, waterproof outdoor boots in classic and modern styles.
  • Durable men’s and women’s outdoor clothing.
  • Casual, outdoor-inspired daily footwear.
  • Premium leather materials and quality construction.
  • Affordable prices for an elevated brand.

If you’re seeking basic outdoor boots or casual outdoor apparel from a trusted brand, Timberland is a reliable choice at a more accessible price point than special gear.

8. L.L.Bean

LL Bean 2

  • Founded: 1912
  • Target Audience: Outdoor families, adventurers
  • Categories: Apparel, footwear, camping, hiking, travel gear
  • Popular Products: Boots, flannel shirts, backpacks, luggage

With Maine roots reaching back over 100 years, L.L.Bean is an iconic outdoor brand known for dependable gear and timeless style. While not a hunting and fishing outfitter, L.L.Bean competes with Cabela’s as a trusted supplier of casual outdoor apparel, footwear, and equipment.

Reasons to consider this store:

  • Time-tested outdoor clothing and footwear for men, women, and kids.
  • Extensive selection of luggage, backpacks, and travel goods.
  • Outdoor-inspired home furnishings and decor.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with unlimited returns.
  • Free shipping with no minimum orders.

L.L.Bean has a strong family focus combined with a New England outdoor aesthetic. Though not a sporting goods store, its casual outdoor style and reliable gear make it a staple brand for everyday adventures.

9. Academy Sports + Outdoors

  • Founded: 1938
  • Target Audience: Outdoor enthusiasts, athletes
  • Categories: Sports/outdoor gear, apparel, footwear
  • Popular Products: Camping gear, sports equipment, outdoor clothes

With over 250 locations across 16 states, Academy Sports + Outdoors is a widely accessible outdoor retailer similar to Cabela’s. Though smaller in size than Cabela’s cavernous stores, Academy provides an impressive range of outdoor gear alongside sports equipment.

Reasons to shop at Academy over Cabela’s:

  • Affordable prices and frequent sales on outdoor gear.
  • Huge selection of sports and fitness equipment.
  • Solid range of casual outdoor apparel and footwear.
  • Convenient neighborhood store locations.
  • Extensive fishing selection and regularly stocked live bait.

Academy Sports + Outdoors competes directly with Dick’s Sporting Goods as an affordable sporting goods store chain. Consider them over Cabela’s for discounted prices on outdoor basics for sports, camping, hiking, and fishing.

10. Moosejaw


  • Founded: 1992
  • Target Audience: Outdoor adventurers
  • Categories: Hiking, climbing, camping, snow gear
  • Popular Products: Backpacks, tents, hiking boots, ski/snowboard gear

Founded in Michigan, Moosejaw specializes in technical outdoor gear for camping, hiking, climbing, and snow sports. Following its acquisition by Walmart in 2017, it has grown into one of the leading online outdoor outfitters.

Why choose Moosejaw over Cabela’s?

  • Extensive technical outdoor gear selection.
  • Quirky branding and unique store experiences.
  • Discount pricing with price match guarantee.
  • Rewards program and free shipping incentives.
  • Strong expertise in snow sports equipment.

Moosejaw competes directly with REI and Backcountry for technical outdoor gear sold through its website and physical stores. Its discount pricing and unique voice help separate it from the competition. Overall, it’s a great Cabela’s alternative for skiers/snowboarders or campers seeking deals.

11. Evo

  • Founded: 2001
  • Target Audience: Outdoor adventurers
  • Categories: Outdoor gear, apparel, snow sports
  • Popular Products: Skis, snowboards, outdoor clothing, gear

Started as an online snowboard shop, Evo has evolved into one of the top specialty retailers for outdoor gear and apparel. They offer an impressive selection spanning hiking, camping, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and casual outdoor styles.

Top reasons to shop at Evo over Cabela’s:

  • Massive online selection of outdoor brands and products.
  • Outstanding expertise in snow sports like skiing and snowboarding.
  • Shop by activity like hiking or skiing.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable outdoor brand offerings.
  • Quick, flat-rate shipping and free returns.

Evo is a great alternative to Cabela’s for purchasing outdoor apparel or upgrading your snow sports gear. Though Cabela’s carries hunting and fishing items Evo does not, Evo has wider selections for activities like skiing and rock climbing.

12. Scheels

  • Founded: 1902
  • Target Audience: Outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen
  • Categories: Sports/outdoor gear, apparel, footwear
  • Popular Products: Camping gear, sports equipment, outdoor clothes

With 30 locations across 13 central U.S. states, Scheels is a regional sporting goods chain similar to Cabela’s. These mega stores offer huge selections of sports equipment, outdoor gear, footwear, and apparel.

Reasons to choose Scheels over Cabela’s:

  • Excellent sports equipment and team sports gear selections.
  • Diverse outdoor apparel options for the whole family.
  • Varied footwear department with major athletic brands.
  • Hunting and fishing gear tailored for the region.
  • Signature entertainment attractions like aquariums and shooting galleries.

Scheels operates very similarly to Cabela’s in terms of store format focusing on experiential shopping. It’s a go-to in the Midwest and Mountain states for one-stop supply for sports and outdoor gear just like Cabela’s.

13. Sierra

  • Founded: 1960
  • Target Audience: Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Categories: Outdoor gear and apparel
  • Popular Products: Hiking boots, outdoor clothing, camping equipment

A staple outdoor gear brand, Sierra specializes in discounted outdoor apparel and equipment. Following its acquisition by TJX (parent company of TJ Maxx and Marshalls), Sierra continues to offer deals on quality adventure gear.

Reasons to buy from Sierra over Cabela’s:

  • Discount prices up to 70% off outdoor brands.
  • Constantly updated inventory of marked down gear.
  • Online or in discounted department stores.
  • Hiking boots, clothing, camping gear, and more.
  • Vast selections rivaling speciality retailers.

Sierra competes with steep discounted retailers like Steep & Cheap for deal hunting outdoor enthusiasts. Consider them over a full-price Cabela’s for potential savings on gear from The North Face, Columbia, Merrell, and more. However, selections lack the depth of dedicated outfitters.

14. Dick’s Sporting Goods

  • Founded: 1948
  • Target Audience: Outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen
  • Categories: Sports/outdoor gear, apparel, footwear
  • Popular Products: Camping gear, sports equipment, outdoor clothes

With over 800 store locations, Dick’s Sporting Goods is one of the most ubiquitous sporting goods retailers nationwide. Though not solely focused on outdoor gear, Dick’s offers a strong range of camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting equipment to rival Cabela’s.

Why shop at Dick’s instead of Cabela’s?

  • More conveniently located smaller format neighbourhood stores.
  • Extensive sports equipment and apparel offerings.
  • Competitive prices and consistent sales/deals.
  • Diverse outdoor gear and clothing selections.
  • Knowledgeable sporting goods store staff.

Dick’s is likely the most accessible big box sporting goods store for a one-stop shop similar to Cabela’s. Its smaller stores offer convenience, while still providing an admirable range of outdoor basics for activities like camping, hiking, hunting and fishing sold at discount prices.

15. Sportsman’s Warehouse

  • Founded: 1986
  • Target Audience: Outdoor enthusiasts, hunters
  • Categories: Hunting, fishing, camping, clothing
  • Popular Products: Firearms, fishing gear, camo hunting apparel

Last but not least, Sportsman’s Warehouse bills itself as “America’s Premier Outfitter” for hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear. With 100+ stores largely located in the western U.S., it operates as a scaled-down version of Cabela’s.

Reasons to choose Sportsman’s Warehouse include:

  • Impressive hunting and fishing gear selections.
  • Local expertise and products tailored to the region.
  • Reliable guns and ammo from trusted brands.
  • Camouflage clothing, footwear, and hunting equipment.
  • Specialized services like gunsmithing and boat/RV storage.

Sportsman’s Warehouse competes directly with Cabela’s as a regional outdoor outfitter focused on providing hunters and anglers expert guidance along with quality gear. Consider them for hunting and fishing supplies based on local insights.


While nothing replaces getting outdoors and gaining first-hand experience, equipping yourself properly is a key part of the preparation. With so many fantastic stores like Cabela’s, every outdoor enthusiast can find the right gear for their next adventure. Now get outside and make some memories!

FAQs About Shopping at Cabela’s

What is Cabela’s known for?

Cabela’s is known for its enormous stores stocked with recreational hunting, fishing and camping gear. It offers one-stop shopping from top outdoor brands.

Does Cabela’s price match?

Yes, Cabela’s does offer price matching if you find a lower advertised price from select retailers. Some exemptions apply.

How long are Cabela’s return windows?

Most Cabela’s merchandise can be returned within 90 days with the original receipt and tags. Exceptions include electronics at 30 days and firearms at 7 days.

Does Cabela’s offer student discounts?

Yes, students can sign up for Cabela’s Bargain Cave program to receive special discounts and promotional offers. Valid student ID is required.

Does Cabela’s allow coupons or promo codes?

While rare, Cabela’s occasionally offers limited-time coupons and promo codes that can be applied to select purchases online or in-store.

Are pets allowed at Cabela’s stores?

Most Cabela’s locations do not permit pets, aside from service animals, due to the presence of live fish and wildlife displays. Call your local store for any exceptions.

Does Cabela’s offer free shipping?

Cabela’s offers free standard shipping on orders over $50. Cabela’s Pro members get free 2-day shipping. Restrictions around oversized items apply.

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