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13 Stores Like Williams Sonoma | Top WS Competitors

With its specialty kitchen and cooking products, Williams Sonoma aims to inspire people who have a passion for cooking and entertaining at home.

However, with its premium pricing, Williams Sonoma may not suit every budget or taste. Fortunately, many alternative stores like Williams Sonoma offer similar products for more affordable prices.

Whether you’re looking for stylish cookware, elegant dinnerware, or modern home decor, these Williams Sonoma competitors have you covered.

Stores Like Williams Sonoma

13 Best Stores Similar To Williams Sonoma for Kitchenware & Home Furnishings

1. Sur la table

Sur La Table store

Sur La Table is often considered the top direct competitor to Williams Sonoma. They are specializes in upscale kitchenware, cookware, bakeware, and high-end cooking gadgets. They offer everything from Le Creuset Dutch ovens to All-Clad frying pans.

They have over 120 retail locations across the U.S. and an easy-to-navigate online store. Their selection includes over 10,000 products from top brands like Staub, Wüsthof, and Global.

They also offers cooking classes in stores and online for beginners to advanced chefs.

Key Benefits:

  • In-store cooking classes
  • Similar high-end brands and products
  • Frequent sales and discounts

2. Wayfair

Wayfair store

Wayfair is among the online home goods stores similar to Williams Sonoma that offer a massive selection of products across all home categories. From furniture to decor and kitchenware, it aims to be a one-stop shop for outfitting your entire home.

The kitchen and dining category includes over 200,000 items, from basic cookware sets to specialty barware and serveware.

Brands carried include familiar names like Rachael Ray, KitchenAid, and Cuisinart. Prices span a wide range, allowing budget-friendly options alongside higher-end pieces.

It’s key advantages are convenience, selection, and affordability. Fast shipping and easy online shopping make it a go-to for all home goods.

Key Benefits:

  • Huge online selection
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free shipping on orders $49+

3. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel store

Crate & Barrel bridges the gap between affordability and quality with its mix of contemporary, design-forward housewares. They are known for its trendsetting style. The store infuses its collections with of-the-moment patterns, colors, and shapes.

The kitchenware lineup includes a fresh assortment of dinnerware, glassware, and serving pieces. They partners with different brands for premium cookware while also developing its exclusive cookware lines. Modern entertaining essentials like bar carts, wine glasses, and table linens are affordable yet sophisticated.

Overall, the brand matches Williams Sonoma’s contemporary sensibility at lower mid-range prices. The stylish, updated selections appeal to young professionals and couples furnishing their first homes.

Key Benefits:

  • Contemporary, design-focused style
  • Quality products at lower prices
  • Trendy entertaining selections

4. World Market

World Market store

Formerly known as Cost Plus World Market. This global home decor chain brings eclectic, internationally-inspired style to everyday household items.

Vibrant textiles, handcrafted accessories, and unique furnishings fill each whimsically decorated store.

The extensive dining and kitchen section stocks tableware, glassware, and kitchen tools. They also feature global artisan craftsmanship. Shop handpainted ceramic dinner sets from Portugal.

Even hammered stainless cookware from India, woven baskets from Morocco, and more. Prices remain budget-friendly thanks to their direct sourcing relationships.

With its affordability and far-flung finds, it offers an adventurous, exotic take on dining and cooking compared to Williams Sonoma’s sophisticated American style.

Key Benefits:

  • Eclectic, globally sourced items
  • Artisan craftsmanship
  • Affordable pricing

5. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn store

Owned by the same parent company as Williams Sonoma. Pottery Barn as stores similar to Williams Sonoma also focuses on elevated, artisanal home furnishings with a cozy, casual style. Natural, organic materials like wood, stone, and textiles feature prominently throughout their furniture and decor.

The dining and entertaining section follows this warm, inviting aesthetic for tabletop items and kitchen tools. Earthenware dinnerware and wood-handled cutlery convey a rustic sensibility.

While their classic designs anchor the assortment. Pricing falls mostly in the mid-range, with frequent sales and specials bringing costs down further.

This similar store matches Williams Sonoma’s quality and execution but with a more relaxed, family-friendly appeal.

Key Benefits:

  • Casual, natural style
  • Mid-range pricing with frequent sales
  • Durable, family-friendly pieces

6. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware store

Restoration Hardware brings a vintage-inspired look and feel to its upmarket furniture and homegoods. Reclaimed wood, vintage-style lighting, distressed finishes and antique-looking decor carry throughout the collections.

The kitchen and tableware reflect this nostalgic charm through molded glassware and more. Prices trend higher due to the use of high-end materials and artisanal detailing on each piece.

They attract those who want a touch of luxe, old-world glamour in their kitchens and dining rooms. The worn, crafted aesthetic pairs beautifully with farmhouse, rustic, and industrial-style homes.

Key Benefits:

  • Vintage-inspired style
  • Luxurious materials and detailing
  • Artisanal, high-end pieces

7. The Container Store

The Container Store

Known for its highly organized product designs. The Container Store is a go-to for storage solutions and organization systems. Beyond just shelves and bins, it provides specialized tools to neatly arrange every area of the home.

In the kitchen, find space-saving racks, drawer organizers, canisters and more to hold everything from bakeware to spices. Dining storage like tabletop risers, server caddies and menu holders streamline serving and entertaining. The extensive selection helps maximize kitchen real estate and efficiency.

They excels at kitchen organization far beyond what’s offered at Williams Sonoma. For anyone with limited space or love of tidiness, it’s an indispensable source.

Key Benefits:

  • Specialized kitchen organization solutions
  • Storage innovations and space-saving designs
  • Tools for maximizing efficiency

8. Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen store

Iconic American furniture brand Ethan Allen channels colonial New England style with its focus on fine craftsmanship and custom upholstery. Timeless silhouettes, warm wood tones, and cozy fabrics characterize its range of home furnishings.

In dining and kitchenware, find classically shaped dinnerware, embossed wood cutting boards, brushed metal serveware, and vintage-style glassware.

Table linens, placemats and napkins come in classic patterns like gingham and toile. The enduring, traditional elegance pairs well in formal dining rooms and country kitchens alike.

It offers heritage refinement compared to Williams Sonoma’s more modern sensibility. Its classic appeal makes it a safe, sophisticated choice when outfitting a traditional home.

Key Benefits:

  • Timeless, traditional style
  • Fine American craftsmanship
  • Custom upholstery services

9. HomeGoods

HomeGoods store

HomeGoods delivers designer looks at bargain prices thanks to its business model of buying excess and overstock items from high-end vendors. Name brands and luxury styles can be found across all home categories.

In kitchenware, popular finds include Le Creuset cast iron cookware, Riedel wine glasses, and more all at a fraction of retail prices. Because inventory comes from overstock buys, selection varies widely. Finding hidden gems takes some hunting, but uncovering a great deal is part of their treasure hunt appeal.

Key Benefits:

  • Deep discounts on designer brands
  • Hidden gems and deals
  • Constantly changing inventory

10. Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph is one of the stores that takes a uniquely innovative approach to kitchen tools and gadgets. Their products introduce clever designs with compact footprints to increase functionality and efficiency in the kitchen.

Some of their popular tools include the Slice&Sharp knife with integrated sharpener, and Nest mixing bowls that stack within each other. Products help tackle storage obstacles, multitasking, and food prep with smart problem-solving.

With its compact, contemporary designs, Joseph Joseph is a handy upgrade for the modern kitchen. The space- and time-saving tools stand apart from Williams Sonoma’s more classic selection.

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative, functional designs
  • Space- and time-saving
  • Contemporary styling

11. Macy’s

Macy's store

The kitchen and dining department at Macy’s department store combines mainstream brands, private label cookware, and affordably priced tableware. Popular national brands stocked include familiar names like Martha Stewart, Pyrex, Thyme, and Hotel Collection.

Shoppers can browse everything needed to outfit a kitchen, from small appliances and dinner sets to glassware, serving pieces, and utensils. Their frequent sales and specials make prices even more budget-friendly for the quality.

With its classic and contemporary product mix, it offers well-priced kitchen essentials and tabletop staples for the everyday home cook.

Key Benefits:

  • Mix of national brands and private labels
  • Affordable pricing with frequent sales
  • One-stop kitchen outfitting

12. West Elm

West Elm store

A division of Williams Sonoma, Inc., West Elm also focuses on contemporary, mid-century modern style for home furnishings. Its kitchen and dining collections feature minimalist, on-trend silhouettes crafted from natural woods, reflective metals, and handworked ceramic.

Modern basics like stainless steel flatware, solid wood cutting boards, and neutral-glazed dinnerware make mixing and matching effortless.

More unique accent pieces like handblown glassware, graphic entertaining trays, and geo-patterned serveware can add flair to the assortment.

It delivers a youthful, modern complement to Williams Sonoma’s traditional leanings. Its urban loft aesthetic suits small-space city dwellers.

Key Benefits:

  • Contemporary, mid-century modern style
  • Trend-driven pieces and motifs
  • Mix-and-match collections

13. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond

Lastly, Bed Bath & Beyond is a tried-and-true wedding and home registry destination. Its comprehensive home goods selection covers every category for outfitting a home from top to bottom. This store similar to Williams Sonoma carried run the gamut from entry-level to luxury.

Kitchen best-sellers include everyday dinnerware from Corelle and Mikasa, premium knives from Shun and Wüsthof, and specialty appliances from KitchenAid and Nespresso. It’s famous 20% off coupons make the everyday low prices even more affordable.

The store is the ideal one-stop shop for first-time home buyers and newlyweds looking to stock their kitchens on a budget.

Key Benefits:

  • Registry staple with big assortment
  • Affordable prices with 20% off coupons
  • Specialty kitchen appliances


While Williams Sonoma remains a top destination for quality cookware and home furnishings, many excellent alternatives exist for different needs and budgets.

With this list of the top stores similar to Williams Sonoma. You can find beautiful, functional products to make cooking and entertaining a joy in your home.

Each store brings something unique, but all share Williams Sonoma’s commitment to high-quality, design-driven kitchen and home goods.

FAQs about Williams Sonoma

Which year was Williams Sonoma founded?

Williams Sonoma was founded in 1956 by Chuck Williams in Sonoma, California.

What are the most popular products at Williams Sonoma?

Some of Williams Sonoma’s most popular products include their All-Clad cookware, Le Creuset Dutch ovens, and exclusive lines of kitchen tools and electrics like bakeware, knives and stand mixers. Their home furnishings like bedding and table linens are also best-sellers.

Does Williams Sonoma have sales?

Yes, Williams Sonoma runs sales throughout the year, especially around major holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th, and Black Friday/Cyber Monday. They also run warehouse sales with deeper discounts on discontinued inventory.

Does Williams Sonoma offer a credit card?

Yes, Williams Sonoma has its own credit card that offers 10% off your first purchase and 5% back on future purchases. Additional perks include special financing options, exclusive offers, and free shipping.

How do returns and exchanges work at Williams Sonoma?

Williams Sonoma offers free returns within 30 days of purchase at any store location or by mail. Exchanges are also free within 30 days. All purchased items must be unused with original tags and packaging.

Can I find Williams Sonoma deals on resale sites?

Yes, you can find discounted Williams Sonoma kitchenware, dinnerware, and home goods resold on sites like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, and Facebook Marketplace. These offer potential savings on used items in good condition.

Is Williams Sonoma furniture high quality?

Yes, Williams Sonoma furniture is generally high quality and made from solid wood, leather, and other premium materials. Their sofas, tables, beds and other furniture boast quality craftsmanship and construction meant to last for years.

What is the shipping cost from Williams Sonoma?

Williams Sonoma offers free shipping in the continental U.S. on orders over $79. For orders under $79, standard shipping costs $10. Expedited and express shipping options are also available for an added fee.

Does Williams Sonoma price match?

No, Williams Sonoma does not currently offer price matching. However, they do have occasional price-matching sales around major holidays where they will match select competitors’ prices on comparable items. Year-round, the best discounting comes from their own sales and promotions.

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