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How to Remove Creases & Wrinkles from Leather Shoes | 11 Pro Tips

Leather shoes are an investment. With proper care, a quality pair can last years and develop a beautiful patina that only gets better with age. But creases? Not so much. Those unsightly wrinkles can make leather shoes look worn out long before their time.

Luckily, there are ways to smooth out and minimize creases to keep your leather kicks looking fresh. This comprehensive guide covers everything from why leather creases in the first place to 10 expert tips for crease removal and prevention. Read on to give those beloved Oxfords, loafers and boots a new lease on life.

Remove Creases from Leather Shoes

Why Do Leather Shoes Crease in the First Place?

The short answer? Wear and tear. Leather is skin, after all. With repeated flexing and bending, it will eventually start to fold and wrinkle. Pressure points like the toe box and vamp see the most creasing. But environmental factors like heat and moisture also damage leather over time.

While creasing is normal, there are ways to minimize it. Using shoe trees, conditioner, and proper storage can help reduce creases. And when they inevitably appear, our smoothing techniques will work those wrinkles out. Now let’s dig into the tricks!

10 Clever Ways to Remove Creases from Leather Shoes

Ready to smooth the wrinkles? Grab your favourite kicks and try these 10 tips and tricks to get rid of creases from leather shoes:

1. Stuff Shoes with Newspaper

Stuff Shoes with Newspaper

An old school hack that works – loosely balling up newspaper and stuffing inside shoes helps them hold their shape. The paper absorbs moisture and presses out creases from the inside. And it is one of the easy ways to remove creases form leather shoes without iron.

Make sure to use enough to fully stuff shoes and fill in toes. Change out damp paper daily and continue for several days until creases disappear. The papery absorbency combined with pressure does the trick.

2. Invest in Shoe Trees

Shoe Trees to remove crease

Specifically designed to solve this issue, cedar shoe trees are a worthy investment for leather shoe lovers. The wooden form with a metal hinge expands snugly inside shoes to keep their structure and shape.

Quality shoe trees prevent wrinkles from forming and smooth existing folds. The cedar also absorbs moisture which leads to cracks. Pop trees inside any shoes not being worn to maintain their crisp look.

3. Remove Wrinkles with an Iron

For a quick fix, grab your iron and ironing board to literally press creases away. Make sure to use the steam setting on cotton or linen – never directly on leather! Place a clean cotton cloth over creased spots and apply medium heat while gently pressing down.

The steam helps relax the fibres while the pressure flattens them. Work slowly and avoid any plastic or metal decorations to prevent melting or shine marks.

4. Condition leather & polish regularly

One of the best ways to ward off wrinkles is keeping leather supple and moisturized. Regular conditioning nourishes the hide while polish protects the finish.

Use a leather conditioner once a month, focusing on flex points prone to creasing. Massage conditioner into wrinkled spots until absorbed. Follow with a thin coat of polish to seal in moisture and prevent future cracks.

5. Wash gently & air dry

Over time dirt, oil and sweat buildup in leather shoes can dry them out, dull the finish and worsen creasing. Give your shoes an occasional gentle wash with warm water and mild soap.

Use a soft cloth to clean uppers, then rinse well with clean water. Always allow shoes to fully air dry to prevent moisture damage that leads to wrinkles. Never put wet leather shoes near heat sources.

6. Use leather softener

In addition to conditioner, leather softeners are excellent for improving flexibility to smooth creases. These solvent based products help relax the structure of leather fibers.

Apply a thin layer to wrinkled spots, allow 20 minutes to penetrate and then lightly buff with a horsehair brush. The massaging motion also reduces creases.

7. Try the freezer trick

Here’s a clever hack using your freezer to flatten creases. The cold causes leather fibers to contract and tighten. Place shoes in a plastic bag and freeze overnight or up to a few days.

Once removed, immediately stuff with shoe trees or paper to reshape before the leather thaws and expands. The abrupt temperature change often helps stubborn wrinkles release.

8. Apply pressure with clamp or weight

Sometimes focused, prolonged pressure works best to banish creases. Place a leather-safe cloth over wrinkled spots and use a clamp, heavy book or other weight to apply steady pressure.

Leave for 12-24 hours allowing the leather fibers to slowly flatten. Check periodically and adjust weight or re-position as needed to target creased areas. Just avoid scratching shiny uppers.

9. Use a Blow Dryer

Blow Dryer to remove crease in shoe

Set your blow dryer to a low, cool setting. Slowly go over creased areas while gently stretching the leather. The heat will relax the fibers. Be patient and keep the dryer moving to avoid damage. Repeat until creases release. Let shoes fully cool before wearing.

10. Use Petroleum Jelly

Dab petroleum jelly onto creased areas and rub in using a soft cloth. The thick jelly conditions leather as it penetrates cracks and folds. Let it soak in for a few hours, then wipe away excess. The softened leather will smooth out – plus enjoy a hydrated, supple feel. Reapply weekly.

Crease Removal Tips and Precautions

  • Always test products or tools on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure they don’t damage the leather.
  • Don’t overuse heat, which can dry out and damage leather over time.
  • Let leather shoes rest a full 24 hours after conditioning or stretching before wearing again.
  • Alternate pairs of leather shoes to give each a chance to fully rebound and retain shape between wears.
  • For preventive crease removal, apply conditioner and use shoe trees after every use.


With knowledge of what causes creases and this arsenal of smoothing tricks, you can keep your leather shoes looking crisp and wrinkle-free for years to enjoy. Investing a little time into proper care pays off with shoes that mold comfortably to your feet instead of sagging and wrinkling.

Breathe new life into tired leather kicks with these handy at-home remedies. Or have a cobbler professionally rehab heavily creased vintage finds. Either way – don’t resign yourself to shabby, wrinkled leather shoes. You have the power to banish creases for good with help from these tips.

FAQs About Removing Creases from Leather Shoes

How can I get creases out of new leather shoes?

For brand new leather that’s already creasing, try stuffing tightly with paper and letting shoes sit for several days to flatten out. Also apply conditioner to interior flex points before first wear.

What household items help remove shoe wrinkles?

Shoe trees, cedar blocks, newspaper, iron and steamer are all handy items found at home that can smooth leather wrinkles when used properly.

Will baking shoes remove creases?

No – baking leather at high temps to smooth wrinkles will likely damage shoes and finish instead of removing creases.

Can creases be removed from faux leather?

Synthetic leathers wrinkle less than real leather but can still crease. Try lightly ironing through a towel or stuffing tightly to reduce folds.

Do expensive shoes crease less?

Not necessarily – higher quality full grain leather still wrinkles but may respond better to conditioning and polish. Pay more attention to leather type than cost.

Can damp rid or charcoal bags reduce creases?

Yes – absorbing moisture inside shoes helps maintain shape and smooth wrinkles. Just don’t over-dry leather which causes brittleness.

How much does it cost to have a cobbler remove creases?

Cobbler crease removal typically starts around $20 but can cost up to $60 for complete reshaping. Still cheaper than replacing heavily creased shoes!

Will glycerin help fix wrinkled shoes?

Glycerin may temporarily plump and smooth leather but doesn’t soften fibers or condition. Use it sparingly or only for quick touch-ups.

Can I use an actual iron to de-wrinkle shoes?

Never place an iron directly on shoes – it will burn and damage leather. Only apply steam through a cotton cloth barrier.

What’s better for creases – mink oil, coconut oil, or conditioner?

Light leather conditioner is safest – oils can over-soften and darken leather. But small amounts of mink oil work well on extremely dried, creased leather.


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