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How to Put on Fashion Nova Clear Heels & Look Smart

Fashion Nova’s clear high heels encapsulate the pinnacle of sexy shoe style. Their transparent material embodies bold allure from toe to tippy stilettos. Yet their precarious plastic construction proves challenging at times.

Getting feet into unforgiving vinyl can turn into an awkward hopping struggle rather than a graceful shoe glide. And walking on a transparent sole without wobbling requires skill and practice. But with the right tips and tricks, anyone can strut their stuff smoothly in chic see-through heels.

This guide will cover everything needed to put on and walk in clear shoes successfully. Learn how to pick the ideal size and width to avoid a painfully pinching fit. Discover tricks for sliding feet in effortlessly using common household items.

Get tips for breaking in snug shoes and adjusting their fit properly. Find out the posture and stepping techniques which lead to flawless walking in precarious stilettos. Also uncover ways to prevent issues like blisters, sliding, and odor that can undermine the appeal of plastic heels.

How to Put on Fashion Nova Clear Heels

With this advice, clear heels transform from a fussy fashion faux pas to a runway ready dream. So read on to gain the confidence and know-how to walk, dance, strut and shine in Fashion Nova’s sexiest transparent shoes.

Selecting the Right Clear Heels for You

Before sliding into a pair of barefoot-looking Fashion Nova heels, consider your individual needs and lifestyle.

  • Heel height – Start lower if you’re a beginner. 2-3 inches will give you height without being too precarious. Taller girls can potentially wear 4-6 inch heels with practice.
  • Platform – A platform sole will provide more stability and comfort for all day wear. Look for at least a 0.5 inch platform.
  • Ankle strap – Ankle straps anchor the shoe to your foot, preventing slippage when walking. Choose this style while building confidence.
  • Pointed vs round toe – Round and almond toes are most forgiving for wide feet. Pointed toes create a sleek silhouette for narrower feet.
  • Size and fit – Properly fitting heels should not pinch your toes. Feet tend to slide forward in heels, so choose a half size up.

How to Put on Clear Heels

Put on Clear Heels

Putting on transparent shoes like pantyhose sounds tricky, but a few simple techniques will make the process smooth sailing.

  • Wear footless stockings that match your skin tone or go bare-legged to create the illusion of invisible shoes.
  • Slide your foot in gently to avoid snags. Transparent vinyl can be less forgiving than leather.
  • Fasten ankle straps first, then buckles. This anchors the shoe and gets the fit right.
  • Point your toes and slide your foot forward so it sits perfectly inside the shoe.
  • Walk around the house a bit to mold the vinyl to your feet before going out.
  • Consider wearing clear shoe liners to absorb sweat and odor. They make slipping in and out easier too.
  • Bring transparent tape! Quick mends can save the night when dealing with potential vinyl tears.

How to Walk Gracefully in Clear Heels

Channel your inner supermodel with these tips for moving elegantly in transparent stilettos:


  • Keep your chin parallel to the ground and core engaged. Avoid looking down.
  • Shoulders back and relaxed. Proper posture improves balance.
  • Take wider steps rather than tiny, mincing strides. YouTube has great posture tutorials.


  • Step heel to toe. Carefully place the heel then roll through the step onto the ball of your foot.
  • Take slow, controlled movements. Rushing increases wobbling.
  • Engage leg and core muscles to stay steady. Yoga helps build balance skills.
  • Pause between steps rather than continuous walking at first.
  • Aim for your full body weight to stay stacked over the heel when standing.


  • Point toes slightly outward when stepping for stability.
  • Walk in a straight line rather than zig-zagging. Controlled movements prevent teetering.
  • Take the lead with your hips, allowing your torso to follow. Keep your gaze focused ahead, not down.
  • Pretend you’re walking on a tightrope. Deliberate, centered steps.
  • Bend knees slightly when stepping down off curbs. Absorb impact through the legs.
  • Go up stairs foot over foot. Down stairs should be toe then heel. Use the railings!

Practice makes perfect with clear shoes! Start in open areas without distractions. Have a friend film you walking in heels and watch videos to improve. The more you wear them, the more natural it becomes.

How to Prevent Issues from Wearing Clear Heels

Like all high heels, transparent stilettos put feet at an unnatural angle that can cause discomfort or potential damage with repeated wear. Heed these handy precautions:

Choose Quality Materials

  • Inspect construction – well-made clear shoes have smoothly finished edges to avoid irritating feet.
  • Ensure vinyl or acrylic used is thick and durable to prevent cracking.
  • Plastic will be more flexible while lucite has a luxurious look. Know the tradeoffs.

Use Protective Products

  • Apply moisturizer on feet before wearing to minimize friction. Avoid lotions that are too greasy.
  • Adhere gel pads or moisturizing cushions at pressure points prone to blisters.
  • Rub a tiny bit of deodorant on feet to curb sweating in plastic shoes.
  • Stuff with soft inserts to add cushioning and absorb shock when walking.

Give Feet a Break

  • Bring backup shoes for respite. Change into flats after 2-3 hours max in heels.
  • Carry heel caps or folded socks to use as slippers when giving feet a rest.
  • Limit time in clear heels to 3-4 times per week to avoid straining feet.
  • Stretch and massage feet after each use. Soak in an Epsom salt bath for relaxation.
  • Give toes room to wiggle and feet to expand at the end of the day.

Watch for Warning Signs

  • Redness, blisters, calluses and pain signal issues. Address any hot spots right away.
  • Stop wearing if cracked vinyl exposes feet to injury. Discard damaged shoes.
  • See a podiatrist if you experience ongoing discomfort like arch or heel pain.
  • Take a break from heels for a few weeks if feet feel overworked.

Treat your feet well and clear heels can stylishly elevate your wardrobe without causing harm! Follow these pro tips and you’ll be strutting with confidence and grace.


Fashion Nova’s clear high heels make a daring statement, allowing you to show off your feet in barely-there shoes. While walking gracefully in transparent stilettos takes practice, the reward is legs for days and showstopping style. Choose heels wisely to suit your needs, then master elegant posture and balance techniques. Protect feet from friction and strain, and handle lucite shoes with care to avoid cracks or tears.

With patience and confidence, those plastic fantastic shoes can become your go-to for instant glamour. Strut your stuff in Fashion Nova clear heels using these tricks and tips. Go ahead – give barefoot glam a try!

FAQS About Putting on And Wearing Fashion Nova Clear Heels

How can I prevent my feet from sliding forward in clear heels?

Wear heels that fit snugly and choose styles with an ankle strap to secure your foot. You can also apply sticky gel pads at pressure points or use heel grips to prevent slippage. Point toes forward when stepping down.

What type of moisturizer works best for clear heels?

Use an unscented, glycerin-based moisturizer to hydrate feet before wearing. Avoid oils that may cause slippery residue inside the shoes. Apply moisturizing cushions or gel pads directly on blister-prone spots.

What do I do if my clear shoes start to crack?

Discard cracked heels immediately since they can injure feet. To slow cracking, limit wear to 2-3 times per week and avoid extreme temperature changes. Store properly between wears and consider acrylic over cheaper vinyl.

How can I prevent odor when wearing plastic shoes?

Use removable insoles and spray clear heels with antibacterial spray after each wear. Seal shoes in a plastic bag before storing. Apply deodorant on feet and avoid heavily scented lotions before wearing.

Can I stretch tight clear heels to fit better?

You can stretch vinyl or acrylic shoes by stuffing the toes with socks and blowing hairdryer heat into them. Wear around the house to mold to your feet. But tight heels should be avoided to prevent pain.

Is there a style of clear heel that’s easier to walk in?

Look for a 2-3 inch heel, pointed/almond toe, platform sole and ankle strap. A hint of platform provides stability while the ankle strap anchors the shoe. Experiment to find your perfect pair!

How can I gain confidence walking in clear stilettos?

Start by practicing at home on carpets with distractions minimized. Have a friend film you walking in heels and watch videos to improve technique. The more you wear them, the more natural it becomes.

Are clear heels bad for your feet?

Like all high heels, plastic shoes strain feet being at an unnatural angle. Minimize risk by wearing them occasionally, using inserts, sizing up, and taking breaks. Stop wearing if they cause ongoing pain or damage feet.

Hopefully these tips help you rock clear heels with grace and confidence! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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