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Are Doc Martens Supposed to Crease? Here Is How To Fix It

Doc Martens boots are known for their iconic and durable leather construction. However, with wear and tear, creases can start to form on the leather uppers, which some wearers may find unsightly. So are Doc Martens supposed to crease over time? And what can you do to fix or minimize creasing?

Do Dr Martens Crease?

In short – yes, Doc Martens are prone to creasing just like any other leather shoe or boot. The creases form from the natural flexing of the leather upper as you walk. Areas like the toe box and sides of the vamp see a lot of movement and friction, causing creases to develop.

Creasing is simply part of the boot’s “breaking in” process as the once stiff leather softens and conforms to the shape of your foot. In fact, many Doc Martens fans consider creasing to add character and give their boots that worn-in look.

However, excessive or premature creasing could signal potential defects in the leather. Lower grade leather is more prone to creasing compared to high quality full grain leather used in most Doc Martens. Excessive dryness can also cause the leather to crease and crack before its time.

While creasing is normal, there are some simple tips to minimize it – or even remove creases – to keep your Doc Martens looking their best.

Doc Martens Supposed to Crease

Understanding Doc Martens Creasing

To understand how to fix or prevent creasing, it helps to first understand what causes it in the first place. There are a few key factors that lead to creasing in Doc Martens boots:

Leather Quality

Higher quality leather with dense, tight fiber structure is more resistant to creasing and cracking. Doc Martens employs full-grain leather uppers in most of its boots which helps minimize excessive creasing.

Cheap leather with a loose grain tends to crease more readily. Using conditioners and polish can tighten the grain to reduce creases.

Frequency of Wear

Frequent wear accelerates the “break-in” process, causing the leather to soften and crease faster. Wearing your Docs daily means creases will appear quicker versus occasional wear.

Letting boots rest between wears allows the leather fibers to relax and regain structure. Rotate your Docs with other shoes to prolong their pristine look.

Tightness of Fit

An overly tight fit strains the leather causing it to crease and fold more with movement. Ensuring your Doc Martens are well broken-in and fit comfortably all around can help reduce crease-causing friction.

Exposure to Moisture

Water, sweat, snow – moisture breaks down and drys out leather causing it to crease and crack prematurely. Always properly clean and condition your boots after exposure to moisture.

Treating with a protectant spray also creates a barrier against liquid damage.

Now that you know what factors lead to creasing, here are some tips to minimize, fix or conceal creases in your cherished Doc Martens.

How to Fix Creases in Doc Martens

There are several methods you can try to diminish the appearance of creases that develop in your Doc Martens boots:

Use Leather Conditioner and Polish

Keeping the leather moisturized is key to resisting creases. Doc Martens recommends using their Wonder Balsam conditioner which contains beeswax, lanolin, and coconut oil to nourish the leather. Apply a thin layer, let it soak in overnight, then buff with a cloth.

Leather polish can also help conceal creases by “filling in” the creased areas so they appear smoother. Apply polish to creased zones, let dry, then buff. Repeat until creases fade.

Be sure to use polish that matches your boots colour.

Stuff Boots Overnight

For particularly stubborn creases, try stuffing your boots with socks or paper overnight. This gently stretches the leather back to its original form.

Stuff toes, sides, ankles – anywhere creased. In the morning, remove stuffing and wear boots normally. Repeat for a few nights until creased areas smooth out.

Use a Leather Softener

In some cases, creases result from leather that’s become too dry and stiff. A leather softener helps make the leather supple again so creases can relax and diminish.

Apply softener, especially to creased zones and let soak in fully. As leather softens, gently bend and massage creased areas to loosen fibres.

Apply Moist Heat

Warmth and moisture also help relax and smooth creased leather. Use a hair dryer, heated towel or other source of gentle heat to warm creased areas for 2-3 minutes. Apply leather conditioner while leather is still warm.

The heat allows conditioners to penetrate deeper while the moisture plumps up the leather.

Weather and Wear

Sometimes simply continuing to break-in and wear your Doc Martens can diminish the appearance of creases. As boots form perfectly to your feet, creases relax and fade.

Exposing boots to the elements also naturally softens and weatherproofs the leather over time.

While creases add character, taking steps to reduce them helps boots keep their structure. But if creasing becomes excessive or cracks form, it may be time to retire boots and break-in a new pair.

Other Ways to Remove Doc Martens Creases

In addition to the above methods, there are a few other creative techniques for removing pesky creases from your Doc Martens:

Use a Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

Applying targeted heat can help relax and smooth creased leather. Use a heat gun on the lowest setting or a hair dryer to gently warm creased areas for 1-2 minutes. Avoid overheating.

Condition leather immediately after heating while still warm and pliable.

Making Use of Leather Oil

Rubbing leather oil into creased zones helps moisturize and loosen stiff fibres. Let the oil soak in fully, then use your hands to gently bend and massage creased areas. The warmth from your hands aids this.

For extra smoothing power, place leather balms or oils in the sun to warm before application.

Use Rubbing Alcohol on Creases

The drying properties of rubbing alcohol can temporarily tighten and smooth creased leather. Dab alcohol on creased areas using a cloth and let dry fully. Apply conditioner afterward to avoid overly drying leather.

The smoothing effect is temporary but can reduce appearance of creases on occasion.

With some TLC and these handy tips, you can keep your beloved Doc Martens looking like new for longer. But a few scuffs and creases should only add more character to these iconic boots as you break them in. Embrace the lived-in look while taking steps to care for the leather uppers.


Creasing is perfectly normal with wear in Doc Martens’ famous full grain leather boots. While some consider it part of the well-loved appeal of “Docs”, excessive creasing can be unsightly. With knowledge of what causes creases and using the right leather care products and techniques, you can reduce and even remove creases to keep boots looking their best.

Be sure to keep leather properly conditioned and polished, use stuffing or heating techniques, and simply wear in the boots further. With a little TLC, your Doc Martens will form comfortably to your feet while resisting damage that comes with creases. So break out your boots and start making memories without worrying about preserving that pristine leather finish forever.

FAQs about Creasing in Doc Martens

How do I soften stiff, creased leather on Doc Martens?

Use a leather softener and conditioner like Doc Martens Wonder Balsam. Massage into creased areas and wear boots to further soften and break-in leather.

Can I remove creases from vintage Doc Martens?

Stuffing toes and applying moist heat can reduce creases even in well-worn vintage boots. Go gently to avoid damaging aged leather.

What causes white creases on Doc Martens?

Dryness causes the leather finish to crack and crease prematurely. Moisturize with conditioner and use polish to conceal. Avoid over-drying boots.

Should I size up in Docs to prevent creasing?

Sizing up generally causes more creasing as boots slide and don’t mold snugly to feet. Fit true to size once broken in.

How can I stop Doc Martens from creasing when I drive?

Try placing a towel on the gas and brake pedals to ease friction. Or buy pedal covers. Conditioning leather regularly also helps.

Do wonder balsam or Dubbin help stop creasing?

These leather conditioners keep leather supple and helps minimize creasing. But creases will still occur with wear over time.

Should I wear Doc Martens daily or rotate them?

Rotating boots gives the leather chance to rest and retain structure better. But creases will still form with regular wear.

Can a shoe repair add material to remove Doc creases?

Adding material risks compromising the structure. Better to use stuffing, heat and conditioners to relax creases over time.

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