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How to Identify Fake Mountain Hardwear Jackets Like A Pro

As an experienced hiker and outdoor enthusiast, finding authentic, high-quality gear I can trust is a top priority. So when I see counterfeit versions of popular jackets flooding the market, it’s concerning. Mountain Hardwear makes some of my favourite technical climbing and mountaineering jackets, but fakes that copy the looks of their popular styles are showing up everywhere lately. I don’t want to end up wasting my money or risk my safety with a knockoff jacket that can’t withstand the harsh alpine environments I adventure in.

After doing some digging, I’ve learned there are a few ways to identify counterfeit Mountain Hardwear jackets. In this guide, I’ll share the tips and tricks I’ve picked up to spot fake Mountain Hardwear so you can avoid these shoddy impersonators. With the right knowledge, we can make sure our jacket budget goes toward the real deal quality we need for our next frosty summit push!

Quick Comparison: Authentic vs. Counterfeit Mountain Hardwear Jackets

Feature Authentic Mountain Hardwear Counterfeit
Price Expensive, $200-$600 range Very cheap, deep discounts
Quality & Materials Premium, technical fabrics & insulation Cheap, flimsy fabrics
Zippers YKK or Riri brand, smooth action Generic, gets stuck often
Stitching Even, straight, and tight Uneven, loose threads
Tags & Labels Professionally printed, accurate info Misspellings, fuzzy printing, incorrect info
Packaging Branded with specs, durable box Generic polybag, flimsy paper box
Warranty Lifetime warranty from Mountain Hardwear No warranty

Ways to Identify Fake Mountain Hardwear Jackets

how to identify fake mountain hardwear jacket

There are several ways you can spot a counterfeit Mountain Hardwear jacket:

Examine the Price and Seller

Authentic Mountain Hardwear jackets retail between $200 to $600 depending on the model. If you see the jacket priced at a steep discount compared to MSRP, that should raise suspicions. Only buy from authorized Mountain Hardwear retailers or directly from the company. Counterfeits are commonly sold on sketchy websites, auction sites, or by sketchy sellers.

Check the Materials and Build Quality

Check the clothing Materials and Build Quality

Mountain Hardwear uses premium technical fabrics like Gore-Tex and proprietary synthetic insulation like Thermal.Q in their jackets. Fakes will be made from cheap polyester without the same heat-retaining properties or weather resistance. Zippers on authentic versions are buttery smooth YKK or Riri, while knockoffs have sticky generic zippers. Stitching on real Mountain Hardwear jackets will be straight, even and tight with no loose threads. Fakes tend to have uneven, ragged stitching that lets cold air and moisture seep in.

Inspect the Tags, Labels and Packaging

Inspect the Mountain Hardwear Tags

Authentic Mountain Hardwear gear features crisp, professionally-printed neck tags, care labels, and warranties. Fakes often have tags with fuzzy printing, incorrect specs, and misspellings. Look for the correct Mountain Hardwear logo and model name on the labels. Real jackets come in branded reusable stuff sacks or rigid boxes, while counterfeits use cheap polybags and flimsy boxes.

Check Key Features of Specific Models

Each Mountain Hardwear jacket model has unique features to look for. The Nilas jacket has velcro-adjusted cuffs and a helmet-compatible hood, while the Absolute Zero parka has internal zippered media and goggle pockets. If details like the number and location of pockets, hood construction, or cuff style don’t match the real version, it’s fake.

Verify the Warranty

All Mountain Hardwear jackets come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Register your jacket online at their website. Counterfeit jackets won’t have a valid warranty from the company. Contact Mountain Hardwear customer service if you have any doubts a jacket is real.

Feel the Fabric

Mountain Hardwear uses proprietary high-tech fabrics like Gore-Tex in their jackets. Counterfeits use cheaper synthetic blends that don’t feel as soft or perform as well.

Consider the Weight

Thanks to their premium materials, real Mountain Hardwear jackets are extremely lightweight and packable. Fakes tend to be heavier than the authentic versions.

Ask an Expert

If you’re still unsure if a Mountain Hardwear jacket is authentic, ask for help from experienced staff at an authorized retail store. They can closely inspect the materials, construction and features to help determine if it’s genuine. Outdoor gear forums like GearTrade.com can also help crowdsource opinions from experts.

Key Features of Mountain Hardwear Jackets

Here are some of the signature features and tech found across Mountain Hardwear’s jacket line:

  • Waterproof/Breathable Membranes – Most styles use Gore-Tex or proprietary Dry.Q Elite to block rain and snow while allowing sweat vapor to escape.
  • Insulation – Down or synthetic insulation like Thermal.Q or Heatseeker for warmth without bulk. High fill power 800-fill down on premium versions.
  • Helmet-Compatible Hoods – Hoods designed to fit over a ski or climbing helmet without limiting visibility.
  • Cinch Cords – Adjustable cord locks at hood, hem and cuffs seal out the elements.
  • Zippered Pockets – Secure internal and external pockets for storing gear and gadgets.
  • Angel-Wing Movement – Articulated elbows and shoulders for full range of motion.
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Finish – Coating causes moisture to bead up and roll off the fabric exterior.

Knowing the technical features and fabrics used in real Mountain Hardwear jackets makes it easier to recognize cheap knockoffs.

Common Counterfeit Mountain Hardwear Jacket Warning Signs

Watch out for these red flags when shopping for Mountain Hardwear jackets:

  • Misspellings or grammatical errors on labels and warranty
  • YKK or Riri zippers replaced with generic, lower-quality zippers
  • No Angel-Wing movement or helmet-compatible hood
  • Cheap feeling face fabrics that seem thin, flimsy or non-waterproof
  • No DWR finish causes water to soak in rather than bead up
  • Asymmetric baffles on down jackets that lead to cold spots
  • No zippered pockets for securely stashing small items
  • Sewn through seams that allow cold air to penetrate the insulation
  • Uneven stitching, loose threads, dangling fabric scraps
  • Fuzzy printing on logos and specs, unlike sharp real branding
  • Not sold by an authorized Mountain Hardwear retailer


Authentic Mountain Hardwear jackets are worth the investment for serious mountaineers and climbers who rely on performance in harsh alpine environments. While counterfeits may look close to the real thing, they lack the quality materials, construction and lifesaving features found in genuine Mountain Hardwear gear. By carefully inspecting the price, seller, materials, labels, warranty and features, you can identify fake Mountain Hardwear jackets and avoid wasting your money on knockoffs. Stick to authorized retailers or buy directly from MountainHardwear.com to get the real deal.


What materials are used in authentic Mountain Hardwear jackets?

Authentic Mountain Hardwear jackets use premium technical fabrics like Gore-Tex for waterproof breathability and proprietary synthetic insulations like Thermal.Q and Heatseeker for lightweight warmth. For down jackets, they use high fill power 800 fill goose down.

Where should I buy Mountain Hardwear jackets from?

Only buy directly from Mountain Hardwear’s official website or authorized retail partners to ensure you get a genuine jacket. Unauthorized third party sellers are more likely to hawk counterfeits.

What is a tell-tale sign of a counterfeit Mountain Hardwear jacket?

Uneven stitching, loose threads, cheap zippers and improper branding/logos are common giveaways. Also watch for prices that seem too good to be true and sellers with no warranty.

Do authentic Mountain Hardwear jackets have warranties?

Yes, genuine Mountain Hardwear jackets come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship when you register your jacket online.

Should I buy Mountain Hardwear jackets on auction sites or classified ads?

No, third party marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist are risky due to high rates of counterfeits. Verify sellers carefully or avoid these sites altogether.

What is the price range for authentic Mountain Hardwear jackets?

Depending on the model, authentic jackets retail between $200 to $600 MSRP from authorized sellers. Steep discounts below that are a red flag.

What technical features should I look for?

Key features like helmet-compatible hoods, fully waterproof and breathable fabric, zippered pockets, and articulated shoulders for movement.

What should I do if I’m still unsure if a jacket is real?

Ask Mountain Hardwear customer service or take it to an authorized dealer for authentication. Experts can inspect the materials, construction and features closely.

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