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How to Clean Your Arc’teryx Backpack Like a Pro

As an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, camping, and climbing, my Arc’teryx backpack is one of my most prized possessions. Made with durable, waterproof fabrics and trusted by mountaineers across the globe, this pack has accompanied me on adventures all over the world. But after countless treks through mud, rain, and snow, it was time to give this trusty bag a good cleaning.

Through trials with error, I’ve dialled in the perfect routine for washing my Arc’teryx backpack and keeping it looking and performing like new. Grab some soap and water ‘cuz class is in session! Let’s take a deep dive into keeping that Arc’teryx gear fresh as a daisy.

Arcteryx Backpack

A Quick Intro to Arc’teryx Backpack Materials

Before we dig into the nitty gritty, let’s do a quick rundown of what these packs are made of. Understanding the materials will help inform the best way to wash ‘em.

The outer material of most Arc’teryx backpacks is a super-durable nylon or polyester that’s been treated with a DWR (durable water-repellent) finish. This coating causes water to bead up and roll off the fabric, keeping your gear dry inside.

Many packs also have weatherproof zippers and water-resistant laminates on high wear areas. The shoulder straps often use meshes and open weaves for breathability. Interior compartments may be a softer nylon or polyester weave.

Most importantly, these fabrics are strong and designed to handle the elements. But they do require some special care when it comes time to clean ‘em. Let’s get into it!

How to Clean Your Arc’teryx Backpack Like a Pro

how to clean arcteryx backpack 1

Spot Cleaning – For Light Dirt

When my backpacks just needs a minor freshening up, spot cleaning is my go-to. This quick wipe down is perfect for small stains or surface dirt.

Start by grabbing a small bowl of warm water, mild detergent, and a soft bristle brush. I like to use an old toothbrush – it works great!

Dip the brush in the soapy water and gently scrub any visibly dirty spots on the pack, paying special attention to the bottom and harness. The warm water and mild detergent will lift dirt without damaging the DWR finish.

Once scrubbity-scrub-scrubbed, dip a clean rag in the soap mixture and wipe down the areas you just brushed. This helps capture any loosened grime.

Finally, rinse the brush and rag in clean water, wringing thoroughly so they’re just damp. Go over the areas again to remove any soap residue.

And voila! Your pack is ready to hit the trail again. Spot cleaning takes just a few minutes but keeps the grime at bay between deeper cleanings.

Hand Washing – When It’s Muddy

After bushwhacking through dense forests or scooting down muddy trails, my faithful backpack often needs more oomph to get it clean. That’s when it’s time to break out the ol’ hand washing technique.

This method isn’t complicated – it just takes a little more time and care. But the results are worth it! Here are my hand washing steps:

Step 1 – Prep

Clear some space in your laundry room or backyard and lay down some towels. You’ll want room to move around your pack and set wet areas to dry.

Grab a large bowl or sink filled with cool water and a gentle, eco-friendly detergent. I dig wearing flowers in my hair and washing with earth-friendly cleansers; even packs deserve non-toxic care!

Finally, have some clean rags on hand to scrub and wipe down the bag. Let’s do this!

Step 2 – Rinse

Before introducing any soap, do an initial cold water rinse. Dunk your entire pack in the clean water bowl or sink. Swish it around and massage the fabric to release any loose dirt or debris.

Once sufficiently rinsed, gently press or squeeze any excess water from the bag. Don’t wring or twist it aggressively as this can damage the material.

Step 3 – Scrub-a-Dub-Dub

Now comes the real scrubbing! Get your soapy water ready and dip those rags in. Gently rub down every inch of the pack, cleaning the inside and outside. Pay special attention to the harness, straps, and bottom panel which see the most dirt.

If you encounter any stubborn stains, spot clean them with a soft brush for extra oomph. But be gentle – rough scrubbing can damage the fabrics.

Once thoroughly soaped up and scrubbed, it’s time to rinse again.

Step 4 – Rinse and Repeat

Do a second thorough cold water rinse to remove all the soap residue. I like to rinse it twice just to be sure I get it all. Remaining detergent can impact the DWR finish.

After the final rinse, gently press excess water from the bag. Then lay it flat or hang it to begin drying.

And shazam! With a little TLC and elbow grease, hand washing restores my Arc’teryx pack to like-new condition. Just allow it several hours to fully dry before packing it up.

Machine Washing – When All Else Fails

Look, I’ll be real with ya – sometimes life gets messy and your pack needs a deep clean. We’ve all been there! In those cases, it’s time to break out the big guns – aka the washing machine.

Many Arc’teryx packs can safely be machine washed if needed. But there are a few key steps to follow so you don’t damage the fabrics:

Step 1 – Zip It Up

Close all zippers, velcro straps, and buckles so they don’t catch on other items in the wash. Protecting the hardware will help ensure it stays smooth.

Step 2 – Use a Delicate Cycle

Wash your pack on the gentle or delicate cycle. The agitation will be lower, protecting the fabrics. Cold water is ideal to prevent fading.

Step 3 – Skip the Spin Cycle

To avoid putting strain on the backpack, turn off any spin function if possible. Excess spinning can damage the material.

Step 4 – Air Dry

Always air dry your Arc’teryx pack! Tumble drying can severely impact the DWR finish and even melt components.

With these precautions, machine washing once in a while is a-okay when your pack is super nasty. Just try to hand wash when you can.

Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Pack Primo

Consistency is key when it comes to backpack maintenance. With some simple habits, you can keep your Arc’teryx gear looking and performing like new for many seasons:

  • Rinse after each trip – Even if your pack doesn’t look dirty, give it a quick rinse to remove salt, sweat, and grime that can build up.
  • Clean regularly – Spot clean after every few uses and do a deeper wash monthly during heavy season.
  • Inspect for damage – Check for ripped seams, excessive abrasions, and damaged buckles. Repair issues promptly to avoid worsening.
  • Re-treat DWR – Over time, the water repellent finish will wear off. Re-treat periodically with wash-in or spray-on DWR to maintain performance.
  • Wash delicates bag – For machine washing, use a mesh delicates bag to protect from other laundry damage.
  • Hang dry – Never put your pack in the dryer, even just to “fluff” it up after air drying. Always hang dry.

With some diligent care, your trusty Arc’teryx backpack will remain your adventure buddy for years to come! Time to get out there and make some new memories. See ya on the trails!


Final Thoughts on Caring For Your Arc’teryx backpack

As an investment piece designed for demanding adventures, an Arc’teryx backpack deserves proper care and cleaning. By hand washing regularly, restoring DWR, and doing preventative maintenance, you’ll add years of life to your trusty pack.

While machine washing may sometimes be necessary for heavy stains or odor removal, hand wash gently when possible to protect fabrics and coatings.

Stick to mild cleaners and skip the harsh detergents. Allow ample time to air dry instead of using heat. With the right techniques, you can keep your Arc’teryx backpack looking and performing like new – ready to accompany you on all of life’s journeys.

Now that you know how to clean it right, get out there and use your pack as intended – on thrilling climbs, rugged trails, and unforgettable expeditions into the wild.

FAQs about Cleaning Your Arc’teryx Backpack

What is the best way to wash an Arc’teryx backpack?

For most backpacks, hand washing is recommended. Submerge in cool water with a mild detergent, gently scrub dirty areas, and rinse thoroughly. This delicate approach cleans the pack without damaging fabrics.

Can I put my Arc’teryx backpack in the washing machine?

It’s best to avoid the washing machine if possible. However, for serious contamination or odor issues, you can machine wash delicately on cold and low agitation. Use a mesh bag and outdoor-focused detergent. Always air dry.

How do I clean the straps and back panel?

These high-contact areas need special attention. Scrub the harness with soapy water using a soft brush. Rinse completely to remove all residue. This prevents odors and bacterial buildup from sweat and skin oils.

What is the best way to dry an Arc’teryx backpack after washing?

Always air dry your backpack thoroughly before storing to prevent mold and mildew. Lay flat or hang to allow airflow inside pockets and compartments. You can speed up drying with a fan. Avoid direct heat.

How can I restore DWR water repellency on my backpack?

Washing with a technical cleaner containing fluoropolymers replenishes DWR. Nikwax Tech Wash is a good option. Follow up by tumble drying on low heat to activate the water-repelling finish.

How do I clean the rainfly on my backpack?

Remove the fly and hand wash separately using a delicate bag and mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and apply a DWR spray while still damp, then air dry fully. This restores wet weather performance.

Should I use different methods to clean the leather or mesh on my pack?

Yes – leather should only be hand washed with a gentle leather cleaner. Use a soft brush on mesh fabrics to avoid snagging or damage. Take extra care when cleaning specialty materials.

What maintenance helps keep my backpack working well?

Check for wear after each trip. Lubricate zippers with silicone to keep them gliding smoothly. Store pack properly in cool/dry conditions. Make repairs as soon as damage occurs to avoid bigger issues.

How can I remove a serious stain from my pack?

For tough stains, spot treat the area with an enzyme-based cleaner made for outdoor gear. Gently scrub and rinse. Avoid harsh chemicals that may degrade waterproof coatings. Hand wash may work better than machines.

Regular cleaning paired with proper maintenance keeps your Arc’teryx backpack ready for anywhere your travels may take you. With care and caution, you can wash your pack at home and extend its life significantly.

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