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How to Clean an Anthropologie Blanket | Any Type of Material

There’s nothing quite like cuddling up with a cozy Anthropologie blanket on a chilly night. Known for their whimsical boho-chic prints and luxe textures, Anthropologie blankets add a unique twist to any living space. But keeping these investments looking their best requires following fabric care recommendations carefully.

Whether knit or woven, cotton or cashmere, faux fur or linen, each Anthropologie throw blanket has specific washing, drying and storage needs. Thankfully, with some simple guidelines for handling delicates, even the most novice laundry novice can keep their Anthropologie blanket beautiful for the long haul.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through tips and step-by-step techniques to clean and care for any Anthropologie blanket properly. You’ll learn the best practices for washing knits versus wovens, drying without damage, and keeping blankets fresh between uses. We’ll also answer some frequently asked care and cleaning questions.

Follow these blanket care dos and don’ts, and you can confidently wash your new Anthropologie find without worry. We’ll explain everything you need to know to care for the boho blanket of your dreams – and keep it looking spectacular for years of cozy use. So grab your blanket, snuggle up, and read on for pro cleaning tips!

How to Clean an Anthropologie Blanket

How to Wash Anthropologie Knit Blankets

Anthropologie’s knit blankets are made from yarns like wool, cotton, alpaca and cashmere blends. The open, pliable structure of knitted fabrics requires a gentle approach when cleaning to avoid stretching, distorting or felting the fibers.

Check the care tag first – handwashing is recommended for most knit blankets. Fill a tub or sink with cool water and add a small amount of mild detergent or specialty wool wash. Allow the blanket to soak for 15-20 minutes, gently squeezing and swishing the water through. Avoid harsh twisting, wringing or rubbing motions that can damage the knit structure.

Rinse thoroughly with cool clean water, gently squeezing out excess moisture. Do not wring or twist. Lay flat on a towel and reshape to proper dimensions. Allow to air dry completely. Avoid hanging knit blankets to dry, as the weight can stretch the fabric.

Some knit Anthropologie blankets may be labeled machine washable, but take care to use the delicate cycle and cold water. Wash solo or with other delicate knits, using a laundry bag if needed to prevent snagging and stretching. Lay flat or tumble dry on low.

To freshen between washes, hang the blanket outdoors and allow fresh air and sunlight to naturally deodorize. Steaming or spot-cleaning stains is also an option. Always test cleaning products on a small hidden area first, as harsh chemicals can damage knit fibers. With proper care, your Anthropologie knit blanket can provide years of cozy warmth.

How to Wash Anthropologie Woven Blankets

Woven Blankets

Anthropologie’s woven blankets come in cotton, linen, velvet, faux fur and more. Sturdier than knits, woven fabrics still require a gentle touch when laundering. Start by checking the care tag and washing in cool water on the delicate cycle. Wash dark colors separately to prevent dye transfer.

For cotton and linen blankets, a mild detergent works well. Lightly soiled blankets may need just a short soak and rinse. For deeper cleaning, allow the blanket to soak 15-20 minutes before washing to loosen dirt. Rinse thoroughly in cool water until water runs clear.

Velvet and faux fur blankets require extra care, as the pile can become matted and crushed in the washing machine. Handwashing is best – submerge and gently swish in cool water with a capful of mild soap or specialty fur cleaner. Avoid harsh twisting or rubbing. Rinse thoroughly until water is clear.

For any woven blanket, avoid high heat drying as this can damage fibers and cause shrinkage. Lay flat to air dry or tumble dry on low. Fluff and smooth the pile of velvet or faux fur blankets while still slightly damp, using a soft brush. Hang faux fur blankets outdoors briefly to restore fluff once fully dry.

With periodic deep cleaning and proper care between washes, your woven Anthropologie blanket will withstand years of use while maintaining its beauty and appeal. Handle with care and it will become a treasured heirloom.

Drying Anthropologie Blankets

After washing your Anthropologie blanket, proper drying is key to maintaining the shape, texture and vibrancy of the fibers. Follow these drying tips:

Air drying is the ideal method for most blankets. Lay flat on a drying rack or layered on towels, reshaping to original dimensions. Allow to dry completely before use or storage. Rotate periodically for even drying. Air drying preserves the fibers best.

Low heat tumble drying may be used for some machine washable blankets. Check tags and dry on delicate or air fluff cycle for 20-30 minutes. Remove immediately and lay flat to finish drying, smoothing any rumples. Do not overdry, as heat can damage fibers.

Hang drying is not recommended for knit blankets, as the weight can stretch fibers. But woven blankets can be gently hung over a rod or rack, provided they are not too heavy. Use several clips to distribute weight evenly. Take down promptly once dry and smooth any wrinkles.

Outdoor drying works wonderfully to naturally freshen and deodorize blankets. Hang or lay in sunlight for an hour or two before finishing drying indoors. Sunlight can also help restore velvet and faux fur pile but avoid prolonged exposure to prevent fading.

Ironing is generally not needed for Anthropologie blankets. But if smoothing wrinkles or reshaping, use low heat and do not press directly on embellishments, appliques or prints. Place a cloth between the iron and blanket to avoid damaging fibers.

With these drying tips, your Anthropologie blanket will maintain its beauty and vibrancy while drying properly after laundering. Handle with care and your blanket will provide years of cozy warmth.

Storing Anthropologie Blankets

Between uses, proper storage is key to keeping Anthropologie blankets clean, safe from damage, and ready to adorn your bed or sofa at a moment’s notice. Consider these tips:

  • Fold neatly along natural creases and seams. Avoid overly tight creases. Store in a roomy space to prevent compression or distortion of fibers over time.
  • Use unbleached cotton pillowcases or breathable cotton blankets bags to store, protecting from dust and insects. Avoid plastic bags which can trap moisture and promote mildew.
  • For knit blankets, store flat if possible or loosely folded. Do not hang, as stretching can occur under the blanket’s own weight.
  • Store woven blankets folded with facings inward to prevent dust settling on outer pile or nap. Smooth faux fur or velvet pile before folding.
  • Keep stored blankets in a clean, dry place at moderate temperature. Avoid attics, basements, or garages, which can harbor bugs or promote mold.
  • Refold and reshake blankets periodically while in storage to maintain shape and loft. Freshen in sunlight before reuse.
  • When displaying blankets, refold frequently using varied creases or alternate fold direction to prevent permanent creases from settling in the fibers.

With proper laundering and storage, your Anthropologie blanket will provide many years of beauty and comfort while maintaining its delightful, boho-chic style. Follow these simple tips to care for and preserve your investment.


Anthropologie blankets deserve special care to keep them looking beautiful for years. Tailor your washing, drying and storage methods to the specific fibers and construction of your blanket by checking the care label. Knits, wovens, velvet and faux fur all have their own cleaning needs.

Use cool water, mild detergent and gentle motions when hand or machine washing. Reshape and air dry blankets flat to preserve dimensions and texture. Always store properly folded in breathable bags in clean, dry conditions. With the right techniques, your beloved Anthropologie blanket will remain a treasured addition to your home.

FAQs about Caring for Anthropologie Blankets

How do I wash an Anthropologie faux fur blanket?

Handwash faux fur blankets separately in cool water using gentle soap or specialty fur cleaner. Avoid washing machines which can excessively mat and flatten the pile. Rinse thoroughly and reshape while damp. Air dry completely before storing or reusing.

What’s the best way to dry an Anthropologie knit blanket?

Lay Anthropologie knit blankets flat to air dry to prevent stretching out of shape. Avoid hanging or tumble drying which can distort the knit fibers under weight or heat. Reshape gently while damp and allow to fully dry flat before use or storage.

How can I fluff up my Anthropologie velvet blanket after washing?

Use a soft brush or fabric shaver while the velvet is still slightly damp to refresh the pile after washing. Always brush pile in the same direction as the nap. Tumble drying briefly on air fluff can also help restore loft and softness.

Should I iron my Anthropologie linen blanket?

Iron Anthropologie linen blankets only as needed on low heat and inside out to avoid damaging the fibers. Place a cloth between the iron and blanket. Fold and store carefully to avoid extensive wrinkling needing ironing.

What’s the best way to store an Anthropologie cotton blanket?

Fold cotton blankets loosely along natural creases and store in breathable cotton pillowcases. Avoid vacuum sealed bags or tight folds that compress fibers over time. Store in cool, dry conditions free from dirt and insects. Refold and air out before each use.

How often should I wash my Anthropologie blanket?

Only wash when visibly dirty or as needed for freshening. Spot clean light stains between washes. Handwash gently every 5-10 uses for knits, or machine wash woven throws every 10-15 uses on delicate and cool. Overwashing can fade colors and damage fibers.

Should I use fabric softener when washing my blanket?

Avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets, as they can leave residue on blanket fibers that diminishes softness over time. Anthropologie blankets washed in mild soap, rinsed well and air dried will naturally regain their soft texture.

What should I do if my blanket pills or gets fuzzy?

Use a fabric shaver or sweater comb gently in one direction to remove pills without damaging the blanket fibers. Avoid pulling the pills off by hand, which can distort the fabric. Pilling is common but doesn’t harm the blanket’s integrity if removed properly.

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