Top 9 Free Workout Apps For Android & iOS Users

 Are you searching for the best free workout apps to get fitted in the absence of no trainer?

If that should be the situation, thanks to technology and the developers that make it easier for us to get fitted without going to the gym or meeting with a trainer. This means you can start the workout anywhere, anytime you feel like doing it.

Either you are in the beginner’s categories, or seasonal athletes, you should know that there are lots of free workout apps on the internet that will surely meet your needs. But how to know the one that’s suitable for your taste is the problem, but we’re here to help you sort them out by providing a little description of each item.

Our list seems to contain what you need, either you’re training yourself for Yoga, marathon, other sports activities and even get a fitted body and you don’t have the time to be going to gym house all the time. Then our list is going to save your money and time.

9 Best Free Workout Apps

I’m going to discuss about free fitness apps that don’t require for the pro plan before you can access them.

Top free running & walking apps for your smartphone

The fastest technique to burn out calories without visiting the gym house is to perform Cardio exercise at home.

In this section, I’m going to list out the most used and free apps that will track your daily activities like running & working. Although these apps might request location access in other to work perfectly.

1.  C25K 5K Trainer

This is one of the most common running apps on the web. For that, I will say it’s good for runners people who are interested in running or need motivation for their daily routine.

When using the app, you will not be forced to complete the previous activities. But instead, this C25K allows you to participate in different cardio exercises that change every week. 

Whenever you follow these apps activities, that’s you don’t miss any of them.  It will schedule 30 minutes of cardio exercise 3 times a week.

The app is available on both Apple and Google playstore.

 2.  Map My Run

This app is available for both Apple and Android users, but it’s not totally free.

Before you can access this app, you have to create a free account with them. Map My Run was designed by the Under Armour company. It allows you to track your walking, running steps and then check your weekly activities, maybe it improves or not.

They permit you to challenge other runners users and easily track all your workouts and check other routines. You can also try the MVP 14 days trial if you wish.

To be sincere, the free section is perfectly okay for runners.

 3.  Nike Run Club

This is another alternative that’s suitable for running a routine. But before you can access Nike Run Club, you will need to create an account with them if you don’t have any. They have varieties of running activities, but if you wish, you can pick the QuickStart option to start recording your run or pick other features. Both features will track your long & short run, marathon, treadmill runs and some other plans.


In case you choose guided runs, kindly tap on My Coach to see different workout activities between 4-8 weeks.

Users can also participate in challenge activities, check your achievement and monitor your running activities.

Apps for Yoga Activities

Are you a beginner or expert in Yoga but willing to keep training without meeting your trainer?

If so, we have classified some app that’s suitable for Yoga activities.

Note that there are varieties of yoga apps out there, but we are going to list some of them and I hope it should meet your needs.

4. Yoga for Beginners

Even the name Yoga for Beginners means this app will mostly contain all Yoga routines which contains beginner yoga, bedtime yoga, fat burner, energy booster, inner peace, abs yoga and so on.

This app will give you a task and the duration is from 8-15 minutes and that is one of the fast workouts. You can follow the pictures or GIFs that the app will show you.

Once you’re done with one stage always click on next for the section. In short, the app serves as your trainer.

That’s all you need to know about Yoga for Beginners, enjoy your time by participating in the 16 classes. It also monitors your previous activities. This app is available for both Apple and Android users.

5. Lotus Yoga

This is another Yoga app that allows you to participate in is classes. Though it’s not totally free but the free version can give you lots of benefits.

When using Lotus Yoga, you can easily sort out your classes of interest by filtering with the theme, focus or using the search option. Though the pro version will expose you to lots of workouts.


The most interesting aspect is that it will give you a task that ranges from 5 days to 4 weeks or more. It also monitors and syncs your activities to the cloud. You will get a badges rewards after completing each task. Lotus is available for Android and iOS users.

6. Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga seems to be another alternative if you are interested in developing your Yoga knowledge. It’s one of the workout apps with a simple and easy to use interfaces on our best free workout list.

When you launch this app on your device, it will take you to beginners yoga that lasts for complete 20 minutes. Each Yoga style or pose are represented with good infographics and it will be perfect for beginners because it gives them access to learn some terms used during yoga.

Aside from the introduction workout that lasts for 20 minutes, Simply Yoga offer 40 minutes of practice for beginner level and 60 minutes for expert. But you will need to be a pro member before you can access the other workouts.

Fitness Workout Apps

I know most people are after this section. Everyone is interested in getting fit, gaining muscle, sweating, losing weight and other stuff.

If so, we are going to list free workout apps that we serve as your coach and it will monitor all your activities.

7. Adidas Training by Runtastic

Though the app is not totally free, but it offers free 30 workouts across all levels and each workout lasts for 6 minutes, 1 hour and more.

It also gives you permission to access 4 different training plans.

It also permits you to involve in challenges with other users, read blog news that will help you, and monitor your progress. It’s cross-platform app.

8 . Seven Minute Workout

Even with the title of the app, you should know that most of your routine will last for 7 minutes which is pretty cool.

Although most of the workout activities are available for premium users and the free version is still ok for your daily routine. It gives you access to create a custom task, monitors your routine and challenge other users via the app.


There are different workout activities which include crunches, jumping jacks, planks, triceps dips and each routine last for about 7 minutes. It’s available on Android and iOS stores.

9. FitOn

 This is the last on our list for fitness Workouts. Before you can access this app, you will need to create a free account and browse through the classes. It also allows you to easily track your progress and give you different suggestions on how to improve it.


If you’re interested in getting big muscle, enhance your Yoga knowledge and more. I hope the list above will help you out.

If you have any questions please feel free to use our comment section.

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