Top 7 Free Screen Recorder for Android device

Are you planning on creating a video tutorial, starting a YouTube channel or creating some awesome video clips with your smartphone? If that should be the case, we are going to brief some best free screen and video recorder apps to use on your android device for free.

We have decided to list out the top best free video and screen recorder apps for smartphone users, especially for Android users. This will assist you to pick the one that will be suitable for your android device and easy to use UI.


7 Best free screen recording apps for Android users

1.  AZ Screen Recorder

When talking about the most used screen recorder that’s compatible with all android versions, the AZ screen recorder app is on the go.

For that scenario, they are known to be the best screen recorder app for Android users.

That’s not the only reason that qualifies them, also the easy to use interface. If you want to create tutorial video clips on your android device, then the Az screen recorder is on the go. Because it allows you to easily edit your recorded video with built-in tools like cropping, trimming, screen resolution and some cool tools.


  • No watermark on the free version
  • No time limit when screen recording
  • It allows you to easily live stream your screen to multiple social media
  • Easily trim, add clips, add captions, record external sounds to your video



  • There’s a limit on the free version

2.  DU Recorder (Perfect for Screen Recorder)


This DU screen recorder is one of the most common recording app available on google playstore. We can’t decide maybe it’s the best or not, but at the end of this chapter, you will pick the one that’s suitable for your needs.

It’s one of the high-quality screen recording software because of the built-in features that enable you to easily edit your video after screen recording. Also, it’s very straightforward to use across all android versions.


  • Enable you to edit your recorded video clips with built-in tools like cropping, trimming, caption and other awesome features.
  • It allows you to easily record the front camera and screen record simultaneously.
  • It permits you to screen record as GIF.
  • Allow you to capture external audio while recording your screen.
  • No time limit for recording.


  • Contain ads for the free version

3.  VideoShow Recorder with audio & Video Editor

Looking for all in one video recording and editing tools, then the VideoShow app is on the go for you. Everything you will need to carry out your screen recording is available on this app.

When recording with this app, you don’t have to think about the time limit because it’s totally free to use. This VideoShow app enables you to record screen and external sounds simultaneously, screen record while playing games, take screenshots, add captions, add filters, add music & Pictures, merge different clips and enhance your video without facing difficulty.


  • Editing your video with this tool is fun because of the easy to use interface
  • You can easily share your video via different social networks on the app UI
  • It permits you to edit your video as you like with the help of built-in video editing tools
  • There’s no watermark on a video created with this app
  • Merge, split or duplicate video as you wish.



  • Little ads

4. Screen Recorder


Screen Recorder is also another amazing screen recording app for Android users. It permits you to screen record while playing games, merge different trips videos together, create tutorial videos for your YouTube channels, edit videos and other cool stuff.

When looking for the best free screen video recorder apps, the easy to use interface is important for us to consider. Therefore, the Screen Recorder app is among the easy to use screen recorder that’s on the market presently.

Also, it has a few built-in tools to enhance your video clips.


  • It permits you to remove unnecessary sections from your video with the aids of the built-in video editing tools.
  • It permits you to compress video size without tampering with the quality.
  • Allow you to easily share your video across various social networks.
  • Allow you to add captions, trims, cropping your video without being an expert.


  • Little ads

5.  iRecorder

iRecorder is another awesome free screen recording app that allows you to record your screen in the background while performing other activities. And it allows you to make use of your device camera for recording if you wish. Why we list this iRecorder is the easy to use UI and some cool tools to enhance your video.


  • It’s available in over 30+ language
  • It will stop recording if you are running out of space
  • Once you’re thru with recording, you can easily edit your video by trimming, adding captions and cropping it.
  • It records video in the background.


  • There’s a limit on the free version.

6.  Screen Recorder With Facecam

Looking for a free simple to use screen recording apps? If so, Screen Recorder with Facecam is another alternative on our list.

This app allows you to easily edit photos and videos, screenshots with little touch on your screen. It even permits you to record Facecam and screen simultaneously without facing difficulty. Because you don’t have to be a professional before using this app.

Kindly visit playstore and grab the app.


  • Lots of video editing tools for you to use
  • Facecam is possible on this while recording your screen
  • Simple interface and no watermark for your video.
  • The countdown feature makes it easier to start your recording.


  • Little ads

7.  Capture Recorder

This is another alternative free screen recorder to try on our list. Capture Recorder app helps you to easily screen record why playing the game on your device. Easily edit videos with the built-in video editor.

It has a notification bar feature that allows you to easily pause and record your video.

Capture Recorder is another recommended app to use on your android device.


  • No time limit why recording
  • It permits you to animate your video
  • Easily generate screen video and share it with your colleagues
  • After screen recording, it allows you to easily enhance your video with the help of a built-in video editor


  • Not totally free


That’s our list of free screen recorder apps for Android devices. It’s your choice to pick the one that meets your needs.

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