Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Solutions

By using online cloud based storage, you may easily share your files with others from virtually anywhere in the world. If you’re short of cash but still want to make use of online storage, this is the article for you! It is important to recognize that there are several free cloud storage options accessible on the internet that allow you to save data without having to pay any fees.

Taking a look at the best free cloud storage solutions for keeping your data online.

Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Services


1. Google Drive (Free 15GB capacity)

In the event that you are a frequent consumer of Google’s services, it may be advisable for you to start employing Google Drive. Additionally, it connects seamlessly with many other Google services, giving users with a huge amount of memory at no additional expense. If you use Google Sheets, Photos, or Docs, for example, you should be aware of Google Drive.

Google Drive is a wonderful tool for storing and managing both professional and personal data. If you’re using the Google office suite, all of your documents are immediately saved to Google Drive for easy accessibility. If you already have an Android phone, you can download the Google Drive app if you don’t already have one.


Google Drive is a free cloud service that is ideal for effective teamwork. Anyone may use Google Drive to create a folder that contains Word documents and other files that they can work on effortlessly, and then share the folder’s Link with their contacts in a few keystrokes. A file can be seen and permission can be requested by anybody who has access to the URL.

You should also bear in mind that the 15GB of Online storage is shared throughout all Google apps, including Photos, Docs, and Gmail.

2. MediaFire (Free 10GB space for your files)

They are one of the most impressive data storage services available. If you’re simply using MediaFire to save files, you’re overlooking some of the website’s other capabilities!

Because of MediaFire’s file-sharing capabilities, it is one of the most popular means of distributing data for everyone.

The maximum size of a media file that may be uploaded to MediaFire is 4GB.

In any case, if you attempt to upload directories or files, MediaFire will tell you that you need to subscribe to a VIP account in order to upload large files. Luckily, you may overcome this restriction by shrinking the content you desire to publish on your computer and then uploading it.

3. pCloud ( Up to 15GB space)

We have included pCloud on our list of free cloud services since it is one of the most simplest and straightforward to use. To begin, simply enter your login information on the first page. After that, you’ll have 10Gigabyte storage capacity that can be used for gaming purposes.

With its additional storage, pCloud is a really useful tool. After registering, verify your Gmail account with pCloud to get an extra 1Gigabytes, while uploading a content earns you an extra GB. One can earn up to 5GB by doing simple tasks and an extra 1GB by referring a friends.

With these actions, pCloud becomes an easy way to acquire 15GB+ of storage space.

It’s possible that most of you are looking for free cloud storage services because you don’t like the notion of paying a monthly or yearly fee.

4.  Dropbox (Get 2GB free space with extra GB for completing some task)

We have included Dropbox on our list since it is one of the most well-known services, and because it focuses on syncing computer documents through the cloud. Despite the fact that you may use Dropbox as a regular storage service, its full capability is unlocked when you’re using the client to create a dedicated Dropbox folder on your computer’s desktop.

Whenever you add files to this directory, Dropbox automatically detects the change and uploads them to the cloud. Furthermore, it updates when it detects a document has been updated. For instance, you may place a text file inside that folder and edit it over time, and Dropbox will automatically update the cloud document whenever you save some new version.

Another alternative is to establish a shared folder and share it with others. Dropbox will auto rename the folder as new or modified files are added or modified. If you have the Dropbox client installed on your computer, the changes performed by your colleague will be reflected in the directory on your computer instantly.

To make up for the 2GB storage restriction set by Dropbox, you may earn more space by completing certain tasks and inviting others to use your account. Adding a buddy to Dropbox earns you 500MB, up to 16GB, and completing tasks gives you an extra 250MB.

5. OneDrive (Common on Windows PC)

Although OneDrive does not offer a large quantity of storage space, the firm obtains high ratings for having the least amount of setup and configuration when comparing with the other options. Consider the following scenario: if you have a laptop that operates on Windows 10, you are already set up to use OneDrive to save and synchronize your files and pictures.

When Windows 8 and subsequent versions of Explorer are used, the left sidebar will show OneDrive. Any files dropped into this section will be immediately uploaded and synchronised across all of your OneDrive-enabled devices. You should have the OneDrive software active in order to sync, so locate the OneDrive application on your taskbar. If you are unable to locate it, enter the start menu and type in OneDrive.

It is still possible to save your papers in OneDrive even if you are not running Windows 10. To utilize it, you should first create a Microsoft account; but, if you have one already, you may begin uploading and sharing files via the internet interface.

OneDrive’s shared folders are unusual in that they maintain track of which documents are being shared and with whom, allowing you to keep track of who has access the documents you have shared.

Selecting the Most Effective Free Cloud Storage

The cloud is a wonderful place to store your data, and there are several excellent options if you want to save your files for free. While our list does not contain any cloud storage providers that provide unlimited storage, the best options still give adequate capacity for uploading photos, documents, and videos.

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