15 Textnow Alternatives | Texting Apps for iPhone & Android

Are you interested in obtaining a second number for text messaging and calling but do not wish to purchase a new SIM card? Because there are occasions when having a backup number from which you may contact many people is more than required. Many people prefer to maintain a separation between their personal and professional lives, which is why they utilise two numbers.

TextNow is the go-to app for anyone looking to add a second number without purchasing a new SIM or mobile plan. It is critical to note that TextNow is not the only software that offers a backup number for VoIP. There are some excellent alternatives to TextNow available for Ios and android.

Top 15 Free TextNow Alternatives For iOS & Android

1. Hushed

Available for iOS & Android

Hushed is yet another messaging programme that lets users to send text messages and make phone conversations over the internet. It also features a function called “Secret Conversations” that allows you to speak with others without them knowing. This function can be used for things like secret meetings, confessions, and more.

Users of the Hushed software can generate temporary phone numbers. These numbers can also be used for Craigslist advertisements, online dating, and a variety of other purposes. After they’ve finished with these numbers, users can burn them.

Hush’s messaging service is provided through the TextNow app. Users can send texts to any phone number in the world using TextNow. This means that if you use Hush, you will be able to send messages to those who do not use Hush. Additionally, you can send messages to inactive phones.

Users can save their conversation history and voicemails to their Cloud account and view them later.

2. AbTalk Call

Available for Android

AbTalk Call is a great textnow alternative that allows you to make phone calls without the use of a SIM card. You can also use this app while travelling abroad.

You can also use this app while travelling abroad.
You will earn points if you can also register new users. Every referral earns you 200 points, with additional credits awarded once a set number of friends sign up.

Calls to other countries are extremely costly. Purchasing points is less expensive than making international calls.

3. Talk Home App

Available for iOS & Android

TalkHomeApp is the world’s most widely used international calling application. Every month, almost one million people use it. It is also the first app that allows you to make free international calls.

TalkHomeApp provides users with the incredible ease of being able to call both via Wi-Fi and through local access lines (no internet needed). Through the app, users can also send text messages and share top-up credits with other users.

Users of the Talk Home App can make international calls to the same phone numbers that they may call with TalkHome. Simply download the app, sign up and authenticate your phone number, and grant it access to your contact list. You may now call any phone number in your contact list by simply touching a few buttons!

You can use the Talk Home App to make international calls. You can also earn money by referring friends to the app. You can save money by using this software.

4. Numero eSIM

Available for iOS & Android

Numero eSIM enables consumers to obtain a phone number in more than seventy countries. Users do not have to pay any fees to use this service. This service is accessible via Android and iOS smartphones.

A phone that does not have an internet connection is worthless. You can utilise your phone number without being connected to the internet with a Numero eSIM phone. However, you must first register by supplying your phone number.

5. Wire

Available for iOS & Android

Wire is one of the apps like textnow that lets users interact via text and voice messages. This application allows for end-to-end encrypted transmission. Smaller companies frequently utilise it for video chatting. It improves security while discussing sensitive topics. When working on collaborative projects, it also improves the group calling experience.

6. TextPlus

Available for iOS & Android

TextPlus is a free SMS, text, and call-making service that allows you to get a free phone number and call anybody you want. After acquiring a new phone number for your mobile device, you may quickly make phone calls and send SMS to others.

TextPlus is a really helpful tool that allows you to make free phone calls and send Text messages without having to register or provide any personal information. You are given a random number that can be used to call both landlines and mobile phones.

Users should be informed that the app’s free feature can only be accessed by calling other users who are also using it. TextPlus’ free service is presently only available to residents of the United States and Canada.

7. 2nd Line

Available for iOS & Android

When using 2nd Line, you can enter any three-digit area code you wish. If you have an Android phone, you can also use the nd Line.

This textnow alternative is a paid application with a monthly fee of $9.95. You can first test out the free version to see if you would like to sign up. There are settings for voicemail inboxes, auto-replies, and call forwarding.

The 2nd Line can be used to record phone calls. It can also be used as an audio recorder.

When recording phone conversations, you should always be cautious. Some countries allow you to record phone calls without informing the other party, while some are against it.

8. Freetone

Available for iOS & Android

FreeTone is a messaging programme that allows users to make phone calls and send text messages for free. It also contains features like group conversations, voice notes, and video chat.

This TextNow substitute is the simplest method to convert your smartphone into a full-fledged mobile phone. This service allows you to make free unlimited calls and send endless text messages.

9. TextMe

Available for iOS & Android

TextMe is a fantastic alternative to TextNow. It has received over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store. It’s also on the iOS App Store and the Amazon App Store. You can sign up with your email address, as well as your Facebook account. TextMe, on the other hand, has advertisements that can become irritating after a while.

Ads in the app can be simply removed. To remove them altogether, it costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. You can also enter several numbers at the same time. This makes it an excellent choice if you require a variety of phone numbers.

If you need additional credits, you can purchase them. Incoming calls can be forwarded to your phone using call forwarding. International calls are made using credits.

10. Wire Personal

Available for iOS & Android

Wire Personal is a free, ad-supported version of the full Wire programme. Wire was originally intended as a consumer product, but it was later adapted for business use. The company’s focus shifted from consumers to business customers, with the purpose of providing safe communication app to enterprises.

Wire Personal is an encrypted messaging tool that lets you send messages over the internet. You may also use the programme to make free phone calls and share files with others. There are several drawbacks, such as the fact that your interactions are not private. Furthermore, this textnow alternative does not support end-to-end encryption.

11. TextFree

Available for iOS & Android

You are free to use TextFree as many times as you like but not possible on some other apps like textnow. Your number will not alter unless you quit using it for more than 30 days. You can pay for an additional service to ensure that your phone number is not altered.

Many apps like textnow are named after the word “Text.” This is most likely due to their attempt to mimic other successful texting apps such as Whatsapp or messenger.

TextFree is really simple to use. Using your Facebook account, you may quickly connect with your friends. There are numerous options available, including voice calls, text messaging, and video chatting. You may also exchange photographs and videos using this app. The advertisements are vexing, and there are ways of getting rid of them.

You can pay for your phone service in a variety of ways. You can buy minutes or data bundles, or you can subscribe to an unlimited subscription. Points can also be earned by taking surveys or streaming videos ads.

When using the app, you have a lot of possibilities. Ringtones may be downloaded, greetings can be managed, calls can be forwarded to voicemail, and calls can be answered automatically.

12. Telos

Available for iOS & Android

Telos is the most effective way to increase the level of fun in our daily life. To make calls, we normally need to enter the SIM card into our phones, but Telos provides the number option without the SIM card. Users can call any number without incurring any expenses.

Furthermore, you should use Telos to communicate with your friends. You can also work with coworkers by sending free messages.

13. Google Voice

Available for iOS & Android

You can have many phone numbers using Google Voice. You can select which one you want to utilise at any time.

VoIP is a slang phrase for using the internet to communicate. Google Voice is a fantastic service that allows customers to make free phone calls using their smartphones.

Google Voice is one of the free apps like textnow, but you must link your phone number to your Gmail account. When you register a new Google account, you are assigned a unique Google Voice number.

You may use your phone number to make and receive calls using Google Voice. You can also access the service using a computer by going to www.voice.google.com. You can receive incoming calls and text messages in addition to making outgoing calls.

If you want to make an overseas call, you may be requested to top up your account. Ads are not permitted on Google Voice. Google Voice is less expensive than other TextNow alternatives out there.

14. SmartLine

Available for iOS & Android

SmartLine is a free texting apps like textnow that allows users to send texts and make calls. It works with both Android and iOS devices.

The app uses a virtual SIM card to connect to the internet. Users can choose between standard data plans and pay-as-you-go plans. You can also set up multiple accounts so that you can switch between them.

The app doesn’t require a credit card or payment information. Instead, it relies on a prepaid balance. The app will automatically deduct money from your balance every time you send a message.

You can view all your recent texts and calls in the history section. You can also block unwanted contacts.

There are no ads or hidden fees. You can also change your password if needed.

There are many alternatives to TextNow. If you don’t like the idea of having to pay for services, then you might consider trying some of these apps instead. They are all very similar in terms of functionality.

15. Dingtone

Available for iOS & Android

This application is a perfect textnow alternative. You can use this programme to make free phone calls & SMS text messages to almost any mobile number.  Dingtone also has excellent features that will help your project succeed. There are no fees for phoning or sending texts.


So, that’s our list for apps like textnow. It’s left for you to discover the one that will meet your needs in terms of calling and sending text messages. If you have any queries about textnow alternatives, you can make you of our comment section.

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