Top 7 Sources Idea for Generating Webinar Topic | Practical Guide

Webinars are an incredibly successful way for fresh clients and current customers to be engaged. You may well have attended or even conducted webinars that assemble loads of participants and ignite fascinating informative conversations.

We’re going to explore 7 sources in this comprehensive guide where you can accumulate webinar topic ideas that instantly ignite the interest of your participants and probably increase some webinar sales. In addition, we will glance at some things to create the subject of the webinar feels compelling.

1) Chat with your clients and sales team

One of the main sources of ideas for your upcoming webinars is your current customers. The chances are that the same challenges and roadblocks are faced by others in the same field.

It will certainly give you ideas for several webinars just by emailing or calling 10 of your customers to inquire about how they are happy and also being concerned towards their current professional difficulties.

Alternatively, if you consider calling customers too time-consuming, you can give them a survey of customer satisfaction and inquire about any associated problems in that survey.

You’re in luck if you need to chat about ideas now and have a sales team. Every day, salespeople speak to clients. They chat about general business issues and get to know what their clients are dealing with at the moment.

Speak to your sales team and clients and they’re a constant source of motivation.

2) Previous Webinars’ Questions

If a certain issue has been faced by many of your customers in the past, it is more than likely that similar issues will be experienced by your potential customers.

Open your webinar program analytics and export tab. Get into your webinars hosted earlier and look through the past of Q&A. What were they telling your clients, what were they talking about? For a new webinar, there may be a recurring theme that encourages you.

It could also help to skim over your previous webinars’ chat logs.

It’s also a good idea to include your webinar registration form with a custom query. For instance, asking “What is the greatest challenge for you in X at present” will give you lots of ideas for future webinars. Or, in the webinar feedback survey, you can ask the same question. That’s a perfect way to collect ideas for change, too.

3) Google Trends or even Keyword Research

Trends and “Buzz” themes draw webinars like flame moths.

With some of your business keywords, try testing Google Trends to see if they’re trending. Include it in your webinar topic title if you reached a trending keyword.

Exploding Topics is also another method of identifying trending topics. You can see keywords which have evolved significantly across fields in Google search. You can browse the categories, too.

Using AnswerThePublic is another way to discuss topics and issues that people currently look for. Just type in a keyword and then all the common queries people are actually searching for are created.

Identify trends in Your Business sector

Becoming original is overhyped often. It’s worth looking into it and creating a webinar around it if you’re already seeing the major players in your industry and blogging and writing about a particular topic.

To find out about patterns and fascinating topics, big corporations with large research budgets will do costly market research. Join these publishers and websites. They might be onto something that’s interesting to your audience as well.

The same ideas may be used and presented from a different perspective or adapted to a specific audience.

4) LinkedIn and Communities on Facebook

If you haven’t already entered your industry’s LinkedIn and Facebook communities, then you are missing out. People ask questions that are timely and important, share news and upcoming events. If you discover an engaging Social Media community, building a webinar around it is an utter gold mine for important and timely topics.

When anyone posts an issue or a question, whether this topic is something which other community members identify with or not, you can see from the number of likes and comments. If it actually concerns people or not, that’s still quite a great verification.

Enter the discussion. It’s also a fun way to develop connections or maybe even invite anyone to your next webinar as a guest speaker. Which leads to our next step.

5) “Ask the Specialist” Webinars

People need to hear leaders in their field speak about tough issues and emerging trends. Specific issues you don’t have to come up with. The expert may be the key webinar attraction.

AMA (Ask me anything) is the name of these forms of webinars, where the webinar participants are already prepared with their questions and the entire 1-hour webinar session is simply a major Q&A.

It’s also great to develop their authority and importance in the industry for the guest or expert you have invited.

When you invite a guest speaker, asking your guest to advertise the webinar to their audience is also a smart idea. You can actually get a lot of individuals to view your webinar if you mix two viewers.

6) Expand on Famous previous webinars and blog posts

Certain topics are eternal. Look at the archives of your webinars to see which webinars created the most registrations.

Maybe they’re only a few years old.

That’s a chance to reinvent old webinars with a new outlook and new ideas. Maybe new statistics and new perspectives can be created.

Exploring your old blog posts and reading the comments is another great source of ideas. The subject explicitly demands further debate if discussions take place under the comment line. To construct a webinar, use these thoughts.

7) Helpful Hint: Creating the title of an appealing topic

You’ve already got a few brilliant ideas bubbling up by now. You have to come up with an enticing webinar topic title to ensure these webinar ideas hit their maximum potential.

Using the Blog Title Creator to come up with a rough title and only change it a bit to make it relevant is a simple way to create a webinar title.

Using emotionally-charged power words is another effective technique to generate webinar topic ideas. The explanation for your webinar being wildly famous may be the use of these power words.

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