11 Selling Sites Like OfferUp & Letgo | Offerup Alternatives

If you’re looking for sites like OfferUp and even Letgo, you’ve come to the right place.

OfferUp is one of the most popular online marketplaces for buying and selling used goods. It’s a great site for finding bargains on everything from clothes to cars, and it’s been growing rapidly in recent years.

But not everyone is a fan of OfferUp. Some people find it difficult to use, while others don’t like the idea of selling their used possessions online.

Top 11 Selling Sites Like Letgo & Offerup

Sites Like OfferUp

1. Craigslist

Craigslist 2

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Craigslist is one of the popular offerup alternatives that allow you to sell or buy items. You can list items in a variety of categories like items for sale, items for trade, services, and more.

Craigslist is a site that does not require you to provide payment details. However, some sellers may require payment in advance for your items. But, there is also a form of escrow that you can set up so that you can make payments on the seller’s part. If you need to use escrow, you can ask the sellers to send you a link. You can send them the link in their email for the payment details.

Payment can be made through the site’s escrow, which is safe and secure. You can pay with a credit card or through other methods that are available.

There are many terms and conditions to this. In addition, you are not allowed to sell drugs on the site.

2. Etsy

Other sites like offerup is Etsy. It is an online marketplace where individuals and small businesses can sell their handmade or vintage products in different categories. The platform was started in 2005.

ETSY.com’s app is developed to make it easier for sellers to access the platform. You can see the items that are for sale, and find products of interest. It lets you browse by category, search for items, or browse by city. You can sell handmade goods, clothing, books, crafts, food, and more without having to go through a middleman. Sellers can sell their items at different price points. Sellers can also sell their handmade products at different price points, and they can also set a price and set reserve price for their items. If the item is sold before the set reserve price, the seller gets the difference.

3. Poshmark

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Another shopping offerup alternative that features primarily women’s clothing is Poshmark. You can sell fashion items for boys and girls, and you have the option of using its free filters to make items more appealing to potential shoppers. Poshmark can be downloaded for Android and iOS, and it requires you to create an online store to showcase your listings. The app gives you free tools to organize and price your items. You’ll be able to offer a maximum of 4 photos for every item.

Before you can post a private sale on Poshmark, you must write an extensive description of the items you are selling, with the number and type of questions that you must answer for each one. Poshmark charges a convenience fee of 20 cents for each transaction, whether it’s paid through PayPal or a credit card.

4. 5miles


5miles is great for locating items in your immediate area. You don’t need to download it to get listed. Items can be added to a listing on the site or from the app itself. If you need to sell your items, simply update your description and quality.

When purchasing a product or a service, you choose if you want this purchase to be paid with cash, or paid to your bank account. Either way, once you have confirmed that a buyer received the package, the money will be sent to your account.

5. Wallapop


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WALLAPOP is another free selling sites like offerup that enables you to make money by selling your stuff on the go. This app is specially designed for people who are looking to sell things on the go. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users. Users can choose to sell their items on the go, and they also have the option to sell online. You can sell your items using this app with the help of the GPS function. You can also save your items on the app and then send them using the option of sending directly using email or SMS. This app is the best to sell items that are in your house, garage, or car.

6. Shopo

When it comes to selling sites like offerup for making a new or unique fashion choice, use the Shopo App to find the goods. The app is for selling and purchasing, providing you with the comfort of buyer protection. Find your favourite labels using the app’s list of shops or use the app to follow the news. You can also connect with locals and send a thank you. So Shopo, go for it now.

People who just downloaded Shopo are immediately hooked on its deals and promotions, offering up to 50% off.

7. Hoobly

One of the apps that most people turn to when they want to advertise items is called Hoobly. It has a similar look and a similar appearance to Craigslist so that people don’t really realize that they are not paying any fees to sell their items. The main categories in this app are Pets and Live Animals, which have the most posts, tags, and sales compared to the other ones in this app. This site like Letgo & offerup is perfect for people who are thinking of getting a dog or they would like to go shopping for a pet for their kids and for other relatives and friends. If you decide to use this app

8. Shein

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Shop at Shein and get the hottest fashion at a big discount while receiving free shipping to anywhere in the world. You can find your best-selling styles for everyone whether it’s men or women. Get clothes for your body type with different styles, colours, and sizes for men and women. For men, browse the popular brands that produce high-quality men’s wear from all across the globe. Whether your favourite fashion brand is H-Mart, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Lacoste, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren or G-star, Shein.com can provide the best styles for

The Stock X site is a business that allows customers to buy luxury items based on their design preferences. Stock X also has a tracking system allowing customers to keep track of these items.

9. Recycler

Recycler is an internet-based online marketplace that is used to buy or sell houses, cars, and electronics. Users connect with other users, and the site can send ads to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Foursquare. It offers paid ads aimed at particular buyers in the market. As a seller, the app helps you boost your exposure. This marketplace gets its revenue from the seller’s side rather than the buyer.

10. Letgo

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Letgo is for busy buyers or sellers. It is another website similar to OfferUp that makes thrifting more fun. This App Editor’s Choice has over 2 million happy buyers and sellers from around the world. Using this tool you can buy and sell a wide range of materials, from cars and electronics to clothing and decoration. Whether you are a buyer or seller, Letgo provides secure payment and ease of use, including a user-friendly interface and free shipping.

Buyers and sellers can meet on Letgo with the app Oto +. The app makes it easier to conduct an in-person purchase so sellers can negotiate the price of their car without paying an excessive amount.

11. Swapit

Swapit is a service that allows you to find secondhand items in the area near you just like letgo and offerup alternatives. A similar application for a mobile phone application is available to browse for sale. Swapit.com has many features, including quick and easy sales, a location-based search that allows you to find items nearby, free stuff, and more. You can get a sense of who is offering what, as well as to the profile of the sellers and buyers.

Swapit is a matching website where users can buy and sell items. It allows users to chat privately with other users through the site, and they can negotiate prices and arrange a schedule to meet.

Other Letgo & Offerup Alternative

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12. Bedpage
13. Oodle
14. Facebook Marketplace
15. Locanto
16. Geebo
17. Bookoo
18. OLX
19. Mercari
20. Wish Local
21. ThredUp

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So those are the list we have for websites similar to offerup & Letgo. It’s your choice to try them one after the order to see the one that will meet your needs.

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