13 Best Sites Like Canva For Easy Graphic Design | Free & Paid

Why did you need a simple graphic design similar to Canva app?

canva alternatives

Have you been worried about how to get your Graphics Design done? Here are some options best for you. In creating online and marketing images, using visual content as a tool in building, but most of the time, we use more than a tool for creation. So here I will be sharing with you some tools you can add up when using canva.

When you check it out, websites similar to canvas might be what you need to improve your work. Nothing is terrible using the various toolkit as an idea.

Top 13 Canva Alternatives

Don’t you enjoy using canva or looking for top-notch apps like canva needed for your design? Here are similar tools for you to edit or make graphics, no matter your experience.

1. Pablo


Pablo is among the similar apps like canva we have for you. This is also a tool when you need to design and edit your internet posts. Pablo is made in a method not to have issues with it. You can either make use of yours by posting. You can use it on social media with friends and family like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

The good news is that anytime you can share and download any pictures designed by you, no users can use your designs. And it’s one of the free canva alternatives with the chrome extension.

2. Gravit

Gravit 1

Gravit is simple for designing for everyone; It doesn’t matter if you are a boss or a learner. This app is comprised of different things. It has 2 full-fledged sites for the arsenal designers and self-use. This basic design software by gravity is totally free to use as one of the sites like canva. SVG toolkit deserves your focus!

Gravit is part of another top producer from the company, is for non-designers and at basic to increase effectiveness and reduce usage complications. The design on this site is certifying and simple, with many finished templates information edited for personal use.

The two sites are free, but you can pay for a few features in conjunction. As total transparent JPG, PDF PNG, and SVG, you can download your design when done designing.

3. QwikBanners


For camping, QwikBanner is the fastest banner designer. Within a second, it can help you get many folds of banners.

If you aren’t a designer, you don’t have to worry. This has a collection of great converting templates, a growing, and fast design. QwikBanner also helps you have millions of access to high-resolution loaded pictures, which is free for users.

You can pay $10 per month. Or make use of AppSumo as a $59 for a limited-time full payment.

4. Crello


To create a simple banner you don’t need up to weeks, Crello helps you have everything at hand. They have created a visual editor that could give above 11,000 templates, 60 Millon’s pictures, 12,000 free pictures, 33 design formats, and vectors. Is this not unbelievable?

You don’t need a big budget to make it real, event, Marketing, Animated, Design, Print, Social Media, Blogs, and Ads. Those are aspects that are ment to be designed on Crello.

Watermark will be on pictures, and then if you want more additional features, you will need to make a payment for that. Though it’s one of the sites like canva with a free basic plan.

5. Picmaker


Picmaker is one of the design websites like canva, an Al-based graphic that helps make attractive designs throughout the 70+ segment. Tons of powerful features, i.e., reuseable templates design, custom brand kit, 100,000+ icons, 100 million sock images, etc……

For non-designers, it is easy for them to design logos, flyers, posters, certificates, social media designs, invitations card, memes, and so on within minutes. You can make choices with the help of Artificial Intelligence, from colours, photos, fonts, and a staggering mix of templates.

Payment can be billed annually, $7.99 each month, and it’s one of the apps like Canva because of the free basic plan.

6. RelayThat

You can try RelayThat free demo first before you pay for the premium. There will be a watermark on the image, you can create an on-brand design. The library is full of colour palettes and creative photos to inspire.

In addition, it also has an import scheme that makes things highly convenient which join URL from social media or homepages.

Image automation is a feature for your photos to have keywords that is necessary for easy search and find.

7. VistaCreate

VisataCreate options on animation make suit list that gives animated template and objectives to users in order to give more videos to world and photos.

It consists of square video and format for vertical, Facebook cover videos, and Instagram and Facebook stories. It unifies your brand online. Library users can choose from the large template with illustrations of many alternatives for different platforms and content.

The features key, such as animation, are available for pro subscribers, but this VistaCreate is free at the start. And we recommend it as part of canva alternatives on the list.

Payment can be annually, and pro starts at $10 each month.

8. Simplified

The template can be customized immediately in a library filled with millions of images with various design components and fonts.

Simplified tap you into magic AI that creates animation, reshapes images and removes backgrounds in a click. No need to use too much of tools. Scheduling aid to create and print marketing content on the same site and in-app publishing can also be advantageous.

The Pro plan starts at $24. You can also make use of the free plan if you are looking for free websites like canva.

9. Shutterstock Editor

It involves a sorted and segmented online editor; no confusion is clear. You will see a nice segment of photos for free i.e, symbol, editorial, vantage, people, fashion, etc. Although every week after signing up on Shutterstock Editor, pics collation gets higher.

You get ideas from music. Great customization has high-quality footage, vector, icons. It absolutely free

10. Pixelied

Has thousands of finished icons and templates, pictures of millions in stock, and perfect images editor to remove background with a click.

Pixelied has many attributes apart from DIY graphics, which improve your skill. It has two aspects, one you can produce mockups that is powerful for branding editor. You can easily switch between workspaces with different separate assets, teams, and design members.

The plan is at $7.95 per month, and you can use the free version if you are hunting for free sites like canva.

11. Pixlr

Pixlr smoothes with the pictures editing. It has not been easy to edit pictures smarter or faster, making a good Adobe Photoshop alternative.

Have you attempted effortlessly to erase objects or people from the picture or make the background blur with pixlr? This is for users that have no dream and consistent surgeon hands. With just a click, the AI Cutout button will help you remove backgrounds, accents, or textures that can also be joined, such as glitter, light, streaks, and dust flecks to the pictures.

The plan starts at $4.90 monthly, and there is also a free trial.

12. Fotor

If you don’t have a unique template pic with Fotor, you don’t have any doubts. Pictures with 300 Million users should make sense to you in billion processed. Backgrounds, photomontage, basic edit, fancy effects, clip arts, and graphic design can be paid or free. Stickers and fonts make picture design more fun and impressive., Check the payment list to get more info.

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13. Stencil

Stencil gives free cool attributes, effects, fonts, pictures, quotes, and other attributes. Although there is a limit on templates and graphics, it offers free photos of a million royalty. Users can only use the free version to create a minimum of 10 pictures in a month. It is said to be a downgrade editor online for all users i.e, bloggers designers. Stencil gives a wonderful convenience used and speed. Stencil has some criteria you might require over high resolution, common presets, and 2.2M pictures.

It has many available sources useful for the creation and editing of pictures. So if you are finding free canva alternatives, here is a list to check out!


I hope the free canva alternatives list should have brought you a solution to save you from stress when you want to design your graphics.

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