15 Best Sites Like Amazon Store For Shopping Online

Nowadays, people no longer have an interest in going out for shopping. Since we are now in a digital world, we can get our preferable goods without leaving our comfortable homes. This kind of easy life is only possible through online shopping. Online shopping is a process whereby you order any goods of your choice from an online shopping platform which will be delivered to your doorstep.

sites like amazon

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is one of the best platforms that come to our minds. This is for the fact that the platform is known throughout the world as one of the oldest and most exclusive e-commerce websites. Amazon promotes tons of products ranging from home appliances, electronics, beauty products, phones, gadgets, accessories, wears, books, sports and game products and to mention a few. This is however the reason why many people prefer Amazon shopping platform because they are not specific to a product.

Despite the uniqueness of Amazon, the majority of their users are still searching for other best alternative sites that can offer the same services as that of Amazon. This is owing to many reasons and some difficulties facing issues encountered by its user.

Hiking up the delivery payment is the number one factor led to dropping of Amazon for other best shopping websites.

Not only this, many of their customers from other parts of the world are complaining bitterly about the delay they are facing when it comes to international deliveries.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to walk you through some other best sites like Amazon which can offer you best cheap services similar that of Amazon.

15 Best Alternatives To Amazon for Shopping Online

All the best alternatives to amazon sites here are selected based on recommendations and quality services each of the websites offers. Stay tuned!

1. eBay


Not only alternative, but eBay is also definitely one of the companies like Amazon. This platform is remains one of the pioneer sites when it comes to online shopping.

eBay is very much different from Amazon in the sense that the platform is not specifically selling any product. Rather, it serves as a liaison agent between the sellers and those looking forward to buying the product(s). In other words, eBay serves at the intermedia between those that want to sell and this that wants to buy.

One of the distinct features of eBay shopping platform is that many of the listed goods on the website can be wholly purchased.

On the other hand, some other goods are specifically meant for auction. Here, the supposed winner has the opportunity to buy such a product at the exact price second-highest bid.


• Wide Range of Products Available

• Ability to Buy and Sell Globally

• Detailed Product Descriptions and Reviews


• Potential for Fraudulent Sellers

• Fees for Sellers Can Be High

2. Overstock


This is Overstock online shopping website, and it’s another alternatives to amazon site. This shopping platform is popularly known for good customer care and quick delivery as and well due.

Overstock has varieties of goods which you can order at your convenience and will get to your doorstep as soon as possible.

You can also get some handmade crafts designed by different artisans from other parts of the world. This is done through their program called “World stock” which gives the artisan up to 60 percent of the revenue generated from whichever craft is sold.


• Wide Selection of Products

• Low Prices and Deals

• Free Shipping on Eligible Items


• No Instore Pickup Option

• Poor After-Sales Service

3. Newegg


Newegg is one of the cheap alternatives to amazon store. Newegg shopping website is specialized in the promotion of electronic products which include computers, televisions, laptops, cameras, smartphones and many more.

Newegg plays more emphasis on the quick delivery of orders made through their website. The site sells at the best price rate and is very fast in delivering of orders. Currently, the shopping website is assumed to be one of its competitors of Amazon when it comes to selling electronics products.


• Specialized for electronics, including computers, TVs and laptops
• Variety of products available at competitive prices
• Easy-to-use website with helpful product reviews and videos

• Shipping costs can be expensive for heavier items
• Some products may not be available in certain regions.

4. AliExpress


AliExpress is also one of the cheap largest online shopping websites like Amazon. It offers a very vast categories of products which includes all forms of electronics, wears, smartphones, accessories, home appliances, and many more.

AliExpress caters for the welfare of their customers. For instance, this platform doesn’t release money for any vendor not until the customer receives and approves his/her order. You will also be entitled to a refund if probably you are unable to get your items delivered.


• Large Selection of Items from Around the World
• Affordable Prices
• Variety of Payment Options
• Fast Shipping

• Quality of Goods Can Vary
• Language Barrier With Sellers

5. Walmart



Are you tired of Amazon shopping platform and wants to try another similar site? If so, I will recommend you test Walmart as one of the similar online shopping stores. This platform produces nothing but brand name items and products from renowned sellers.

They are exceptional in terms of delivery services and they charge a very low amount on delivery. I can tell, that Walmart could be the perfect Amazon alternative site you’ve been searching for.


• Wide Range of Products Available

• Variety of Delivery Options

• Easy Returns and Refunds Policy


• Limited Selection in Certain Categories

• Quality Issues with Some Products

6. Etsy


Etsy is popularly recognized as an e-commerce website that deals with products such as jewellery and accessories. Not only this, Etsy offers a collection of crafts and handmade products, home accessories and decorations, artistic items, and other unique items.

You can always check on this platform when there is a call for any important function such as a wedding and other programs.


• Easy to Set Up a Storefront
• Low Fees and Cost-Effective Platform
• Large Marketplace to Reach Customers

• Limited Advertising Opportunities
• Smaller Audience than Major Retailers
• Can Be Time Consuming to Manage Storefronts

7. Flipkart

Flipkart is an Indian based online shopping website, and it is another best Amazon alternative. This e-commerce company offers a very diverse and vast variety of products.

Flipkart offers affordable pricing for their products, and their shipping and delivery services is worldwide.

For many years now, Flipkart has been offering the best customer services, which has made them to attract and retain many of their customers through pricing and offers.

You can check on the website by clicking on the link above.


• Wide Range of Products Available
• Reliable Delivery Services
• Cash on Delivery Option Available
• Offers and Deals for Customers

• Delivery Delays in Some Areas
• High Shipping Costs for Certain Items
• Issues with Refunds, Cancellations, and Exchanges

8. Shopclues

ShopClues is another better shopping website like Amazon. ShopClues gives cares about all your basic needs and essential products such as kitchen utensils, electronics and gadgets, smartphones and accessories, baby care products, jewellery, and many more.

Through the use of search box on this website, you get the exact products of your choice without moving from one page to the other. They have a moderate price when it comes to the cost of their product prices and shipping/delivery fee.

• Wide selection of products at competitive prices
• Easy to navigate website with helpful search features
• ShopClues guarantees and promises product quality
• Regular discounts, offers and deals to save money

• Not all items are eligible for cash on delivery payment option
• Lack of variety in certain categories like fashion apparel, electronics etc.

9. Myntra

If you are looking for a better online shopping website to buy unique wear like Amazon, you can always try Myntra. It is another spectacular e-commerce company that specializes in selling of products like clothes (both male and female), daily beauty products, healthcare, and the likes.

Myntra is a unique brand and they have many users across the world. There is always discount on products ordered. You can access the platform through a web browser and they also have an application for smartphones.

• User-Friendly Interface
• Variety of Payment Options
• Discounts and Offers
• Cash on Delivery Available


• Limited Customer Support Services
• Lack of Personalized Shopping Experience

10. Quikr

Quikr is another e-commerce website like Amazon. It offers (most especially) products we use at home, such as appliances, kitchen utensils, furniture, and decorations.

Not only that, there is another section for automobiles, gadgets, electronics and many more.


• Wide Range of Products – It offers a large selection of products in categories such as electronics, home appliances, home décor, furniture, and more.

• Quick Delivery – It offers quick delivery for orders placed within India.

• Affordable Prices – It offers competitive prices on its products.


• There is limited variety in some product categories such as apparel and accessories.

• Limited Payment Options –

11. Catch

Catch promotes tons of products and it has thousands of customers throughout the world. This is why it is regarded as an Amazon alternative.

If you are willing to get yourself a top brand and quality products, I will recommend you try Catch today.

12. Shopify

This Amazon alternative is just awesome and I’ll recommend you try their service. Shopify online store is not primarily designed for the purchase of goods online. It is also designed for those who are willing to sell their products.

With a little commission to Shopify, you create your own account on the platform (as a seller) and start uploading your products for your customers.

When it comes to ordering of goods from Shopify, they offer nothing but maximum customer care. You’ll get an order you make exactly the time allotted.

13. TomTop

TomTop is the next shopping website like Amazon. It is a China-based company, and it’s one of the leading and reigning online shopping platforms at this moment. It is highly recommended for those that have an interest in getting their products in wholesale and bulk.

TomTop offers a wide range of products which includes games, sports equipment, electronics devices, smartphone and lots more. Apart from this, TomTop has a way of holding their customers through the low costs of their products and discounts with coupon codes.

14. MadeTrade

 MadeTrade is another Amazon alternative you can check out. This platform was founded in 2018, and it started as a small company promoting home-related products. Later on, it expanded its scope and gave a chance to other demanded products.

You can click on the link above to view more about what Made Trade offers.

15. Hive

Hive is the last e-commerce website on our selection of the best similar sites like Amazon. This website is just amazing with the production of all edible products such as snacks, housemade sauce, drinks, butter and the likes.

They also offer other products like health and beauty, unique body spray, household items, and many more.

FAQs On Amazon

Why is the Amazon site so slow?

There are several factors that can contribute to the Amazon site running slowly. These include high traffic, and slow internet speed. Additionally, if the customer’s internet connection is not fast enough, the site will run slowly. To improve the speed of the Amazon site, it is recommended to use a strong internet connection, clear the cache and cookies, and disable unnecessary browser extensions.

What services does Amazon offer?

Amazon offers a range of services including an online marketplace, digital streaming services, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing services.

Does Amazon have an eCommerce platform?

 Yes, Amazon has an eCommerce platform called Amazon Marketplace. It is the second largest eCommerce platform in the world after eBay.

What payment options does Amazon offer?

Amazon offers a variety of payment options including credit cards, debit cards, Amazon Pay, and PayPal.

How secure is using Amazon?

Amazon takes security seriously and provides multiple layers of protection to ensure customer data is secure and protected.

Does Amazon offer customer service?

Yes, Amazon offers customer service through a number of channels including phone, email, chat, and social media.

Does Amazon have an app?

Yes, Amazon has an app available on iOS and Android devices.

Is Amazon free to use?

Yes, some services such as shopping on Amazon Marketplace are free to use for customers.

Is there a return policy for Amazon?

Yes, Amazon offers a 30-day return policy for most items.

Does Amazon offer free shipping?

Yes, Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $25 for eligible items in the US and certain countries.

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