Top 20 Selling Sites Like eBay to Give A Try in 2022

In recent times, many internet users are switching to online modes for buying and selling products. This paves way for many websites. As eBay gives different services for online buyers and sellers.

selling sites like ebay

No doubt, it is one of the famous online sites that makes online shopping easier for many internet users. Though will still hunt for the best selling eBay alternatives to use.

What is eBay?

It is an online shopping platform that gives you access to buy and sell your goods and services online.

Currently, it gives the best services for buying or selling goods online. This makes the site to be well known across the internet as the perfect platform for online shopping.

With over 190 million users. The website is globally known as the second-largest online marketplace after Amazon.

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Best Selling Sites Like eBay

Due to some flaws found on the shopping website, many of its users are now looking for other websites like eBay.

It is important to note that there many other eBay alternatives which give the same service.

In this short article, we have provided the 20 best alternatives to eBay to buy and sell in 2022. All the online shopping platforms on this list are selected based on; recommendations, uniqueness and quality services they provide for their users.

Below are the top 20 best eBay alternatives for selling your stuff in 2022.

1. Amazon

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more like ebay

The first ebay alternatives shopping website is Amazon.
Amazon is regarded as one of the highest competitors of eBay shopping websites. The platform is well-known for its e-commerce service in terms of the selling of items.

Amazon has a very simple layout and it makes selling goods easier than other platforms. All you need is to sign up free as a seller and start your journey on the platform.

On Amazon as well, you can calculate the amount it will cost to list and sell your goods through the use of a fee calculator on the website.

There are two different programs available for you if you want to sell your goods on Amazon: Seller Central and Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

It is very important to note that there is a monthly charges attached to the Pro Plans ($29.99 per month).
Meanwhile, the price for the FBA varies from others, depending on the value of the goods or products you’re selling on the platform.

2. Etsy

apps like ebay

This is one of the best online shopping alternatives to eBay.

Etsy is a popular marketing platform specialized in selling products such as clothing, wears, crafts, artwork, vintage products and many more.

Etsy’s shopping platform pays emphasis on specific niche products instead of mass-produced items. It is possible for the buyers to search for the unique products of their choice.

It is possible on Etsy to link your website (as a seller) to Etsy shop and then choose the payment they wish to accept.

Another special feature of Etsy as an eBay alternative is that it charges just 20-cent for item listing fees. You can have access to 5% commission on each sale you make on Etsy.

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3. Ruby Lane

This website is a business-oriented platform that has been in existence for over 20 years now. And is widely known as one of the alternatives to eBay. Ever since its existence, people have been using it to buy and sell art products, antiques, vintage products and more.

Ruby Lane is regarded as one of the oldest online shopping websites. That’s why it remains eBay alternatives website for buying and selling.

Ruby Lane promotes item more than 3000 sellers around the globe

4. eBid

eBid sounds were similar to ebay. This platform (eBid) is one of the perfect alternatives to ebay. Because the two sites share mostly the same features.

eBid is part of those special auction sites like eBay. And it’s also regarded as one of the rated online shopping bases in UK.

On eBid platform, it is possible for you to create your own store and start adding items of your choice. Not only this, you can also buy different products from other users on the platform.

5. AliExpress

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One of those perfect alternatives to eBay to buy and sell products online is AliExpress.

On AliExpress, you can buy products at wholesale prices at very low costs.

This platform offers you vast products such as jewellery, electronics, clothes, toys and lot more.
AliExpress is a widely used online shopping website with other 219 countries.

6. OfferUp

This platform is also one of the best selling eBay alternatives sites. It is majorly available for selling locally or shipping items.

The app features of OfferUp gives you access to share photos of products you want to sell. Share your location and chat with your preferred buyers.

What makes many people like the OfferUp platform is that it promotes listings without charging a dime. Also, you can boost your item’s sales by sharing them on any social media platform.

7. Rakuten

This is another famous and best selling sites like eBay. Rakuten promotes products of different niches such as; fashion, gadgets and electronics, beauty, home and kitchen and so on.

This shopping platform offers you a cashback reward when you continue using their website to shop.

This actually varies, depending on the products but some do get nothing less than 20% cash reward on purchases.

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8. Bonanza

Bonanza is well known globally as a top online shopping website that makes buying and selling easier online.

Bonanza has over 21 million items for sale. These products include books, ebooks, clothes/wears, electronics and lots more.

9. Newegg

This is another popular platform for buying and selling of products.

Newegg has a very vast category of products. These products include home appliances, electronics, laptops, computers, gadgets and many more.

Newegg is a similar selling website like eBay with a slight difference. On this platform, you can choose to sell your products at a fixed or auctions price.

Newegg’s commission fee is actually from the range of 1% to 4% when the item is successfully sold out.

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10. eCrater

eCrater is a perfect eBay alternative platform. This platform allows you to create and manage your own store on their platform for free.

It is recommended for those willing to create an online marketplace. And who wants to avoid domain name charges, e-commerce software, hosting and so on.

The listing fee on eCrater is totally free but they charge 2.9% of any sales you make on the platform.

The most amazing part about eCrater is that you can import different products from another online shopping website like Amazon, and so on.

11. Mercari

Here are other auction sites like eBay available for buying and selling different products.

Mercari is an online shopping platform that allows you to buy electronics, books, pets, wears, furniture and many more.

This platform shares some features similar to eBay. It is possible on the Mercari platform to create a seller or buyer account for yourself then sell your preferred products at a fixed price.

The listing fee is totally free but they charge 10% on any product sold on the platform.

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12. Poshmark

Poshmark is an online shopping website specially designed for gadget accessories and fashion.

Poshmark is a very popular website like eBay. It has nothing less than 66 million products showcased in the marketplace.

The most interesting part about Poshmark is that they take care of any shipping product on behalf of the buyer.

13. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a feature added to Facebook in recent time.
This platform allows users to sell their products locally within their environment.

Facebook Marketplace is very easy and convenient to use. Because the platform is accessible through the Facebook app on mobile phone

On the same note, Facebook Marketplace is totally free for both buyers and sellers.

14. Alibaba

If you are the kind searching for the best auction sites like eBay, then I can recommend that you try Alibaba.

Our selection won’t be complete if we fail to mention Alibaba.
Alibaba is one of the greatest online shopping websites and that’s why it is seen as eBay alternative.

It has a very vast user compared to other online shopping websites. Also, Alibaba promotes virtually all the goods and products online.

With the fact that the site is a Chinese based platform. It offers its best services in the English Language. And that allows millions of people around the world to use the.

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15. Decluttr

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This is another online shopping website associated with the selling of old tech.

Decluttr has the simplest process of selling products among all other online shopping websites.

All you need to do is to input the barcode number on the Decluttr platform or scan the code using the Decluttr app from your device.

On Decluttr, you can be paid through a direct deposit or alternatively on a Paypal account.

16. Craigslist

Founded in 1995, Craigslist remains one of the oldest shopping platforms even before the internet became popular.

This platform is well known on the internet. This means that there will always be buyers for any product you promote on this website.

Many people are fond of using Craigslist for the fact that it’s totally when buying and selling on the site. They charge no dime even on the listing fee.

17. Gazelle

Just like other shopping websites, Gazelle is another online marketplace you can sell your desired products.

You can also sell used electronics such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and so on.

Gazelle offers nothing but top dollars for used phones and laptops in most cases if they are in very good condition.

I recommend Gazelle for you if you’re planning to sell and buy phones and accessories online.

18. Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace is no doubt another alternative to ebay platform for selling products of your choice.

Walmart Marketplace is however not a general marketplace but has a specific niche. So, it is very easy for you to get an exact audience for your specific products.

This shopping website like eBay is very safe to use and has strict guidelines and rules for the sellers on their website.

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19. Tradesy

Here is another best online shopping website like eBay. This platform is spectacular about fashion products, where you can transact anything related to design items.

Tradesy was an initiative of DiNunzio Tracy with the aim of transforming the clothing market to something accessible online. This company however partnered with other famous online shopping websites for sales through the site.

Tradesy normally charges 9% on any sales as their commission with $7.50/ listing.

20. Swappa

Swappa is the last on our list of best selling sites like eBay. This platform is among the top best online shopping website that allows users to buy and sell their products and services.

Products available on Swappa include laptops, phones and accessories, tables cameras, gadgets and electronics in general.
On the Swappa website, you can buy goods in bits and bulk.

Swappa is well known for its safe marketing services and this has earned it worldwide popularity. Swappa checks each device on the list through the verification process.

Whenever you sell a product on Swappa, the firm will take a 10% fee on any sales that is successful. They accept any online payment method such as PayPal and the like.

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Those are the list we are able to provide you. It’s your choice to pick anyone you like or try them randomly. If you have any suggestions or addition to our list. You can contact us directly via email or the comment section.

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