How to Take Screenshot With Mouse Pointer On Windows 10 Device

It is possible to take a screenshot with nearly any of the screenshot applications available for Windows 10. The majority of screenshot tools for Windows 10 are completely free to use. You may use such third-party apps to capture a specific portion of a webpage or the full webpage.

The difficulty with third-party screenshot programs, on the other hand, is that they do not capture the mouse pointer while taking a snapshot of the screen. The mouse pointer is no longer visible as soon as you grab a screenshot of the screen.

Even the built-in Snipping Tool and the Print Scr function do not include the mouse pointer in the screenshots they generate. When taking someone through a snapshot, it’s common that you want to include the mouse pointer to help them understand what’s going on.

How to Take a Screenshot While Using the Mouse Pointer in Windows 10

Just because of that, there are several methods for taking a screenshot with a mouse pointer in Windows 10 to choose from. For Windows 10, we’ve included the two most effective techniques for taking a screenshot with the clean mouse pointer. Come on, let’s get this party started.

1.  Making Use of Steps Recorder App

Steps Recorder is a built-in application of the Windows operating system, which is a nice feature. It captures a snapshot of each step, and even better, it captures a screenshot of the mouse pointer as well.

It’s a video recorder that captures your every move. As a result, you’ll have to make certain compromises on image quality.

Start by going to the Windows 10 start menu and searching for the Steps Recorder application. Following that, select Steps Recorder from the list.

Step 2: The Steps Recorder tool will appear on the screen. To begin recording your steps, click on the Start Record button on the steps recorder toolbar. As shown below;

Step 3. Click the Stop Recording button to exit the Steps Recorder, as shown in the image below;

Step 4. After that, Steps Recorder will display all of the recorder’s phases.

Step 5. You must right-click on the image and pick the Save Picture as an option in order to save the screenshot. As shown in the image display below;


The screenshots will also have green borders to distinguish them from one another. With any picture editing tool, you may cut out the border and save your work. That is all! You have completed your task. You may capture the mouse pointer in Windows 10 by taking that steps.

2.  Using the program IrfanView

IrfanView, on the other hand, is a third-party screen capture application that is available for the Windows operating system. With IrfanView, you can quickly and simply snap screenshots of your screen while keeping the mouse pointer visible.

You will need to install IrfanView on your computer in order to accomplish this. Once the application has been downloaded, install it and run it on your computer. Following that, navigate to Options > Capture/Screenshot. Enable the Include mouse pointer option in the Capture setup.

Once this is complete, click on the Start button to take a snapshot of the mouse pointer in action. That is all! You have completed your task. This section describes how to use IrfanView to take a screenshot with a Visible Mouse Pointer.

As a result, this guide will teach you how to take a screenshot in Windows 10 with a visible mouse pointer. I hope you found this post to be helpful! Kindly forward it to your friends as well. If you have any questions about this, please leave them in the comment section below.

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