17 Best Quillbot Alternatives | Free Online Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrasing helps in improving the writing ability of student reports and daily feedback. Also, free & paid paraphrasing tools are not only limited to the educational sector but can be used in writing blog posts, papers, reports etc. Without wasting time.

One of the well-known free paraphrasing tools online used by students, scholars and bloggers to rewrite essays is QuillBot.

Many reasons why people go for quillbot alternatives is because when rewriting it, it has character limitations for software, either paid for or free.

Also, it’s not a great option if you want to rewrite blog posts or essays asap, and multiple articles can’t be posted at once.

quillbot alternatives

Best Free Paraphrasing Tool Similar to QuillBot

Here is the list of websites similar to Quillbot with good rephrasing features that help to spin, rephrase essays, review grammar and higher word limits.

1. Article-Rewriter-Tool

One of the websites like QuillBot is Article-Rewriter-Tool, which is for free, and you don’t need to create an account. The online software app helps remove certain words during the rewriting process. Without logging in, 400 characters are the limit for free QuillBot. So this is preferable to QuillBot alternatives.

Capitalized words can be used to make it unique, and search engines rank a readable and unique write-up.

This software helps to make unique content, if you need extra blogging posts in a second? You can then rephrase it twice in valuable and readable ways.

2. Paraphraser.io

Paraphraser.io is a free tool for rewriting up to 1000 words without having an account, While some tools will give only 400 words for free.

It also has three modes of style for content you want to rephrase i.e creativity, standard and fluency. It also supports more than one language i.e Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, German, French, Spanish, Japanese Indonesian, Norwegian, Russian etc…

3. CleverSpinner

This is another online rephrasing article and spinning tool. It might not be well known like others listed, but it outsmarts many of them. This is mostly used by scholars, authors, and students to spin and rewrite essays and upcoming bloggers.

The content context is well understood before gyrated or rewriting in order to get a write-up that is well structured and readable for readers. It’s easy to use, and it works miles to make the content unique when rewriting sentence structure and words to look like a human write-up.

It uses correct similar words where necessary and rewrites content close to 500 words in one attempt to ensure it has the best quality.

CleverSpinner is more easily used among other free paraphrasing tools online. All you need is to copy and paste your content, give a few rewriting rules and have the new content by clicking a button. With the free trial, you get total access to software, compared to QuillBot alternatives that give a good deal of rewriting as much as you wish without word, character or content limit.

4. Copy Shark

This generates new Al-based content from scratch, which can be used for different reasons without writing a complete article first. Copy Shark help get a copy for product description, sales pages, Ads and videos etc..

The results look like man write-up, natural, readable and can also give the content of 20 different languages i.e Norwegian, Hindi, Korean, Polish, Danish, Lithuanian etc…

5. Rewriter Tools

This also is a free paraphrasing tool that can be used without having an account and no limit in character in comparison to QuillBot alternatives.

You get rewriting tools that help you rewrite sentences, paragraphs or phrases. Using a word counter and grammar check to check grammatical errors and to show your number of words.

6. Wordtune

Wordtune is a tool for rewriting and rephrasing which is new but still gives a great work like QuillBot. The software has a spelling and grammar corrector, which can be used to increase, change tones and shorten content.

It has a better-refined user interface with AI tools and advanced language models that has knowledge of the content. This module helps to easily rewrite and break the content down. You can rephrase and use similar words.

Sites like Gmail, Facebook, Slack, Linkedin, Twitter etc… chrome extension is there to help you rephrase the content. You can also use Outlook Web or Google Docs to change your text to casual or formal.

7. Project-Topic

Project-topic is good in making a unique article. The lovely thing about it is that the rewriting tools help you ignore keywords in the content.

You can resubmit to have a do-over for work you aren’t pleased with what was presented at first. So when rewriting for free, it is good to make simple sentences when structuring.

8. Prepost-SEO

It’s another free and paid paraphrasing tool out there. Though the free version might not be able to give you the tune you want. But the interface is pretty cool, and they also offer lots of SEO tools for you in case you go for the paid version. And you have access to check for plagiarism after spinning your content.

9. Outwrite.com

Outwrite.com turns an idea into a powerful sentence using an AI assistant. It comes with top writing features and tools. The great thing about the quality is the punctuation errors, accurate spelling checker and grammar. It’s a future-rich solution.

10. Speedwrite

Speedwrite is fast, accurate and simple text rephraser that helps professional blogs and websites rewrite the content like other websites similar to quillbot. It is free to produce any number of content without boundaries. All you do is copy and paste in text space. Then click the button and automatically change your text to non-plagiarism text.

11. WordAi

WordAi is one of the features-rich and top text changer and rephraser that help to quickly and easily get articles for public use. It uses AI technology cause it’s a modern solution. WordAi helps rewrite the new text, and the most interesting part is that it integrates with most word processing solutions to gyrate the article easily with a click.

Other free paraphrasing tools like Quillbot

12. Paraphrase Online
13. EDU Birdie
14. Spinner Chief 6
15. Dupli checker
16. Chimp Rewriter
17. Spinbot


By now, I will suggest you to try each one of those tools listed above and discover the one that will meet your needs as an alternative to quillbot.


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