Tech-Grinch leading teens at the risk of identity theft

Teens are prone to identity theft, and today kids and college-going teens are the soft targets for identity thieves. 

Teens obsessed with cellphone devices connected to cyberspace are facing identity theft issues. They are addicted to social media apps and websites and share their identity without customizing their profiles. They don’t bother to protect the cellphone data and use cellphone cameras back and forth to click it for images, videos, and then share it on the web without realizing the consequences.

According to the Carnegie Mellon study –teens Identity theft

The study has published research that more than 400,000 kids under the age of 18 are more likely on the verge of identity theft compared to adults and their parents. It is not surprising at all, because in most cases, teens have cleaned credit card reports and security numbers.

There are following mistakes that make teens become a victim of identity theft.

Teens are sharing personal information on the web

Young teens that are obsessed with digital phones connected to the internet are more likely to share information on social networks or communication channels. They used to share information, like cellphone number, name, sir name, whereabouts location, likes and dislikes, hobbies, and many more things. Teens are sharing personal information on tech-Grinch in terms of cellphone devices. The mobile and tablets are Grinch that empowers teens to leak out their personal information to anyone by using Facebook, Instagram, and many more. Even teens are sharing in some-cases security question answers. So, teens use to giving everything, and on the other side, anyone can make a plan for abduction, kidnapping, and more likely to break a house.

Don’t bother to check their Credit card updates

Young teens and parents as well are less interested have a look at the credit card reports, and resultantly, everything on cards vanished away. So, cyber-attacks could happen on the cards, and they can manipulate the credit card information at any point in time.

Don’t use social security numbers

Most of the teens used to have social security numbers, and identity thieves can get their hands on the information and sell it to third parties by using the birth date and name. So, an illegal immigrant can use it and get the ID for employment.

Teens who share bank information

Teens are more likely to share the credit card number with their friends to buy anything online. Unfaithful friends can use it for negative reasons and can use it for personal activities. It could be very risky for teens, and at the end of the day, they could suffer from huge expenses.

Stolen and unattended smartphones of teens

Young teens could lose their cellphone and leave them unattended at school, colleges, and even at other places, like playgrounds. So, teens having a phone with troves personal data and someone can dig out all the rabbit holes and get an advantage out of it.

Teens use public Wi-Fi networks.

The public Wi-Fi connections can easily breach your cellphone privacy and can teal everything on it. Teens are more likely to use the Wi-Fi internet, and they could lose all the data stored on their cellphone devices, like bank accounts details, credentials, passwords, and many more, like photos, videos, and social media account logins. Hackers and cyber-attacks can easily breach mobile phone privacy connected to public Wi-Fi.

Teens use the same password and ID on social networks

It is frequent among young teens that they are used to using the same credentials in terms of password and ID on most social messaging apps and even on internet banking. People with technical skills can breach privacy and steal data on the phone to the fullest. Therefore, we can say that Tech-Grinch in terms of smartphones leading teens at the highest risky of identity theft and data breaching.

How can parents prevent identity theft & data breaching of teens?

Parents can use cellphone monitoring software on kid’s digital devices, like cellphones and tablets. It empowers parents to create a data backup of the device, and parents can get the data backup of a lost or stolen phone. Parents can also delete all the private data of the device remotely by using the web control panel of the phone tracking app. Parents can further record live calls, read messages, monitor social media, and track the GPS location of the teens to the fullest.


Cellphone monitoring software is the best tool for parents against teens’ risky of identity theft, and parents can prevent the Tech-Grinch not to steal the data of the teens from their mobile devices.

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