18 Free Kahoot Alternatives For Learning | Free & Paid

There are other excellent Kahoot alternatives available online. Some may be free to use, whereas others are charged and designed for organizations. We’ve compiled a list of the coolest Kahoots alternatives. Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that employs cutting-edge educational technology. Therefore, if you are a trivia buff, a learner, a teacher, a student, or even a parent, Kahoot is the perfect Learning platform for you.

Kahoot is an excellent programme for creating test questions. This programme also allows you to play with your pals all over the world. However, there are other free Kahoot alternatives apps, that provide more extensive functionality.

Top 18 Games Like Kahoot For Students & Teacher

Games Like Kahoot

1. Acadly

Acadly is part of the most popular games like Kahoot. It includes a plethora of features that aid in the implementation of various educational strategies. This technology is typically used by tutors to promote active learning, classrooms, flipped and blended learning. It features a built-in chat feature. You only need to install it and create an account to gain full access to all of its features.

2. Quizlet

Quizlet is one of the fantastic games like kahoot. You can begin taking quizzes immediately without creating an account or signing in. Students can use Quizlet’s learning materials, which include flashcards, practice tests, and other activities. Quizlet allows teachers to easily create quizzes for entire classrooms.

Quizlet also offers a variety of quizzes for you to try. Science, social studies, mathematics, literature, and history are among the subjects covered. Each question has two answers. The first option contains the question, while the second has another multiple-choice question. If you choose the correct answer, you will move on to the next question. If you’re not sure what’s going on, simply click the “Show Answer” button. Quizlets are completely free to use. All of the functions, including building flashcards and taking tests, are completely free!

3. Brainpop

Brainpop enables you to learn about anything by delivering information on any subject for both kids and students. You might even learn something new about yourself. You may, for example, inquire about the number of days in the year, how much money you make per day, how many hours of sleep you get each night, and so on. It is divided into several sections, including geography, art, culture, sports, animals, food, nature, movies, health, entertainment, and politics. You can take quizzes about topics that interest you.

4. SeeSaw

Seesaw is a digital learning platform for students and is one of the most popular websites like Kahoot. This Kahoot alternative enables students to produce their best work. This technology saves students a significant amount of time. SeeSaw offers a variety of games and tools for developing learning and teaching experiences. Video and audio samples aid in tracking each student’s performance. SeeSaw also has features that are beneficial to teachers, such as personalised quizzes, assignments, and assessments.

5. Jeopardy Lab

One of the free apps like Kahoot that has some comparable features on our list is Jeopardy Lab. This service allows you to freely design and change jeopardy questions. You may also utilise the website to generate questions that will provide everyone with a thrilling experience while also ensuring that they leave with more knowledge. Teachers can use the jeopardy lab to assist students to prepare for upcoming exams. In the case of remote managers, the service can be used to increase social contact among team members while also assessing their understanding of the company or sector.

Jeopardy Labs is part of the quiz games like Kahoot that may be played online. You can tailor the question kinds and answers to your own requirements. There are numerous templates to choose from.

6. Socrative

Socrative is one of the free online games like kahoot that enable people to create quizzes, tests, and surveys, along with other things. Students can take quizzes or tests, and teachers can promptly grade them. Additionally, teachers can view the results of each student on each test. This means that teachers can quickly determine who needs more help and who does well on their own.

7. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a one-of-a-kind learning tool that lets users design polls and quizzes. This platform also includes a number of modes, including poll mode, quiz mode, and survey mode. Users can choose between these modes depending on their demands.

Poll Everywhere is a free Kahoot alternative that allows users to create polls, surveys, and questionnaires. This programme allows users to create surveys, polls, and questionnaires. Because it offers so many capabilities, Poll Everywhere is really simple to use. Images, videos, and links can be readily included to your survey. This tool is fantastic since it makes survey creation easier than ever before.

8. Kids AZ

Kids A-Z is an excellent alternative to Kahoot. Users can use this tool to create quizzes, books, games, and other tasks. Teachers have the ability to personalise the curriculum and send reports to parents.

9. Quizizz

Quizizz is a wonderful alternative to Kahoot since it lets users to create multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank and other types of questions. It’s also available on any gadget out there, so you can use it whenever and wherever you choose!

Quizizz is an online quiz game website that allows users to design and share quizzes. Users can also view the high scores and compare their performance to that of others.

10. Quizalize

Quizalize is an educational programme that allows teachers to provide an enjoyable learning experience for their students. Teachers may quickly create quizzes with Quizalize and track their students’ performance. This Kahoot alternative also permits them to collect feedback from students in order to identify their areas of weakness. It is a free apps like Kahoot that has over two million users worldwide.

11. Ahaslides

Ahaslides is a Kahoot alternative that allows users to make presentations with photos, phrases, and other aspects. Google Slides, which is similar to PowerPoint, can also be used by users.

AhaSlide is a quiz platform that allows users to build interactive quizzes online. Users may add questions and answers by dragging and dropping them. By clicking on a question, you can dismiss or open it.

12. Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is a wonderful resource for teachers who are looking for games like Kahoot. It offers an innovative learning platform that may be used to improve online learning, improve learning outcome, and engage students. It is simple to use and gets the job done quickly and effectively.

13. Brainscape

Brainscape is an app that uses flashcards to help individuals study more effectively. It was created by cognitive scientists who intended to make learning more enjoyable. It has been studied and confirmed to help people study faster by over 800 academics.

14. Nearpod

Nearpod is a great alternative to Kahoot. It enables pupils to learn regardless of where they are. It provides a collaborative learning environment by combining dynamic media and formative assessments. By observing pupils’ progress, teachers can determine how well they understand ideas. Nearpod offers approximately 7,500 standard-aligned lessons. Students can complete projects independently, allowing professors to gain insight into their learning.

15. Slido

Slido is a straightforward tool for producing online polls and quizzes. Users may organise events in minutes, and anybody who wants to get involved can join them. Participants can vote on questions, and organisers can see how people are responding to the poll in real-time.

16. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an online application that connects professors and students. ClassDojo can be used by teachers to motivate students for any skill or value. Students can show off their knowledge by uploading photographs and videos. Parents have access to information on what their children are learning in school.

17. Baamboozle

Baamboozle is a quiz-creation tool for instructors. These quizzes can be taken by students speaking on their phones. This programme can also be used by teachers to offer classes and provide examinations to their students.

Teachers Pay Teachers launched Baamboozle, an online games like Kahoot. Users can use this website to design their own games and share them with others. There are approximately 500,000 games accessible for teachers to explore.

18. Hapara

Hapara is a fantastic alternative to Kahoot. It enables teachers to plan and monitor their students’ work and development. It also provides students with simple access to everything as well as individualised learning. By getting a free demo of this programme, students may effortlessly customise their studies.


These free kahoot alternatives are certain to be effective for you. You should experiment with them before picking which one to use.

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